I was born in Colombia in the capital Bogota. Since my childhood, all my life I have lived in Colombia until the age of 35 years when I got married. My story begins when I was 25 years old. I was doing my university studies. I was studying management in the field of tourism which was my first job. As I was on my way to university, I took this bus. I didn’t imagine that I was going to die in an accident that day.

I told the bus driver to stop on the corner. The buses in Colombia have two doors, one in the front and the other in the back. I walked to the back and leaned on the button near the door, a small bell which you press to signal to the driver that you want to get off at the next stop. So I pressed this bell. He turned the steering wheel sharply to the left and at that moment the door opened and the centrifugal force threw me out onto the road.

I fell on the pavement and a female voice said, “He killed her.” I didn’t understand what was happening to me. Instantly my spirit got out of my body and I could see the crowd gathered around me and there was really a lot of blood because my skull was cracked open.

At that moment I started to rise up like I was floating out of my body. I saw everyone from where I was. Up there I saw the people, the houses, the roofs of the houses and I passed through the clouds. In an instant, I went beyond the clouds and I saw the Earth with the other planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars.

It was an incredible shock because I didn’t know what happened to me but what I felt was pleasant. I didn’t feel anything unpleasant. In fact I felt good. I felt that my mind was floating and I no longer felt the heaviness of my life. It’s quite difficult to express what it feels like to be out of your body.

In an instant I saw the whole universe but it happened in a fraction of a second. And immediately I walked into a tunnel. It was in total darkness just like entering a cave. I couldn’t even see the palms of my hands. I understood that I was in the process of moving into another dimension, something I never had experienced.

I wondered, “Am I still alive or am I dead?” So I tried to touch the palm of my hand and my fingers literally passed through. My hand was transparent and it came out on the other side. I realized that I had no more flesh. I couldn’t touch my body anymore. I thought, “Am I dead? What has happened to me?”

At this moment I heard voices behind me. They started to laugh at me.

A wicked spirit said, “You are bad. You are a real plague. You deserve to be here.”

So I said, ‘Who are you?” but he did not answer me. He was content to keep laughing at me while getting closer and closer to me. I tried to get away from this presence because I was really scared. It was a presence and voices that made you think of monsters. While he was trying to get closer I tried to bypass him on the right and I hit a wall. I ran straight ahead then to the left but I hit another wall. That’s when I realized I was in a tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel behind me I felt the heat of a fire. I heard screams as if people were being tortured. I felt really terrified. I didn’t know where I was, so I asked “Where am I?”

The demon told me, “You don’t know?”

I replied, “No.”

“You are at the gates of Hell.”

When I heard that, I was completely in shock. I didn’t know what to do.

I said, “I can’t be at the gates of Hell. I’m a good person and I can’t be dead.”

“You are dead and you are going to stay in this place forever. You have no more life in any form. The only form of existence that awaits you is to stay here forever for all eternity and you will be tortured relentlessly. We are going to torture you non-stop.”

I said, “How are you going to torture me? I don’t understand.”

So these demons grabbed me and pulled me by the arms and they started to tear off my skin. They had long claws and they started to scratch my whole arm. They were in the process of tearing my body apart. I felt terrible pain because when we are dead we feel things even more intensely than when we were alive. The senses are sharper. The sensations are increased tenfold. We feel the physical pain much more and the smells were stronger. The smells that I smelled is horrible. It is a smell of death. They smelled of dead rats. It was a horrible smell and I was aware of being in a really awful place and I was telling them, “Let me go. Please release me.”

But they didn’t want to release me. Then I remembered as a Catholic, I was going to Mass and I thought it was good to be Catholic for me. It was the best. It was the faith in which my extended family and I grew up. In a Catholic family I went to church every day and I attended Mass on Sundays but I did not really read the Bible. I just listened to Mass and read the part that the priest used for his sermon and that was all. I wasn’t going beyond the Bible in more depth. So you can say I was a Catholic who went to church and who seemed to be a Christian. I was not really a Christian. I was only by tradition going to Mass on Sundays but it stopped there. I did nothing more and my house was filled with statuettes. Everywhere, there were representations of the Virgin Mary, of Saint Therese, of Saint Martin the patron of the poor, of Saint Gregory.

My mother, unfortunately, died when I was very young. My mother was suffering illness and was always praying to the saints for them to cure the sickness she had in her legs. She had many statues of Saint Gregory who was supposed to be a doctor or something like that. That’s why we idolize him to be healthy. We idolize the saints and of course most important of all was the Virgin Mary.

I grew up worshiping the Virgin Mary. I believed the Virgin Mary was really special and while I was in Hell in the tunnel, the evil presence told me, “You didn’t keep your God’s commandments. That’s the reason you’re here because you didn’t keep the divine commandments.”

So I said, “But what commandment?”

I don’t know what commandment I transgressed. Why am I in Hell when I did not kill, I did not steal, I did not fornicate. I thought I was leading a Christian life but I had done other things that did not keep the commandments.

While they were torturing me to rip my skin off, the only thing I thought about was The Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father in the Bible. I thought to myself I’m going to pray and I recited “Our Father, who art in Heaven hallowed be Your name…” and the more I recited the more the demons tortured me. They skinned me even more.

I shouted and insisted, “No, I will not stay here. I know there is a God who will forgive me. I know there is a God who will show mercy and get me out of this Hell. I can’t stay here for eternity. It’s impossible that I spend eternity in Hell.”

And I kept going until I finished the Our Father and when I had finished Our Father, I remembered that the only name which is above the Earth above the whole universe is the name of Jesus.

So I told them, “I know a name which is above the Earth and the universe and who is more powerful than you and I will pray addressing Him to get me out of here that He frees me from this Hell and He would answer me.”

“No no no you are going to stay here. Give up all hope. You will stay here for all eternity.”

I said, “No. I know if I turn to Him, He will come and save me.”

So I started. I said, “Jesus, please save me,” and at the beginning, nothing happened. The first time nothing happened. I called His name a second time.

The demon kept telling me, “No, you will not go out. You will stay here for all eternity.”

And the second time I said, “Jesus, please help me. Please forgive me for all I have done wrong in my life. Forgive me my bad actions, if I did not treat someone properly, if I have neglected one of Your commandments, if I have transgressed one of Your commandments. I beg Your pardon. Show me the path I must follow. Indicate me the way which will allow me to purify myself and to be near You. I do not want to stay here.”

I repeated again, “Jesus please save me.”

But nothing has happened either. All this time I was crying asking for divine mercy, I was being dragged back to the bottom of the tunnel. The demon was about to throw me into the fire in the eternal flames. I felt I was about to burn. The flames were already almost on my body.

At that moment the only thing I managed to say was, “Jesus, I promise to follow You for all my life. I will follow Your words. I promise You that I will be faithful to You. Give me only one chance to live on so I can change my existence but save me. Get me out of here. Please release me.”

At that moment the demons disappeared. They gave me back my freedom and I thought, “What is happening?”

Something happened and I was no longer in the tunnel. The tunnel had opened and now there was a beautiful path. I was walking in the middle of a garden full of divine flowers of incredible beauty. In all my life I had never seen flowers like this. It was as if they were moving and dancing and at the same time singing, “Blessed be the God the Most High. Blessed be the Lord the King of kings. Blessed or our Lord Jesus Christ. Glory be to Him. Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.”

It was just amazing. I felt God’s love for men as if He was hugging me and telling me, “I love you!” I felt His presence so immense that I started to cry and cry. I felt that I did not deserve to be there. I felt that I deserved to be in Hell.

Why was I thinking like this? It is because I was not pure. My heart was not pure enough nor my feelings. I had done many things on Earth and God revealed to me that among them I had committed many bad deeds but at this time there I continued to walk on this magnificent path.

At the end of the path, I saw this waterfall, a cascade of pure crystalline water flowing and I felt that this water was washing me as if it was bringing out all that was impure from my life. I felt this whole water purifying my heart and my soul. I was invaded by a feeling of peace, a feeling of peace such as I had never felt before in my life. Never again will I feel a peace like the one I felt while I was in the presence of God and I felt the love of God towards me.

Jesus told me, “My daughter, you know where you were going before I stopped you?”

I answered, “Yes Lord, I was going to Hell.”

“Yes you were going to be condemned to Hell.”

So I asked Him, “But why? I thought I was a good person. I mean I went to church. I received Holy Communion. I went to the priest to confess my sins, etc.”

And He said, “No wait, I will show you your life.”

And He started showing me my life like you watch a movie and He started to explain to me, “At that moment in your life when you were at such an age you did a bad deed because you lied to your father. You said one thing but did another and this little lie here in Heaven is a very big lie. It’s a big sin.”

I never imagined that telling lies or thinking badly about someone, a friend, or another person would be considered a sin. Once again in Heaven, it is a great sin.

Jesus said, “And the worst is that you idolize My mother the Virgin Mary.”

Then I answered, “Yes but is it bad?”

And He answered, “Yes, it is very bad because you should not idolize anyone neither saints nor even My mother because the only one you have to honor is Me. You must give glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit since we are Three in One person. You must give glory only to God, not to the Virgin nor to the other saints nor to other characters.”

I answered, “Yes, Lord, you are right.”

And He said, “Another sin for which you were condemned and this is the worst sin for which you were destined to Hell is that you did not know how to forgive.”

I asked, “I do not see who I have not forgiven.”

Jesus told me, “You didn’t forgive your stepmom.”

So I told the Lord, “But she killed my mom. I know she killed my mom. She practices witchcraft. She pricks needles in dolls. She practices voodoo.”

He answered, “Yes, she is a witch.”

I added, “She killed my mother. I found a doll with a needle stuck in it when my mother died.”

After my father married her I knew my stepmother had fulfilled her plans to take over my father. So I resented her in my soul. I resented that she killed my beautiful mother. I could not forget the hurt when I thought of how she had killed my mother. For me, there is nothing worse than this woman killing my mother to be able to be with my father. It was unfair and I was an only child at that time. I did not have either brother or sister. The only person I could confide in was my mother. She was both my friend and my mother and she took my mother from me. I found myself without a mother. I only had my father as I had neither brother nor sister. I felt very lonely during all my adolescence. It was a really sad time because there was no one to whom I could confide my secrets, nobody with whom to share important things. My mother was no longer there. She died when I was 15 years old. So shortly after I passed my school exams, my mother unfortunately died and it happened because of my stepmother’s witchcraft. When I died this resentment was devouring my soul. It was something that I could not get rid of. My heart was filled with bitterness – a bitterness that hurts and sank my existence.

Jesus told me, “This was the most important sin that you carried. This sin condemned you to Hell.”

I said, “You are completely right Lord. I deserved Hell.”

Unfortunately, we believe that not forgiving is a trifle when in reality not forgiving is a huge sin and it is written in the Bible. Brothers and sisters, if you do not forgive you will not be forgiven. God will forgive you provided you forgive others. Brothers, no matter whether they killed your mother or harmed her or your family it doesn’t change anything. You must love them. It is written that you must love your worst enemy.

Jesus told me, “You have to love this woman. You have to love and forgive her. If you don’t forgive her, immediately I’ll send you back to Hell.”

So I said, “No, no, no Lord, I promise I forgive her. I don’t want to go back to Hell.”

So He answered, “OK but you really have to forgive her from the bottom of your heart. You can choose to stay here or go back to Earth. I will let you choose. Make your choice. You can stay here or go back to Earth.”

I thought, “Oh I don’t know what to do. I would like to stay because to be here in Heaven is real grace. It is something incredible. The love here exceeds what we can imagine. We are in a state of love and peace of divine serenity. We no longer have any concerns or worries. Our existence here feels absolute bliss and divine joy.”

So I said, “Lord, I would love to stay here but I have to go back to Earth to take care of my dad.”

He showed me my dad in a vision and I saw my father was suffering. He was mourning my loss because he even thought he had lost me. He was suffering from it.

So I said to God, “No, I would like to return to Earth because I want to take care of my father. I am his only daughter and I believe that I must go back to take care of my father.”

God told me, “It’s a good reason to go back. Do you have any other reason to return?”

I said, “Yes, I would also like to start a family.”

He told me, “Well, to have a family is a good reason.”

I said, “Yes to have children.”

He said, “OK very well, it’s a very good second reason. You will have a family, a husband but it will be many years after your return to Earth that you will have this possibility.”

I did not know why so I asked, “Why will I have to wait so long to have a family?”

He replied, “It is because first you have to learn to read My word, to understand it, to study it and to follow its teachings. You will have to be reborn first.”

So I said, “Lord, how can I be reborn? When I was born I was baptized. What more do I have to do?”

He said to me, “No, you must be reborn. You must be baptized anew but this time to lead a Christian life to live in Christ with Me because I will be by your side.”

“I understand now but I do not quite understand how I should go about it to do this alone on Earth. Who will help me?”

He answered me, “Don’t worry My daughter. I will help you. I will guide you. I will be near you by your side. I will be near you all the time. I will accompany you. I won’t abandon you. I will stay near you all the time.”

So I said, “OK Lord, very well but why do I have to wait to have a husband?”

He told me, “As long as you have not made a complete turnaround in your life in 180 degrees, I will not give you a husband. You have to completely change the way you live, the way you act, the way you see things.”

In my Catholic life I was dating guys, I was dancing, I was drinking. I was not an alcoholic but I was drinking a little beer and wine. This kind of thing is not living the life of Christ. Such things doesn’t matter to a Catholic. A Catholic going to a party is not considered immoral nor is having a boyfriend either. But as a Christian it’s different. A Christian person must be very righteous in life. She must be pure as God because God asks us to grow in holiness, to behave like saints.

I did not really understand it. Nobody had taught me how to follow the word of God. No one had explained to me what that meant and Jesus told me, “Don’t worry, I will guide you to the church where you can learn My word.”

So I said, “OK.”

Jesus added, “There is something else you need to know. If you are admitted to Heaven today, there would be no crown for you.”

I asked, “Why?”

Jesus replied, “It is because you did not win a single soul for Me.”

I said, “What do you mean by winning a soul for You?”

He replied, “When you win a soul, you win a crown.”

So I said to Jesus, “I don’t understand what crowns are.”

“You receive a crown when you win souls to Heaven. When you share My word and evangelize a person who didn’t know Me, he had never heard of Me, a person who does not know the name of Jesus Christ and when you talk about Me, you tell him what happened to Me that I sacrificed Myself for him and that I paid the price for his sins on the cross, when you will warn this person that he has to change his life, that he has to dedicate his life to Me, when you win him for Me, that makes a crown here in Heaven.”

I exclaimed, “Wow! That’s an important task.”

And the Lord said, “Yes it is a real job and it is your ministry. You must learn to make new disciples and start doing it when you carry out this mission on the Earth. You will make disciples and earn crowns. You will start to build your house, your abode in which you will live in Paradise. You have to build it while you are still on Earth winning souls for Me.”

I was there in Heaven with Jesus and I did not know all that. I had never been in the presence of God before. If I had not died, I would never have known that existed. I would not have known that I had to work to earn crowns in Heaven and that’s what I wanted to tell you, my brothers.

I had really committed a lot of sins that condemned me but the greatest sins that condemned me were idolatry and resentment. Resentment is the greatest sin.

Jesus showed me that there was also the added sin of not serving others. He told me, “You didn’t serve men. You weren’t humble yet you must be humble before the Lord.”

Brothers and sisters, you must be humble and serve people. I have started to love them for example the poor. In reality no matter whether they are poor or rich you must give of yourself to serve them whether it is an orphan or a widow or the elderly. You must give them with love and bring them what they don’t have because they no longer have a family. You have to start giving love to people on Earth. That is the only way you can earn the crowns.

Jesus told me, “I want you to start giving love to people. You have never done that as a Catholic.”

And I answered, “Yes it’s true. I never did that as a Catholic.”

I had no idea of serving men as we do in the Christian Church. As a Catholic I did not feel particularly concerned by all that. I felt more concerned with the fact of dressing well, to go to the best high school and the best college, to dress in fashion, to see the movies and I thought it was good like that.

But it was not good. I was wrong. What I was experiencing was a sin because I was leading a worldly life and it is a big sin.

Then He told me, “You will be sent to Earth but before I send you back, you must know that you will have a goal and that goal is what I am going to explain to you. Now your goal should be to share your testimony with all the people you meet on Earth and tell them that there is a Heaven and Hell, that Hell does exist and that Heaven does exist and that if they commit a sin they will go to Hell.”

That means, my brothers, that if you do not follow the 10 commandments it condemns you to Hell and it’s really sad to know that there are so many people that condemn themselves to Hell because the souls that are in Hell number in the thousands and it is a really horrible place to which you condemn yourselves by committing a simple sin.

And I would like to tell you, my brothers and my sisters, that no human ought to go to this place. I mean it is not a place people would want to go after their death. The place where we really desire to go is Heaven and yet many fall into Hell.

I ask you, brother, if you know at this moment that you are in error, repent of this error, of this great flaw that hangs over you as a human being and give your life to Jesus Christ and start living following the model of sanctified Jesus. Sanctify your life and give the best of yourself to people. Strive to lead a righteous life and not a life of sin because living in sin will take you to Hell.

Before I came back to Earth, Jesus told me, “I’m going to send you back to Earth but when you come back you won’t keep many memories of all this. Some parts will be missing because I will erase them from your memory because if you keep the memory of these monster demons, you will not be able to live your life. You will have nightmares every night. That’s why I will erase this part from your mind so that you can go on living. I will leave you some memories and one day the memory of everything that happened will come back in a dream. This will happen at a time of your life when you will have put your heart at My service, that you will have been truly baptized, that you will have made the decision to follow Me 100%. One day I will send you this dream so that you can remember what happened and that you can testify to men.”

What happened, my brothers, is that I came back to Earth and guess where I was? I was in the morgue and I was covered with a sheet and a morgue worker was taking notes about circumstances in which I had died. Then I woke up and the moment I lifted the sheet, he started screaming.

He said, “What happened? and I said, “I don’t know. I don’t know what happened. I am alive.”

And he told me, “But you were dead. You have been dead for an hour.”

I was dead for an hour and I told him, “Well, I know that there was a death experience and that it was God who sent me back.”

I know that it was Jesus who gave me this chance to come back and to continue living on Earth for a very specific purpose but I did not remember anything. I did not remember what had happened during all this time. I only remembered that I had been in the presence of Jesus. It is a presence that it is impossible to forget. The presence of Jesus that I felt was of a beauty that exceeds everything. When I was in Heaven, it cannot be compared to the Earth. There is no more magnificent place, nothing is more beautiful than to be in Heaven in the presence of our Father and above all there was Jesus. I could not see His face because He was pure light. A pure light emanating from His eyes. I saw His very beautiful white robe and the crown that He wore that was colored violet and His sandals which were gilded and His magnificent feet which had the marks of the crucifixion which He also had on His hands and it is incredible.

But the simple fact of feeling the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ is a experience of incredible beauty. I could never continue to live as I did before being in the presence of Jesus. To be a Christian is a commitment – a commitment to the ten commandments, to oneself as people in order to improve our life, to give it more meaning, give the best of yourself to men and at the same time to give men the best of God because God is in you, Jesus is in you and through Jesus, we can do everything.

When I came back to Earth it took me three months to recover because at that time my head was the size of 3 basketballs. My head was huge and it was completely shattered. The doctors told me they did x-rays, electrocardiogram and an electroencephalogram and they told me, “We don’t know how you manage to talk, to coordinate your gestures because other people in the same case as you remained in a vegetative state.”

I would not have been able to speak or to walk or do anything if it had not been for the presence of God and His infinite love for us. He sent me back to Earth safe and sound without any brain damage.

It is true that I had lost a lot of blood but I had no other fractures. Everything was working normally. I just had a very swollen head but the doctors did not know and could not explain how it was possible that I was still alive. It was really a miracle and I consider my presence here as a miracle because God sent me back safe and sound on Earth.

I came back to have a second life because my life has completely changed. I felt that I had this desire turned towards God, this desire to know His word better so I started reading, studying the Bible, and attending the Christian church. I continued to go to the Catholic church in addition to the Christian church. It was as if I was not yet convinced that I had to change my religious environment but I felt this call.

I felt that God was calling me but it was not yet apparent until years later I met a friend at the university. I had changed my profession and I was then taking business management training and during this training at the university, I met a Christian who became my friend. One day she invited me to a Christian conference called Christian Renewal. She told me, “Would you like to come to my church?”

I replied, “Yes, I am willing.”

I went and that day was really exceptional. That day I received the Holy Spirit. I fell to the ground and I started to cry. I could not stop crying. It was the presence of the Holy Spirit all around me and enveloping me.

I asked my friend, “Why am I crying like that?”

She told me, “It’s the Holy Spirit.”

So I told her, “Oh I would like to be baptized.”

She said to me, “Yes, you can be baptized but you have to take a course first.”

So I said, “OK, I will take this course.”

I started taking it in order to be baptized. I remember the course lasted about 15 days and at the end, I confirmed my decision to be baptized.

What happened is that the night before my baptism, I felt a presence that was choking me around 1 a.m. and it was very dark in my room at my house in Colombia. I felt someone was trying to choke me and at that time the only thing I could say is, “Jesus, Jesus. In the name of Jesus, demonic presence from Hell, leave immediately, leave me, you can’t hurt me, you don’t have the power to kill me because greater is the presence of God our Lord in me than your presence. Now go in the name of Jesus.”

I said those words with a lot of assurance, “Go away, demons, in Jesus’ name.” Immediately they let go of me. I did not see them but I felt it was a demon trying to suffocate and kill me the whole time. My room was in complete darkness because it was dark. It was one o’clock in the morning and suddenly there was a white light that lit up my room, a very intense bright white light, and I smelled a scent of jasmine, a scent of flowers and I thought, “Wow, that smells like Heaven.”

I felt a bit the same as when I was in Heaven and this feeling was so strong that I closed my eyes. I knew at that moment that Jesus was in front of me and I did not want to look at Him because I was overwhelmed with emotion when I understood that He had come to save me for the second time. He saved my life twice and when I opened my eyes again, He was gone but I knew that a moment earlier Jesus was in front of me and that He had saved me for the second time from the demon who wanted to kill me.

My brothers and my sisters, there have been several occasions in my life when the demon wanted to attack me to prevent me from giving you this testimony. Today is a very important day for me because I bear witness in front of the Latin English and European communities.

I want to share this testimony with you and that you know that God is alive that God is the God of yesterday, today, and for eternity and that if you accept Jesus you will have access to peace. You will live in peace. You will lead an existence which is righteous but if you do not take the resolution to accept Jesus in your life you will not know peace. You will not have the chance to go to Heaven. You will go to Hell. A unique chance is offered to you and I ask you to believe that what happened to me is a certainty that it is real.

Anyone who has been through where I have been can have the same experience but if you repent now, my brothers and my sisters, you can avoid going to Hell and I implore you as I speak to you a chance is offered to you to put your life in the hands of God.

Address Him a simple prayer saying, “Lord Jesus, forgive me for all my sins, for all the injustices and bad deeds that I have committed, for all the bad thoughts that I had in my life, for the mistakes that I made towards my brothers and my sisters and towards myself. I beg You God Almighty to forgive me all this from the bottom of your heart and that You give me the chance to enter and live in Your glory in order to live with You Lord and I open the doors of my heart to You. Enter to live in me as a resident. I accept You and I promise to follow You for the remainder of my life. In the name of Jesus Christ.”

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