Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! – America PREPARE for What’s Coming NEXT

Rick Curry shares what the Lord has revealed to him on what’s coming next for America…
▶▶The Sound of Awakening by Rick Curry [2 Books & 3 CDs]:

Revival is a river that runs through people. It flows with you or without you.

Rick Curry is a revivalist who urges you to prepare for the revival that’s coming. His new book, The Sound of Awakening, tells us what to expect and what you need to do now, like:

• Run (not walk) from apathy, isolation, everything lukewarm
• Prepare (literally set yourself on fire) for encounters
• Ask for personal opportunities to join in the harvest

Rick says your flesh likes comfort, but your spirit wants to burn. Which will rule?

The coming season is also a season for healing, for releasing offenses and getting free of unforgiveness and every form of emotional baggage. Make the most of it! On his 3-CD/audio series, Stewarding Your God Encounters, Rick points to:

• The direct relationship between forgiveness and your future

The coming move of God has been planned from the beginning. It belongs to this generation and it carries God’s plans and purposes for every believer alive today. How will you know them? Through your dreams and encounters. With that in mind, Rick’s offer includes Dream Journal (Bill & Beni Johnson, Danny Silk, Banning Liebscher, Kevin Dedmon). The time to start asking God questions…is now!

▶▶The Sound of Awakening by Rick Curry [2 Books & 3 CDs]:

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