The Danger Of Attending Fake Modern Churches

The Danger Of Attending Fake Modern Churches


The Danger Of Attending Fake Church
The church is assembling or collective of CHRISTIAN. The church is the body of Christ while Christ is the head of the church. Across the ocean, stream and valley; across the nations, continent, worlds, state, communities, villages and streets we are in one body of Christ. We are never separated; we are unified in one heavenly language and one doctrine of Holiness, truth and righteousness.


We are not of the world, although we are in the world but never of the world. We are fearful believers in Christ and not religious worldly system followers. We are called brethren because we are of one stock in body of Christ. We work together as brethren in order to keep the body of Christ healthy by caring for one another.
1 peter 2:9-10 “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light: Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy”
Today, there is an internal civil war emitting in the church and majority has fallen causality of this wreckage, the enemy has used in piercing the body of Christ. Today, you hardly distinguished between a genuine bible believing church and night club. You hardly Identify i genuine holy church that stand by true biblical doctrine.
The follow divine revelation was transcript from Sister Toun Praise vision which she has years ago when the Lord revealed to her about the condition of today church and the mission of Satan in establishment of fakes churches in order to lured humanity into perpetual damnation in eternity. In her revelation the angel cause her to behold a large church congregation participating annual convention service.


Sister Toun Praise testimony
Sister Toun Praise
The worship song was so enticing such that it lifts up the spirit of the whole congregation, virtually all the choir were so talented with beautiful honey voices. After a long worship and praises from the choir, Pastor Okeke the General Overseer of the church walked up to the Alter and said “we blessed the name of our Lord for what he’s doing in our church these days. can’t you see our lord is wonderful? See all we have achieved just within these 8 years we started this ministry?
We now have more than 20 branches across the nation, with more than 50,000 members within and outside the country, also we have started building one of the biggest auditoriums in this country which will soon be completed, can’t you see the Lord is good? If you agree with me shout halleluiah, the whole congregation halleluiah almost shook the foundation of the auditorium.
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Now (He continues) as we are about to start our annual anointing service program being our custom every year, let everyone of you be on a queue, family by family, and come forward to the alter while I lay hands on you, (Then the pastor begins to lead the member in a worship song). Jehoooo! Jehooooo!! Jehooooo!!! Jehoo Je ho- vah.

As the choir continues echoing the song solemnly, Pastor Okeke begins to anoint the member as they begin to step forward family by family which has always being their custom every year. The members were even struggling to be the first to receive the pastors anointing.
The Danger Of Attending Fake Modern Church
As Pastor Okeke began to anoint the member of the church family by family, suddenly a strange fire begin to burn at the back of the alter, and a horrible dragon with two heads appeared from the fire burning on the altar, with red eyes with black color. Immediately it appears, Pastor Okeke noticed its presence but no one does.
Then the dragon begins to speak with human voice as he watches each family as they step forward. The Dragon started communicating with Pastor Okeke in the spirit. But none of the church members not even the choir standing on the same alters with the dragon saw it, but the pastor alone noticed his presence.
Pastor Okeke started speaking to the dragon in the spirit, saying, Master Jeho-ho-ho-la-hi, is this family I’m anointing the one you want for your annual sacrifice? Then the dragon will answer, No, I don’t want this family they are of no use to me because they can’t please my heart. Then pastor Okeke will just anoint the family and allow them to go.
Then another family will come up and he will put his hand in the anointing oil and say, I anoint you in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit, mean while he is communicating with the dragon in the spirit indirectly, but this is unknown to the family he’s anointing, that he’s only presenting them to the dragon to know which of them the dragon will choose for his annual sacrifice.
Truly this church was prospering but none of the members, not even the workers knew the secret.
As he continues asking the dragon concerning the family he anoints, still the dragon too kept on rejecting saying, this family can’t please me. I don’t want them until the 33rd family came forward for their own anointing. While pastor Okeke was anointing the 32nd family, the dragon started shouting, all these you have being anointing are rubbish to me, the next family is the family I want for my annual sacrifice.
I need them, present them for me, all those one you have being anointing, I don’t want them, this is the family I want for my annual sacrifice. When pastor Okeke heard that, he was very happy saying “oh, finally you have choose your choice,” Suddenly, Brother Adepoju came up with his wife and two of his daughters for the laying of hands.
Pastor Okeke started smiling at him and hugged him saying, “oh God bless you my brother. Do you know why I’m smiling at you? Brother Adepoju replied no, Pastor Okeke said, The Lord just spoke to me now that I should pray for you specially, he said he will bless you even beyond your imagination, he said all the plan of your enemy who don’t want you to prosper will be destroyed (not knowing he is the enemy trying to send him as sacrifice to the dragon).
Brother Adepoju was very happy when he heard the prophesy, he begin to shout Amen, Pastor Okeke lay hand on the oil, and place it on Brother Adepoju’s head and started speaking in a language as if he’s speaking in tongue, not knowing it’s an incantation used in dedicating him and his family for a sacrifice to the dreadful dragon.
This is how it happens yearly, and the moment they leave the church, may be a week or days after, they will all die both the man and his family via, accident, or any other means. Some may sleep and never wake and because of the multitude in the church, no one will be able to trace it to their annual convention, and this is how it happens every year and no member can ever link it to their pastor
Brother Adepoju was once a good Christian who once stands for the truth but afterward he decided to change his church because his church doesn’t perform miracles. They don’t sing and neither drum or dance. They don’t do like the other churches all they know is heaven and heaven preaching.
Brother Adepoju decided to leave his church to join pastor Okeke’s church after watching one of his programs on TV, and the dragon knew he was once a treat to their kingdom. After a year, when brother Adepoju has joined pastors Okeke’s church, the dragon saw it as an opportunity to take revenge on him. Pastor Okeke never knew the kingdom of darkness knew brother Adepoju to be a standing Christian because when he joined the evangelical department in his former church, many people surrendered their life to Christ through his preaching
However, the dragon knew he can still make a U-turn because he is a preacher who already knows the truth but the Lord through his conscience kept warning him that he was stepping into the wrong church, but he never listened. So when the dragon beholds such vital opportunity, he quickly chooses him before he repented.
Though brother Abepoju was very happy at pastor Okeke’s prophesy, but all are lies and deceit. Psalm 5: 9 there is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is very wicked; their throat is an open sepulcher; they flatter with their tongue”
Satan has succeeded in sending countless of false prophet and pastors into the world to pollute the gospel, because he knew people love darkness more than light. They want to receive from God as much as possible and they are not ready to give him a penny. They want miracle to happen, even without repenting from their sin. They want deliverance without salvation, and Satan has done his assignment very well, and they have the numbers of souls they must donate in return every year or quarterly.
Satan purposely sent them into the world to pollute the gospel, and he has succeeded in initiating even some true churches through these false doctrines. You can’t go to any church you like in this wicked generation. These churches don’t use the same methods in donating souls to their grand masters because their methods are diversified.
Many have died prematurely as a result of wrong church they joined in the name of miracle. They all need miracle without repentance and breakthrough without effort. They all need blessing from God without any interest in serving him. They all want breakthrough and victory over their enemies while living in sin, not knowing they are endangering themselves, not knowing God never listen to the prayer of sinners, but getting angry against them daily.
Psalm 7;11 God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day” Because they fail to repent from their sins and their prayer is not answered. They shift the blames on their church and quit from it to join churches that will give them the easiest way to receive Miracle from God even while remaining his enemy and dwelling in sin. Isaiah 59;1-2 “Behold, the LORD’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear”
They fails to understand that Satan has no good iota for any kind of humanity, neither does he give anything for free, but they must pay dearly for any gift received from him unless they returned back and embraced the light of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ. John 10;10 “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
These types of churches are common in these present world, most especially that of pastor Okeke. I have attended it too. In fact it was almost getting to my turn to be anointed before the spirit of the Lord quickly discouraged my intended aim and took me out of the church. Perhaps, I would have being in hell burning today. These types of churches have the largest crowd.

They are always on TV stations and you can never know them by the buildings or their appearance because they are very good in satisfying the desire of the members and they can use Bible to furnish their lies. You need to watch and pray, but if you don’t watch carefully, you will fall a prey. You can’t just go to every church in this evil and wicked generation.

You must pray before you go to any church, don’t just judge the church by the exterior but you need to look beyond. Don’t judge because they are calling Jesus. They have big bible too, they can quote bibles like the Pharisees.

They have choristers too with beautiful voices, they can also perform miracle too, but their goals is to dedicate you to Satan and prepare you for everlasting destruction through their worship services. Revelation 13:11 “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon” ………….if you need churches that will satisfy your fleshy desire, then you will soon be the next sacrifice.
Hence, don’t choose church because of the miracle they are performing. You must pray because 85% of churches in this generation are dedicated to Satan. They are plenty but they work their evil in different way, not only anointing method. They have the biggest crowd and the best instrument. They have many branches all over the world, be careful the kind of church you are going so that you won’t enter a vehicle of destruction.
Don’t because you don’t like your church, because they are too strict, all they know is holiness and righteousness preaching especially against immodesty dressing. How can anyone saying he is going to heaven hate holiness preaching. If you know you hate holiness and righteousness preaching, please stay in your house and go to hell from your house than allowing a false prophet to kill you before your time.

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What surprised me most is that many of these churches are filled with members who once attend holiness church. This is one of the reasons why the Lord will never listen to the pleading of any one at the throne of Judgment, because you not only have the truth, but you know it and fail to abide to it.

These churches are more terrible than money rituals and they have the number of human sacrifice they must offer to the grand master of the church indirectly every month, quarterly or yearly. But you can never know this, they can see visions, even tell you the story of your life, and tell you what you ate yesterday, but all are lies. Those things are just to make you believe their lies.

I knew of a sister who was very dear to me and also born-again, and a very serious one, who always preach from one place to another. But few years after she got backslide, and went to a wrong church, now she lives a life she has once preached against. In the church, she was forced to redo her water baptism not knowing they were only presenting and dedicating her to the queen of the coast. In the church, they forbid the use of KJV BIBLE and they present them a special one, in the new church she now attends.
They never gives held or conform to salvation messages of repentance, holiness, truthfulness and righteousness. They always love to minister what people need to hear and not what the scripture instructed. There sermons are adulterated with perverseness because of the instruction they received from demonic kingdom. 
They forbid the calling of the blood of Jesus saying it’s too precious, to call on, they turned the bible upside down for the people In the church and they teach opposite. Every Sunday people flocks into this church, without knowing the hidden secrete behind the church, because they lack discerning spirit. Many of these pastors bury a life human on their church. I’ve heard of a pastor with live human head.

I have heard of pastors who were very popular such that I myself have gone to his revival too, but he is working with demonic power through his wife who was a marine agent. I have also heard of a man who complained of something walking in his head after his pastor anointed him, and believe it, if he’s not delivered and died in that situation, the object walking in him will hindered him from getting to Heaven, because there is no deliverance after death. I have heard of a lady who also became a member of the marine kingdom through her church, while many also sold their glories through their evil pastors.


fake pastors
You can’t afford to trust everyone that profess himself as pastor in this generation, it’s dangerous, because no matter how you claim to live a holy life, if you are in a wrong church, you can never get to Heaven. Your pastor can not be going to hell with a message of destruction and you will be on your way to heaven, because if you know above your pastor, you will not remain with him in that church.
Young pastors, beware, those of you running from one place to another looking for a father in the Lord, that will be your mentor, be very careful. I have heard a story of a man who end up in hell because he wanted to work for God and he’s looking for a greater man of God who will bless him as Elijah bless Elisha, so that he too can be performing miracle the way his father in the Lord will is performing.
But instead of him to anoint him with the power of the Holy Ghost he was anointed with the power of the evil-goat and became a member of the cult. All these happen because the devil blinded folded him to behold the man he ran unto as more superior than his great redeemer and master; Lord Christ. Moreover, why are you running up and down? Is the Lord who has called you not able to help you? Why are you worried because your church is not growing?
Probably, because you are preaching against immodesty dressing and upholding of outward and inward purity, don’t be confused. Moreover, its better you have just 3 members that are righteously nurture in both inward and outward holiness and enter heaven peacefully that having millions members who are adulterated in perverse doctrine and end up in hell.
Don’t you know you will give account if any of your sheep go astray and you fail to look after it? So how will you look after one sheep that got lost from a 3 million souls? Don’t be confused; don’t desire to be like them, repent. In Next Topic, we shall focus on how to identify fake churches and demonic ministers in the Church.

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