This is the testimony of Sister Mimi that was pursued by the Angel of death. She ran to the church to escape death. It was when she was entered the church for prayer that death took her life.

My life was centered on entertainment, bars, and nightclubs. I went out all the time and I was coming home late. I was an impossible and uncontrollable person. In my family, I could not be controlled. As far as I was concerned, to be a Christian was a strange thing. Since I was rebellious, I wanted to live life the way I wanted.

After having rejected all these messages from the Lord, I began to dream of impending death, though I went to church to stop death. Finally, the Angel of Death took my life.

When I was dead beloved, the Angel of the Lord transported me to a dark corridor. We found ourselves in front of a portal. When the door was opened, we entered. I found myself in a huge land surrounded by a fence, where I saw a humanoid demon sitting on a throne. This place was like a common court inside an enclosure. The prince of demons who sat on his throne commanded the demons to capture me and beat me up.

When this happened, I did not know that the Angel of the Lord was no longer with me. I was alone. That’s when demons started beating me. I cried bitterly.

While I was crying, these demons brought something that looked like a napkin. As they were beating, I cried continually, and my tears were falling on a napkin. I saw that my tears on that towel were black, and these demons gathered my black tears which descended on this towel.

Then the prince of demons said to me, “Here are your sins. Look how black they look.”

The towels became black because of my tears. My sins were tears that were black.

Very quickly, I noticed that there were a lot of drawers in this place of torment. While I was fiercely beaten by his spirits, the prince of demons ordered his servants to open one of the drawers in this place. When these demons opened the drawer, an unbearable and rotten smell came out of it and spread all over the place. The smell was unbearable, and I couldn’t take it.

I told the demons, “Please close this drawer, I can’t stand this smell.”

These demons replied to me, “We will not close the drawer. These are your sins. Look how your sin smells bad.”

However, I continued to beg them to shut it down because I couldn’t stand it. They kept reminding me that these were my sins that were smelly

Brother, we are full of rotten stench before the Lord when we live a sinful life.

2 Corinthians 2:15-16 For we are to God a sweet smell of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish: 16 To the one we are the smell of death to death; and to the other the smell of life to life. And who is sufficient for these things?

Ephesians 5:2 And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us, and has given Himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling smell.

I was tormented by demons under the instruction of their master, when suddenly the Angel of the Lord landed in this place, and he got me out of this place of torment.

Indeed, while I was in torment beyond the grave, the intercessors were trying to wake me but they couldn’t do it. There was panic in the church.

Finally, the news reached my family that rushed to the church to see what was happening to me. My mother, who was in confusion and anger, slapped an intercessor who could not answer her questions.

While I was with the Lord Jesus, He confirmed to me that I was indeed dead. But I was still in denial.

Then Jesus told me, “Now try to throw up.”

I told Jesus, “My Brother, I have not eaten, I don’t need to throw up.”

But when I tried to throw up, to my surprise, a white woman came out of my mouth. Quickly, she went to stand next to the local river. She was in regrets.

I asked Jesus, “Who is this beautiful white lady? How can a person come out of my mouth? Tell me, Brother, who is she and how did she enter my body?”

Jesus told me, “This lady who came out of your body through your mouth is a marine spirit.”

I was in astonishment to learn this. And I was watching this water spirit who was deep in regret and consternation.

She regretted and said to herself, “I’m disappointed by all this. I have always been with Mimi since she was three months old. I was enjoying life with Mimi. We went to the bars and the nightclubs, but I’m shocked and disappointed that my friend drove me out of her body.”

At that moment, as the lady of the sea was complaining and whining around the water, Jesus told me, “My daughter, you had a water mermaid in your body. She entered your life when you were only three months old when your mother and your grandfather went to wash you in the water of the river. This water mermaid influenced your life into fornication and alcoholism.”

My dear, when I observed the white lady by the river, I was stunned. I never saw a human being regretting the way this lady of the sea was troubled. There is nothing more comfortable for a demon than to be in a human body. She regretted and lamented intensely. She wondered and said, “Where am I going to find another body?”

I told Jesus, “Do you mean that all this time this white woman was in my body?”

Jesus said, “This is true.”

Dear Christians, we must close the doors of our life by walking in holiness, because demons of all kinds roam in this world. Then I saw Jesus raising His hand. Accordingly, seven very short humanoid demons came out of my mouth and they ran away. They have joined the mermaid where she was standing.

I asked Jesus, “Who are these running creatures?”

He told me, “These are demons. They have entered your body when you were going to music concerts. When you went to nightclubs and bars, these little demons were in your heart. They pushed you to reject the good news of the gospel. Whenever My word was preached, you rejected the gospel. These demons resided there in your heart. They harden your heart in unbelief. There are people who will reject the gospel until their death because the devil has deployed his short demons around the heart of these people like guardians so that people can reject the gospel. And when the word is preached, it does not even reach the heart, because demons are stationed around their heart like guards to prevent the word to get inside.”

2 Corinthians 4:4 In whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine to them.

I heard one of his demons saying, “Mimi has abandoned us just like that. Where are we going to find another body?”

Then this man who was Jesus said, “Mimi, today, I separate you from demons.”

Then Jesus blew around four times, but the breath that came out of His mouth was the flame of fire that was in the shape of a wall of fire. And this fire formed the shape of a square of fire, which circled me for protection, and these flames were like a huge thread of fire.

Then Jesus told me, “Today, I separate you from these unclean spirits.”

I was wondering what kind of Man could spit fire from His mouth. Jesus Christ is Lord, and He is the Almighty God.

While I was surrounded by this flame of fire, then Jesus Christ called the lord of death and said, “You will fill her grave with the sand and cover it, and you bring me the Book of the Dead.”

I learned that before you die, your name will be written in the Book of the Dead. When the lord of death brought the Book of the Dead, I saw that it was an ancient book. When the Lord opened it, I saw my name written in this old Book of the Dead, and I was in terror. Then I saw Jesus erasing my name from this old and terrifying book.

And Jesus told me, “Look, you were already in the Book of the Dead. Everything was arranged for your death. The tomb was ready but I did not approve of that.”

Jesus gave the Book of the Dead back to the lord of death, and commanded him to cover the grave that was prepared for me.

Then Jesus said, “Now we have to get into your heart.”

Immediately we entered my heart. I could see the organs of my body. As soon as we entered, Jesus began to clean my heart. He was sweeping everywhere because there was dirt, impurities, and garbage everywhere. While He was cleaning my heart, I was looking at my organs and bodily systems inside my body. Indeed, when the demon enters our body and our hearts, they pour their dung and impurities inside.

After having cleansed my heart, Jesus told me, “From now on, I established My throne in your heart.”

After having done the cleaning, Jesus told me, “We are going out, but I have left My presence in your heart.”

Then He came out of my body, but I was confused.

I asked the Lord, “You said, we have to leave my heart. However, You told me that You were going to stay and reside in my heart.”

Back then I didn’t know Jesus was omnipresent and omnipotent.

Then Jesus left me in the hand of the Angel, who said to me, “Now we are going to enter the world of Satan. Hold me very well. If something happens to you in this world of darkness, you just have to invoke the name of Jesus Christ.”

When we entered the kingdom of Satan, there was a summit of demons and the forces of evil. As soon as we entered the auditorium, I saw a man who was sitting on a throne in front of the audience of demons. This man was very angry and furious. I saw him giving orders to a group of supernatural entities that were subordinate to him.

While this furious man gave directives to the demons, the Angel of the Lord told me, “Everything you see in this meeting, you will tell the world.”

I saw this man who was angry, give orders to demonic entities.

He told them, “You must understand that I am running out of time. I have only a little time left for me, so I have to use the little time that is available to me.”

Then this enraged man asked the demonic entities, “Where are the human bones that I have asked you?”

These demons said, “They are ready.”

As this conference continued, the Angel of the Lord told me, “This angry man is the devil, the enemy of God and humanity. He has no more time before him. That is why he is restless and nervous.”

I was speechless to learn that I was facing the devil who ordered the demons to go and take the human bones. The demons brought him human bones. He told them to go and grind these bones to dust. When these bones were reduced to dust, they came back with it in front of Satan’s throne.

Then I saw Lucifer telling demons, “Go all over the world towards the five continents. Go to the factories, industries, and corporations where they design beauty products and makeup. Go to industries that manufacture hygienic products, where they are creating cosmetics, pencils, and lipsticks. You will give these powders of human bones to the leaders of companies that are in alliance with us. Tell these business leaders to mix their cosmetic and hygienic products with these powders from human bones so that humanity would be bewitched.”

Beloved, do not buy them because these items are a point of contact through which humanity is manipulated and bewitched. These objects are attached to demons of fornication, spirits of rebellion, and seduction. These products will destroy your prayer life. You will have trouble reading the Bible. You will become heavy in prayer and you will lose motivation to go to church.

As this meeting of evil forces continued, I saw a lady of the sea, a diva in the name of Goddess Jacqueline, who rose up among the congregation of demons. And she held in her hands, a necklace, a ring and an earring. She showed Satan these items. And she promised the devil that these articles will affect the ladies all over the world, especially Christian women who buy and put them on.

Those articles that were attached to demons were supposed to be sold in affordable prices around the world and those who buy them will be bewitched.

When the women buy these items and put them on, this will constitute a point of contact and doorway allowing water spirits to have legal access to their lives, This point of contact gives authority to mermaids to influence and manipulate them.

Then I saw the lady Jacqueline with a parcel having a padlock, which was supposed to block the life of the person who was going to put those items on.

When goddess Jacqueline took her seat, another diva of the sea rose in the assembly of demons. She held a beauty pencil and she began to color her face with this new beauty pencil.

She promised Lucifer, “With this item, ladies all over the world will be manipulated and bewitched thanks to my cosmetic products. They will be rushed to hell thanks to my beauty pencils.”

Then I heard Lucifer telling leaders of corporations to design products in his honor. The devil spoke of clothes made with the skin of the snake. We must avoid products that honor the snake.

I heard the devil telling the audience, “We have just seen that in the past when we stuck the arrow of the death on these animals, while we were waiting for the date of execution of these animals, other animals came and took away the arrow before the date of execution of these animals. Due to this fact, we are therefore going to press deeply these arrows of death in these animals so that they would die immediately for fear that other animals would come and remove their arrows.”

In the world of Satan, men without Christ are called animals because human flesh is the food of demons. The devil meant that every time a human was programmed for death, often Christians came to preach the gospel of the Good News to them. As a result, the animal men accepted Jesus as Savior of their life. As a result, they escaped death. So it was necessary now to kill these animal men that are without Christ in a certain way for fear of losing them because of evangelism.

As this conference of demons continued, the devil told the audience, “There is someone who had entered here illegally and she is listening to all we are saying and planning.”

Immediately I saw the demons who were surprised by this announcement of Satan and they looked at each other. Suddenly they started looking for me. They ended up finding me and they apprehended me.

The devil ordered the demons to throw me into the abyss of darkness. While these two demons were about to cast me in the bottomless abyss, I remember the Angel’s word. He told me to use the name of Jesus Christ whatever happens to me in this kingdom.

When I shouted the name of Jesus Christ, immediately I saw a powerful hand descending which grabbed me from these demons and I saw the Angel of the Lord joining me again. It was then that the Angel of the Lord reappeared.

I told him, “I was not thrown into the abyss of darkness because I used the name of Jesus Christ.”

The Angel told me, “Go and tell the children of God to use the name of Jesus Christ in all their adversities.”

After attending this gathering of demons in hell, I heard a lot about God.

I asked, “Where is He? I would like to see this God who created the whole world.”

The Angel said, “You really want to see God but there are people who are opposed to this. They have accusations and complaints against you. They say you are their wife.”

Immediately, I saw three men who landed in front of us.

The first man had writing on his forehead that said, “Shamelessness.”

This man told me, “Mimi, how can you say that you want to see God? You lived in fornication for so many years. You are my wife. You heard talk about fornication in the world. I am the personification of fornication. I am the spirit of fornication. I am the one who pushed you to live a life of fornication. I am the one who influences and manipulates the whole world in sexual immorality. How can you ask to see God when all your life was in sexual immorality? Mimi, you’re not worthy to see God. Mimi, I am guilty and I will be burned in the lake of fire and sulfur on the Day of Judgment but you too have lived in sexual immorality like me and you will follow me in the lake of fire and brimstone. So how dare you say that you want to go to Heaven and see God? I was with you in the bars and the nightclubs. I pushed you is to sleep with men everywhere you go.”

Transcribed from The video ended abruptly at this point.

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