As I continued moving with Jesus, we came to the City of God. The City of God is in the middle of Heaven. It is enclosed with a fence wall, with no apparent end to its height, length or width. Then we entered that city, and as soon as we had entered it, I saw a very beautiful river, with calm waters and covered with glass. This stream surrounds the whole of Heaven, including the throne of God Almighty. In Heaven, God is called the Almighty. Jesus is called the King of Great Honor or the Lamb of God. And the Holy Spirit is simply called the Friend. He has no other name.
From this place I moved on to the other side, where I came across another stream. This one was very bright with silver colors. In the middle of this stream was a Man who was dressed in white. I understood Him to be the Holy Spirit. I tried to draw further to Him and see Him more carefully, but I couldn’t. He was filled with great bright light. I saw Him doing something in the middle of this stream.
As I was gazing at Him, Jesus came to me and said, “Aidah, have you seen that One? He is the Holy Spirit. You’re going to go back to the world and tell all the people to trust in the Holy Spirit, to help them with their problems; because He is available to help them.”
After pausing a bit, He said, “But why don’t they believe in Him? Go and tell them to trust the Holy Spirit to help them with their problems, because He is available to help them”. And I saw that the Holy Spirit was very sad because people don’t allow Him to work in their lives.
Holy Spirit was not happy because people do not believe Him. There’s nothing you can do on your own that can please the Almighty. Even your own righteousness is nothing before the Almighty. Even if you have already known what the Almighty created you to do on Earth, you can not fulfill it in your own ability. Let the Holy Spirit help you.
Now Heaven and Earth don’t connect. There is something that separates them; a very huge valley, that is as big as the universe itself. So there is a bridge you have to cross to from Earth to Heaven and vice versa. This bridge is not like the bridges of this world. It is as small as a thread. It’s this thread that crosses or bridges a valley that is as big as the whole world! To get to Heaven, every person has to cross through this bridge. There is no other way.
I also saw only three places, namely, Heaven, Earth, and this valley or Gehenna, above which is a bridge. I didn’t see any other place. This means that if you are not in this world, you are either in Heaven or in Hell. There is no other place I saw; it’s not there. Let no person deceive you. There are only Heaven, Gehenna, and this world. If you leave this world, you go to Heaven or to Hell. But you have to cross this bridge to get to Heaven. If you fail to cross this bridge, you fall into Gehenna!
As I was walking with Jesus towards the end of Heaven, on golden roads, we started going down this tiny, threadlike bridge. It’s extremely tiny, yet it is as long as this world, and the valley it bridges is bottomless and dark. It is also filled with dirty, awfully smelling water! As we were crossing this bridge, for me I did not feel it, because Jesus was leading me, and I was following behind Him. I walked on it like I was walking on a normal tarmac road. We went very far and reached the end of this bridge. We reached a place that looked like a seashore. This place had grass, just like you find on a seashore. We walked a little bit further on that land, near the tiny bridge.
This area of the bridge is extremely busy. There is no place that is as busy as this one. Maybe with the exception of the Kitchen or cooking area. But even then, this place is many times busier.
And I saw that the Holy Spirit was at this place. He does His work at this place. Why? He is the one who helps people to cross this bridge. But even though the Holy Spirit is there, I saw millions and millions of people falling from this threadlike bridge into the valley, every second! They could not cross this bridge due to a number of reasons.
Even though the Holy Spirit tries to help the people, many still fall through into Gehenna; right from the small breastfeeding children up to the big ones. And from the words Jesus had spoken to me when we were in the presence of God the Father, when He said that “Aidah, this is our Father,” He did not speak any other words to me until we reached this bridge. We looked at what was going on around this part of the bridge, and it would cause one to shed tears. People were drowning into Gehenna in large numbers!
Amazingly, there were also small holes like those ones that are dug by ants and other insects. Thousands of people were emerging from each of such holes and pouring into Gehenna. Some were coming out of such holes; some were coming through small paths; others through bigger ones. People were coming from every path, entering in big numbers. For example, people as many as those who work in Owino or Nakasero markets would emerge out of a hole; but all of them would fall into Gehenna in a matter of seconds! It was extremely frightening. People, especially those who were not saved at all – for these there is no question about it!
As soon as they arrive at this place, they just fall off this threadlike bridge and into the valley. This is because in this life, every person has a chance to choose where he wants to spend the rest of his life (eternity). I saw that this kind of judgment is already made. At this time, there is no judgment in Heaven. There are no asking questions. There is no getting near to God. Every person who leaves this world goes to the place where they are supposed to go. And such places are well known to these people. You also leave this world well knowing where you are supposed to go. There is no question about this.
People who refuse to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour while they are still alive are already judged! As it is written in John 3:18, “Whoever believes in Him will not be judged; whoever refuses to believe in Him is already judged.” By the time you arrive at this bridge, you already know your fate; there is no other judgment. I saw all those who are not born again just falling into the dark valley straight away!
There are those who stand on the Word here on Earth and the Word works for them. The Word can work for them even if they do not have Holy Spirit. But you should never get carried away because of that. The Word of God works because God commanded it never to fail to work; so it will always fulfill its duty.
Isaiah 55:11 So shall My Word be that goes forth out of My mouth: it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.
Jeremiah 1:12 Then said the LORD unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I watch over My Word to perform it.
But not everyone who gets results by the Word has the Holy Spirit. There are those who have been getting results by applying the Word but they will fail to cross the bridge that connects to Heaven; they will fall off into everlasting destruction because they do not have the seal of Holy Spirit. These are the ones who will be disappointed.
There are people who seek success in worldly things but have no Holy Spirit. They may use the Word and become successful. If you expect or hope to reach Heaven, then look for Holy Spirit. The most important thing; more important than your own life, is to seek for Holy Spirit. Without Holy Spirit it is death. On that bridge, it is only Holy Spirit who works there. Even the Father does not intervene; neither does Jesus because each one has His duty. So when you reach the bridge there will be no chance of calling on Jesus. You must have the seal of Holy Spirit.
2 Corinthians 1:21-22 Now He which establishes us with you in Christ, and has anointed us, is God; 22 Who has also sealed us, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts.
Ephesians 4:30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you are sealed until the day of redemption.
If there is anything that must be taught, it must be the Holy Spirit because this issue goes very deep and far.
But even some of the people who are born again fell off this bridge into the valley. There are different reasons for this, including the following. First of all, I saw many born again Christians in church, but who are carrying heavy burdens.
Some are carrying them on their heads; others on the backs; others are dragging them like bags, in both their left and right hands. Yet the Holy Spirit was trying hard, speaking to them day and night, trying to help them with their burdens, but the people wouldn’t let Him.
Remember, this bridge is like a thread. You just can’t cross over it, if you are heavy-laden. So such people couldn’t cross it. They just fell through the valley (Gehenna) with their heavy loads and burdens. I saw many other people on the outside were looking good. But deep inside, their hearts were rotten; so much that parts were falling off their rotten hearts! Deep inside, their hearts were badly swollen and rotten. Such people too couldn’t cross this bridge; they were falling with their hearts into this valley of Gehenna.
Other people had small hearts and they looked good on the outside, but their bodies were covered with very sharp swords! In their faces were sharp swords, in their hearts were sharp swords, and in their back were equally sharp swords. In their ribs, and in both hands, they had four sharp swords, hanging from every side. This means such people were piercing every person from every side who came into their midst.
These kinds of people also could not cross the bridge. They were just falling off into the valley with their piercing swords. Others looked like people who were waiting on the Lord, but they didn’t worship God in spirit and in truth; and they had not understood the ways of the Lord. These too fell into the dark valley.
Others were troubled in their thoughts by the cares and concerns of this world. They were worried about finances and debts and worried about children and other things.
The Holy Spirit had been speaking to these people, trying to help them, but they would not let Him do it. They continued worrying over the things of this world, and this drew them further away from God’s presence until they died. Other people were very lame; crippled in the spirit, beyond description! Outside they were looking normal and okay, but in the spirit, they were terribly crippled. Some were blind and others were deaf. This means that such people could neither see the Holy Spirit nor hear what He was saying to them. Such people also fell off the bridge and perished into this dark valley!
Other people had very bad hearts. They were filled with hatred; malice, envy, un-forgiveness, frustrating others, unholy, people who don’t seek God; people who don’t pray to God; and things like that. All such people too could not cross this bridge. They would just fall through into Gehenna. Others were very heavy in spirit, but light in the body. This means that it was very hard for them to do the things of God but very easy for them to do the things of the world. But remember, this bridge is like a thread. People who succeed in crossing over it are those who are light in the spirit, not in the body. People who are light in the body but heavy in spirit can’t cross over it.
Some of the few people who managed to cross this bridge and get to Heaven had some amazing things I noticed. In the world, such people looked like dead people! They were dead in the flesh, but alive in the spirit. It was as if their eyes, senses, hearts, thoughts, their whole life was dead. They were so united with the Holy Spirit to the extent that He was like covering them all over. Such people were so attentively tuned to the Holy Spirit, obeying every simple instruction He gives them, and doing only what He tells them. These people looked like they were dead, so dead that even if you took a needle and pierced it through their flesh, they would not react at all! They were all in Spirit. I was greatly surprised by this. These people were so dead to the flesh and the world, and so totally surrendered and consecrated to the Holy Spirit, that they had allowed Him to do whatever He desires in their lives.
I saw these people were crossing this bridge very easily; and I saw them walking with the Holy Spirit, as He was leading them through it. I saw some children who had died with their mothers during the process of birth. These were arriving at this place with their mothers; the mother in front, and the child following from behind. I saw such newly born babies actually walking, following their mothers! But the mother was not aware of the child, and the child was not aware of its mother. All of them were looking to the Holy Spirit, as the only person who could help them cross over. Indeed, every person on this bridge is helpless.
Then there were these children who died with their mothers as they were trying to abort them. I saw such babies crawling on their own; with their mothers being not even remotely aware of their existence! It’s a very complex picture there. There is nothing you can remember at the bridge, or even in Heaven. As for Heaven, it is so good there; there is nothing that can upset you; there is nothing to regret; there is nothing you can miss in this world. Heaven is heaven!
But life at the bridge is very hard. Every person is responsible for themselves. Only the Holy Spirit can help you. I saw some people who during their earthly life neglected the Holy Spirit; hoping to turn to Him when they arrive at a place like this. But now it was impossible because such people were not one with Him from the very beginning.
You have to leave this world walking with Him, if He is to help you cross that bridge. This is because, when you arrive at the bridge, there is a supernatural power that leaves you and unites with the power of the Holy Spirit who is at the bridge. It is this combined force that then carries you across the bridge. If you don’t have this supernatural power, you just fall into the valley of Gehenna!
Another thing, if you don’t listen carefully to the instructions of the Holy Spirit, even if you miss just a few steps, if He tells you to move and instead you stop; or if He tells you to stop and instead you move, etc… you end up falling through into the valley, without any hope of coming back! There are so many things that prevent people from crossing this bridge to Heaven, but let me stop discussing these for now.
Although there are also many angels on the Way of Salvation, the people traveling on this Way don’t know they are there. As a result, these angels don’t work. Every angel is just standing in their position, doing nothing. They are just looking at the people; for what can the angels do for these mad people? So these angels just look on, until the end of time when they will be withdrawn or redeployed by God. And I also saw that in this way of salvation, the Holy Spirit is also there, trying to help the people. But the people are not willing to be helped. They are mad; they don’t hear; they are deaf; they are blind; they are just moving up and down. There are so many things in the Way of Salvation, many of which I haven’t narrated.
Believe the Holy Spirit to help you. Everywhere I go many people ask me, “How do I know what God created me to do for Him here on Earth?” Let me help you with that question. In order to know everything that is of the truth, you need the Holy Spirit. In everything you need on the Earth, the most important of all is the Holy Spirit. He is actually Life for you; more necessary than your own life here on Earth.
Holy Spirit guides us into knowing the task that God sent us for. The problem is that we do not want to obey. We hear Him but we do not want to obey. Holy Spirit speaks to everyone; even in a witchdoctor’s shrine, or in a disco hall, etc. He speaks to us all the time and we hear Him but most people do not want to obey Him. If you have not understood your task well, ask the Holy Spirit to tell you. He will explain to you because He was sent to guide us into the ways of righteousness. Ask the Holy Spirit to put you where you were created to be – your position. We should not try to do it yourself because you cannot fight your battles. Let Him do it for you.
(But be ready to accept the answer that the Holy Spirit may give you. He may tell you to do what you do not want. You have to obey)