The Church is the collective assembly of Christians. The Church is the body of Christ while Christ is the head of the Church. Across the ocean, stream, and valley; across the nations, continents, states, communities, villages, and the streets we are one body of Christ. We are never separated; we are unified in one heavenly language and one doctrine of holiness, truth, and righteousness.
We are not of the world, although we are in the world, but never of the world. We are God-fearing believers in Christ and not followers of religious worldly systems. We are called brethren because we are of one stock in the body of Christ. We work together as brethren in order to keep the body of Christ healthy by caring for one another.
1 Peter 2:9-10 “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light: Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy”
Today, there is an internal civil war in the Church and the majority has fallen casualty of this wreckage. The enemy has used this war to pierce the body of Christ. Today, you hardly distinguish between a genuine Bible-believing Church and a night club. You hardly identify a genuine holy Church that stands by true biblical doctrine.
The following divine revelation was a transcript from Sister Toun Praise’s vision which she had years ago when the Lord revealed to her about the condition of today’s Church and the mission of Satan in the establishment of fake churches in order to lure humanity into perpetual damnation in eternity. In her revelation the angel caused her to behold a large church congregation participating in their annual convention service.
The worship song was so enticing that it lifted up the spirit of the whole congregation. Virtually all the choir members were so talented with beautiful honey voices. After long worship and praises from the choir, Pastor Okeke the General Overseer of the Church walked up to the altar and said, “We bless the name of our Lord for what He’s doing in our church these days. Can’t you see our Lord is wonderful? See all we have achieved just within these 8 years of starting this ministry? We now have more than 20 branches across the nation, with more than 50,000 members within and outside the country. Also, we have started building one of the biggest auditoriums in this country which will soon be completed. Can’t you see the Lord is good? If you agree with me, shout, “Halleluiah!” The whole congregation shouted, “Halleluiah!” and it almost shook the foundation of the auditorium.
“Now (he continues) as we are about to start our annual anointing service program being our custom every year, let every one of you be on a queue, family by family, and come forward to the altar while I lay hands on you.”
Then the pastor begins to lead the member in a worship song, “Jehoooo! Jehooooo!! Jehooooo!!! Jehoo Je ho- vah.”
As the choir continues to echo the song solemnly, Pastor Okeke begins to anoint the members as they begin to step forward family by family which has always been their custom every year. The members were even jostling to be the first to receive the pastor’s anointing.
As Pastor Okeke began to anoint the members of the church family by family, suddenly a strange fire begins to burn in the back of the altar, and a horrible dragon with two heads appeared from the fire burning on the altar, with red eyes with black color.
Immediately it appears, Pastor Okeke noticed its presence, but no one else does. Then the dragon begins to speak with the human voice as he watches each family as they step forward.
The dragon started communicating with Pastor Okeke in the spirit. But none of the church members, not even the choir standing on the same altar with the dragon saw it, but the pastor alone noticed his presence.
Pastor Okeke started speaking to the dragon in the spirit, saying, “Master Jeho-ho-ho-la-hi, is this family I’m anointing the one you want for your annual sacrifice?”
Then the dragon will answer, “No, I don’t want this family. They are of no use to me because they can’t please my heart.”
Then Pastor Okeke will just anoint the family and allow them to go. Then another family will come up and he will put his hand in the anointing oil and say, “I anoint you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”
Meanwhile, he is communicating with the dragon in the spirit indirectly, but this is unknown to the family he’s anointing, that he’s only presenting them to the dragon to know which of them the dragon will choose for his annual sacrifice.
Truly, this church was prospering, but none of the members, not even the workers knew the secret. As he continues asking the dragon concerning the family he anoints, still the dragon too kept on rejecting saying, “This family can’t please me, I don’t want them,” until the 33rd family came forward for their own anointing.
While Pastor Okeke was anointing the 32nd family, the dragon started shouting, “All these you have been anointing are rubbish to me. The next family is the family I want for my annual sacrifice. I need them. Present them to me. All those ones you have anointed, I don’t want them. This is the family I want, for my annual sacrifice.”
When Pastor Okeke heard that, he was very happy saying, “Oh, finally you have chosen your choice.”
Suddenly, Adepoju came up with his wife and two of his daughters for the laying of hands. Pastor Okeke started smiling at him and hugged him saying, “Oh God bless you, my brother. Do you know why I’m smiling at you?”
Adepoju said no, and Okeke said, “The Lord just spoke to me. Now I shall pray for you specially and he will bless you even beyond your imagination. He said all the plans of your enemies who don’t want you to prosper will be destroyed (not knowing he is the enemy trying to send him as a sacrifice to the dragon).
Adepoju was very happy when he heard the prophecy. He began to shout, “Amen!”
Pastor Okeke dipped his hand in the oil, and placed it on Adepoju’s head and started speaking in a language as if he’s speaking in tongues, not knowing it’s an incantation used in dedicating him and his family for a sacrifice to the dreadful dragon.
This is how it happens yearly, and the moment they leave the church, maybe a week or days after, they will all die, both the man and his family via accident, or any other means. Some may sleep and never wake, and because of the multitude in the church, no one will be able to trace it to their annual convention, and this is how it happens every year and no member can ever link it to their pastor.
Why would the dragon want to choose Mr. Adepoju?
Mr. Adepoju was once a good Christian who once stands for the truth. He decided to change his church because his former church doesn’t perform miracles. They don’t sing, they don’t drum or dance, they don’t do like the other churches. All they know is heaven and heaven preaching.
Mr Adepoju decided to leave his church to join Pastor Okeke’s church after watching one of his programs on TV, and the dragon knew he was once a threat to his kingdom.
After a year, when Adepoju had joined Okeke’s church, the dragon saw it as an opportunity to take revenge on him. Okeke never knew the kingdom of darkness knew Adepoju to be an outstanding Christian.
The moment he joined the evangelism team of his former church, many people have given their lives to Christ through his preaching. The dragon knew Adepoju can still make a U-turn because he is a preacher who already knows the truth. His conscience even warned him that he was stepping on the wrong ground, but he never listened, so the dragon quickly chose him before he could repented. He was very happy at Pastor Okeke’s prophesy, but all are lies and deceit.
(Let’s stop here)
Psalm 5: 9 There is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is very wicked; their throat is an open sepulcher; they flatter with their tongue.
Satan has succeeded in sending countless false prophets and pastors into the world to pollute the gospel because he knew people love darkness more than light. They want to receive from God as much as possible and they are not ready to give Him a penny. They want miracles to happen, even without repenting from sin. They want deliverance without salvation, and Satan has done his assignment very well, and they have the numbers of souls they must donate in return every year or quarter.
Satan purposely sent them into the world to pollute the gospel, and he has succeeded in initiating even some true churches through these false doctrines. You can’t go to any church you like in this wicked generation. I am warning you, you can still continue to call me names as usual, but I will advise you to heed my warning. These churches don’t use the same methods in donating souls to their grandmasters, their methods are diversified.
Many have died prematurely as a result of the wrong church they have joined, in the name of miracles. They all need miracle without repentance, they all need a blessing from God, without any interest in serving Him, they all want breakthrough and victory over their enemies while living in sin, not knowing they are endangering themselves, not knowing God never listen to the prayer of sinners, but getting angry against them daily, because they fail to repent from their sins.
When their prayers are not answered, they shift the blame on their church and quit from it to join other churches that will give them the easiest way to receive miracles from God, even while remaining His enemy and dwelling in sin.
They failed to know that Satan has not an ounce or iota of goodness for humanity, neither does he give anything for free, but they must pay dearly for any gift received from him.
These types of churches are common in this present world most especially that of Pastor Okeke. I have attended it too. It was almost getting to my turn to be anointed before the spirit of impatience took me out of that church. If I had not gotten out, perhaps I would be in hell burning today. (I will not tell you the name of the church).
These types of churches have the largest crowds. They are always on TV stations and you can never know them by the buildings or their appearance because they are very good at satisfying the desire of the members and they can use the Bible to embellish their lies.
You need to watch and pray, but if you don’t watch carefully, you will fall prey. You can’t just go to every church in this evil and wicked generation. You must pray before you go to any church. Don’t just judge the church by the exterior, but you need to look beyond the externals.
Don’t judge because they are calling Jesus. They have big Bibles too, they can quote the Bible like the Pharisees. They have choristers too with beautiful voices. They can also perform miracles too, but their goals are to dedicate you to Satan and prepare you for everlasting destruction through their worship services.
Rev 13:11, … he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon.
If you need churches that will satisfy your fleshy desire, then you will soon be the next sacrifice.
Don’t choose a church because of the miracles they are performing. You must pray. 85% of churches in this generation are dedicated to Satan. They are plenty, but they work their evil in different ways, not only by the method of anointing.
They have the biggest crowds and the best instruments. They have many branches all over the world. Be careful the kind of church you are going so that you won’t enter a vehicle of destruction. Don’t go there just because you don’t like your present church, because they are too strict, all they know is holiness and righteousness preaching. How can anyone say he is going to heaven, yet hate holiness preaching? For Christ’s sake, if you know you hate holiness and righteousness preaching, please stay in your house and go to hell from your house than allowing a false prophet to kill you before your time. What surprises me most is that many of these churches are filled with members who once attend holiness churches.
This is one of the reasons why the Lord will never listen to the pleading of anyone at the throne of Judgment, because you not only have the truth, but you knew it and failed to abide by it.
These churches are more terrible than money rituals and they have the number of human sacrifices they must offer to the grandmaster of the church indirectly every month, quarterly or yearly, but you can never know this. They can see visions, even tell you the story of your life, and tell you what you ate yesterday, but all are lies. Those things are just to make you believe their lies.
I know of a sister who was very dear to me and also born-again, and a very serious one, who always preach from one place to another, but a few years after she backslid, she went to a wrong church. Now she lives a life she once preached against. In the church, she was forced to redo her water baptism, (not knowing they were only presenting and dedicating her to the Queen of the Sea). In the church, they forbid the use of KJV and they present them a special one. In the new church she now attends, they forbid the calling of the blood of Jesus saying it’s too precious, to call on. They turned the Bible upside down for the people In the church and they teach the opposite. Every Sunday people flock into this church, without knowing the hidden secrets behind the church, because they lack the discerning spirit.
Many of these pastors bury a live human underneath their churches. I heard of a pastor keeping a live human head. I heard of a pastor who was very popular such that I myself have gone to his revival too, but he is working with demonic powers through his wife who is a marine agent.
I also heard of a man who complained of something walking in his head after his pastor anointed him, and believe it, if he’s not delivered and died in that situation, the object walking in him will hinder him from getting to heaven, because there is no deliverance after death. I heard of a lady who also became a member of the marine kingdom through her church, while many also sold their glories through their evil pastors.
You can’t afford to trust any man of God again in this generation, it’s dangerous, because, no matter how you claim to live a holy life, if you are in a wrong church, you can never get to heaven. Your pastor will be going to hell with a message of destruction and if you remain with him, you will not be on your way to heaven. If you know about your pastor, you will not remain with him in that church.
Young pastors, be aware, those of you running from one place to another looking for a father in the Lord, that will be your mentor, be very careful. I heard the story of a man who ended up in hell because he wanted to work for God and he was looking for a greater man of God who would bless him as Elijah blessed Elisha so that he too can be performing miracles the way his father in the Lord will be performing. But instead of being anointed with the power of the Holy Ghost, he was anointed with the power of the evil-goat and became a member of the cult. All these happened because the man he ran to was an occultic pastor.
Why are you running up and down? Is the Lord who has called you not able to help you? Why are you worried because your church is not growing? Don’t be confused, it is better you have just 3 members and enter heaven peacefully than having millions of members and end up in hell. Don’t you know you will give account if any of your sheep go astray and you failed to look after them? So how will you look after the one sheep that got lost from 3 million? Don’t be confused; don’t desire to be like them, repent.
Whenever you enter your pastor’s office and you see a strange picture that looks like the artwork of a woman, or even a man or animals, be very careful. Don’t look at it as an ordinary painting. It serves a purpose. Don’t just ignore any kind of sculpture or idol or painting you see in the church. Be very, very careful – they are meant for a purpose. They can paint a picture of a beautiful, strange woman, with some little Biblical verses written on it. It’s a lie.
Also, be careful with churches that kill livestock and cook meat on every service, else, you will pay for the foods with your life. You must be very careful about how you eat in the church, because they have to donate something to their grandmaster, and moreover, Satan and his agents are seriously recruiting members through churches, conventions or anniversaries, through the foods they cook right in the church.

Don’t allow pastors with different kinds of rings to lay hands on you. That’s a bitter truth.
Be careful with churches that have a basement or rooms that will be restricted to anybody, not even the staff will be allowed there anyhow. People can never enter those rooms except pastors from other churches alone when they are having special meetings
Be careful with churches with new doctrines of women not covering their heads. I will tell you that 98% are satanic setup churches, and the remaining 2% are initiated churches and also be careful with churches that don’t plead the blood of Jesus. They are terrible and dangerous.
Beware of the churches where you see the pastors’ wives on billboards and her picture will be bigger than the pastor himself, or at times, on the billboard, the woman’s image will be at the front and the man’s image will be at the back. It has meaning, although some are imitating them. Be very careful, it has meaning. I know some churches are ignorant of this, but it has meaning. The real princess of the church is the woman in the front, the pastor is just a camouflage.
Be very careful with churches where the pastor’s wife leads the church even more than the pastor himself.
Be careful of churches who emphasize mostly on healing, breakthrough, deliverance, prosperity, and miracles. 98% of them are false. Don’t go to churches that will not preach about hell or the wrath of God, not preaching the book of Revelation, not that they don’t know it, but they have been instructed not to preach it by their grandmasters and the Queen of the Coast. If they do it, they will pay for it. They only tell you how your faith will develop, how to be a child of a king, how to use your faith to get to the top, etc.
Stay away from churches that depend only on the anointing oil and holy water.
Beware of churches that are fond of using black and red always, They use black and red for their choirs and also for their ushers. You don’t know the symbol of what Satan is using this thing to do in the church. Many people don’t know red and black attract satanic power to dominate the church environment. People who use it knows the reason why they use it, but you don’t know. 98% are satanic churches. If you are a pastor, stop imitating the style of other churches, no matter how beautiful it may look.
Be careful with pastors that make noises about miracles. These new generation churches are without any root and should be avoided seriously. If a pastor was not a member of any church before and he just set up a church and within 2 years, his members have increased tremendously, seriously avoid those churches. Most especially some churches who disguised with Babalola frame, many of them are fake, don’t believe them, many of them are not true members of the CAC.

Joseph Ayo Babalola (25 April 1904 – 26 July 1959) was the first General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church, popularly called CAC in Nigeria. He operated in great healing powers and astounding miracles.

Avoid pastors that go up and down with bodyguards, convoys, escorts. Children of God are not to be in love with worldly things or be afraid of death. Actually, some of these occultic pastors must have gay sex with their bodyguards before their miracle services begin.
God is not a magician. Always avoid pastors that command wounds to heal instantly, else you will pay back in another form. That miracle is not from God. Where it comes from, it doesn’t go for free, and you will pay back even with your life.
Avoid pastors that emphasized more on what God can do for you, not what God wants from you.
You must avoid any pastors that advertise their church on TVs and radios. God doesn’t advertise Himself, most especially, these new churches who come on TV.
Avoid any pastor that will ask you to be praying in the name of the God of that pastor’s church, and the God of that pastor. Run away from such churches. Any churches that impose uniform on you always, any churches that are always fond of cooking, buying tickets for food in the church, run away from them. Many of these churches are seriously polluted with the blood of human beings.
This is the reason why you have to pray very well. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see who exactly your pastor is.  Ask God to reveal the secrets of your church. Be very careful, don’t allow those pastors with big rings on their fingers to lay hands on you. Be careful with pastors that go up and down with necklaces.
Be very careful with the deliverance ministers who quote you prices before conducting deliverance on you. They are not of God. Many of them were truly called by God, but because of their covetousness and greed, they lost their power and they start looking for a way to retain their power, then they start using evil power. Avoid them seriously.
There are so many men of God commissioned by the devil when they attend Bible schools owned by occultic board members. The purpose of these Bible schools is to initiate those who have a genuine calling, because there is a sect they must join, and they will initiate them through it. After sowing the seed in their lives, from the Bible school, they will be forced to join their secret occultism after laying hands on them through their satanic anointing.

You can’t know these churches by their name or mode of worship. You need to be a man of prayer so that you won’t be trapped. They are all over the mountains, but you must recognize them, false Reverends, false Bishops, false evangelists. They teach the Bible upside down and hold the truth in unrighteousness.
We have some big names. Be careful of the church you enter. Don’t enter the vehicle of destruction.
Don’t judge churches by the exterior. You have only seen 10%, there are still 90% hidden yet to be revealed to you. Don’t board a vehicle of destruction, that will be telling you sweet things.
Satan have not one iota of goodness for humanity, that’s why he set up these churches because he knows the best ways to entice people.
You can’t go everywhere Jesus is mentioned, you can’t go to every revival, you can’t go to every program held in stadiums, it is very dangerous. They are plenty all around sent by Satan to pollute the gospel. They are people with great caliber, they are the ones the Bible refers to as a lamb with a dragon’s voice. They are the ones exposing the sheep to be slaughtered by the wolves.
You only hear them on this earth but God is very far from them. They are the ones who will oppose the true gospel of Christ. They will even be the ones to encourage the injection of the biochip, telling you it doesn’t hurt to carry the mark of the beast 666.
Don’t be surprised that they all have a uniformed way of preaching. It is mandatory, they must have it. There are women among them too, there are old and youth among them. Whenever you tune to any TV station most especially on Sundays, you will find out that they all have a uniform message.
Don’t be deceived, they have meetings together. Don’t think they don’t know themselves. They know how they meet, they know when and where they meet. It only looks as if they are competing with each other. These people are nothing but ritualists and they must gather the numbers of souls to sacrifice to the devil every year. These pastors are more terrible than politicians. They need nothing but money. They have no message of salvation. Any one of them who tries to preach the message of salvation will die. They will never correct you on your dressing. They are the ones you will see attacking a true prophet just as they did unto Jeremiah. Beware!!!.

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