Today’s Christianity is operating in compromise; saying a particular thing but doing a different thing altogether. This attitude has given the devil and his agents an avenue to penetrate into the body of Christ – the church. The church today is emulating the world instead of the world emulating the church. Apostle Paul warned us not to conform to the world but be transformed by the renewing of our mind” (Romans 12:2). It is high time we examined our lifestyles and turn to the biblical principles for true Christian living. By emulating the world, we are making the labor of the biblical; apostles of non-effect in this generation. I got the permission of the author Apostle Kingsley Ubani before posting this book.


In Luke 16:19-31, we see a parable that Jesus put forth during his teaching. He told us about two people, the rich man and Lazarus, the rich man had riches and wealth, and Lazarus was wretched. Jesus said Lazarus was a beggar. The rich man was in Hell and under torment Luke 16:12. The rich man however did not close his mouth but cried. He was in agony and being tormented in the flames of fire. So every day people are dying like the rich man and Lazarus and immediately they die, they would go before God to have themselves judged. So Hell is real. Whether you believe it or not, it does not stop it from being real. In other words, if you doubt and reject the gospel of Christ and refuse to have your name written in the book of life, you will be cast into the lake of fire. Turn to the book of Revelation and read Revelation 21:8.

In the early first quarter of the year 2008 that was January 15, I was praying on my knees when the spirit of the Lord took me to hell. I wasn’t dead neither was I sick but I was praying. That was my second time seeing its reality. It is as real as anything that can be seen, touched and felt. It has a high burning intensity and it is terrific. By seeing Hellin the spirit makes this world worthless when compared to its present magnificent beauty, excitement and merriment with its eternal painful reward in hell. I screamed and trembled when I saw the terrific nature of hell. Then, I cried childishly.


As I was weeping I heard a voice in the midst of the voices weeping in hell. The voice was distinct from others. Then I asked the Lord whose voice it was, and He said it is the voice of a pastor who WAS STEALING CHURCH MONEY in the ignorance of the church committee. When the church gives offerings, the money would be bought into his office for analysis and computation. When he was left alone with the money in his office, he would steadily remove some of the high currencies among them. He thought nobody was seeing him, but I, the Lord sees and takes records of the seen and the unseen.

Meanwhile, he was pompous to show up during the service only at the time of sermon, and consequently, his pompousness was used by the devil against him. And when it was time for him to give an account of his deeds on earth, he was found as a thief in the household of God and that made him be here in Hellfire. Then I asked the Lord to permit me to see him, and immediately a terrible wind carried him to the place where I was standing. When I looked at the pastor’s appearance, although he was been in torment ever since his arrival in Hellfire, yet he looked like someone who must have been handsome in his lifetime. He was tall and fair in complexion, and he was fatty. He had a protruded paunch stomach. Then I realized that in the under-world people looked as exactly as they were looking in their healthy lifetime.

The reason why I say this is that this pastor though he has been in the torment of fire over since his arrival in Hell yet was still fair in complexion because the effect of the fire did not change the color of his skin, and he was still fat even though he has not eaten food since his arrival in Hellfire. In addition, this pastor was an ordained reverend in one of the biggest Churches in Eastern Nigeria. I will not mention both his name and the name of his church. This is to save the church from becoming a thing of ridicule and reproach by unbelievers and also to avoid offending some individuals, for I was warned by the Holy Spirit not to mention any name.

Still standing and looking at the pastor, however, I introduced myself to him, while he told me his name too. Then the pastor said to me, “Ubani, I know you will be great in life but in whatever you do, don’t ever touch or use any money which belongs to God without His permission because that is the reason why I am here. I stole church money. I misused the grace of God in my life and at the end of the day, I found myself here. Please Ubani, pray very seriously that nothing will bring you here because it is painful, and tell the careless believers, and the stiff-necked unbelievers, that Hell does not know who is a reverend or a churchgoer. Hell is as real as anything you can see.” Then as he concluded his talk with me, a demon came and dragged him back to the pit of fire while he screamed.

It is sad and shocking to hear the statement of that pastor for I began to imagine how he who has reached the level of recognition in the Christian society would find himself in the lake of fire at last. All of his sufferings, pains, starvation, endurance, patience and even his wilderness experience were in vain because of something he must have thought that didn’t matter has become a matter that mattered a lot on his judgment day. Realize, however, that the key factors that destroyed the reverend pastor were GREED and PRIDE. His actions were motivated by greed. He was greedy for money, and as a result, he started stealing money from the church offering though nobody in the church or elsewhere was aware of his attitude, but God was taking record of his actions, for “pride goes before destruction and haughtiness before a fall” Proverb 16:18. At last, however, he ended up regretting his actions in a time when there is no remedy.

Becoming money conscious is very dangerous for it could lead one to earthly disaster or eternal destruction. We are instructed to be contented with what we have. The Bible says, “Yet true godliness and contentment is great wealth. After all, we bought nothing with us when we came into the world, and can’t take anything with us when we leave. So if we have enough food and clothing, let us be contented, but people who long to be rich fall into temptation and are trapped by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people craving for money have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows (1Timothy 6:6-10).

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