Every year, I celebrate my birthday by organizing a three days power pack program. On one of such occasions, a young lady walked into the auditorium and in no time, the power of God flooded the atmosphere. She fell under the anointing and started confessing.

Her first word was, “You are too small to deliver me.”

I said, “Oh, that is true, but Jesus is here to deliver you.”

She went further to say, “Oh, I made a grave mistake, I didn’t return back to normalcy after returning from an operation.”

Maybe she thought it was just the usual fireless services she had been attending, She met with the Lord that day. Before she was delivered, she requested more time to practice as a witch. She cried and pleaded. She has labored so much and she was just one step away from becoming the queen of the coast. She also made confessions of the evils she had committed in the past, the people she had killed, and the havoc she had done in people’s life.

I shunned her and cast the foul spirit out of her. I wouldn’t want to go into further details. The good news was that Jesus delivered her and she received the life of Christ and was baptized in the Holy Ghost. This case is a typical example of a conscious mariner. I will share another experience with you quickly. It’s of a non-conscious mariner.


I was invited to minister in a campus crusade. On the first night of the crusade, God visited us in an unusual way, mighty deliverance took place. But, there was a case the brethren hinted to me that they needed my attention. I told them I would minister to her the following morning. At daybreak, she was at my lodge and as we began to pray, God took over and delivered her. The deliverance session was rigorous but in all, Jesus was glorified.

After the prayers, I sat her down and began to encourage her and asked her some questions, “How did you join this wicked kingdom?”

She said, “As a child my academic performance was poor and it became everybody’s concern. This made my father take me to a place for prayers.”

The father happens to be the father of a ministry. According to her, she was bathed with water and her head was washed as well with a special kind of water. After the spiritual ritual, when she slept, she suddenly saw herself in the Atlantic Ocean. (I can’t really remember the details. It’s been years).

She saw her dad as an elder in this strange place. I was very shocked on hearing that. I quickly interrupted her to get an answer to my inquisitiveness, “But you told me your dad was a pastor.”

She answered, “Yes of course!”

I asked, “How come he is an elder in the marine kingdom?”

She said, “Well, that is between my father and GOD.”

She loaded me with deep details about the marine kingdom which I will be sharing in detail in subsequent chapters. When I got another invite this year for this same crusade, I was so excited to see her as she is now a member of the crusade workforce. God has perfected what He started. I am persuaded that this life experience has given us a real-life picture that will aid our understanding of this subject.


I met a very young lady in my days at the university. She was very passionate about the things of the Lord. We became close friends. She visited me after a Sunday service. After some time, she began to act strange and funny. I picked the signal, but it was already too late for me to flee. She has camped me. She requested for intimate relationship and I refused. She said I must because she was willing to open the ancient gate.

To cut the long story short – God saved me from her. Not many days after, a brother who was well to do financially joined the church and entered a relationship with this lady. They were having intimacy. One day, things went off with the brother and he began to confess. Firstly, the business of this brother had crashed, things were extremely bad.

When the brother was narrating the story to me, he said, “I don’t have glory again.”

I said, “Brother, where did you put your glory?”

In the distress, he mentioned the name of the lady and claimed she had collected it. According to her confession, she was raped while she was in Jss 3. She told her friends. They promised to help her. What was the help? They initiated her into the Marine kingdom. They gave her the assignment to keep sleeping with men and bring their semen to the coven. She said any semen she submits, that person can never be great in this life again. This brother was number 99.

God saved me. In most cases, sex is their altar of initiation. There is no free sex brother, you might be trading your greatness unknowingly.

Solomon was overcome by these spirits. The queen of Sheba was a beautiful and worthy woman, yet he was still not content. He fell into the snare of this spirit. Marine spirits are enticing, seducing, and subtle. They are hard to recognize in most cases. You cannot identify them through dressing, you need the gifts of discernment.


A couple was presented with bread as a wedding gift. Unknown to them, the bread was directly from the coven of the marine kingdom. After the whole ceremony, the bride was famished and was searching for what to eat. The only thing she could lay her hands on was the bread. She made tea and ate the bread. As soon as the bread entered her system, the bread blocked her womb. She became barren for so many years. Until one glorious day, she was invited for a prayer program. The power of God came upon her and she vomited the bread. The bread was still very fresh. Immediately after her deliverance, she conceived and put to bed to the glory of God.


On the 4th of August last year, after my midnight prayers, I slept and had a dream. In the dream, I saw a line of water, like where someone poured a cup of water away. From that line of water, I saw something swimming towards me. When it got to me, it suddenly transformed into a beautiful woman. She was half fish-half woman. She had very long hair touching her waist. She was with a company of two girls.

She greeted me and was about to introduce herself, I told her not to, that I know her, that she is one of the fallen angels, who was driven out of heaven and built her Kingdom in the ocean.

The moment I told her of all of these, her countenance changed and her beauty disappeared. I also made her understand, that the two girls with her, were the fruits of her seed with physical men. The girls were unlike her in body physique, they had a complete human body.

After telling her this fact about her person, she responded by saying, she brought me a gift. I told her, I don’t need her gift and more so, I don’t want to have anything to do with her. I know your Gift is “give and take.” If I oblige, you will surely, demand something in return, something more than I can give.

In her attempt to seduce me with the gift she opened her hands. Lo and behold, there was money in them. I looked and saw my two boys by my side. They were excited about the money. They collected the money and stocked the money into my hands. I was very angry with them. I told them, “I never want that money to end up in my hands.”

As soon as the money was stocked in my hands, she turned and returned back to the sea. But, as the Lord will have His way, and show up for my deliverance, one of the girls she came with, came closer to me and asked about her mother. I needed to look for a way around, returning back the “Demonic money gift” back to her.

“Oh, your mum, she just left, but you see this money with me belongs to her. Please take it from me and give it to her.”

She transformed into their normal mermaid posture, swam with the money to join her mother.


A young man contacted me online, after reading my article on the Marine kingdom. Read his encounter with a marine lady:

“I entered a park in search of a car (bus) going to Aba (a city in Nigeria). I was able to get a bus going in my direction. As a matter of fact, I was the first person in the car. I sat at the front seat with my luggage by side. While alone in the car, a lady approached me and requested financial assistance. According to her, she was stranded and needed a little raise to pay for her bus ticket fee. I obliged to assist. She is very polite and very eloquent. I never knew I was interacting with a Marine agent. No one would ever suspect; she looks very decent and appeared as though she was married.

After making payment for her ticket, she boarded the vehicle, I was already seated, she sat next to me in the front seat. In no time, we started talking. She was very friendly, cool and lovely. She engaged me in the discussion, explaining, where she was coming from, and how she later ran out of cash.

During the discussion, she did a formal introduction of herself and collected my phone number. She asked for my info and asked where my final destination was. I told her.

Few minutes, after a long silence, she requested we both stopover and lodge in a hotel, on the grounds that it was already late. It was bizarre, I didn’t respond. She further pressed. I told her, let us just be patient and see how things unfold. I later consented; it was no longer safe to continue the journey. I was careless, I did not pick the red flag.

The driver at that point told the lady, they have gotten to her bus stop. She pretended as though she was asleep. We alighted from the car to get a hotel. We finally got a hotel but I was not having cash. I needed to make withdrawals. Upon arrival, we both sat at the bar.

She asked if I take alcohol. I said no. She requested I buy it for her. I bought her.

After dinner, as we entered the room she rushed me to the bed (though, before we got to our destination that evening, she has been touching me roughly to arouse me sexually). It was very intense; I fell into sexual sin. It was after the act, her identity was revealed. It was already too late. I knew I was in serious trouble.

He contacted me on our internet page. I sent him a compilation of our prayer booklet, which is in one of the chapters of this book. He diligently obeyed the instructions and prayed the prayers. God was merciful to him, he was delivered. Today, he is serving the Lord.

Excerpts from the book TOTAL VICTORY OVER MARINE KINGDOM BY OJO PETER KOREDE. Download this pdf to read more about the Marine Kingdom.

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