When I was growing up, often my mother was quarreling with dad, complaining that all the money was going to the church. My father was always sowing seed supporting the work of God. My mother was upset.

The Lord told me, “Whatever your father sowed for My kingdom, you will reap them. I am paying them back in your life, the wonders you are experiencing are the fruits of the seeds that your father sowed which I am paying. He will not die without seeing My goodness. I will make sure that he testifies.”

The day I told my father these words of the Lord, my father cried and he was in tears.

He said, “Is it really true that the God of Heaven recognized me and He talked to you about me?”

My father was touched and humbled to be mentioned by the Almighty.

Dear brothers, before the opening of my spiritual vision, I went through some training about the spirit world. It was like a school where I was enrolled.

Every step of the way, the Lord was instructing me to withdraw from the crowd and retreat for prayer. I was often complaining because of the discipline of the Lord.

In the night the Lord was coming to transport my spirit to the celestial world. The Lord came in the shape of a huge Eagle. He placed me on His great wings, and we traveled to the spirit world. The Lord is the great Eagle, the Lord is light, His hair is whiter than snow.

Friend, pray to the Lord who is the great Eagle and become His friend.

My brother, I was transported to the spirit world by a delegation of angels sent by the Chief Angel Gabriel, who took me to the Heavenly world. However, I was not admitted in many offices and realms of the Celestial world because of the sin that was found in me.

Brother, you must avoid sin at all cost, for I was not accepted in many realms of the Heavenly world because of my sinful life. It is only when the Lord Himself came in the shape of the great Eagle that I was accepted in all the offices of Heaven.

When I became a child of God, I was handed a passport. I was joyful on that day.

The Lord said, “You are now enrolled and you have a passport that gives you the right to talk to angels and the saints of Heaven and spirits of Heaven. This passport will allow you to speak to spirits.”

Later on, I discovered that I needed a visa for access to mysteries. When I got the visa for Heaven, I start to see the Heaven opening regularly for my spiritual vision was open.

Whenever the Heavens opened, I was hearing the explosive and tremendous voice of the Almighty. I am always shaking and trembling because of the thunderous voice of God. That was too much for me. I was often crying when the Lord God spoke in Heaven. I was overwhelmed by His explosive voice.

After getting the passport and visa, I was handed a ticket to come and go to Heaven. The Lord took me to the restaurant of Heaven when I got my visa and ticket. This restaurant was like a canteen.

The following day I was sleeping when I saw that the Lord. He took me out of my body and then He placed me on His shoulder. Suddenly, we landed in a golden and transparent Boulevard very beautiful. I saw that the Lord was tall for my height was at the level of His hip. His face and chest were covered by glory.

He asked me, “Michael, how do you find this place?”

When I look, I saw that it was magnificent and shiny.

The Lord told me, “This Boulevard that you see is the road that leads to My throne. Those who are serving Me and fearing Me will walk this Boulevard that leads to My kingdom when they die. Tell them to keep My word.”

Then the Lord took me to camps to see angels. They were myriads of angels in these camps. Then we crossed the Golden Boulevard. I saw that on the other side of the transparent Boulevard, there was another camp where I saw millions of angels.

I asked the Lord, “What do we do in order to be enrolled in the spirit world and to get passport, visa and the ticket?”

He told me, “You have to become a child of God. Tell My children to live in My fear to surrender and do My will. When they keep My word they will have access to the spirit world.”

My brother, I was in 62 days of prayer. When I was supposed to open the fast in the evening, I wanted to take some tea, but I could not go out for I was not supposed to go out. I needed my sister to bring me some tea. Yet I had no credit on my phone in order to call her and to tell her to bring me tea. Since I was not supposed to go out, I did not know what to do. There was no credit on my phone in order to call for help.

Then suddenly I saw the Heavens opening in the blink of an eye. I saw the chief Angel Gabriel riding a white horse and descending in my room with prodigious speed. He was riding a white horse that he left on the corner of the compound.

When he entered my room, he saluted me, and I welcomed him.

He said, “Michael, do you need something? Whatever you need, don’t bother. Just tell us since you need your sister Maria to bring you some tea. Let me call her for you.”

Then Gabriel went out to call Maria. As soon as he went out, in a split second my phone rang for I got the call from Maria. And then Gabriel said, “It’s all right now I am going away.”

The chief Angel Gabriel rode his white horse and went up to Heaven.

I told my sister Maria who brought me the tea, “What caused you to call me in that specific time?

She said, “I was on the table and the food was served on my table. But I felt like something is telling me to call you. I was uncomfortable and I felt that I have to call you.”

I said, “It’s the angel Gabriel that came here and went to call you.”

She said, “Really? The food was before me but I was unable to eat. I felt I had to call you.”

Beloved, I told this story to explain the passport, the access to God and angels.

I remember before heading to Angola, it was night or 2am. I slept with short tights and tank top.

The Lord came into my room and told me, “Mike, rise up and dressed. You cannot pray with the tank top.”

I was wearing a tank top and sheer tights. I rose up and dressed. Immediately I saw the late brother and gospel singer brother Alain Moloto entering my room. He was dressed in white and he came with a piano and began to sing one of his songs. I could not see him though I was hearing everything.

The Lord said, “I am showing you somebody. He is going to greet you.”

I saw the Lord removing a veil, and I saw the late brother Alain Moloto. He was singing and laughing. I was shocked to see this late brother face to face. It was unreal. This was a live vision for I was not sleeping. I was so overwhelmed and emotional. I saw that I could touch him.

He said, “Salute Michael,” but I could not reply because of emotion. And the Lord covered the veil.

The Lord said, “This access will be given to My children that fear Me.”

Zechariah 3:7 “Thus says the LORD of hosts: If you will walk in My ways and keep My charge, then you shall rule My house and have charge of My courts, and I will give you the right of access among those who are standing here.

I came to understand that when I was pregnant, I was hearing angels and I could not see them because I had no visa that gives access to the heavenly world and the spirit world. But when I got these things I began to see angels.

When the Lord wants to talk to me He always isolates me from the people and daily routine. The Lord does not like noise and distraction. The Lord wants concentration from the saint. He often asked me to retreat in a room in isolation. Thus, I go to the bush. I often retreat out of the city according to His instruction. I have developed the habit of renting a hotel room for the sake of isolation.

One day I was praying, the Lord spoke to me and asked me to pray and intercede for marriage in the Western world.

The Lord said, “Divorce had become widespread in these countries. I want you to intercede.”

When the Lord has finished lamenting and complaining about the rise of divorce in these countries, He gave me time to speak my mind.

I said to the Lord, “Why are there so many marriage breakdowns and divorce in these countries? And what is the source of these divorces?”

The Lord told me, “The source of divorce in the Western world and all these countries is the demon you call spiritual husbands and spiritual wives. This is the category of demons that are fighting marriage and destroying homes.”

My dear brothers, I want to tell you husbands and wives to cast out and banish spiritual husbands and wives from your homes. You must always remember to destroy and neutralize them. You must paralyze spiritual husbands and cancel spiritual marriages.

Friends, there are men and women who have been in a spiritual marriage for many years. Yet, they don’t know that they are married in the spirit world. You still have problems of conception because of the seed that is deposited in your life by spiritual partners.

Brother when you are linked to these demons called spiritual husbands and wives they will fight your husbands or wives for they are jealous. They will attack your husband’s work in order to separate you from him. Therefore you need to cancel this marriage.

This category of demons is fighting and bringing down countless marriages in the world.

Church, during this period. of confinement, the Lord came to me and told me to retreat in prayer for seven days. I went to the bush to pray, but I was told that all the bush where Christians pray were closed. Then I paid for a hotel room in order to retreat in prayer.

It is when I was in seven days of prayer that the Lord came and told me, “Your country, the Congo is Israel.”

I said, “Lord, what do you mean?”

The Lord said, “What I am doing in this country will be similar to what I did with the children of Israel.”

Then the Lord show me the National River. Quickly I saw that beneath the river, there was a woman seated on the throne. I saw that this woman who was a female demon was sitting on the flag of our country.

The Lord said, “People are dying in the east of your country. Because of rich minerals, they were sacrificed in satanic covenants signed by Western powers. The blood that is being spilled is profitable to Western powers such as France, America and Belgium. These powers signed a covenant to profit from this mineral during the colonial era. Countless have died and the innocent souls are crying to Me demanding justice.”

The Lord said, “I will punish Belgium and these powers. Today you are going to dedicate the Congo to Me in this seven-day fasting and prayer.”

The Lord said, “People are suffering because of this government that must be canceled. The country was sold in a pact. The goddess under the National River is continually laying claim against your country and innocent people are dying.”

Let me talk about the doorway of music. I was in prayer, worshiping the Lord when something unpredictable happened. I want to warn you God’s children not to sing just any Christian song. You’re going to need to be selective when you come to the presence of the Lord in prayer with singing.

I was worshiping the Lord with a Christian song when something horrendous happened on that day. After worshiping the Lord with two Christian songs, then I went to sleep.

While I slept, I saw the bathroom window opening and I saw people entering the house through the bathroom window. These were not humans but demons. Brother, you never saw demons like them that were extremely ugly. They were dreadful and horrific. When you see their faces, you will scream for help. They were really horrendous. Some of them had the form of cartoon characters that children watch on TV. They had faces of beasts like serpents, crocodiles and lizards. They had incredible shapes.

I asked these beasts, “Who are you? How did you enter here and what do you want?”

One of them that was short told me, “You are the one who invited us.”

I said, “In which way I invited you?”

He told me, “You worship your God with our song, the song of this brother that you sang for your God is ours. Don’t you know that this brother belongs to us? He is not singing for the name that you worship, though he mentioned the name of your God in his song. He is singing for our master, not your Lord. Since you were singing that song that belongs to us, we have come to your invitation. And we are your guests.”

My brother, I sang two songs in my prayer before sleeping. These demons reminded me the name of the singer and his song in order to avoid confusion. I was stunned. I could not believe that this Christian singer was of the devil.

I said, “Really? Just because of that song?”

The demon said, “Indeed, if you want us to stay away from your life, don’t touch our things.”

I said to them, “Now you’re going to leave. You must go out the way you got in.”

I pushed these beasts out of the house through the window.

Later, my child told me, “I saw in a dream you were fighting people who came in the house.”

The Lord showed me the song of the artiste Kofi and He said those who inspired his songs are demons who also showed him dance moves.

Whenever people sing his songs they invite demons in their homes. Many are opening doors of their houses to demons through profane music without realizing it. Kofi is really popular but demons enter people’s homes through his music.

The Lord said, “This singer challenged me.”

The Lord said, “Check this clip that he had done about the 13th apostle which is himself. This clip is about my progeny. He wants to copy Me. He wants to be like Me, but I am God.”

My brother, songs attract demons in our homes, even some Christian songs of those have signed pacts with the adversary.

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