What To Do While Preaching Or Evangelizing The Gospel To Others

What To Do While Preaching Or Evangelizing The Gospel To Others

Toward the end of last year while preaching and evangelizing the gospel on streets, public bus and church, the spirit of God minister unto me and echo; “son before you minister any salvation or spiritual edifying or warning message to anybody make sure you first preach the message to yourself, and also ensure it reflects in your personal dealings because majority are serving God under pretense.

I was shock at this warning message and immediately take into consideration and afterward I discovered that majority that called them evangelist, Pastor, Reverend, choir and chorister always has the grace to preach zealously with a glorious honey tune voice but when you examined their secret lifestyles, you will surprised to behold their real regalia in chameleon deceptive styles.

It’s a great tragedy when someone is preaching about Hell fire while he or she is hasting toward same Hell. Its heart pricking when someone is preaching about important of outward modesty dressing while his or her heart is filled with rotten and decayed thoughtfulness of sexual immoralities.

It’s saddened when someone is preaching against fornication, pornography and adultery while his or her social media chats and mobile text message is suffocated with immoral chats and lustfulness. It’s unfortunate when someone is preaching about Love, peace and unity while he or she still inhabits malice, grudges, hatred with someone due to offence.

Some Christians ironically assume that “the more they preach the gospel”the more the Gate of Heaven would be open unto them” — that is Ignorant. My beloved, It’s only “Holiness rooted from daily self examination with prayers opens Heaven” while secret sins, pretense, and ignorant qualifies you for Hell Torment.

One of the Great terrible incident that will emerge and takes many by surprise is that majority that spent most of their time in preaching or evangelizing the gospel will behold themselves in pathetic shameful pit of Hell due to carelessness.

what to do when evangelizing

As a preacher there is need for personal spiritual clinic. You must cultivates the act of personal secret prayers, scriptural meditation, fasting and daily pleading of the mercies of God. However while preaching the gospel to others there are some certain things you need to takes into consideration.

  1. If you are to preach about Hell, check if you’re hastening to Hell.
  2. If you are to preach about Heaven check if you’re already qualified to enter Heaven.
  3. If you are to preach about Love, check if you still inhabits malice and grudges against your friends or Neighbor.
  4. If you are to preach about rapture, ask yourself if you truly prepared for the second coming of the Lord?
  5. If you are to preach about faith, love and trust in God, check yourself if you have the same faith and love burning within your.
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Let me ask this question; are you really walking with God? You might be “working” for God now and not devotedly “walking” with him. If you are merely working for God without walking with him, your reward certainly awaits you but when you walk with God — you will hardly slumber or withered off because his glory will consumed you.

If not you will be surprise that despite your hot message you will be told by an Angel at the Gate of Heaven “Yes, you did a great work while on earth. Your name is in the Book of Works, Giving, meditation, Evangelism, Sowing etc”

But suddenly (with sadden face as he gaze at you shaking his head) “You did great works but we can’t find your name in the Book of life and whosoever name not found thereof shall be cast into hell, where there shall be gnashing of teeth and weeping”
Sometimes after preaching, counseling and instructing people in the church, I asked myself this question Evangelist Paul; when are you going to finish this work and what shall be your personal gain in this work if you miss Heaven? Nevertheless i also referred the same question to you; “what shall be your personal gain as a Christian after reading all this edifying messages and daily updates and later missed Heaven?

If I had 5 lives to live!… then I could have been born in 5 different cities, and eat until my stomach filled 5 times, and work in 5 different jobs… and also fall in love and married 5 different women.

dead body in grave
But unfortunately reverse is the term because i just have ONE LIFE TO LIVE on earth which systematically means, after death I am not going to behold this Old Earth again! One fateful day, i will die, rotten and forgotten in the silent grave yard but what legacy have i left-behind? — So ask yourself these questions:
  1. How many people have i invested my time upon and reconstructed in this year?
  2. How many people have i help generously without expectations of rewards in this year?
  3. How many have i given hope and interceded spiritually on their behalf in this year?
  4. How many are proud to have me as their friends?
  5. How many can trust and confide in me?

My beloved one in Christ; life is not all about you but rather the impact you invested upon others. Please don’t just live a callous life of selfishness and hatred. You are alive to create path that will bring joy and laughter in the life of others.

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Life is not all about your personal achievement but rather helping others, attending unto their pleading, expression of compassion, feeling the pains of others, expressing love and caring gesture toward them.

Hence it’s time to eschew all egoistic attitude and embrace a life of impacts because you just have one life to live and if the creator of that life discovered your worthless and selfish act toward others, In fact, it just a matter of time and he will uproot that life from you because you’re worthless and doesn’t deserved to live among the living but rather among the dead.

The silent grave-yard should be your dwelling tent and not among the living because a every living soul in Christ are mandated to always helps the living by making impact upon their lives because life is just one.

Therefore it’s time we Christians and preachers of the gospel cultivate the act of renewing of our mindset and extend a generous hand to the needy and the oppress. And if as a Born Again Christian and you tends to act adamant to this teaching and kept exhibiting selfish Christian lifestyles you are nothing but a disgrace to the kingdom of God.


If you have been in the Church for several months and the Lord has blessed you financially, and yet at this moment you can’t account or recalled those whom you have financially liberated in your church, my beloved, you’re nothing but a total disgrace to the Book of life. You are satanic end-time bomb to Christendom. You’re spiritually worthless and don’t deserved to live among human but rather among the dead!

Your Banks account are enriched with thousands of dollars, yet you can’t amount the boldness to liberates the less privilege in your church, but you’re willing to invest in Church projects, building, seed sowing and pledges while your fellow brethren are struggling to feed themselves —  You’re a total disgrace to Heaven!

Moreover if you have an olden fashion clothes or foot wears which you have not wore for the past 3-6 months while your fellow brethren in the church are lacking, always coming to church fellowship with same faded clothes or rags; you’re also a taboo to the Kingdom of God!

If you falls under this two categories, i advice you re-activate your spiritual mindset because serving God isn’t about jumping up and down like a frog or disturbing the neighborhood and making useless noise like a parrot, but rather PRACTICAL.

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So, let us go outside there and proclaimed the reality of Christ-like to the people. We are light of the world and first born of God’s creature. We are called to serve others and not to be served. We are Christians because we are an epitome of God’s love and the light of Christ.

Let your brethren and neighbors behold and attest a new Christ-like in you because been Born Again is not just going to Church or bearing Christians but rather manifisting and exhibiting the love of Christ and that should be your goal and vision while preaching or evangelizing the gospel to others.

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