I was born in a shepherd’s home in the city of Barranqueras. I feel lucky to be born in a shepherd’s home. At the age of five, my parents were transferred from my native city to the city of Cordoba, where my testimony begins.

My mother is a dressmaker. When I turned seven years, I was looking at a magazine. And in this magazine, I saw a dress for a 15-year-old girl that caught my attention. I went running to my mother to talk to her about it.

I said, “Cute Mommy, I want to have a dress as cute as this for the day that I turn 15.”

My mother, who is a woman of prayer, touched my shoulder and said, “Sarah, talk to your Dad from above, speak to Him.”

Although I was still a child, I knelt in my room. I raised that magazine, and I said, “Daddy God, I want to have a dress as nice as this one the day that I turn 15.”

I knew that Daddy from above was listening to me because God listens to children when they believe. One day I was looking at a new magazine when I saw a more beautiful dress than the one I had seen before. I ran out to my mother’s room.

I said, “Mommy, I do not want the dress that I showed you previously, because this one is prettier.”

She said, “Sarah, ask your Dad from above.”

Again. I said, “Daddy God, you remember that dress that I had asked You before. I no longer want that. But I want this one because it is prettier.”

I believe that Daddy God was there in Heaven listening to me. As time pass, my father was transferred from Cordoba to this city of Barranqueras. I was 12 years old.

Back then, at this age, I started to suffer from heart disease. My father called a doctor. But none of these doctors found a clear diagnosis of my disease. As a result, my health was deteriorating. I was getting worse every day. Over time I lost weight.

And the school sent me away because sometimes I could not stand. I had breathing problems. I could not do what some of my colleagues were doing.

As a result, I developed low self-esteem. I was also suffering from exhaustion. I was told by a doctor that I cannot play, I can not do so many things that I used to do.

Sadly, the day of my 15 years birthday was coming. I thought about my dream of a big birthday party with a beautiful dress, a party where they will be ladies, gentlemen, young children.

But as time passed, my family started to go through hardship and difficulty. And there was no money in the family. And when the day of my 15th birthday got closer, I was on the bed unable to move because of my health condition. I was laying on the bed, and I did not have strength.

When my mother who was by my side took my hand, she started crying. Later she got up and went to her room and started to cry there. I got up carefully and I started listening to the prayer of my mother.

My mother said, “Lord, please do not let my daughter die that You call a friend. I will not be able to bear her death and absence.”

When I heard that prayer of my mother, I started to cry. I was crying in my room. I did not want her to notice. I prayed and I said to the Lord, “Please do not let my mother see me dead.”

As days passed and I was not improving, the auspicious day of my 15th birthday arrived. I used to dream that I would have a celebration with my friends at a big party. But none arrived because of my condition. The house was lonely and I was in that bed crying with terrible pain and suffering.

In the morning of that day, my mother congratulated me on my birthday. And in the afternoon, she hugged me strong. Then she started to mourn.

My mother said, “I know what had been your dreams for this day. My God bless your birthday.”

But my mother could not talk because the tears were flowing from her eyes. When I saw this I started crying. I wanted to tell my mom, “I know you would have wanted to celebrate my birthday and to bring all my friends and make a great party. But I also know that you are a cute little mother. I know that every mother wants the best for her children and suffer when they see them suffering.”

When my mother left, in that afternoon I got up and I went to the backyard. I wanted to celebrate my 15th birthday alone with the Lord.

I said, “Lord Jesus, I had asked You for a dress party. I had asked to be with my friends. But You know something Lord, today I do not want any of that. I do not want a party. I do not want a dress. The only thing I want is to be able to preach Your word. As you know, I love You with all my strength and my heart. I love You with all of my life.”

Then I raised my hands and began to sing, “Love You alone and I will never look back.”

I continued without fainting. I wanted to continue to sing, but I was tired and I returned to my bed. While I was laying on my bed I was in pain, I began to try to stretch so that I can call my mother. But my mother could not hear me. I started to breathe in and out in pain.

Suddenly I felt like something ripped me out; something pulled me from the depths of my being. I could not realize what had just happened. Then I sat on the bed. To my surprise, it was my spirit that sat on the bed while my body was laying on the bed. I was curious. So I started to observe my body that was laid on the bed.

Immediately, I felt the presence of a Man of light by my side. I had the feeling that this mysterious Person of light had been with me all my life because I could feel it. It was awareness.

Then I got up from the bed, I was still curious about my physical body. When I was looking at my body, this Man said to me, “Sarah, look at your body. There are many who are worried about what to eat, what to dress, and what to drink. They are more concerned about these things that are related to this body. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. For the pagans pursue all these things and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. Today has enough trouble of its own, but seek first the kingdom of God and My justice, and the other things will come in addition.”

Then the Lord of Light held my hand and took me away from my room. We started climbing to Heaven. I started to see the houses. Immediately we started to rise, I saw how we passed the roof without the need to use doors or windows.

We were flying in space. At first, the stars in the atmosphere seems little. But as we continued to climb to Heaven and traveling in space, the stars were getting bigger. And then we get to a very high place in space.

When I looked down, I did not see the little lights of the earth. Then I began to see a black cloud that began to cover the entire sphere. And when I was observing the dark space and the dark cloud, the Lord told me to look. I was contemplating deep in the dark space in the firmament.

Then I asked the Lord of Light, “What is in there?”

And He told me, “This is the sixth Heaven, the kingdom of demons of space. Tell My people to put on the full armor of God so that they can make their stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, against governors of the darkness of this century, against spiritual guests of evil in the celestial regions.”

Jesus said, “They are here in order to stop the blessings from reaching My children. They want to prevent you from receiving God’s package in your house and in your family. And they are working to orchestrate divorce, conflict, and ruin in families. Therefore, tell My children to engage in spiritual combat in order to clear the air. Tell them to fight spiritual warfare because My children are not battling and engaging the enemy as they should do.”

In that moment, we continued going up. We were moving at a tremendous speed. Then my spirit came back into my body. And in the twinkling of an eye, I went out of my body again. And when I opened my eyes, I was in a beautiful place. But before getting to this place, I wanted to look at that light on the horizon. I wanted to get close to the light source that was beautiful and cute. But when I wanted to look at the Being of light that was on the throne, so much light came out of Him that I was like blinded and I could not see anything.

When I reopened my eyes, I noticed that I was in a spacious room. I could not see the end of it. This hall had the highest ceilings ever, like Turin Castle that I visited in Scotland. They had ceilings that were very high. But I think what I saw in Heaven was majestic. I have not seen such construction here on Earth, something as beautiful as that place.

We were in this banquet hall. I was actually taking part in a beautiful celebration and banquet. I could not see the end of the table in this place. And when I looked at myself, I realized that I was in a garment like I have never seen before. While I was admiring my celestial and brightening garment in the purest white, I saw the angels of God in this banquet hall playing golden instruments that I have never seen in my life before. I knew that I was at a big party and celebration in Heaven. I was aware that the banquet of the Lamb will happen in this very place when the Lord will rapture His bride in the sound of the trumpet. The angels had prepared this place for a beautiful party.

Suddenly I saw the Lord Jesus Christ holding a simple but beautiful crown in His hand. He said to me, “Sarah, this is your crown.”

I said, “Lord, it is very nice. Really, this is my crown.”

The Lord said to me, “Sarah, your crown will be cutest. I’m going to put one pearl on your crown for every soul that you win for My kingdom. The more souls you win, the more your crown will be adorned in pearls. In the same way, I am telling you that there will be more joy in Heaven over one sinner who repents.”

Beloved, you will have to win souls if you are really hoping for glory in the eternal kingdom of light, for the wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever. (Daniel 12:3)

When the Lord Jesus Christ had finished honoring and celebrating me in the heavenly kingdom inside this huge celestial banquet hall, then we all began to sing and praise the Lord. I remember that I raised my hands and began singing songs that I did not understand and that I could not decipher. We all started to sing Hallelujah. I do not know how long we were there singing.

Then we left this place and we went to the court of the White Throne Judgment.

The Bible says in Matthew 12:36, men will give an account on the Day of Judgment for every action and careless word they have spoken.

I was on my knees and angels were on the sides of the throne with wings. They hid their face from the face of the Lord. I saw a white throne. And besides the white throne, I saw a figure who got up from the throne. I could not see His face. I could only see a giant hand.

And when He spoke, I heard a voice of thunder that said, “Listen now and bring this message to My people.”

He raised His index finger and said, “Tell My people to prepare, because before they realize it, it’s going to be too late.”

I was trembling and crying when the Lord was speaking with a voice of thunder.

And He said, “There are thousands who are asleep in distraction. They should have been on alert watching and praying. Many are preaching only terrestrial things. So many of the children of God have their eyes on the things of the world instead of the things of Heaven.”

I said to the Man of light, “There are many who believe that Your return will take longer, and they are not preparing.”

I noticed that the Lord who had accompanied me from the start had tears. I saw tears falling on His cheeks.

He told me, “If I have not come back, it’s because I have too much mercy. I do not want any of My children to miss the place where you are celebrated in the banquet hall. It is there in that Hall, that I will receive My guests on the celebration and the parties of the wedding of the Lamb.”

The Bible says in Revelation 19:7-9 Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to Him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife has made herself ready. 8 And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. 9 And he said to me, Write, Blessed are they which are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he said to me, These are the true sayings of God.

Then Jesus said to me, “Sarah, look at these angels.”

And I saw angels holding trumpets.

And I asked the Lord, “Are they ready to sound the trumpet?”

Jesus said, “Sarah, they are always ready. They are only waiting for My order. Once I give them the order, the trumpet will sound and the dead will rise.”

Then Jesus said, “I’ll take you to another place.”

The Lord took me to the abode of the dead to show me a sister that I knew on the earth.

I remember one day I was with my auntie who was talking to a lady who was her friend. While they were talking, I saw a light next to my auntie Josefina, and I asked her, “What is the light around you?” It was revealed to me that it was the Holy Spirit. At that moment I began to hear the light that was the Holy Spirit talking to the spirit of my auntie. The Spirit said to my aunt, “Josefina, preach to your friend. She is going to die in a few days. This is the last chance for her.”

I could not see the Holy Spirit, but I could hear Him talking inside my auntie. At that moment, my auntie felt the urge to preach to her friend and said to her friend, “Marie, if you do not accept the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart today, it may be too late for you by tomorrow.”

But the young lady replied to my auntie, “I’m young. I’m beautiful and I am enjoying my life with guys. I do not need to get involved at all in religion. I am beautiful and life is ahead of me.”

But the Holy Spirit continued to insist in the heart of my auntie that this was her last chance. Despite the insistence of my auntie, the young woman left my auntie without accepting the Lord Jesus Christ in her heart. As much as my auntie insisted, she said, “No, that’s not for me. It’s definitely not for me.”

Days later, a group of young boys came to knock at my auntie Josephine’s house store.

They said to her, “Mrs. Josefina, we have come to inform you that your friend Marie was found dead.”

My aunt and I cried bitterly on that day in a way that you can not imagine. My auntie loved that lady a lot. But Marie died without accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in her heart.

So as we were leaving the kingdom of Heaven, the Lord took me to Hell and began to show me scenes. Meanwhile, my aunt was on her knees crying, asking the Lord to show her where her friend Marie was.

I also said to the Lord as we were descending to Hell, “I want to know where Marie is. And I want to know if you had given her another opportunity in the last moment of her life.”

In this experience, I saw myself and my auntie Josefina. We started traveling. I saw a mountain after mountain. Suddenly, I saw from far something like raindrops falling. But when we got closer, we realized that this was not the rain of water. These were the quantities of human souls that were falling from the surface of the Earth to the Abyss and the pit of hellfire. The damned souls were so numerous, they seem like raindrops falling on the land. They went through a dark tunnel and they were received by demons.

Immediately I started to feel a strong heat in this environment. The heat of the Earth is nothing compared to the one in Hell. In this environment, I was covered by God’s light. As we were moving beneath the Earth, we found a large gate with an inscription that said, “Welcome to Hell.”

When the gates of Hell opened, I heard great cries of desperation, the cries of thousands and thousands of people. Everyone was screaming desperately. I saw a girl of about 14 years old that clung to my cloak and told me, “Please do not leave me in this place.” When I saw that young woman, I tried to take her by the hand, but that light of love prevented me then I could not see her again.

And then I saw my auntie walking in that place. It was totally a disfigured place. I saw a woman that was in a state of despair. She hugged my auntie and she started crying. She was Marie who rejected the gospel because she thought she had many years before her.

She said to my auntie, “What have I done to myself? Had I known that there was a Hell, I would have changed my way. I thought I was young. But now I believe, I am sorry. Please, I beg you, get me out of here.”

My auntie said to her, “I want to get you out of here. But there are many demonic guards everywhere. But I’m going to try.”

Suddenly one of the demons looked at them and said to my auntie, “You can pass because you are a visitor, but she will not.”

The woman cried because she could not come out of this horrendous place.

Beloved, if you fall into Hell, you are not coming out. The lady asked for forgiveness. Yet, there was no more mercy and forgiveness in the world of the dead.

Later I saw the Lord of Light sitting on a rock outside. He said to me, “Sarah, I sent so many of My servants to preach to her and to warn her countless times, but she did not want to listen. And today she is in this place, asking for mercy. But her time of mercy is over.”

Beloved, take advantage while you are on the Earth. Then I gave my promise of preaching the gospel to the Lord.

I said, “Lord, I’m going to preach Your word, I will not shut up. Wherever You take me, I will talk about what I’ve seen and experience.”

And without saying a word, He took me up to my body on the surface. We took a trip back to Earth. We arrived at my room. As soon as I touched my body, I felt cold. I did not want to go in that body anymore. But the light of God pushed me and then I started to accommodate myself inside the body just like when one adjusts the hand in the glove. I started to accommodate my hands and my legs, and I began to feel my heart palpitating. Then I opened my eyes and I saw darkness.

Immediately Satan came to visit me. He approached my ear and told me, “I know where you have been. I know what you saw and what you felt. Don’t tell anyone because nobody is going to believe you. They would think that you are crazy.”

And I felt so scared. I said no to the lies of the devil.

The devil told me, “Your mother did not know that you had died. No one has realized.”

The devil continued to talk and said, “I would like you to understand the mercy of the Lord. Even if you enjoy your life, He is merciful. He will not reject you. You are young and you have a life before you. I want you to understand that you can live for yourself. You are wasting your life because of that God. God had already given you a life of suffering and tears.”

I was there in my room with the devil talking to me. My mother was sleeping. Then I called mum. When she came, I told her that I was healed. And I just had an afterlife experience with the Lord.

My mother fell on my knees saying, “Sarah, I had asked the Lord to deal with you. We made a prayer chain for you. While we were praying in a chain for you, a supernatural light began to invade our house. I saw the sun that was rising above the house. Then it spilled a golden liquid on our house. It could have spilled this liquid somewhere else. But it was spilled here because this is a house where praise and glorification of the name of the Lord God rise.”

My mother said to me, “Will you now tell us how is Heaven and Hell? Tell us about those angels and the demons.”

But I could not answer her absolutely because there was a loss of memory of both Heaven and Hell. Days went by and I could not recover the memory.

One day we went to the house of a supposed friend of my mother. But since we arrived, I noticed that the woman could not stop watching me. She looked at me and I looked at her. And in that look, the Lord began to show me everything.

The Lord said, “She is a doctor. She came when you passed away, but she is amazed to see you alive.”

The lady looked at me with despair. She approached me and told me, “I am amazed to see that you are alive.”

Immediately, she fell to the ground and began to vomit. Then she started to confess. She said to me and my mother, “I have caused you a lot of damage since you were 12. And I was following your life because I wanted to present it as a sacrifice on the altar of Satan on the day you celebrate your 15 years of anniversary.”

She said, “I am the one that has caused you hardship, wilderness, and poverty in your house in order to cause you to lose your faith and trust in God. I was instructed by Satan to weaken your health and drain the life out of your body every day with that sickness. Every day, I raised an altar in order to destroy your life on your 15th birthday. When you passed away, I was in celebration. But what has happened is a demonstration that the God that you love is Almighty, and the devil is a liar. Your God, Jesus Christ is the only true God.”

Beloved, on that day, this lady who was a servant of Satan came to Jesus Christ. She said to us, “Look under your mattress, and you will see.”

When we went back home, we lifted my mattress. To our surprise, we saw a hidden opening under the mattress. We pulled out a doll that had my hair on it with a pin on the head and on the heart. I came to understand why I had suffered from heart disease. The sickness that made me suffer did not just happen, I was actually attacked. The hardship of my family did not just happen, it was also an attack.

And while I was planning my 15th birthday, the devil servant was also planning my death. She was planning to offer my life on the altar of Satan as a sacrifice.

But the Lord Jesus Christ also had prepared a celebration in the heavenly world for my 15th birthday.

So when we lifted the mattress, and we saw that it had a hidden opening there. I put my hand in and I took out that rag doll that had my hair, and then we found nine spells throughout our house that surrounded the house.

In the end, we use the anointing of oil in order to neutralize these spells.

Hours later, I recovered the memory of Hell and Heaven. A few days later, my father got a job. And when I went to visit my auntie Josefina, I told her that I saw her friend who rejected the gospel in Hell. She also confirmed that she saw Marie in Hell.

Beloved, while we are breathing, let us grab the opportunity of repentance. Let us not neglect so great a salvation.

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