Today what I have to deliver is an alert for the year that is about to come. I had a vision of many Christians who are going to die and go to hell from this coming year. What I have to give you is the whip of discipline, it’s hard words I’ve never spoken, but I’ll have to tell you. If not, I will be charged. I obey my King. What I’m going to talk about here is for the church’s own good and prevent more Christians from going to hell. I want to pass on a revealed message from God to those who work in the work.
You work for God and not for man, so why do you want to be rewarded by people? Just as the waiter serves customers, he becomes smaller and not larger. The waiter works for his boss in return for a monthly salary. If the king commands the servant to serve the guests, he will receive nothing from the guests but receives a reward from his king for doing his work. You work for King Jesus, not for man, only Jesus will reward you for your work. The souls you win cannot reward you. Do not ask money from souls in exchange for sharing the word of salvation.
Be God’s skilled workers, do everything to please Him. Go to the extreme to get your attention from God. Workers do not want to please me, they are not working for me. It is not I who will give you the crown of eternal life. Do not strive in the work for me, do not try to please me. I congratulate you on your work, but if you knew how to attract the look of the One who can do everything for you, I will be very happy.
It is no use coming near me to please me, thinking that I will give you positions because of the friendship. I would never give a position to a Christian who is not prepared. Only those who live a holy life and are preparing for spiritual battle will be charged.
Nor will I give any office for the highest tithe or the greatest offering. I do not see the offices, I only anoint those whom God commands. I do not let myself be influenced by money, giving the work of God into the hands of those who contribute. It does not matter to me what is your social class, your race, or whether you are a man or a woman. If God commands me to anoint you, I will.
Be a worker approved by God and will be for me as well. Be an approved worker, do the service of the kingdom and improve your life in the presence of God each day. This will bring more benefit to your spiritual life.
This message I say is from God.
Christ is in me and I am in Him, we are one in the union. Your Holy Spirit is connected with me. Jesus is interested in His work that involves the salvation of souls.
It is not binding on those who wish to enrich themselves by believing in the theology of prosperity. Many people believe in this teaching to possess material goods. Jesus does not want His church to gain earthly blessings but heavenly blessings. While many are worried about getting homes and cars, Jesus is worried about the Bride. Who is going to get the Bride ready for the wedding?
Everything that you have conquered will stay on earth when Jesus comes for His church. The antichrist will take all the goods of the church for not worshiping him. This man is going to confiscate land, houses, buildings, cars, and apartment for the state. He will give the material goods to whom receive his mark. Worry about heaven, church. All the material things they have conquered will not lead to eternity. Do not let the theology of prosperity dominate your minds with avarice for money.
Do not let this teaching contaminate your hearts with the ambition to want to have much more than what is necessary. Do not follow the Gospel of mammon that offers a paradise on earth, temporary perishable reward, where the rust and the moth consume it.
Warn the Church of the evil that is coming upon the earth. God gave you the freedom to work in His harvest. It is He who empowers you through His Word. The work cannot stop and the service to the kingdom of God has to work. Keep working for God. Through you, God is within reach of lost souls.
The Holy Spirit has visited souls because where there is God’s Word, it operates through it. Where there is the truth, there is the Holy Spirit of God. It is the word of God that governs the church. If you do not want to do the work for which you were called, God will put another in your place, for the work cannot stop.
Only accept the position if you have the calling or spiritual experience with God. Never change the position for which you were called by a greater one out of your calling, that does not work.
In the church where I am, men of God wanted to take over the flock of a branch. God hindered them. He revealed to me that they are not prepared and He used two more vessels to confirm that word. There was a shepherd with me in the work, God took him and put another in the place because he was not taking care of the flock properly. And the other pastor was removed from the work because he was in sin. He spent 3 months praying to God and repaired his broken altar until he was approved by God and returned to his shepherd post.
The work of God is very serious and it is not at all. The Lord Jesus loves all who dedicate themselves to their offices and watch over His work. He enjoys the loyalty of the good shepherds in the house of prayer. Those who follow the rules of His word and keep His statutes. He who fulfills the divine orders. Shepherds who love the flock and heed the oppressed. Those who pray for the weak, interceding for the weakness of the brothers who are powerless. To pastors who are interested in helping souls. To those who keep holy doctrine. To those who do not spread the sins of souls to the public by denigrating their image. To those who do not use their tongues to judge the sin of others, but to correct with love. To pastors of good conduct of life who do not give themselves to the scandals. To those who are punctual in their commitments. To those who treat well the lost souls. To those who help their enemies when they need them.
All these are pleasing to God. To Christians who denounce the sin and abuse of fraudulent pastors. These represent the Gospel of truth.
Members who congregate in holy churches, obey the doctrines of their pastors. Respect the shepherds and obey the spiritual authorities raised by God. Commit to the work, resist the slanders and pressures of false Christians.
Pastors respect the capacities and limitations of each person. Take care of the flock, this work is not yours and you will be accountable to God for every soul. No sheep belongs to him, but he belongs to the One who bought them and has the right to them.
Pastors be an example of giving good testimony for the flock to follow and treat the wicked with courtesy, civility, and availability. And the flock must set an example of true Christians to the world so that people can convert through their testimonies of life. God is waiting for them to change their attitudes toward sin.
Churches pray to God about the work, whether what you are doing is right or wrong. Pastors keep the cults pure and holy, following the Word of God. If you commit any doctrinal error in the church whether in the way of praise or in the word, ask forgiveness of God. Everything that contradicts the presence of the Holy Spirit in a cult, throws away.
Pastors do nothing for the sake of someone’s reward, do it for Jesus. Follow the doctrine and bear good witness by being effective in the work. Be considerate and men of good reputation in society. When God commands you to deliver a word and you do not do it, if any evil happens with that soul, you will be guilty.
Shepherds take care of the flock, keep the girls on the eyes of God, keep the church free from heresies, for they are the inheritance of Jesus. Consult Jesus how to deliver the sheep to their King. It is your duty to take care of the flock that is in your responsibilities. Before making any decision on the work, consult Jesus. The members also before speaking in a direction speak with God.
Be zealous for the work and do not scandalize the work. Walk in doctrine, be faithful in the Word, obeying the statutes of God. You are part of this army of Jesus, do not betray your general. Do your bidding, do not obey the shepherds who teach lies and induce sin. Your workers do not work for the pastor, but for your God.
Pastors you are not the owners of the churches nor the workers of your positions. Pastors, take note that any breach of your calling will have very serious consequences for your lives. If you do not keep the doctrine of God and teach the flock to practice the Word rightfully and truthfully, you have already entered into condemnation.
The altar is holy, beware of false teachings, philosophies, and heresies. You who have received the gifts of God, do not abuse your authority, for the gifts are not yours. Do not use the gift to promote yourself, do not be selfish wanting to appear before men. Use the gift in moderation for the glory of God. If you who have received the gift and are using it for other purposes, it will be taken from you.
Be fair and honest. For those who are already in the work and receive an offer of help is enough, they do not have to be asking for more money or to get from the house of God. Whatever offering is given for the house of prayer cannot be yours, but what was given to you does not belong to the church. Never ask for money to do the work of God. Whoever will obey this injunction is of God.
Do not question God about the blessings you have not yet received from your work in the work. What Jesus has for you is great, not on earth. What He has prepared for you is eternal, something extraordinary that is not perishable.
Church treat well the souls who did not convert, for only then will they draw near to God. Preach the truth without fear of frightening them. If you are not qualified for the work, do not let anyone anoint you. If you are in sin do not go up on the altar, the Holy Spirit is forbidding you. You will be suspended until you repent. All these works are corrected by the Holy Spirit when the people do not obey the statutes of God.
The work of God cannot stop because of your work or because of your family. We must work in the work of God with love and efficiency and always give our best to God, always seeking to improve our services to King Jesus.
The shepherd cannot treat the sheep with inequality, offering privileges to each other, but he will anoint those who are prepared to work according to their vocations, provided they are in the will of God and in the direction of His Spirit.
Pastors who live the Gospel have authority in the spirit world and can face legions of demons by the church, not letting them touch the lives of the flock and deceive them. The pastor has the right to correct and discipline the flock. And the sheep, if they are in sin, must accept that discipline; failure to do so may send them to hell when they die. The doctrine will save their souls from perdition.
Jesus gave authority to the holy church to act within what the Word determines. Jesus delivered the holy church to the shepherds, it is up to them to care and the flock to do the task that Jesus put into their hands.
Pastors, you are not supervised by men, but there is an angel in each church overseeing their conduct within the church. Review your deeds, for it will be used against you in the judgment. Some shepherds have protected their flock from the wolves. You are not greater because you are a pastor, the bishop is not greater than your treasurer, but your responsibilities are greater. The Lord Jesus has taken care of His holy works that He has placed in the hands of his servants.
I was praying in the church vigils and a young man was raptured, see his account.
My name is Endre, I was praying and I was taken over by a supernatural force. When I woke up my spirit was climbing a ladder towards heaven. When I got there I went through a narrow door and was already in paradise.
I saw a man in white robes who had just passed through the narrow door. When I stepped my feet in the celestial kingdom I gave a smile because I longed for it from my conversion. I always dreamed of it and counted the time to leave this evil world. The angel received me at the door like a winner for having managed to overcome the world.
The angel said, “We are grateful for your services on earth, good work you did in the work for your God, welcome, enter for the joy of your Master.”
When I entered heaven, I heard the sound of great trumpets. I was treated as a champion for being able to overcome sin and to live an entire life, separated from the world as a pure virgin who did not become contaminated with the world.
The saints I saw in heaven have finished their work on earth and are resting in paradise. At night and day, there is no night there, Jesus is the very light that reflects His glory in heaven. He is between space and time, there is no counting of time, everything is eternal there.
I saw the good shepherds and laborers receiving a prize for every soul that made them walk in truth. They were called defenders of truth. And they carried their cross until the last minutes of life on earth. They won and so they were getting their crowns. Each one received precious stones for his services rendered to the kingdom of God. They have passed the test and now enjoy all their rights received in eternal life. They had immense advantages when they reached heaven. They also fed on manna and delicious fruits. They inherited their lands.
Whatever you are doing in the work of God, it is not free, you will receive heavenly gratification that awaits you. King Jesus is his master in this work and will pay for his services rendered. There is no way to compare this life of suffering from the heavenly paradise. Those who do not want this path will be at a disadvantage when they die, going to hell.
I walked the streets with golden stones. I saw a gold library in heaven full of books. The angel walking beside me said that they are books of knowledge, wisdom, and revelations. They are hidden teachings in the eyes of all the inhabitants of the earth. These teachings speak about heavenly things, about the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and paradise. The Bible is just a particle of this knowledge. The angel said that those who cry out to God, some things from these books are revealed to them. The deeper revelations were not revealed.
Also, the angel took me to the archives room in heaven. The life and works of every saint on earth are recorded.
I saw several castles in heaven, some are empty waiting for their residents who are still living on the earth. Other castles already have their residents. I saw carriages full of people and the angels directed them. The guardian angels of the city stood at the doors watching.
Within some castles were boxes of gold. The prizes belonged to a simple man with no fame. This man lived a holy life on earth. His castle was amassed with awards which are the prizes he has collected on earth. This man dedicated himself to the work of God, from youth to the old age. He was rewarded for his work on the work. He was rewarded for his efforts. He was humbled and persecuted for the Gospel. He even passed through the valley of the shadow of death. He had been tortured and the scars were on his body. When he died he went into heaven and the scars were gone. A straight man, a God-fearing man who now rests from his work.
Few people come to heaven. They come to heaven one by one, it’s not like hell that I saw people falling like tons of sands down. When I was in heaven, a Christian came through the door. He came in glorifying and singing a hymn. He was the fourth person I saw entering that day and no one ever entered.
I could see crowds of people dying on earth, but their souls went down into the depths instead of going up. Only the soul of this Christian who had died on that day who ascended into heaven, he was the fourth person to enter. So many people get lost and few get saved.
I also saw in a book in heaven that our names are different from our earthly names and are written in a heavenly language. We will only understand the meaning of our new names at the wedding of the Lamb. Our robes are also different in heaven.
Then the angel came down with me to hell. He took me in two places. One only of Christians and political wicked.
This was the first place I visited. They are in that place because of money and government corruption. They diverted money that could save many people. People died in hospitals for not having medicine and doctors for lack of money. They had diverted all health money to their accounts. And many people died of hunger because of that money.
Then the angel took me to another place in hell. There I saw the shepherds suffering in the infernal flames. I saw a pastor being whipped by 937 demons. His back was off the leather and it was in the flesh showing the bones. I looked at that whip and saw that it is pure steel and full of iron thorns.
I asked, “Angel, why this man is suffering this terrible punishment?”
The angel said, “He is suffering for every soul that has been lost from his church. He did theology and opened a church without being prepared, did not preach salvation, only blessings. His church grew and 937 souls who died were lost, those 937 demons that punish him represent a soul that has been lost in his power.”
Every blood of these people who have not entered heaven is being charged at that time, the Lord Jesus is demanding from the hands of this man. It is not a joking matter to open churches on earth and to play the role of pastor, for he who opens ministry and souls begins to congregate, he becomes responsible for each person. Woe to him if he does not preach the truth and the members lose their salvation.
The angel showed me other shepherds and said, “These shepherds are here for making their workers sin, aiding in their corruptions.” They induced the innocent workers to practice deception.
The angel showed me the pastors who open up churches to promote themselves and get rich.
The angel said, “These men did not set up their churches to gather souls to God, but to the kingdom of Satan.”
I also saw the Christians who served two masters. They preached on the holy altar, but when they were not in the church they practiced abominable deeds. His illicit deeds before God stank in His nostrils.
I also saw pastors in hell for putting in strange people to preach at the altar. These ministers were not of God and did not belong to the harvest of Christ. They are deviant Christians who preached the word by making the flock deviate from the path of truth. They induced the church to commit sin. And the shepherds who let those ministers preach the Word harming the flock were held accountable for this sin. These shepherds were paying in hell for letting those preachers divert the flock from the truth.
The angel said, “Nothing shall be left unpunished on the earth, all the evil seeds that were sown shall be gathered up by him that sowed.”
I saw pastors in hell for using their fame, influencing people to usurp the house of God, stealing everything and deceiving the innocent. These pastors benefited from the work of God through offerings and tithes. The punishments for these shepherds were worse than for the wicked. They were thrown into the hottest furnace of hell.
I saw pastors in hell for inventing strange activities in worshiping God. They modernized the services by putting things that the Bible does not authorize. They received greater punishment in hell than the wicked.
The angel said, “There of those who add the unclean to the sacred worship. They violated the scriptures, offering worship to the demons and not to God. There the souls who follow the blind shepherds. They undermine doctrine and stain people’s souls and minds with false doctrines.”
The angel showed me another shepherd in hell. He was selfish just thinking about himself. This pastor spent all the church money on his vanities. He traveled with his family with the offerings of the church. He luxuriated with the church money on the best hotels. And many souls of his church were in need, he did not think of the flock. This shepherd is in a pit full of fire larvae.
The angel said, “The work of God is being affected because of the lack of commitment of these shepherds. They open up legality in the world of darkness so that the demons work in the midst of the flock. Their churches are houses of demons, not of prayer. They are putting many innocent lives in the valley of doom. Then for these shepherds, the fire of hell will be hotter for them than for the other souls.”
The angel said, “Worship outside the Bible norms is the worship of demons. Christians who obey the teachings of these churches but do not obey God will not enter the kingdom of heaven. If the souls of the churches are going to hell, it is these shepherds who are to blame. They will be held accountable for the deficient work that makes souls go wrong without knowing the truth. His sick and weak doctrines teach the way of this place. They are guilty and will be held accountable for every lost soul. The Lord God will charge millions of blood on their heads. Every soul lost because of his teachings God will require. All the evil caused in the work of God will be blamed.”
[Source: Evangelist Josivan, Mission of Nations Church,]

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