Hi brother, I was 7 years old when the enemy appeared to me and offered me money. I lived in misery with my family, so I dabbled in witchcraft. I ran away from Sunday School in order to attend witches’ temples. I started growing up in the occult. They did all the rituals with me and taught me all the basics. In my life there was a great thirst for the spirit world. I started to grow and the darkness offered me more power and more knowledge.

I got involved with the witchcraft brotherhood. I was recognized in Puerto Rico as the youngest spiritist and witch. In the occult area the mediums who taught witchcraft and the witches were amazed and they recognized that I had something special and started to offer me many things.

Satan had a plan but God also has another plan and God spoke to my mother that I would be her enemy and that I would know death and that was very impactful for my mother to know that her son would be an enemy of God. She didn’t give up praying and fasting for me.

I kept growing in occult magic and that got me up to an impressive level in such a way that I became a head hunter. The enemy took me to a high level of masonry to do a special job. He did that with me to destroy the creation of God. He appeared to me and offered me the power and money. He told me, “Your job now is not to make sacrifices or do witchcraft for clients but to destroy churches.”

The money he offered me was impressive and had high powers. He said to me, “You will have special powers to fly through the air, or shapeshift to a dog. You can do many things but I want you to destroy people who sing praises to God because I can’t get into this place.”

That impacted me because his objective was to destroy churches and capture souls. The offer was irresistible. I accepted. He took me to the white mansion of Puerto Rico where are all the sorcerers, witches, and the Satanists meet.

They said, “For your kind of caliber, you can do the job that we cannot do.”

When they told me to destroy churches, at that moment the war started. I started to destroy the churches with witchcraft and sorcery. I was a church destroyer. I spent 23 years destroying evangelical missionary pastors and I hunted them. I was a headhunter. I looked for those who really lived and fasted and started working with spiritual illnesses. I want the people to understand that the enemy’s weapon is spiritual. My persecution was cruel and extreme. There was no denomination I didn’t visit. I visited everyone.

The enemy presented herself to me dressed as the shining angel and was very beautiful. Her eyes were blue and she had a beauty that does not exists on Earth. This was a black woman who would not let me see her feet but that was nothing important to me. But there was something about her eyes that is very impressive. I was drawn to her eyes. It was as if her eyes captured my soul. Her eyes had the most deadly charm of a snake.

I accepted the position. She gave me a lot of money. In one day it was $10,000 to $20,000. Sometimes she would tell me, “I will give you $50,000 but I want you to destroy that church completely.” Every time she appeared to me it was an assignment.

She said, “I want you to destroy this particular pastor.”

I told her, “Why don’t you destroy him yourself?”

She told me, “I can’t be everywhere at the same time.”

She herself recognized that she was not omnipresent.

She said, “It’s not just you who destroy the churches but there were spiritists, Satanists, sorcerers everywhere who are destroying churches.”

She always sent me a message there were people of God who were bold. “They are holy and separated and many wizards can’t touch them because they are filled with the Holy Spirit and they make war on us. We could never touch them. We send accidents, spiritual infirmities and spears of death and yet we couldn’t touch them.”

I want you to understand Satan can cure your disease so that you become his captive. This is his falsehood but the only one who has salvation is Jesus Christ. He has the truth and life. The Lord was always looking at me because I have a mother who was always fasting and praying for me.

I went to a church that prayed and fasted and I saw a white mantle covering these people and I thought, “What is in these people that I can’t destroy?” I was able to destroy many churches and yet in this church, I couldn’t even remove any of those people’s hair.

I said, “What do those people have that other churches didn’t have that I could destroy?”

I put spells, charms, witchcraft on the doors of those serious churches but I couldn’t do anything to their people. The Holy Spirit walked with them and that prevented me from doing anything to them. There were people who went to church and I looked for someone to destroy – anyone, whether it was the pastor or the church members. I found a lady who liked someone else’s husband. Through this lady, I was able to destroy the marriages of other Christians. I used her as an open door to bring curses to her church. I sent something to her to make the spill on the altar in order infect the other married couples. This is strong, brothers. We have to unmask the devil.

Some Christians came to my house and I could not do anything because when they knocked on the door there was a resplendent man in front of them and then they broke my statues and images. I thought, “Who are they to do this? Who are these people?” But I couldn’t move. I had prepared myself. There was blood prefixed on the floor but those people didn’t care about that.

They said, “We are not afraid of the devil as we have the Almighty God.”

I couldn’t move. The pastor said, “Shut up in the name of Jesus!” And I couldn’t open my mouth all night. I thought what power these people have.

God said through the pastor’s mouth that He was willing to forgive me.

I said, “You are my enemy. How is it possible that You want to forgive me?”

I refused. I didn’t want to know about Jesus Christ. My wife and my children were crying but I had a hard heart. God had told me, “For that woman I love you.”

At that moment I cried yes. I cried because the word of God is like the double-edged sword that penetrates the heart. There was a prophecy that would be fulfilled and that it was death for me if I don’t come to Jesus. The Lord said to me through that pastor, “If you do not come to Me, death will come to you.”

But I changed my mind and refused Jesus. I did not want Him. Three days later, death surprised me. I had a cardiac arrest, a stroke, and a kidney failure. My wife took me to the hospital and the doctor confirmed my death at six in the morning. I did not want Jesus and death surprised me. I believed that I knew everything and all the foundation was in the Satanic Bible that I read.

My soul left my body. I could see everything there. I saw that my body had been placed on a metal bed. I was trying to get into my body but I couldn’t. My five senses were heightened. I heard in my ears the buzzing sound of beasts. In a fraction of seconds, they caught me. When they touched me, I felt anguish, pain, and oppression. I felt pain because these demons brought me oppression from Hell.

I’m giving this testimony and there are millions of people going down to Hell. People don’t know and go there out of ignorance. They didn’t know Christ died on the cross to give us salvation. It was God Himself who created Hell. Satan did not create Hell. God did not create Hell for man. He created Hell for the angels that rebelled. We will go to that place if we didn’t go to Christ. I didn’t want to go to Hell with an escort. The pain was brutal and I couldn’t escape.

My soul screamed but nobody heard me. Where I was, there were a lot of people. It is a dark place where demons look like cigarettes crossing from one place to another. A door opened and I saw a pestilence that caused millions to die and fall in that place. There is no place with a stronger odor than this place. All the pestilences on Earth do not compare to this place. The screams were from millions of people at once.

I said to the demons, “Stop, you were working for me on Earth. I’m Carlos Lopes.”

They told me, “We don’t care who you are. On Earth you had power but here we are in charge.”

Demons mocked me. They turned in front of me in the shape of Saint Bárbara.

[Saint Barbara with Yemanja, Queen of the Sea, a marine kingdom goddess are venerated by Catholics in Puerto Rico. Behind Saint Barbara is the orixa or demon-entity Lansã Day, the warrior orixá, lady of souls, of winds, of storms, of lightning and tornadoes. The 16 demon-entities worshiped in candomblé and umbanda (witchcraft religions in Brazil and Latin America) correspond to one or more Catholic saints. The first Africans of Yoruba arrived in Brazil as slaves. The Yoruba’s religion was Candomble. Due to Catholic prohibition, the slaves began to associate their deities with Catholic saints to exercise their faith in disguise. Thus today in modern Latin America, when a Catholic kneels before a statue of a Catholic saint, he is kneeling before one of the 16 demon-entities in the spirit.]

They said to me, “Man, why have you fallen here?”

They did a lot of things in the way they were torturing me. The heat in that place was like the sun was in there. The steam was burning. The heat was intense. There were many tortured souls. The demons took me to the entrance and then I saw how souls fell there from different places and I laid down.

We were in the place of wizards. There were wizards of all ages dressed in the clothes of their times. There was a pillar of fire and I said, “What is this? Where am I?” It was agony and despair. I started to feel that my soul was drying up. I felt a pain that I cannot describe in this place. I felt the worms. The worms had 3 mouths. The worms emanated from the soul. If I took one out, 20 more appeared and they are like lice on top of the soul. I saw how the souls there ran screaming in hysteria. They screamed saying, “God save me from here!” And the worms were on them. They threw the fireworms but if one of them came out the demons laughed.

I said, “I have the basics of witchcraft and the demons appear to me.”

They told me, “Who are you going to call?” and they turned into pagan gods.

I said, “Why did you appear to me on Earth?”

They told me, “We make the world fall into confusion so that they end up here in Hell.”

They said, “When the Righteous Man called you when you were alive, you refused. You had the opportunity but you turned Him down. Now you have come to this place.”

They do not speak the name of the Lord. I shouted. There were beasts in the cages there. I saw elves mistreating the witches. They hit them in the face. There were many ways of torture wherever your soul goes. It is not purgatory but Hell and the moment one refused the Lord Jesus, he lands here.

Suddenly someone entered that place and the demons scattered. The place was lit up as if it were daytime. It was something impressive. Then I heard a voice calling my name three times there. I met the Lord Jesus. He had white robes and floated in the air. He had sandals and His feet emanated fire. His fire was different from the fire of Hell. Then a hand appeared and shed the blood and cleaned me. I started to feel relief and the worms came out.

I said, “Lord, get me out of here. I’m going to preach Your word. I know I’m a fake. I know I persecuted You. Let me out of here.”

The Lord told me to be quiet and said, “I just came to get you because I promised your mother. I fetched you not because you are Carlos Lopes. I can send a person to Hell and give him a revelation. I went to fetch you because I gave your mother a promise.”

What impacted me was seeing those animal beasts. Demons in the shape of scorpions were torturing the prostitutes. I could see the men who drank alcohol. The demons gave them acid and they drank and consumed. I saw mountains of cocaine, mountains of marijuana and the demons caused the souls to submerge there but not for the pleasure but for torture.

I could see places in Hell where souls fall and they never reach the bottom. I saw many chambers but everything was orderly. Nothing was pleasant.

I told the Lord that I wanted to leave and He said, “I have brought you here for revelations. It is necessary that you see so that My Father is glorified by the things I speak to you. I do anything so that My people do not come here.”

What impacted me most was that the Lord started to cry and I asked, “Lord, why are You crying?”

He said to me, “I will take you to a more terrible place, a place that nobody wants, a place that because of My word that My people do not want to obey. The same word that upholds you is the same word that condemns you.”

I could see a lake and in that place, I could see people submerged in that place and the demons stabbing, torturing and mocking them. I saw people dressed in suits.

The Lord told me, “They are pastors. They robbed Me in tithes and offerings. They are My people who didn’t tithe and give offerings.”

I said, “Lord, the shepherds are good. How come they are here?”

The Lord told me, “In time, you will understand why no thief will enter My kingdom.”

I could see an evangelist who deceived the people, telling lies to them and manipulating them and the Lord told me, “You cannot deceive the Holy Spirit. You cannot deceive the people. You cannot manipulate the word because otherwise the plagues of My book will fall on you.”

I did not understand what the Lord told me.

He told me, “Do you see the missionary over there?”

I saw her and the Lord said, “She is tortured there because she took the children’s clothes home and sold the donations. They didn’t go anywhere. She sold them and paid for the house and car. The proceeds never got to the intended charities. She thought she could deceive God.”

The Lord told me, “My Spirit teaches everything. I will show you why My people are getting lost.”

So the Lord took me to a church where the sisters were praising God. They sang like angels and spoke in tongues.

I said, “Lord, where’s the sin here?”

And the Lord stood behind them like a whirlwind and said, “Each one of them has hate in their heart. Each one of them is superb but none of them love My servant. When you have something against your brother leave your gift before the altar and reconcile with him so that he doesn’t give you up to the judge. Take the time and forgive. If you don’t forgive, you are like a murderer and murderers cannot enter My kingdom. My Spirit all the time is teaching that. My Word says in 1 Corinthians 13:1  Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I have become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. 2  And though I have prophecies, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so as to move mountains, and do not have charity, I am nothing.

I was in Hell. My wife had already signed the papers. My body was already in the bag. There was no hope left for me when God returned life to me to tell the people that there is still hope. It is time to return to Christ. It is time to leave strife and debates. We have to unite against Satan and not against our brothers. We cannot denigrate our brothers if they have fallen. We have to raise them up. No matter which church you are, no matter what title you have, I have seen people in Hell who served more than 50 years of the gospel but they are still lost. Please, please brothers, it is a matter of obedience. It is time if you want to go with Christ, forgive your brother. There is no perfect church.

The Lord restored my body and the hospital doctors said it was a miracle. We are light amid the darkness. Amen.

Translated from Carlos Lopes video.

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