The Evil Marine Kingdom  – Water Powers

The Evil Marine Kingdom – Water Powers

The Evil Marine Kingdom

Revelation 12:12– “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”

Job 26:5– “Dead things are formed from under the waters, and the inhabitants thereof.”

The marine kingdom is the greatest kingdom of all evil kingdoms. It is the most wicked, organized, ferocious and dreadful kingdom of them all. The marine spirits have the greatest influence over the human race than any other evil spirit. It must be noted that the marine kingdom is the largest because most of the earth is covered with water (the sea). Marine spirits are located in countries, towns, and cities, wherever you can think of, marine spirits are there.

This evil kingdom is spiritual and cannot be seen with the physical eyes. This kingdom has kings, queens, princes, princesses, governors, and goddesses just as the physical world is today with leaders and governors. Today a lot of individuals who we meet and greet in our everyday lives are members of the marine kingdom. Most individuals during the day walk on the earth physically but at nights they shapeshift in the realm of the spirit and some would be transformed into half human and half fish (mermaid), half human and half serpent while others would be crocodiles, frogs, crabs, fishes and all different types of animals.

I must make it clear that some are cognizant that they are active members of this evil kingdom while some are unaware. Afflictions that people suffer are caused by satanic attacks, however, because of lack of knowledge they perish not realizing that the source of their problems is derived from these attacks.

Most of the things we see and use today in our daily lives are made in the marine kingdom by mermaids which operate under the queen of the coast. These items are then transferred to the physical world and people would buy, use or wear them without knowing that they were made under water. The individual that buys these items will find themselves in various unexplainable situations and sometimes endure demonic attacks. These items are dedicated to destroying anyone that uses them. Beloved, please bear in mind that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood and so it’s wise that whatever we purchase, before using them, we must pray and ask the Lord to break every evil curse that has been pronounced over them and to detach every evil spirit connected to them.

The fashion industry is a huge hit all around the world thus making it easy for the enemy to access people’s lives. Today, both male and female, young and old are interested in the latest fads whether it be in clothing, Jewelry, shoes, vehicles or technology. This is why as children of God we must not tempt the devil to tempt us. It is imperative that we are not lovers of the world nor the things of this world.

John 2:15-17– “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the world.”

Today many are unaware that by wearing these things they are advertising Satan. Many born again believers brandish signs and symbols that says they are adoring Satan and he is their God. Many born again have died (physically and spiritually) because they refused to listen to the instructions of the Holy Spirit. Their hearts were taken over by the latest fads.

Many of the hair extensions, wigs, shoes, clothing, food, jewelry and the technology we see today comes directly from the marine kingdom. Whenever women or men wear or use these items without praying and detaching every evil spirit and breaking every evil curse attached to them, then they would be automatically initiated into this evil kingdom. They will take on whatever spirit that was attached to that particular item. For example, the mermaid spirit, lust, sexual perversion, anger, envy, jealously etc.

Additionally, whenever women wear these extensions and wigs without praying over them, men would be attracted to them at first glance. Whenever they walk, men would be enticed and lust. The truth is, whenever men sleep with these ladies especially if they are married, their marital home would be destroyed and financially they would be reduced to nothing.

I have also observed that when any man has a sexual encounter with an agent from the marine kingdom they would start having thoughts that goes beyond their original thinking. They would now become enticed by piercings on the private part, tongue and nipples. They would use pornography as a means of getting them started before sex and some will even request to have anal sex. I have personally seen more than five cases where husbands request threesomes and sex toys as a part of their sex life. After having this sexual encounter with the agent, marital lives will begin to deteriorate and would sometimes end up in divorce. This makes the devil laugh because sexual perversion and the spirit of dog is now operating in that individual.

NB: not all hair extensions and products are made in the marine kingdom. There are genuine manufacturers as well as the ones that are camouflage in order to initiate individuals.

Many marriages and homes are destroyed because of demons operating from the marine kingdom. They are the mastermind behind many cases of divorce worldwide. Satan normally sends his agents as beautiful women to seduce men. These women normally attire themselves in a seductive way and are normally well pleasing to the eyes. Presently, so many men are reduced to nothing and are bankrupted after sleeping with these agents. Many beautiful ladies we see today, their private part is the mouth of a serpent and whenever men have any form of sexual encounter with such agent they will suffer physically, mentally and spiritually if not delivered. They will end up like a cat chasing its own tail, going around in circles. Their sperms would be collected and used against them and their marriage would be destroyed. Many times, such a man will end up with low sperm count, erectile dysfunction and in some case permanent erection where they would have to make decisions to end their sexual life by doing a surgery.

Technology is also a very common way to interfere with people’s lives as many of the technology we see today are made under the water in the marine kingdom. Many people who have these gadgets find it hard to resist picking them up for a while because Satan uses them as distractions. Many believers cannot pray or fast today because they have to keep up with the world of information. This is the easiest way for Satan to introduce the spirit of inquisitiveness in people’s lives. On a daily basis, new gadgets are being made as well as upgrades to the already existing ones. Beloved, be vigilant, wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. While nothing is wrong with creating devices that we use in our everyday lives, let us not fall victims to the main motive of their existence.

Some common spirits that comes from the marine kingdom are; lust, masturbation, pornography, spirit of dog, spirit spouse, seduction, flirting, adultery, fornication, Jezebel spirit, homosexual spirit, lesbianism, poverty, pride, disobedience among others.

I want to make it known that one of the most favourite place for the marine spirit to operate is in the church. They will become members of the church of the living God in order to manipulate and seduce pastors and weaken prayer teams. They will make every effort to become friends with pastors and church leaders. They are normally talented and well-rounded in almost every area. They are willing and hard-working but with a motive. Once integrated in the church they will quickly carry out their devious plans to initiate members.

Most pastors are not aware of this hence they would be deceived into thinking that these persons are just lovely brothers and sisters doing God’s will. The pastor will praise these individuals saying how helpful they are. They will not realize that they have become a weapon of destruction in the hands of the enemy slaying  the sheep they were to shepherd. These individuals love to donate and be involved and will seduce pastors with monetary gifts or their pleasant and helpful personality. The pastor will in return feel so blessed to have such a cheerful giver in his congregation.

This is why a Shepherd cannot be blind, their spiritual eyes must be opened and they must be filled with the Holy Spirit. They must not be lovers of material things but must be wise, vigilant and well educated about the spiritual realm. They must not just speak in tongues, run the aisle and talk based on what they hear or know. They must be led by the Holy Spirit and self must be slain in them, they must take on the personality and characteristics of Jesus Christ.

Once the pastor become a member of the marine kingdom, the church itself will be governed by spirits from the marine kingdom. That church will grow in numbers because Satan will allow people to come as if spiritually the church is growing but this is just a deception. Most times confusion is present in such a church. They will fast and pray but until their spiritual eyes are opened, they will be in limbo.

In conclusion, the power of Jesus Christ is powerful to save and strong to deliver. Let us therefore pray one for another that the Holy Ghost fire will locate and destroy the plans of Satan.

FELLY GRACE OF DR CONGO 4 THE COVID-19 VACCINATION IS SATAN’S PLOT TO CAPTURE SOULS BEFORE THE GREAT TRIBULATION The end of time. We were holding a convention in our church and we have received a servant from the south of the country. He was sleeping in my room and I was sleeping and praying in the living room. In the night when it was between 2 a.m and 3 a.m, I was praying in the night for the seminar. Suddenly I heard the audible voice of God. The Lord said, “Grace, I want you to get out of the compound.” But I ignored this voice and I continued to pray. While I continued to pray, the Lord called my name for the second time. The Lord said, “Grace, get out of the house.” But I continued to pray because I was flowing in prayer. The Lord called me for the third time. At that moment, I got out of the living room and I was now in the yard. I remember I was still praying in tongues. The Lord said, “Don’t stay in the courtyard. Get out in the street.” When I went out of the compound the Lord said, “Advance to the place where the street meets with another direction in the crossroad.” When I reached the crossroad the Lord said, “Now begin to declare words that I will tell you.” I stood in the crossroad declaring the word of the Lord in the neighborhood. When I had finished declaring spoken words over the neighborhood, suddenly I felt the Lord slapping me on the shoulder. When I was about to turn around, the Lord said, “Grace, look up to the sky.” I remember on that day there was no electricity. It was really dark. When I looked up to the sky I saw a powerful light. Then I noticed that this light was circular and intense. In the middle of this circular shape, there was flowing great light. Very quickly I saw a figure that looked like snow and light. When I looked closer, I saw that it was actually a bright angel that had wings. I saw that he was holding a vase. I was stunned and I kept interceding in tongues. I had goosebumps and my hair rose. When I looked again, I saw this circular light descending to Earth and the angelic figure was growing bigger. What surprised me is that I saw this angel was dressed in white and he was wearing a black crown. Moreover, he had two horns on his head. I was shocked. I asked, “Is this an angel of light or an angel of darkness?” When I looked at his feet I saw that it was metallic. This was a humanoid giant demon standing in space that was holding a vase. The Lord said, “Grace, what do you see?” I said, “Lord, this is a strange angel. What is his vase for?” The Lord said, “Behold, look at what he is doing.” When I looked, I saw this angel of Satan breaking the vase he was holding. As a result, a liquid product began to splash and propagate. The Lord said, “Look carefully where this liquid is falling.” When I looked I saw the terrestrial globe. And this demonic liquid was spreading all over the globe. As a result, a thick cloud of darkness that I have never seen covered the terrestrial globe. The Lord asked me, “What do you see?” I said, “Lord I can see thick darkness darkening the terrestrial globe. I can no longer see countries and continents of the terrestrial globe because of the darkness.” The Lord said, “Now look at this angel.” When I looked at the angel, I saw that he was uttering words and roaring with the voice of a beast. He was speaking mysterious words and he was roaring incredibly like a ferocious beast and his eyes were changing whenever he was roaring like a beast. The more this angel was roaring and uttering mysterious words, I saw that darkness was multiplying on the Earth. I said, “Lord, what is the meaning of it all?” This the Lord told me, “Grace, I chose you as a messenger despite the people’s hard heart. You must proclaim My message to the people. You must warn the Church to be on the alert and to watch. Warn the Church for the devil is surrounding and covering the Earth with total and absolute darkness. He is multiplying and increasing darkness in all parts of the world. The globe that you saw is the Earth and the nations of the world. The demonic angel that you saw was sent by Satan to launch darkness on the land. He is multiplying darkness. Behold see how he is increasing darkness that is covering the world.” My dear, when I looked I saw the gathering of the global elite. It was a summit of world leaders and chiefs of states. I was able to recognize many of the world leaders. In the auditorium, I saw a podium where the dragon Lucifer was giving instructions and directives. I saw the dragon saying, “I will extend your mandate in terms of power. In return, you must serve me and help me fulfill my mission. I want to dominate the world filling the Earth with more darkness.” Then I saw Lucifer making a sign towards the floor. As a result, I saw countless boxes appearing on the floor. The dragon told the chiefs of states, “Get these products and take them all over the world. You will inject the people of the world with this product and whoever will be injected with this product will belong to me. They will also become submissive to you and your power. They will never rebel against you.” Immediately the Lord told me, “You see these injections the dragon is giving the world leaders. It is precisely the liquid that the beastly angel has splashed all over the world to increase darkness and rule.” I said, “Lord, what is this product?” The Lord said, “This is the vaccine that they are giving to the world supposedly against the spread of coronavirus.” The Lord said, “This vaccine is not against coronavirus. It is the mark of the beast. It is the domination of Satan. The vaccine will facilitate the Adversary to rule the world. It will increase the darkness. After the vaccination of the world population, you will see the escalation of sin, immorality, and moral bankruptcy. People will become incredulous towards the Church. People will not accept the sound doctrine and Biblical gospel. Those who belong to Me will suffer persecution and they will be rejected. The power of darkness is about to escalate and fill the Earth more and more.” My dear, I know that some will criticize this message. What matters is that you heard the message and happy are the ones who take into consideration this message. You remember last year when I did a video where the Lord said that this pandemic does not come from Him. The purpose of this pandemic is that the devil wants to possess the people. The devil is rushing to do what was supposed to happen in the aftermath of the rapture. It is actually when the Church is raptured that those who are left behind are supposed to face this choice. It is when the Church is gone that global disaster and cataclysm will strike the world. But it is the presence of the Bride on Earth that is delaying judgment. [The above paragraph reflects the Pre-Tribulation Rapture view. Some Christians believe that ALL Christians will go through the first 3.5 years of the Great Tribulation, which is the time of the Devil’s wrath via the Antichrist and the False Prophet. The second 3.5 years of the Great Tribulation is the time of God’s wrath. Only those who grow to the full stature and measure and fullness of Jesus Christ (the Manifested Sons of God) will be caught up in the Rapture before the time of God’s wrath.] But painful days are ahead for humanity. This pandemic is just a foretaste. The Antichrist will control and impose chiefs of states over nations. At that time, no one will buy and sell unless he has the mark. The Antichrist agents will check who is selling and buying. There shall be torture. We must work in order to escape the things that are about to happen. The Great Tribulation must be avoided at all costs. It is the intimacy with the Holy Spirit that is the principal thing. For it is the Holy Spirit that will rapture the Church. The relationship you have with the Spirit of God in you is the key to the rapture. The enemy is cunning and knows the end-time prophecy. What is to happen during the Great Tribulation he is rushing to implement it now. He wants to win the souls of the elect. The dragon will cause the government of the world to impose this vaccine. That way the Bride of Christ will be forced to receive it. The right to work and employment will be bound to this vaccine. Unless you receive the vaccine you will not work. And anyone who takes this vaccine will belong to the devil. When you take this vaccine your soul belongs to the enemy. Thank God for our president that is a Christian for he will not impose on the people. The president gave the people the choice. The Lord told me, “Warn My Church. This vaccine is being administered and My children will be pressured and tormented to receive this vaccine. The dragon is rushing to do now what he was supposed to do in the aftermath of the rapture. Yet the Church is here. There are countries that will impose their people. They will fire people. They will even confine people to separate them from the vaccinated population. People won’t have the right to their own money in the bank account.”

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