In the kingdom of Darkness, there is a section where Beauty Products and Cosmetics are made and brought to the surface to supply Major Distribution Companies.
Also, Manufacturing Companies are also supplied with Materials from under the Sea, material such as “urine”, “cemetery bone powder”, “human blood”, etc.; and these are used to make Beauty products.

Many women, even Christian women are not aware of this satanic movement.  1Corinthians 2:14, “A carnal person does not accept the teachings of God’s Spirit. He thinks they are nonsense. He can’t understand them because a person must be spiritual to discern them.”

There are many Sirens who are in charge of beauty products and cosmetics, however, the “Divas” of the Indian Ocean and the “Queen of India”, together with other goddesses and queens are in charge of this section.
Cabello – A king of Marine kingdom who is also in charge of beauty products. He rules the Cabello Kingdom in the marine kingdom.

In the Kabalistic kingdom [Marine kingdom] there are Laboratories where extreme technology and sophisticated equipments are used by high ranking Satanists to design things that are seductively beautiful and irresistible. They are created by scientists, technical engineers, Physicists and designers etc, who work tirelessly to design perfumes, assorted types of cosmetics: Lipsticks, Face powders, Eye Shadows, Eyes and Lip liners, Eyelash Extensions, Face Primers, Foundation, Contour powder/cream Cream, Concealers, Blusher, Highlighters, Bronzers, Setting Spray/Powders, Eye Primers, Mascara, Lip Gloss/balms, Applicators. 

Many Wigs and Hair extensions sold in stores were either manufactured in the Marine kingdom or they were manufactured on the earth, and the Factories got their raw material from the marine kingdom.
100% Human hair are hairs that come from various parts of the world; but the main countries are “Brazil”, “India”, “South Africa”, “United Kingdom”. ,However, most of these hairs are spiritual point of contacts.
They are either sacrificial hairs [hair that were cut as sacrificial offerings to the gods, and were after sold to merchandisers]; or they are hairs that came directly from the marine kingdom.

When a woman puts on Weave, Wig or hair extension that is manufactured by a factory of the Marine kingdom, she would become demonically enchanted. She may experience Cephalic problems such as “migraine headaches”, “Tumors” etc, but most of all will come under satanic bondage. where their lives will be shortened, and their spirits would become a property of the Marine kingdom; even if she is a christian.
The hairs are enchanted to collect sweat from the woman. Because the sweat comes from the blood, when the woman sweat, and it goes on the wig, it will go directly to the Marine kingdom. This is because of the incantations did on the mask.
Wearing cursed hair will make a woman an accursed soul and an abomination to Heaven.

The dark world would start controlling the women from beneath the Ocean,..

Many lipsticks sold in stores are made under the Oceans and are enchanted with curses and incantations through satanic rituals. The lipsticks would be made with human blood, substances from decaying dead bodies of the cemeteries, and other substances.

When women put on a these enchanted Lip balms and Lipsticks etc, the women’s lip would look like the mouth of a creature in the spirit realm. The woman’s tongue would look like that of a snake, and her lips would be black like darkness.
In these photos, the makeup artists created this image on the girls’ faces. What the artists and the girls do not know is this; the images created on the women faces are the exact image of what they would look like in the spirit realm; the resemblance of the demon.
The images on the right are perfect resemblances of what a woman’s mouth looks like in the spirit realm when she puts on a cursed lipstick.

The manipulation is so powerful, it only takes a servant whose eyes are open with the strongest of discernment, to see the true nature of these beautiful looking lipsticks.
The woman could be a worship leader or pastor etc, but out of her mouth would proceed a stench and bad smell. ​


This strategy is used by water Sirens in order to steal the beauty of women for themselves. Many face Powders are designed under the Sea, and are made with Demonic feces, dry dirt taken from the ground of Hell, Dead people’s bone powder etc. It is made to look and smell captivating through enchantments and perfected compounding of various substances.

These Powders may cause the face to look beautiful in the natural, but in the spirit realm, because of the demons in these powders, they would cause the face of the women to look like the face of a dead person; withered or having the appearance of a monster.
While the human woman is getting uglier in the spirit realm, the Siren demon is becoming more beautiful and humanlike; stealing the human’s beauty and gaining the appearance of a young woman in her teens or 20s.
This manipulation is important to the Marine kingdom because the Sirens are very ugly. The manipulation enables them to blend in among humans.

A similar version of this enchantment is seen in the Animated movie “Tangled”, where the Witch called Mother Gothel is using the Magick in Rapunzel’s hair to change her old-age appearance to that of young beautiful woman.
There are Christians who are deep in God, beautiful on the outside but they have the face of a monster.



Eye Shadow is basically what it is in the spirit realm – a shadow over the eye. There are extreme eyeshadows, and there are moderate use of eyeshadows. Nevertheless, it is no mystery, and it is not a modern practice, (Jeremiah 4:30).
Eye shadows is, was and has always been an adornment of seduction amongst seductresses of pagan societies. According to biblical history, Eyeshadows were developed and used for the purpose of witchcraft and seduction for sexual immorality.
Ezekiel 23:39 – 41, “The very day that they killed my children as sacrifices to idols, [pagan practices]; they came to my Temple and profaned it!”
“Again and again they sent messengers to invite men to come from a great distance, and the men came. The two sisters would bathe and put on eye shadow and jewelry“. 
Also, 2 Kings 9:30, “Jehu arrived in Jezreel. Jezebel [A Zidonian Witch], having heard what had happened, put on eye shadow, arranged her hair, and stood looking down at the street from a window in the palace”. 
In modern society, many Eye shadows are enchanted to cast demonic shadows and veils over the eyes of women so that a cover would be placed over their vision and block their spiritual sight.

Jesus addressed this spiritual blindness in revelation as he prophesied what would befall the last Apostolic church Age, (Rev 3:18).

It has become a later day practice where women have grown to be dissatisfied with their natural eyelashes and seek to put add-ons.
Many of the eye lashes extensions are made with the hair of sea demons; and are sent to the surface to trap the soul of women.
This manipulation is to steal the woman’s vision, block her sight and cast blindness spiritually.
When a woman puts on these things, they are saying to God, “God I do not appreciate your natural eyelashes that you gave me, I want longer eyelashes”.
These eye lashes also there to lure and enchant men, for they carry demons of lust, and seduction. Pro 6:25, “Do not desire her beauty in your heart, and do not let her capture you with her eyelashes”.
Isa 3:16, “They flirt with their eyes and make tinkling sounds with their ankle.”

Many people who are victims of demonic harassment have no knowledge of the doorway by which the demons came into their lives.
The Doorway of the kingdom of darkness is ALWAYS sin.
Many people are not be able to pray or fast because of demons that are attached on their clothes or item. People who have items of demons are seen naked in the spirit realm. Therefore, Jesus said, they think they are clothed but they are naked. As long an enchanted or accursed thing rest on a human body, the clothes of this person automatic disappears.

Sin is the image of the Devil, but he also manifests whatever you are. Php 3:2 says, “Beware of dogs”,
Rev 22:15 says, “For outside are the dogs, and sorcerers;” Who are the dogs? Dogs are coupled with evil-workers, people of pagan foundations, people of a contemptuous character. A dog is a figure of insignificance.
People who are dogs in spirit will be slaves to the Devil who will manifests with the head of a Dog; he is god of the dogs.

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