Warning! This is a Sign You Have a Familiar Spirit…

Kynan Bridges says if you see this, you probably have a familiar spirit…
▶▶Releasing Miracles by Kynan Bridges [Book & 3-CD Set]: https://bit.ly/3DJZKiA

Kynan Bridges says when your expectations are based on the world around you…

The question becomes will you settle for less, or never settle? For Kynan, our God is a consuming fire. A jealous God Who did not settle for a fallen world.

Instead, Father God sent Jesus and “publicly endorsed him by doing powerful miracles, wonders and signs through him.” Acts 2:22 (NLT)

Kynan says pocket-sized expectations are not the measure of your inheritance, and today miracles still settle the question of God’s approval. In Kynan’s latest book, Releasing Miracles, he gives practical steps to ignite your life with God-sized expectations. After the pattern of Jesus’ life, Kynan establishes four pillars for Heaven’s miracles—

✅ Active faith
✅ Godly compassion
✅ Walking in humility
✅ Personal worship

Kynan says you were born for miracles, and they are not beyond you! His 3-CD/audio series, Heaven’s Blueprint, reveals every believer’s Kingdom empowerment:

✅ The right to operate in the miraculous
✅ The power of compassion
✅ Kingdom truth – miracles are simple
✅ Authority to maintain your miracles

It starts with a decision: “I can do this.”

▶▶Releasing Miracles by Kynan Bridges [Book & 3-CD Set]: https://bit.ly/3DJZKiA

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