Veteran Dies And is Shocked When God Says These Words…

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Randy Kay founded Randy Kay Ministries in response to the thousands of messages he received from people struggling with brokenness and the myriad of questions that arose from sharing his after life experience in Heaven after clinically dying. Randy has authored thousands of articles for publications such as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, and four self-help business books. His first Christian book, Dying to Meet Jesus, began through a desire to help people turn brokenness to joy. In that book, Randy briefly shared his after life experience after succumbing to pulmonary emboli and septic shock. Many readers asked Randy to share his full experience with Jesus in Heaven, so he authored Revelations From Heaven. Randy has reached millions of people with his story of God’s Love and faithfulness. His mission is to share the Love of Jesus Christ to affirm God’s reality and the hope of Heaven. In 2021 Randy founded Abundant Life Online, an online Christian personal development site that provides assessments, e-learnings, interviews, insight coaching, and online gatherings for members wanting to develop their career and life skills in service to God. Several years ago he founded PACEsetters, a leader in human development and the first to introduce a validated course on thriving skills. Prior to that Randy served as the Chairman and CEO of TenorCorp, a diversified strategic development firm.

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