Hello, I am Esther. I am a former Catholic believer. It was in that religion that I took my first baptism and catechism. When I traveled to Europe I was still a Catholic faithful though I was no longer going to church.

Over time a friend told me, “Since you don’t attend the Catholic church any more and since you are on a work vacation staying at home, there is a revival church at the back of your home where I pray. Let me invite you to our Evangelical church.”

My home was not far from this Evangelical church and I was on a one-month vacation staying at home. I accepted the invitation of my friend to attend this Evangelical church. When I joined that church. I committed my life seriously to the Lord and I became a fervent member of this church attending regularly all the services.

Months after coming to the Lord and joining the Evangelical church, I began to face adversity and demonic oppression. The scripture says in Matthew 10:34, “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace but a sword.”

In the middle of the battle, I met a man of God that gave me the passage of Mark 16:17-18, And these signs shall follow them that believe; In My name shall they cast out devils. They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing it will not hurt them.

The pastor instructed me to invoke the blood of Jesus. These were the two weapons the man of God revealed to me: The name and the blood of Jesus. He instructed me to use these weapons in the battle I was facing.

In truth, I did not know how to pray for I came from the Catholic church. I was using Bible verses that the pastor gave me. The battle was intense.

Meanwhile, my friend received a visit from her mother that came from Congo and when her mother heard about my adversity she told me, “What you are experiencing is called spiritual conflict. It is a situation where you must rise up and fight for yourself and build a prayer life at home.”

I was encouraged by this lady and I stood up at home in a spiritual battle. I persevered in prayer.

The lady told me, “I prayed in the ministry of spiritual warfare for years. I want you to join spiritual warfare ministry.”

I followed her advice and joined the spiritual warfare ministry in the church where I learned a lot about prayer and spiritual battle. You must build a strong prayer life at home. Every time I attend a teaching in the church, whatever I wrote in my notebook, the Holy Spirit would come to clarify what I heard in the church. The Spirit of God is my teacher for He spoke to me and taught me at home. A dedicated prayer life enables God’s children to hear the voice of the Spirit.

Every year, I get one month of vacation. I always travel with my children in different cities of France on holiday. This time around I began to experience spiritual warfare in traveling. When we were about to travel, I began to feel feverish. Nonetheless, I still traveled with my children to Toulouse. And when the children had come back from visiting the city, I was already suffering fever. I could not speak and stand. I was lying on the bed and I had a short breath.

In the evening my children said, “Mum, we must pray before sleeping.”

Since I had a short breath I said to them, “Just pray my children, I can not speak.”

When the children began to pray I was just watching. And when the prayer was over we went to sleep. And when we slept, beloved, when we die we will think that it’s not happening for it’s like a dream. In the end, we will come to accept that death has happened.

As we slept, I was dreaming that I went to attend a concert of worldly music that a Congolese musician was holding. Actually when I was a Catholic believer, my life was all about concerts of world celebrities. I was regularly attending music shows and concerts. I got into this lifestyle as soon as I migrated to Paris. It was in the year 2000 that the Spirit of God liberated me from that lifestyle when I came to church.

I saw in this dream that I was attending a concert of world musicians though I had already abandoned this lifestyle. I was at this musical concert. Then I went out of the concert hall. Immediately I began to see something suspicious. When I walked the street I noticed that some people were able to see me but the majority of people were unable to see me. I was stunned. I tried to talk to a man in the street. It was clear that he was unable to see me and talk to me. I was panicking. It was so strange to see people that I tried to talk to be indifferent to me. They could not hear nor see me. I wondered why I could see these people but they cannot see me.

Whenever I met the people that were able to see me, I saw that among them were deceased people that I knew very well. I wonder why is that I can see and talk to people that are already dead and buried.

Then I saw my cousin. I tried to call her but she could not see or hear me. I wondered, “Have I become invisible or what?”

At that moment it dawned on my mind that I was dead. I exclaimed, “Oh Jesus Christ, I am dead!” That’s why I can see people that are dead.

I said, “Lord, I died just like that. And You did not warn anybody. You should have revealed my impending death to my church brothers and sisters so that we can revoke death in prayer.”

None of the brothers have talked to me about the spirit of death coming after me. And I myself have not seen anything.

“Oh Lord, I died just like that.”

When I spoke these words with great emotion and tension, suddenly I woke up with intense fear. And I began to touch my children to make sure that I was able to touch physical matter. And to make sure that I was not dead. Finally I saw that it was a dream and I regained peace.

When I saw that I was really alive, I sat and I wondered. What is this mysterious dream I just had?

Immediately, I heard the audible voice of the Lord who said, “My daughter, you saw in this dream that you were attending a concert of world music. Understand that because of the shows and concerts of worldly celebrities that you were attending in the past, the devil has bound your soul when you were still attached to worldly music. Your soul was already in the place of torment in prison. Even if you were walking the street and enjoying life, your soul was in the place of torment because of secular music. And when you came to Me, you received Me in your life as your Lord and Savior. Like many of My children, you have failed to do a detailed confession. You have failed to state your sin one by one. You did not tell Me to forgive your attendance at concerts. You should have confessed sins that you have committed in the world by mentioning them one by one. You must mention them with your mouth. For these sins are engraved. Men forget their actions under the sun but their deeds are recorded and engraved in records of the spirit world. You are still in prison in the place of torment because of your attachment to worldly music and concert. If you have abandoned attending concerts of secular music in the world, your soul is still in the place of torment in prison. That is why you saw in this dream that you are dead and talking to deceased souls. You must now do a confession of sins about these concerts and nightclubs you were attending. You have to testify about your past life but you have failed to do a meticulous repentance and detailed confession. You must repent and confess your sins one by one. And when you cannot remember ask My Spirit to revive your memory to help you confess what you have forgotten for I know you have forgotten many sins.”

Brothers, you may have abandoned a habit. In truth what matters is that you must do a detailed confession of the sins you have abandoned. Changing your way of life does not mean past actions are erased. Always make sure to confess past sins.

Today I beseech my brothers to remember all the past habits that you have abandoned and take time to confess them. I was so much attached to world music that one day a pastor came to pray for us.

He said, “My sister you are going to turn the secular music off because we have to pray.”

I said, “Pastor, I cannot do it. When I hear this music I feel like I am in heaven. You are going to pray with that music on.”

The pastor looked at me deeply and said, “Ok, put down the volume so we can pray.”

I loved that music with my soul. As a result, I ended up in the prison of Satan. I was a born-again Christian bound in a spiritual prison of worldly music in the place of torment. Thus we must always remember to confess.

The Lord is asking His children to confess their sins one by one and in detail. I was stunned when I learned this new revelation from the Lord about the past sins that we have abandoned but we never confess one by one.

My dears, I learned that fearing the Lord is the most principal thing. And repentance is not when we pray in the morning, midday, and night. Confession must be done all the time. Confession must be done every moment throughout the day. It must become a lifestyle. When we see corrupt images on TV and social network we must confess immediately. When we walk the street we see what we should not see we must confess mentioning the sin with precision. When you hear people gossiping you move away and confess. Repentance and confession must be incessant for the devil comes against us when we don’t even realize. And he is accusing us all the time.

The Spirit of God always clarifies things to me bringing more light to what has been said in the church. The Lord taught me that the adversary is always accusing God’s children because of forgotten sins that are not confessed. Days are evils. We must not hold in our heart people that have offended us. Brother, forgive the ones who offended you.

In 2007 the Spirit of God began to teach about worldly adornment. But I did not understand His language. For I spent all my money on jewelry and earrings. My hand was always wearing many bracelets. I was only buying golden jewelry. As I came to the Lord He tried to separate me from worldly adornment. But I could not understand His language.

Let us understand the language of the Lord when He speaks. We must learn to identify the voice of the Lord. The Spirit of God was trying to warn me but I failed to capture the message.

He told me to spend 7 days in fasting and prayers. Whenever the Holy Spirit wants to teach me, He always gets me to spend days in fasting and prayers. On three separate occasions, He instructed me to fast for 7 days. I remember when the audible voice of the Spirit told me to fast for 14 days and I spent 11 days without eating and drinking, He instructed me to take juice for the remaining days.

When the Spirit gets you in this lifestyle of consecration in prayer, the flesh and the body become subdued and subject to the Spirit. The Spirit becomes active because there is no food in your body. And the Spirit that is fed with prayer prevails over the flesh. You will not feel your body and the flesh. And you become light. When you fast and when there is no food in the body, it is then the Spirit of God becomes active. I had acquired spiritual strength that I could not explain. And I was going to church every day with all my children while in 14 days of fasting and prayer. It was not due to my strength but the Spirit of God enabled me to do so.

I was sleeping when I saw a huge hand holding a white towel. And this hand came down and began to wipe my face, removing all the makeup and beauty products. Back then I spent all my money on these products. I always beautified my face with makeup even if I were not going out of the house. The hand of the Lord removed my lipstick, my eyelashes and face powder. I could not hear the Lord talking but His hand was wiping my face. Afterward, the Lord dressed my feet in sandal for I was barefoot.

When I woke up I could not understand that the Lord wanted me to get rid of all this worldly adornment. Then I heard the Spirit telling me to get rid of jewelry.

I said in my heart, “Alright, I will remove only expensive golden jewelry.”

I went to store them in my deposit box in the Municipal Credit Bank for safekeeping. These necklaces, rings and bracelets had images of different ferocious animals. The Lord got the bank to sell these items behind my back without my consent. Though I got rid of the jewelry, I continued to put makeup on my face.

Many years later, in 2017 I was in a campaign of prayer that lasted for 3 years. In those days the Spirit convicted me to pray for 40 days. Every week from Monday to Thursday, I was not eating. I did not eat in the month of January but in February I ate. I did not eat in the month of March until April. I did not eat in the month of May until July. This is how I spent this year. In my workplace, people asked why I was not eating.

The Spirit of God spoke again and He said, “I told you not to wear jewelry, still you keep wearing these instruments of Satan.”

I said, “Lord, these are just aesthetics.”

Then the Spirit instructed me to remove them. To my surprise, the Spirit told me, “You must also remove these wigs.” The Spirit was clear but I found His order strange. And I continued to wear all these things.

Brother, we must learn to hear the Lord. The Lord loves us in our weakness but we must separate from sin. Then I started wearing a wig of Rastafarian style. Many days later when this wig started to fall to the ground, instead of hair I saw moving snakes. And this became repetitive. Every time a part of this wig fell I saw small snakes on the ground instead of hair. I decided to change the model of the wig but I continued to see snakes. Different wigs mean different types of snakes. Whenever I closed my eyes I would see snakes that lifted their heads. The devil inserted new ideas in my mind to keep me wearing wigs.

I decided to wear Chinese postige (hair attachment). One day I was traveling to Belgium. I was on a train and I was tired. I did not even sleep when I saw that my hair was fine. But where I attached Chinese hairpiece, it turned into a cobra that stood on my head with its threatening hoods flaring out. I screamed when I saw this hairpiece that has become a cobra. When I arrived back home, I removed the hairpiece and I decided to drop these attachments. It was clear that they were snakes. I took bags of attachments and wigs and I threw them away.

Immediately after this separation, when I went to social network I saw reports of women separating from makeup and worldly adornment. But I was still hardening my heart.

I said, “I will just put on a little bit of makeup.”

But the Spirit continued to fight with me to separate me from this adornment. In the end, I gave up. Many days later, when I went to attend a worship service, I decided to color my eyes with a beauty pencil. But in the middle of prayer and worship, I saw 2 little snakes coming around my eyes. Immediately I removed these lines that I had drawn.

End of testimony

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