I shepherd a small church. Before I opened my ministry, I congregated in the Baptist Church. I did workouts in the gym to the point where I got a muscular body. The pastor said we should take care of our bodies. Women underwent plastic surgery, stomach reduction, liposuction, and silicone breast implants, others put silicone on the buttocks.
I prayed a lot in the middle of the night and something was making me uncomfortable with all that. I wondered if it was godly to have such vanity. I began to ask God for an answer and I undertook 40 days of prayer in search of an answer. When I got to the last day of the prayer campaign, I was worried I would have no answer. At night I prayed and went to sleep.
I felt a sharp pain in my chest that I could not breathe. And suddenly I was surprised to be standing and my body lying on the bed. A light appeared upon me and my soul was taken away. I realized I was in a dark place. That light did not leave me and illuminated the place.
One voice said, “Be prepared to receive the revelations, just follow that light.”
The first place this light took me, I saw a sign written “Idolatry.” That place of idolaters was divided into specific behaviors.
What scared me was that no soul was worshiping Catholic images. They were Church-worshipping Christians, and there I saw Christians adoring their pastors.
And in the other division, I saw the idolaters of soccer players. I went to the other compartment and saw a giant soccer ball and worshipers of the football clubs. I saw worshipers of singers, bands, actors, and the stars. I saw worshipers of money, of sacred objects until I reached the worshipers of images.
I saw a pastor who is there for worshiping his wife. I saw a Christian woman who loved her husband to the point of leaving Jesus’ path and living for him. Whatever you can imagine idolizing, they were all there.
I left this place and saw two Christian parents, a man and a woman who showed favoritism among their children and fostered jealousy. They treated one of their children better than the other. This caused a rebellion in the heart of the neglected child and made him grow up with a lot of hatred.
I kept following the light and went to a place where there were only muscular men. That’s the place for male and female bodybuilders. The demons with knives cut open their bodies and plucked their muscles. I did not know the meaning of that revelation. A voice told me, “They were created in My image, but they preferred to have the deformed image of Satan.”
I also saw UFC fighters in Hell with bodybuilders and sportsmen.
I continued to walk and saw women who put silicones on their breasts, buttocks, arms, and faces. The demons called them their dolls because they had put too many plastic substances in their bodies. The demons saw that they had injected silicone into their bodies. The demons said, “These silicones are ours and we are going to take them out of their bodies, our plastic women.”
Women who did liposuction, stomach reduction, plastic surgery on the face – when they get to Hell the demons open them and perform surgeries deforming all their bodies.
One voice said, “Plastic surgery or any aesthetic procedure in the body deforms the image of God. They do not accept how He created them.”
I continued walking in Hell.
I saw shampoo and skin creams in Hell. When the woman applies those creams on her body, the scent would seduce the men on earth. When the shampoo lasts on the head, the chemicals would penetrate into the hair and brain causing mental changes.
Then I saw a woman in Church wear perfume. And out of her body came a smoldering black smoke that entered into the nostrils of the people.
Meditate on Isa 3:24  And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well-set hair baldness; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty.
And many men were seduced by the smell.
I saw the demon of seduction with a glass in his hand and when he opened the bottle an infernal fragrance came out from inside and entered my nose. I fell in love with that demon. I was hypnotized by that fragrance that came out in the form of black smoke. But soon the light that was near me destroyed the hypnotic effect. Hell is full of perfumes of seduction.
I saw Christian women who waxed their legs and wore short skirts to show their sensuality. The demons ripped the flesh from their legs.
I saw a girl who raised her eyebrows. The demons plucked out her eyes. A woman who draws her eyebrows changes her appearance. And the voice said to me, “She changed My image in her.”
I saw Christian men raise their eyebrows and shaved their breasts and legs. An effeminate demon appeared and said, “You have done my will there on earth,” and tormented this man.
I went to the place where I saw shepherds who were men of God, but they went astray. They began preaching the truth and ended their lives preaching the lie. They changed the doctrine in order not to lose members. They obscured the clear biblical views of sin and are in Hell.
The light led me to a part of Hell. I saw electronic voting machines of choice. The ballot boxes were filled with votes from a candidate. All the polls had their photos. One voice said, “All the polls are rigged, only those who make pacts are the ones who win the election. Satan has already elected who will rule this nation.” I looked at the polls and saw the photo of George W. Bush.
Two years after my rapture he was elected. A voice told me, “Tell the Church not to protest against the governors. As unfair as they are, the rebellion comes from Satan and is a sin of witchcraft. Tell the Church to pray for governors only. I do not want My servants to be political.”
“The government takes away My servants from Me and corrupts their hearts. My disciples renounced the world and are not part of the government. Politics is the deception of Satan where he controls all designs and laws.”
I received this revelation and proved in the Bible that there is no doctrine within the New Testament that says the Christian can be a politician.
Jesus was the first to reject the government when the people began to acclaim Him as king. The twelve disciples also did not get involved in politics. The apostle Paul, who belonged to the political party of the Pharisees, also left to serve Jesus.
And many Christians want to be politicians based on the Old Testament as the passage of Joseph and Daniel.
Do not apply this as it will lead you to Hell.
I saw the demon of divorce inside Hell. I remembered my life and my wife. Our marriage was wearing thin. And the Church still oppressed us by giving counsel against us. A demon tried to strike me in Hell with a spear. But the light near me prevented him from approaching.
The light took me out of that place and led me to the clouds where for the first time I met Jesus.
He said, “My servant, it was My voice that spoke to you in Hell. Now witness to the world what you saw. I have anointed you as My shepherd. Set your married life with your wife and do My work.”
When my soul returned to the body, my wife and I still slept in separate beds. And when we slept in the same bed, we were distant from the other. A demon lay in the space of the bed that is the middle. It was he who made my wife look strange.
[Wife continues]
I as his wife saw this demon near me and my husband Aldo. Our home was loaded with misunderstanding and strife because we were not getting along. I saw a devil stuck on the roof of the house and another in the bathroom. The Holy Spirit touched my heart to ask forgiveness of my husband and to reconcile with him.
But that was not enough to keep the demons from our house. I slept in shorts and a bra and my husband slept in shorts and was shirtless.
A demon invaded our room and we both had nightmares.
We were forced to sleep well dressed and never again did the demon appear. If you sleep almost naked, it is no use to pray, because God is holy and ashamed of the nakedness.
Scant clothing may be normal to you, but to God it is nudity.
I and my husband made up. That sin consumed me to offend him. I had to clarify the misunderstanding and tell the truth about my planning for divorce that he did not know. Our marriage still had the marks of past mistrust. I kept thinking about what his reaction would be like.
I called him to talk and I confessed my mistakes. He also confessed to his mistakes and understood me. All that weight left our back and relief came.
I have my share of defects and I will improve like a wise woman.
I learned a lot and I will not go wrong again. This experience was an apprenticeship. We are influenced by the cultural values of a sinful society. I was influenced by the advice of women who are violent with their husbands.
Now my challenge is to bring influence from a life transformed by God.
My pastor encouraged me to shave my eyebrows to please my husband. Before, I liked to shave out almost all of my eyebrow and draw a line. One day I was praying to God. The angel of God came to my room and rebuked me.
I blamed my pastor who induced me to do this.
The angel said it was my fault and I am responsible for my actions. My pastor did not force me and did not even take the razor from my hand to remove my eyebrows.
The angel said, “When it comes to practicing sin, you act independently of anyone even though the pastor said that it is not a sin. Know that the pastor cannot live your life and cannot breathe for you.”
He will not be your lawyer when you stand before the white throne at the Last Judgment. He cannot bear your sorrows or feel your sorrows when you are on trial. Jesus is the owner of your life; it is better to obey God than to obey men.
Before this revelation, I like to put on a tight and very short dress on my body. The dress was red and sexy. I was getting ready to go to the Church service. A demon seemed to be in the same red dress. He was transfigured in my appearance and became just like me.
He said, “Your lipstick is very beautiful on your lips, the color of your dress makes you seductive. It’s beautiful, never take off your makeup, it is great. It’s sexy and inside that dress, there is a spirit of sensuality, my friend.”
I screamed and the demon disappeared. My husband rushed over to me to hear what he heard. I told him what had happened. He said he had already told me to give up vanity, but I had no strength.
We went to church, I did not take off the dress. And when I passed the street, all the men stopped and looked at me. They seemed mesmerized; this had never happened to me.
It was the first time I wore that outfit and it looked as if it cast enchantment wherever I went. I felt the power of a queen for the first time.
When I got home, even though my heart was cut, I said I would give up my dress. My husband told me to burn it, because he did not want me to give the evil to others. When I threw that dress on the fire, I saw a demon coming out of it.
It is the spirit of seduction that possesses any woman who wears it. That sensation I felt of a powerful woman was sensuality.
When I was able to renounce vanity, my husband opened his own ministry because of our pastor’s liberal mindset.
I was already receiving revelations when I prayed.
I gave up vanity, but my wardrobe was filled with all kinds of worldly clothing.
Jesus said, “Go to your wardrobe.” I went. He said, “Thou My maidservant said that she is delivered from vanity and sensuality.”
I answered, “Lord, I dress well, I cover my shame.”
Jesus said, “All the memories of the past are in your house. You have not yet forgotten your past, Satan brings the past back to your mind, feeds your desires and you stumble and fall. You did not forget the old creature, you did not get rid of those things yet, I do not like that. You still have sexy clothes and bikinis in your wardrobe. Earrings, lipsticks, bracelets, necklaces, and miniskirts are stored there.”

“You are still connected with the world. The demons will exploit your weakness as you have not abandoned the world completely. What is not good, you still use and keep. You still have your heart set on these things. I will judge your heart.”
“My word says that old things will pass away, behold, all things have become new. You need to be reborn into a new creature and be separated from this world. Sanctify yourself more if you want to live in Heaven.”
I mentioned the name of Sister Dolores who dressed well and wore wide dresses looking like a Muslim.
I said, “Lord, she is a great servant of God.”
You have answered Me, “She has a serene appearance, but she has great bitterness in her heart and she has a deep hatred for her husband who abandoned her. Her clothes cover up the reality of this woman, not everything that shines is gold.”
I was frightened by this revelation Jesus gave me.
Jesus revealed to me several names of Satanic clothing industries that made a pact with Satan to sell to the whole world. The clothes were consecrated to the devil and an evil legion entered these clothes. The clothes had an evil force that convinces anyone to buy and the success of the sale brought great profit to the owner.
These demonically consecrated clothes hypnotized people to buy them. My red dress that I burned was consecrated to the devil.
Lord Jesus showed me the owner of the industry cutting his hand and shedding his blood at the time of the coloring of my dress.
My husband and I are happy together. Our marriage is like a garden cultivated over time. Everything we did, we communicated with each other.
[Aldo continues]
This was my wife’s experience along with my rapture to Hellfire.
I avoided talking about matters of work, study, and life projects. I spent the conversation about the two of us and set a day to travel to other places. We celebrated our 3 years of marriage and invited the church to participate. We never forget birthdays and we celebrate in a restaurant. I began to praise my wife, something I had not done for two years. We learn to like ourselves and enjoy this wonderful world that God created. We seek to know other places in beautiful landscapes. We are happy about the change God has made in our lives.


Happiness does not depend on money. It depends on Christ. Who is responsible for a happy life is yourself. Our focus is on the work of God and secondly our married life. Jobs and life projects are fleeting things. All this will remain on earth, but life passes in the blink of an eye, so live in the direction of God. Learn to appreciate what you have that is your spouse, your family, your child. All this is a gift from God, they are all in the peace of Jesus. Amen.

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