Revelation of the Lord made to Brother Eugène Brou, Servant of God, President of the Mission Evangelical Philadelphia (MEP), based in Abidjan-Abobo (Ivory Coast).

“The Lord bless you, Church of God.

I was invited on the morning of Sunday January 6, 2002 by my brother, the prophet Richard, to preach in his assembly in Abobo.

The day before, around 4 a.m., I was awakened by the Holy Spirit. So I obeyed the Holy Spirit. After having prayed for myself and my house, I began to pray for the congregation that invited me. It is true that I interceded for this assembly, but I prayed to receive revelations from the Lord on assembly, so that I can tell them the next day. So I thought my intervention would be well filled. This is how any Servant of God should normally do.

I was praying with all humility, according to me, when the Holy Spirit told me to stop, “I have always asked you never to approach God with the thought of seeking to please men, although this is barely visible. It is true that you pray for the assembly, that I help you to intervene effectively. But you are committing this sin of wanting to impress them. All of this produces pride, because of your interest in yourself. So pray for your brothers selflessly, without seeking any glory for yourself, and you will see. ”

Brothers and sisters, I started doing it as a child, without a second thought. Suddenly the Lord opened my eyes and showed me this vision:

I saw in the second heaven the demons meeting against the Christians. They said, “So far the record is good. We have achieved a lot against Christians.

We have succeeded in making several men of God fall into the sin of the love of money.

They call it “the prosperity ministry or the prosperity anointing”, and we have bound their hearts to these things.

Many have fallen into pride. They no longer run behind their God, but behind goods of this world and their own glory.

We have made many seek the glory of men, manifesting the anointing in such a carnal way.

They act so that the devotees cry out, fall, and go into a trance. They call it “receiving the anointing.” These are demonstrations that deliver no one.

The spirits who possess these people to play the game of these showmen, since they seek to be applauded by men. There are a lot of things happening that don’t concern God. This makes them leads them and their assemblies into sin and curse.

Many have fallen into sexual sins and they continue out of pride. They accept reasonings that we give them and have sex in secret. Others live still in adultery, masturbation etc.…

Through our daughters, we have managed to get the sexy clothes into most evangelicals churches; thus demons circulate at ease among them, and sin increases.

Several churches claim to be the best and claim that we must necessarily belong to them to to be delivered and saved.”

Church of God, what I saw next was awful. These “men of God”, pastors and Christians, were all chained in a big net and were all in the camp of those demons. Many were really initiated into witchcraft.

I saw the Lord Jesus rise up and fight with His angels because Satan and his army were preparing to seriously attack the Church.

The Lord said, “You often watch for your country and intercede for it. You do well, but do it also for the Church, for her awakening and for the mission of evangelization that I have entrusted to her. If you do not rise up to fight by the blood of the Lamb, the Church will feel great shame in the times that are coming. Satan is preparing a time of difficulty for the Church. Unite for true intercession, to free your brothers who have already been captured by demons, and to enter into the evangelization of souls “.

I saw the occultists, the Rosicrucians, and the false churches sold to Satan. These groups totally agreed with these demons to attack the true children of God.

Church of God, the Lord then told me about Christians that demons have bound. They come to the church when they want, they come in times of prayer to be like everyone else, or because of some people they don’t want to disappoint. They also do it because of wizards of whom they are afraid, or because they think about their future. The revival tells them nothing, the work of God doesn’t tell them anything, the Holy Spirit doesn’t tell them anything.

Church of God, the Lord then told me about some large churches that are currently more than 80% led by demons, because everything is routine. These are the men who decide everything and who program everything in place of the Holy Spirit. Sin is widely tolerated.

So many churches are dead, and others are dying out spiritually without notice. Many of them got rich, despite all these sins. But the Lord has declared that they will perish with all their riches if they do not repent and not convert.

Thank you, beloved brothers and sisters, the Lord bless you.

You can read Revelation chapters 1, 2, and 3 for the discernment of this message.

Let him who has ears listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches.