The Year of 2001.
I grew up in a troubled, dysfunctional family. I witnessed fights and physical aggression between my parents. At the age of 13, I was raped by my father. This experience was very painful and distressing for me.
I deeply question my parents’ true love, and I no longer believed in them. I was very disappointed with my parents. My mother knew of the rape but did not report it.
My father left and disappeared. He never came home again because of the fights. My mother could not afford to raise me. My two older brothers left home, which made life difficult for them because they worked.
At the age of 16, I was forced to marry because I had no choice. If I did not live with my boyfriend, I would starve with my mother. I left my mother alone and went to live with an older man.
Our fights were frequent because of alcoholism. Our life was normal without alcohol. We used to participate in all kinds of parties. My life was sad, there was no peace in my home. My children were born seeing my life and my husband was thrown into the rot of sin. I’ve always been a staunch Catholic. I visited Catholic churches and my life did not change.
I prostrated myself before the image of Jesus and asked Him to change my life. Until I did a very serious prayer at my house in the kitchen on my knees. I said, “I have gone every day to church and prostrated myself before Your image. If You truly exists, prove to me that You are real. If You do not prove to me Your existence, it will only be an image of the church and it is nothing but a plaster statue for me.”

My family’s situation had gotten worse. My 14-year-old daughter became a prostitute and sold her body for a cheap price. And my son got addicted to alcoholism. All this was due to the example of the life of me and my husband. My house was doomed and the family destroyed. I was tired of this life and decided to drink a lot in my room. My husband was working. And Jesus did not prove to me that He exists, so I gave my life to the bottom of the well.

I got drunk and went to bed. I felt shortness of breath, my heart accelerated rapidly and I developed a severe headache.
I called for help, but there was no one to help me. I screamed God’s name and had a general blackout going dormant. I remember falling from a great height. I fell into hell. I only saw darkness and fire. It was a terrible place where I witnessed many people known from the earth.
I saw my neighbor who is a pastor; he died with much remorse about the evil he did in the past. He never got rid of it and took 10 medication trays a week. He was an ex-criminal who did so much harm that his conscience grew heavy. He did not forgive himself and believed that Jesus had never forgiven his sins. He died and is in hell inside a fire pit.
I recognized a boy from my street. He was a different Christian because he was troublesome. He was mentally retarded, but God gave him the grace to understand the Word. But the young people treated him as a special person who deserves care despite his troubled temperament. He did not accept himself and wanted to be different. He had cut his wrists with his knife and bled to death. He is in a prison cell that burned his body, causing him to moan and scream.
I met a woman who worked with me in a shoe store. This woman was dating the shop owner. They were engaged, but the businessman broke the engagement with her. This woman saw her life projects fail without him. She hanged herself with a rope. And when she came to hell the demons hanged her with a bow full of thorns. She cried to the point of sobbing.
I passed a cell where I witnessed a man who was rich on Earth. When he was alive, he bought a factory and invested a lot of money. His factory went bankrupt. He was depressed and shot himself in the head. He’s in a torture room in hell.
I saw an old man being crushed by the giant demons that trod on his body. This old man was a church elder and self-condemned for letting his wife die in the past. He’s been carrying that weight for decades and never freed himself from that burden. One day he threw himself off the second floor and broke his bones as he fell to the ground. I also saw him in hell.
I passed a place where I saw a homosexual who was rejected by his family. He suffered prejudice from society. And he threw himself in front of a car. The demons with their blades ripped off his skin and his genitals. They said, “You do not need it, you never used it.” The same thing happened with lesbians. They plucked out their genitals and said, “You have despised your femininity.” The devils stripped them from head to toe and left them as skeletons only.
I went to another place and saw a man burning in flames. His body felt like a burning ember. He was handicapped in one arm and could not work. This man killed himself by taking caustic soda.

When I associated the facts, I realized that everyone there had killed himself. I realized I was in the suicide valley. The demons sliced meats of the people in that place.

I saw my mother suffering in hell. She died of cirrhosis. I was not living with her any longer. The demons made her drink all the acid that broke her stomach.
A White Man appeared in that place and the demons fled from His presence. His radiance was so great that it illuminated the darkness of hell. He looked at me and said, “I’m real, you asked to prove My existence. I’m not that sculptured image.” The light of Jesus grew weaker so that I could see. He said, “Follow Me,” before returning to earth.
I ask you to tell the church to avoid conflicts between them with unpleasant discussions. The brothers have to learn to solve the differences and situations of both parties. They have to come to a personal agreement. Those who get lost are all arguing. They fall into the snare of the devil. Know how to listen to your brother before you judge him and make a decision that will harm him.
Enter into a dialogue of peace as two holy and converted people. The result of the strife is destruction. Resentment is born and the consequences are disastrous. Before offending your brother, think hard. Pray to God and ask to break your heart until you cool your head.
Do not take unreasonable actions like a beast that will harm your fellow man. What is happening in the churches is the rivalry, disunity, and deformation of the image of the neighbor. When someone does not know how to speak properly when it comes to preaching, people do not like it and choose their favorite speakers.
Those who speak beautifully are the church leaders. And when I use the humble to speak to the church, he is despised for not having a status in the church and not a big job. The people mock small ones and ridicule those who walk around with torn shoes and old shirts because they cannot afford to dress properly.
The brothers who pray and ask for something from Me and have not yet had an answer, they say I cannot hear their prayers. Servant of course I hear, they need to have patience. I’m not like a sculptured image that you cannot hear. I’m sad about the behavior of My church. I will not listen to your selfish prayers that charge Me to do something and fulfill your desires. I want people who humble themselves and learn to wait for the right moment to receive what they ask for.
As long as your blessings do not come, I will test your faith. Abraham waited for the promise of having an heir and still believed in the promise that he did not see. His faith was rewarded by the multiplication of his offspring. Abraham died believing and was rewarded for his faith.
“I’ll give you one more chance.” Jesus took me out of hell and took me home.
I was dead consuming lots of alcoholic beverages. I remembered my mother in hell and I did not think it fair to be there, but the Word of God condemns all who do not give their life to Jesus. My husband came home from work and realized that I was pale and the whole house messed up.
I had never left the house in that state. My husband, seeing that situation, asked me if I was okay. I did not say anything about my rapture. He realized I was scared and different. I was sad and upset that I saw my mother in hell and did not go to church.
At night I was awake and my husband went to sleep. An angel appeared to me and said, “Because of your mother, you do not go to church, and you are discouraged. She chose the path of destruction, you will not follow Jesus because she went to hell. A new chance has been given to you, do not throw away your opportunity to serve Jesus. You will not be taken for granted as of today. Now you know hell and yet you have walked away from your Savior. How many people are in hell and ask for an opportunity to do the work? Remember that you died drunk without knowing the Word and went down to hell being rescued by your God. If you do not stay in the way of Jesus your days will be shortened on earth and you will never have a chance like that again.” The angel rebuked me and disappeared.
The next day I visited an evangelical church. When the pastor made the altar call in the church, I raised my hand and went to the front of the altar to give my life to Jesus. The shepherd prayed for me and I joined him.
My husband who is not a Christian did not like this new life. I did not go out with him anymore to drink. He began to persecute and humiliate me. Every day he argued with me. My two sons followed his path. One day my husband came home drunk and physically assaulted me, leaving a mark on my face. I packed my clothes and went to a sister of the church who supported me. Every day he appeared at the door of the house of the sister who welcomed me and threatened the two of us. She is a single woman and only gave me the support to stay in her house because of my company. I ended up getting her involved in my problems and my husband was also angry with her.
Satan tried to kill my spiritual forces, bombarded my mind with negative thoughts. I felt desperation, discouragement, and my problems even drove me away from the presence of God, even though I was in the church every day. I was weak and I no longer prayed the moment when I thought about giving up serving God. I was already depressed, but I remembered the warning from the angel who told me not to give up. I was bruised and wounded. I cried and wept at Jesus’ feet.
Single men from my church took advantage of the situation and wanted a serious commitment to marry me. One of them said that I did not deserve a man like that to be happy and would have to rearrange marriage with a man of God. Nothing forbade me to marry a servant of God for I was not being legally married; I lived only with the father of my children. I thought long and hard about living with a man of God and getting married to do the work.
At night the same angel appeared to me and said, “Do not marry another person. God will do great work in your husband’s life and show to many who mock you that He is your God.” The angel disappeared, but a strong anointing stayed in my room.
Before I did not have the strength to pray amid so much psychological pressure from my husband. I began to adore Jesus in the days of my difficulties that so weakened me and made me turn away from God. Now the difficulties brought me closer to the presence of God. My motto was kneeling on the floor and win the spiritual battle with my hands lifted up.
My remorseful husband was at the gate of this sister’s house and asked me to forgive him; he asked if I wanted to go back to the house. He said our kids were homesick. I was reluctant to go back; I was afraid it was a trap for him to kill me. God used a servant of the church and said, “Go, my servant, do not fear I am with you and have already done the work in his heart, return to your home.”
I came back and reconciled with my husband. He had stopped drinking and started going to church with me. I did not accept to be overcome by the demons and I fought for the salvation of my family until my husband at a service surrendered to Jesus. I saw a white dove of light landing on his head. That day he spoke in tongues.
We got married in civil law and church so we would not be in adultery. Now my husband and I are struggling for the conversion of our children. They were aggressive with their parents and we suffered a lot from them. Satan was furious having lost us and began to use our children. They sold our properties to support their addictions. I said I will not fight my children, I will not argue; my fight is against the demons that are inducing them to sin. I did not complain, my husband and I interceded for the lives of our children.
Months later, my son started going to church and got rid of addictions. He made the decision to serve Jesus and to be baptized. My daughter even became a Christian, but she did not give up prostitution. Until one day the whole church made a cry for her life. The demon of prostitution manifested itself and was driven from her. From that moment my whole home began to serve God. There was peace in my home, God now dwells there.
My children married God’s people and went and gone from home.
I was walking down the avenue and saw my father playing in the street, living just like the homeless. He was bearded, stinking, and suffering a lot. I still felt some of his hurt over being abused. My traumatic experience of rape made me afraid of men. I had many difficulties in the first few years that I lived with my husband. Seeing my father in that situation, old and homeless, my heart stopped. I was glad he was alive and I had already lost my mother.
I approached him and said, “Father, remember me?” He almost did not remember me and said, “My daughter is already a woman.” He asked me to forgive him and said that he had made my mother and I suffer. I forgave him and called him to live at home. My father looked at me and said he deserved to go through that for destroying my family.
I went back home and told my husband that I had found my father. At night I dreamed that a person stabbed my father and his soul descended to hell. I woke up scared and told the dream to my husband. He said that I only have my father and I cannot lose him since my mother died. He said that God gave me an opportunity to be happy with my family and that my father cannot die without the same salvation as my mother.
My husband knew of my rapture. I waited for him to convert to speak, for when I was of the world, I would never understand and call myself mad. I told you about my testimony in church. I brought my father to live at home. He took a shower and shaved and my husband bought new clothes for him. We offer our love and support.
My testimony made my father believe that Jesus changes lives. He converted through my change and began to congregate in our church. Until one day, he slept and did not wake up anymore. He was at peace and very grateful for what we did for him. The church attended his funeral. My father lived with us for 4 months. I had a dream after I returned home from the funeral at night. The angel descended and gathered up the spirit of my father. They climbed into the sky on a green grass road. I told my husband about the dream. We cried for joy, it comforted our hearts.
Dear brothers and sisters, be the example of the family, build up your children to serve God so they do not come to pass tests with them. If it is not an example for the children, they will learn the wrong things and they will give problems. Many Christian women who live in my neighborhood did not endure family trials and deviated.
Learn to forgive those who hurt you, just as I forgave my father.
God gave me a revelation of the destruction of homes through television. Jesus told me, “There are many Christian homes that have been destroyed because of television. It has influenced families to practice evil. Television has weakened the prayers of many Christians. Their cries no longer have the power to move My hand. Shepherds who have television opened the legality for the demons to enter their homes. That’s why their kids are on drugs and their wives deluded by the soap operas left their husbands. How many have paid a high price for having a television? This is the destructive power it causes inside the house.”
I was invited to speak about my testimony in a church. I ended getting up late and missed the bus. I was sad about being late in church. But the next day I learned that the bus I was going to take had hit another vehicle and many passengers were killed.
Glory to God for deliverance from things that go wrong with us because God knows what will happen. He knows the future. He is omniscient. I want to leave the peace of the Lord Jesus to all who hear this testimony. Amen.

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