The Darkness at Noonday by Susan Cummings

The Darkness at Noonday
by Susan Cummings
August 30, 2005
[Bahasa Malaysia]

The Vision below takes place at my office while sitting at my desk.

As I am sitting here, I begin to see myself standing in a place of complete darkness. There is no light around anywhere. It seems like it was day and then it was night. There was no gradual darkening, just a sudden change.

I don’t feel any fear or even any anxiousness at the change, only the peace of the Lord. I know that I am in Him, and He has brought me here for a reason, so I wait for the Lord to show me what He wants me to see.

The darkness is total and it seems almost like a solid mass around me, and it does not have a beginning or an ending point, as you would expect if you drove into it or walked into it, as it is just there.

As I stand there, I also notice that there is no sound. No sounds of life or wind, or air, or anything. It is like a vacuum. It is like a place of total isolation, kind of like being in a dark sound proof room. This must be what the absence of Gods Presence is like, I thought to myself.

“You are correct,” the Lord then said to me. I knew the Lord was standing beside me, even though I could not see Him. “The darkness is the absence of My Presence and My Light, and it is the place of total separation from the Truth.”

“When people reject Me, they embrace what they love. The darkness becomes their abode and their portion. It is a place of total spiritual poverty and no illumination. When the Truth is rejected, and men choose to believe a lie, then they give themselves over to a reprobate mind and the darkness then becomes complete.”

“The famine of My Word has begun to greatly increase now, even amongst My House, for even those of My House are being tested and tried, and what they give their hearts to, will be what they will be bound to.”

“My corporate church has lost their first love, and have given their hearts to many things, and have denied Me the reins of their lives. They want their own ways and to walk their own direction, and have strayed from the Truth. They do not love the Light, and have not applied the Word to their lives, and have given themselves over to the darkness. For they are not lovers of the Truth.”

“What you see before you is the famine of the Word and the complete falling away of those who say they love Me, but deny Me, and who will not embrace Me. The darkness is real and they wander around in the light of day bound in total darkness. They hear, but do not perceive the Truth.”

“They can read the Word and will not understand it, but it will be closed and be as a wall before them. They will see, but do not have eyes to see what I am doing, and they grope around looking for answers but they will never find them, for they rejected Me and My Word in their lives. They loved their pleasures more than My Holiness.”

“The darkness is also fear. Those who do not know Me and walk in My Love, will walk in fear and be bound by it. The opposite of absolute faith is absolute fear. I have repeatedly commanded My people to come to Me, to know Me, to fully and completely trust in Me, and to have faith in Me. But they continually stray away from Me, and feed upon everything that comes along, and are now filled with mixture, darkness, and do not have My Truth fully formed and established within them.”

“I have been forming Myself within Mine, and have been purging them and preparing them to stand in this hour. But even amongst Mine own, many have chosen to attack, tear down, and come against what I am building. They forever resist the Truth and the Spirit of Grace that has been given for this hour. When My Grace is finally rejected, there is only wrath afterwards.”

“Mine will abide in Me, and walk in total darkness and not be affected. They will not fear, nor be dismayed, nor want for anything, for I AM their portion. When you abide in Me, then you are as I AM. Do not grieve, for My Word has warned men for generations of the coming darkness and the famine. But few applied My Word and allowed me to change them. Men think it will not come, or happen to them, or that it is only a Truth and not a reality. Now, it is too late, for it is already done. Those who are Mine, will walk fully in the light as I am in the Light. For they loved me more than themselves.”

“What is meant for slaughter is given to the slaughter.”

“What is meant for the darkness, now will abide in it’s place.”

“What is meant for the destroyer is already in it’s hand.”

“What is meant for the storm is already in it, for few paid heed.”

“What is Mine, is Mine, and will remain in Me.”

“The spiritual darkness is complete and few see it, for it is still day in the earth, but it will soon be fully night and then no man will work.”

“The darkness will work it’s work, and it will be given all that is not Mine. I am fully disclosing the darkness and the light. I am showing all men what both looks like, so no man will have an excuse and say to Me that they didn’t know or that they were taken unawares or were deceived, for all men will know.”

“Both darkness and light will be seen and understood, and both will be inhabited and both will continue till the end, as I bring My House into it’s place.”

“Until then, the final race continues, and men will rise and fall, and nations will roar and the earth convulse as the darkness swallows it’s due.”

“You are to stand in the darkness and show forth My Light. For nations are coming to the light, and the knowledge of Me will be shown, and men will choose, and determine their eternal destiny. The books are open, and many are writing their names in the books. Some to eternal damnation and some to eternal life. This is the Hour of Truth, and all men will stand in their places.”

“Do not waver, but stand firm, and know that even in the darkness, you abide in Me. Do not look at the waves, the winds, or the storms, but remain fully abiding in Me, and know that you walk out your destiny in Me. Give no place to fear that will rule the masses, but yield to My Spirit, and follow Me. For I have given you My Truth, to light your path. Go to all who will gather, and speak the Truth to them, and show them the way to Me. For some will cleanse their garments through the dark hours ahead, as they see the Light and choose to come out of the darkness. Many will not. But you must continue on, and leave the men to Me, just walk forth knowing that I Am in the midst of all things.”

“The Fear of the Lord will keep you in the Truth. Never allow the fear of men to divert you, but fear God more than men, and lead them on and through the storm. For it has only just begun, and the full force has yet to come. I have warned Mine to remain in Me, and now the Truth is plain to see, for all that are looking for Me, will find Me, even in the trials of fire to yet come.”

“My Glory will illuminate you, fill you, and flow forth from you into the darkness, as you obey Me. Guard your heart and walk humbly in the earth, for it labors to fully give birth, and great will be the rending that will come. But you have all that you need with you, and so, walk on.”

I stood there, allowing His Voice to flow through Me, strengthening me, and bringing me closer to Him. There is so much happening in the earth and in the heavens, and it pulls on you, and drains you at times. But we must come aside and be refreshed and strengthened and listen to our Lord. So, I await in the darkness, in Him.

He is our portion and refuge in the storms and our Standard in the midst.

Let us walk in the light, while there is light to work, and reach out to those who grope in the darkness at the noon hour. Let us press on to the mark and the high calling in Christ, and be found faithful in the end.

-Susan Cummings, August 30th, 2005 at 1:45 pm