​The “Queen of Heaven” is the head goddess of the Cosmic kingdom which is the second heaven. This World has different realms, and has 12 palaces; each having 12 king Demons which are the 12 false Christs- [12 anti-Christs].
Paul spoke of one of these Demons when he said, 2 Corinthians 11:4, “For if someone comes and proclaims another Jesus than the one we proclaimed, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received”
These Demons are responsible for the false miracles, signs and wonders being performed in churches by false prophets.

In this realm there are also 12 Prince Fallen Angels who sits around the throne of this Queen; they are of the ranks of: “PRINCIPALITIES”, “POWERS”, “RULERS OF DARKNESS” and “SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS”.

​These four sect of angels makes up the Government Order of Lucifer called the “Satanic”; under them are the satanists and demons.
​Within this kingdoms you will find the demons with Macrocephalic heads, long arms etc and these are of the Kingdom of Persia.  There are also have the sects of demons called the “Prayer hunters”, the “Destiny hunters”, the “Star hunters”.

In the Second Heaven there is also what I call the “Terminal of Transition”. This is the gate through which the spirits of humans passes from the heavenly realm to the human womb. It’s through this gate they steal and replace the master-plan of people before they enter their mother’s womb.

6 levels of the Cosmic Kingdom
1st LEVEL – Domain Of Queen Of The South
The Queen of the South rules the first domain of the Cosmic kingdom. She is the Sovereign ruler and goddess of Fecundation and Destruction and rules at 12:00 AM and PM.
The Queen of the South send “Terrors” and “Pestilence” at 12 midnight  and sends Arrows and Destruction at 12 midday – (Psalms 91)
2nd LEVEL – Domain Of Queen Of Heaven
The Queen of Heaven is the first Siren, also called the queen of space.  She is the goddess of Idolatry and false Religions and is known by different names throughout different cultures.
She is known as “Virgin Mary” in the catholic church and her weekly sabbath is Wednesday. Weekly, false pastors, prophets and delegates attend the weekly gathering in the second heaven; they would be anointed with dark powers to perform miracles, signs and wonders etc.

She also rules over 12 high demons which are represented by 12 stars around her head in the image of the Virgin Mary. Her imprint is also on the Medal called the “Miraculous Medal”. [Those who wear her medals in their necks or on their person automatically becomes her slaves; they are cursed by carrying an accursed thing of this devil.
​The 12 stars seen around her are 12 fallen angels who who give revelations and mysteries to false pastors and prophets and those in Cult and Occult churches.
The Cult of Personalities are also established by this kingdom. This Cult allows the people to worship the leader, even to the point of kneeling and bowing, or even kissing the shoes of that leader.

She signs packs with those who would open new cult churches on earth, and is also the entity who establishes False prophets and leaders, and is responsible for false spirituality, False religions, Secular Cults and Christians Cults and false revelations.
Whenever people attend these churches, they would be stamped with the number of the name (666), and would be marked for death. The queen would wait for their death, where their souls would be captured by the the dwarf demons of the Prince of Persia.

Spiritual wickedness in high places function under this entity, and are in charge of spirituality and executes all bad, vile, malevolent, vicious, impious, and malignant schemes against the holiness of the church.
They also concoct strategies against the Christian churches by building labyrinths. The Labyrinths have cells which represents all the churches that are under manipulation. These churches are subjected to divisions and misunderstanding, criticism, adultery, pride and all manner of confusions etc.
She rules over the kingdom the kingdom of the Vatican and over the headquarters of the Catholic religion.

In many cases, they would use black dust in the churches to cause division and remove holiness, and would shoot arrows at the Christians who have open doors.
This kingdom infiltrates the churches with Jezebel and Ahab spirits, and all manner of false spirits and gifts.

​3rd Level – Domain Of Prince Of Persia
This is the domain of the Prince of Persia and the army of dwarf demons who capture souls marked with Lucifer’s mark.

4th Level – Facility of  Imprisonment 

5th Level – Domain of Lucifer
Realm of the throne of Lucifer. This is the Pandemonium kingdom.

6th Level – Domain of the Dragon.
It is said to be part of the Satanic trinity and is positioned to battle angelic movements and operations.

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