I was born in a Catholic family and I grew up as Catholic like my parents. All the family was Catholic but later my mother converted to Protestantism. Then through her, we all came to be Protestant Christians.

After some time, my mother got sick and she was diagnosed with a cerebral tumor. She suffered for 14 years with that disease.

Now as my mother was a fervent Christian, she received a word from the Holy Spirit that she shall not die from this disease but she will live to tell the glory of God.

Now this promise has become a daily confession of faith for my mother. My mother hanged on to that promise. She was confessing health and healing but I did not have that kind of faith.

I only saw the reality of her suffering and her continual pain. After some time the doctor gave her 2 months to live and discharged her from the hospital to die at home.

They told her to go home to be with her children for the time left since there is nothing they can do for her.

Despite the doctor’s condemnation, my mother kept her confession of faith and she lived beyond the 2 months given by the doctor although she was not yet healed.

But as the suffering of my mother was prolonging, I began to develop doubt. I started to question everything. I started to murmur. I felt the Lord did not care anymore.

I was frustrated and complaining about how can Jesus allow this sickness to go on forever. I could not bear the suffering of my mother anymore. It was not acceptable.

I finally decided to quit my Christian faith. I thought Jesus was ignoring us. He was absent and insensitive to our prayers.

That very night I went to sleep. I was confused. I was crying in despair. It did bother me to leave Jesus as He was the central focus of my life and my family.

Jesus was the most important element of my life besides my husband and my children, so to make that decision was painful for me.

After crying in distress, I went to bed and I slept heavily. Now while sleeping deeply, I woke up but I realized I did not wake up in my house but somewhere else.

In fact, I woke up around a mountain. When I opened my eyes, I saw a long road with no end. A lot of olive trees aligned alongside that road. The sky in this place was blue.

I can describe this place as hyper-reality. This place had more life and more color than earth. It was more real than earth. The color was so different. It is impossible to describe the light.

I knew that this was not a dream because I was more lively, more vital, and more energetic than on earth. My senses and feeling were enhanced and the colors were palpable and livid.

Then I saw Jesus. He was on that road but He was far ahead. He was wearing a shining white robe and a golden belt. I knew it was Jesus Christ because in this place, I had great knowledge. I can call it awareness.

I had absolute knowledge that this was Jesus. Then I began to run with all my strength towards Him. He opened His arms like a Father would do and He hugged me. I was really excited and emotional.

In my mind and consciousness, it was as if we knew each other for long and we met already before, and that this was only a reunion. Then Jesus held me in His arms. I started to cry like a baby.

I was so excited and emotional. You cannot describe the feeling of being before Jesus Christ. Now Jesus is really tall and robust. He has muscles. He is not like the guy drawn in the Catholic Church.

When Jesus held me in His hands, He looked at me and I looked at His eyes. As I looked, it was as if a monitor appeared. In a split second, I saw my entire life passing before me, from the time I was just a baby up to my 38th year. So the 38 years of my life passed before me in a split second like a movie including my reaction to the suffering of my mother and how I got angry and wanted to abandon Jesus and up to when I went to bed.

When that movie of life ended, Jesus Christ gave me a look. I could read what He meant in that look. It was like, “I am God and I know all things including what is in your heart and what you are about to say.”

I was about to ask Jesus a question when He said, “Do not worry, I am here for you and you alone. Come, let us sit down and talk.”

We started to walk, then Jesus said, “Look up.”

I looked up in the beautiful blue sky. Now while I was looking, He lifted His hand and opened a portal like a window in that sky and He said, “I know you like this.”

As the windows were opened in the sky, Jesus started to show me the galaxy and the stars and the planets. It was really colorful. Then I looked and I saw a black hole sucking up stuff.

I asked Jesus, “Lord, what is that?”

Jesus said, “I made that black hole to be like a vacuum cleaner in the universe so that celestial bodies that are not needed are cleared from the space.”

I was impressed by the lights of the stars and the planets.

My understanding is that Jesus was showing me the universe just to make me understand that despite my problems, He is God and He knows all things because at this point, I have not yet presented to Him the issue of my mother’s disease.

Then Jesus closed that portal. Then we went to sit near an olive tree.

I said, “Jesus, I would like to ask You many questions but I want to ask about my mother. Why have You allowed her sickness to go on and on. Why have You not heal her? Why are we waiting for so long?”

Then the Lord Jesus gave me a smile and said a parable. I said, “Lord, I don’t understand Your parable.”

Then Jesus said, “Marisol, had it not been for your mother’s sickness, no one would have been saved in your family. You and your children would have been liable to hell. That is the reason why I allowed that disease.”

Then I asked, “Are You gonna heal her now? Would You heal her?”

Then Jesus answered, “Your mother’s life is here in My hand. I know when she is to be healed. I will make that decision and I will speak.”

When I looked at Jesus’ posture, I could read, “I am God, nothing is beyond Me.”

Then Jesus said, “Do not worry about your mother.”

After Jesus said that, I received peace in my heart.

Then He said, “There is so much you must know.”

Then Jesus said, “Marisol, if only you knew the magnitude of the available power in your disposal, you would fear nothing on earth. You have power over diseases, demons, and all evils on earth.”

Jesus then wanted to teach me about authority but in a simulation way. Suddenly a demon appeared behind Him and the demon was short and was making threats against me and he was laughing at me.

I noticed that every time Jesus was about to turn around, the demon was hiding behind the olive tree and was reappearing to make threats against me.

I became afraid and I was trembling. Then Jesus Christ disappeared and entered inside me.

Then His presence, His anointing, and power filled me. I was full of Jesus. Then I lost my fear. I realized that I was holding a huge sword and I was dressed in the full armor of God.

I felt like I was the most powerful and superior being with supernatural energy ever. Then I said, “Lord, this is how it is when You are inside Your people.” I realized that I was murmuring for nothing for I had all power at my disposal.

Then I began to confess my sin. I said, “Lord, forgive me. I did not know that I had this power inside me. That’s why I was complaining and murmuring.”

After that I then came face to face with that demon and he was now trembling and full of fear. He started to beg me not to destroy him. He was so terrified of me.

While I was threatening that demon, a whirlpool came. Then I heard the voice of the Lord telling me, “Marisol, tell My people if they abide in My word and keep them, they have all power. Nothing will oppose them on earth.”

John 15:7 If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done to you.

Then I returned to my body.

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