Vision of A Sister Covered in God’s Glory

Vision of A Sister Covered in God’s Glory

God showed me a lady who had been investing a lot of time in seeking God, reading the bible and living in obedience. I saw her walking in the street. Then I saw a pastor whom God exposed as a demon incarnate walking ahead of this lady, with his wife. He seemed really scared but she didn’t understand why so she went near him and greeted him. He didn’t even want to shake the lady’s hand and couldn’t wait to walk away. He was looking at her as though he was being blinded. The way you look at the sun and even cover your eyes with your hands!That’s when I noticed a lot of brilliant light was illuminating from her. Then the pastor looked at her carefully and that’s when he noticed it was a lady he knew!
He said,”ah,I didn’t know it was you. I thought it was Jesus.I was so scared I even asked my wife that has Jesus come back again?”
I was shocked to hear this and I remembered the Lord’s words. In a previous revelation where Jesus was asking us to be filled with Him,He had said,”when you are so filled with Me, when demon incarnates look at you they ll just see Me. They ll even ask each other,”has Jesus come back again?”.Back to the revelation, this pastor whom God exposed as a demon incarnate said,”you’ve really rolled yourself up that you can’t be seen, because only Jesus can be seen.”
When he said that about rolling yourself up, I immediately understood.


I understood that Jesus is in us but we are like a curtain covering Him up and so He can’t be seen.
But each and every time we are praying, seeking Him,reading the bible we are rolling that curtain up. In the end its so rolled up only Jesus can be seen! Let’s seek God with all our hearts and be filled with Jesus.Each and every time you are spending with God, you are becoming more and more like Jesus. The time you spend with God is never in vain. Seek God while He can be found.

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