Beloved, you are welcome to the Rivers of Living Water and Restoration House Ministry. And in this hour, we welcome you.

We know that before we arrived here, Someone special was already waiting for us. He’s called the Holy Spirit of God, I’m going to ask you to accompany me to read the Word of God in the book of Zechariah 13:7-9 Awake, O sword, against My shepherd, and against the man that is My fellow said the LORD of hosts: smite the shepherd and the sheep shall be scattered: and I will turn My hand on the little ones. 8 And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, said the LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off and die, but the third shall be left therein. 9 And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on My name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is My people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God.

Beloved, pay attention to your heart and listen to this message in this hour that the Lord gave me. I was with brothers and we got to the part of Monterey. And when we arrived in Monterey, on the 24th April of this year 2018, I remember we were in a room. And while we were in that room. I started to feel like a fever. I remember that prayer session and we began to pray to the Lord. The prayer was so intense people were in tears.

In that moment, I started to hear the voice of the Lord, who said to me, “Son, understand why you feel that way. It is necessary that I take you to that place of torment, because even today, thousands and millions of people are losing their souls and falling in that place. Countless souls of men are being lost. It is necessary for you to see that place again. I’ll show you that place again. However, if you really love Me, tell Me you agree to this.”

I said, “Yes, Lord, it’s fine.”

Suddenly, I began to lose my force. I could not feel my body anymore. Suddenly, I saw myself moving to the cloud in space. I was traveling in the sky and around the clouds at high speed. At that time while moving in the firmament, when I looked, I could see the skies that started to split open, as when a curtain is opened.

When the heavens opened, I observed a powerful, omnipotent and omnipresent character coming down, The Almighty God called King of kings and Lord of lords. While I was observing the Lord, I began to see that He was holding a crown. However, on His head, there was a crown that had many brilliant gemstones. I could not observe His face because of brightening light, but I could observe a sash that went down His chest with resplendent letters that said, “King of kings and Lord of lords.” Praise the Lord.

Then I observe His feet that led to a fire. I mean, from His feet of flame that it was like burning coal went out. They were like burning charcoal. From His hands came out lightning that illuminated the whole place.

He said to me, “Son, fear not but hold My hand. I am the one who revealed Himself to you previously.”

I remember at that moment, I fell on the ground. Then He raised me up. Immediately I saw the Earth splitting open. I remember that we started to descend. I began to observe how the flames started to rise. We stopped to a height of one meter above the flames, then we stepped on the flames.

At that moment, I started to listen to thousands of lamentation. I heard people saying, “Lord, have mercy. Give me an opportunity to go back to the Earth and to repent.”

The Lord did not respond. But He said to me, “Look out, son, this is the reason I brought you here. Just look at how many souls I lost every minute in this place.”

At that time, I began to see thousands of souls that were falling in this place of torment. Every minute that passed, souls of men who had died on the Earth were falling in this place of darkness. I saw people falling into a very dark tunnel.

While these souls were falling, the Lord said, “Son, look, many souls are falling in this place because of the world and its wealth. Do you know how many souls are in this place of torment? Many souls are in this place for despising My blood. Many are here for underestimating the blood of the sacrifice that I shed on the cross of Calvary more than 2000 years ago for the love of humanity.”

At that time, He told me, “Observe these thousands of souls that are falling in this place.”

Then Jesus said, “Every time 1000 souls of men fall in the abode of the dead, in that same period, one soul is entering the portal of Heaven. When one soul comes to My presence in Heaven, 1000 more are falling in this place. More are lost than those who are been saved.”

I begin to see how the Lord started to shed tears for these lost souls. But instead of tears, I saw blood and the Lord told me, “Look at these souls, they are falling in this place of torment because of disparaging and denigrating the blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary. Still, that blood is being belittled and denigrated today. My blood is being underestimated and trampled upon. But go tell humanity that My blood has power. And thanks to My blood, you can come to My presence and raise your hand and voice and be heard.”

Then the Lord said, “Come.”


At that moment, we started walking. As we were walking in that place, we arrived where they were two young people, a man, and a lady. I remember these young people are tormented when they saw the Lord.

One of them said, “Lord Jesus, have mercy. Take me out of this place. Give me an opportunity to go back to Earth in order to repent and confess my sins.”

Then I observed these people cursing one another. While they were cursing one another, I started to see flames that began to rise from the ground.

The young lady said to the man by her side, “Because of you, I have come to this place, I would not have been in this place if I had not met you. It’s because I went out with you that night that I am here. Had I refuse to go out with you that night, I would not have come with you to this place.”

The Lord said, “These two young people had just died recently in the community where you live.”

I saw the woman who was saying to the man, “You are guilty and because of you, I am in this place, yet my family thinks that I’m in Heaven. My family knew that this place was real, but I’m burning in these flames.”

I said, “Lord, have mercy.”

The Lord said, “My son, understand that mercy and grace ends when someone falls in this place of torment.”

While the lady and her boyfriend were cursing one another, I remember seeing demons that were coming with spears. They came with many weapons in order to torture souls in this place. And I saw people crying and extending their hands to Jesus Christ so that He can deliver them.

The Lord said, “You had mercy and you hold the days and years of your lives on the Earth. But the time of grace and mercy is finished.”

They begged the Lord to get them out of this place. But it was too late. They were stuck in this world of demons and torment.

The Lord said, “Worms will be their beds and worms will cover them.”

At that moment, I saw the flames of fire that was at the level of their waists started to rise. And these worms started to eat their skins and their bones.

At that moment, I heard the young lady saying to the Lord, “If I could leave this place for only a minute, I would go find a church in order to confess my sins,” but the Lord could do nothing for her.


The Lord turned His back and we started leaving. The Lord showed me a man, He said, “Because of him, many souls are lost in the Earth and they are coming here. Many souls have come to this place because of his lies. The man that you are seeing is the founder of the Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah’s Witnesses (Charles Taze Russell). He’s here for lying. The disciples that are coming from his religion now lies. They lie to humanity, that telling people that Hell is not a literal and physical place.”

At that moment, I saw how a demon came and started to split his tongue into many pieces.

And the Lord said, “He knew the truth, but he wanted to cover it. He taught that Hell is not the literal place of torment. He refused to accept that Hell is a physical place of fire and torment, and he taught the world that there is no such place of torment and fire. Many of his followers are coming to this place of torment because of his lies and teaching. It’s because of him.”

The Lord said, “I do not force a man to accept My word.”

Then the Lord started telling him, “You are here because you knew very well, there is salvation in no other name. You knew the only name given to men for salvation, but you went on to tell lies. The Bible says salvation exists in no one else, for there is no other name under Heaven given to men by which we must be saved except the name of Jesus Christ.” (Acts 4:12)

This man who tried to downgrade the name of Jesus Christ started saying, “Lord, please forgive me. Sir, please have mercy on me.”

The Lord told him, “God’s mercy and grace are available and abundant on the Earth. But when you fall in this place, God’s mercy and grace are finished.”

Then the Lord said to me, “Worms will be his bed and worms will cover him.”

Immediately I saw demons torturing him with a spear on his tongue. The demons tore his tongue because of lies.


As we were walking in this place, I noticed a shepherd who had a Bible in the hand, He was a pastor. When he saw the Lord, he started to say, “Lord, take me out. Sir, have mercy on me. Give me an opportunity to go back to Earth in order to repent and regret my sin on the Earth.”

But the Lord stopped and told me, “Son, do you know this pastor?”

I approached the pastor and asked him, “What is your name?”

But he kept saying, “Lord, take me out. Sir, have mercy on me.”

Then he said to me, “My name is Victor.”

At that moment, the Lord showed me a screen.

The Lord said, “Son, this pastor ended up in the fire that is covering him because of sin. This pastor is in this place because he was covering up sin over many in his church. He was failing to direct My people in a lifestyle of holiness. He knew that many were in sin, but that was not his preoccupation. What matter was the gospel of money and prosperity. He became motivated by money. This is why he’s in this place. The love of money is the root of all evil. That’s why this pastor is in this place.”

I noticed that he had a Bible in his hand. I saw how the demons ordered him around. He tried to oppose these demons telling them, “I was a pastor on Earth.” That pastor tried to rebuke these demons in the name of Jesus Christ. But these demons laughed and mocked him.

The Lord told me, “As you can see, demons do not fear him because he belongs to this place, which is their kingdom.”

I saw that pastor lamenting because he could not come out anymore. He was stuck in that place of demons.


We continued walking. But in a relative distance, I saw a man that the Lord showed me in the previous experience.

I said, “Lord, look at that man that You showed me in the previous experience.”

There was a throne in that place. This man who said that God does not exist was sitting on the right hand of the throne of Satan.

When the man saw the Lord, he said, “Please, Jesus, please, Lord, take me out of this place. I cannot stand being here. I’m burning in this chair.”

I noticed that the man was sitting on a chair that was in fire and brimstone. It was no longer a wheelchair that I saw previously. But it was not a metal chair. But that chair was made of materials that were fire and sulfur.

This man said, “Lord, have mercy.”

I asked the Lord, “Who is this man, because the last time You did not tell me about his identity.”

Jesus said, “He did not want to recognize My existence. I know him as My creation. He never knew Me as the Creator of the universe. He was an atheist that said that I do not exist. But look, son, I’m real. And this place is real, too. And I’m real too. I exist for centuries to centuries. I made the sun and I generated a fence around the Earth for its protection. I live forever and ever.”

When the Lord was speaking, a screen appeared. I observed the life of this man when he was on Earth, I discovered that he was called Stephen Hawking. And he was in that place for not believing that God was real. I saw how this man was tied up on his feet and his hands with iron chains of fire and sulfur. He was sitting on a chair of molten steel heated to a high degree. I saw how the demons came to nail pins in his mind, in his eyes, and on his lips. Then we left him.


While we were walking, I observed a man who was sitting in a chair. I saw a demon that began to draw on his skin with a knife. The demon was drawing a tattoo on his body with a knife.

The Lord told me, “Observe what they’re doing to him.”

I say, “Lord, why are these demons doing that?”

When this man saw the Lord, he said, “Father, take me out of this flame. I cannot stand this anymore. I am in this place because on Earth, I was drawing tattoos on people. I added tattoos to the people, and I’m in this place for that.”

The Lord told me, “Look, son, that’s why he is in this place. And many more people who have allowed themselves to be marked in their bodies are in this place. Go and tell those who are in My house, who value My name, that they should not stain their bodies. Those who have it must ask My forgiveness in all their heart. It is necessary that they repent in all their heart and I will forgive them because their body is the temple of My Holy Spirit. Because they are temples of My Spirit, I will forgive them.”

At that moment, I saw the demon doing many drawings on that man’s skin with his knife. The man cried to the Lord, “I cannot stand it anymore. I cannot take it anymore.”

The demons told him, “This is what you were doing on the people in the Earth. You were drawing tattoos on people. I am just doing what you were doing to others.”


And the Lord told me, “There are more things that I want to show you.”

Then we went to a place where He showed me a woman who was a murderer on the Earth. She killed and she went on to sing in front of the church. She was singing before brothers and sisters on the altar of God’s house.

I could see it on the screen, how she was singing and dancing for the Lord. She was shouting and dancing, but no one knew that she had just killed a baby in her womb.

When death came she did not confess her abortion. As a result, she ended up in that cell in Hell.

The Lord told me, “No murderer will come into My kingdom. No fornicator, no idolater, no sorcerer shall enter My kingdom.”

Beloved, I watched as demons were plucking out her guts. The demons that looked like dogs were tearing her intimate parts and her guts. She screamed in pain.

She said, “Sir, please take me out. Please take me because I cannot stand being in this place anymore.”


We kept walking. While we continued walking, I start listening to a music group that was playing on a platform in this place of torment. But while they were playing, I saw demons coming to torture them. In fact, they were forced to play music or be tortured. Every time they stopped playing, they were tortured by demons, and I saw flames covering them.

I asked the Lord, “Why are they playing Christian music in this place?”

The Lord told me, “Listen very well what kind of music style they are playing in this place. I do not like that style of music that they are playing that has entered many churches. These people you see here sang for Me in the flesh. Yet I am looking for worshipers who adore My name in spirit and in truth, because such worshippers I am looking for in these times.”

These singers and worshippers are really imitating what the world does when they were alive. The music style was called Mariachi, the traditional music of Mexico, and I saw that they were singing Ranchera music.

The Lord said, “I do not like it in the church.”

I asked the Lord about the man playing the music, “What else brought him in this place?”

The Lord said, “Come closer and talk to him.”

When I approached him, he told me, “Can you take me out of this place?”

I said, “I cannot.”

He told me, “My name is Eduardo.”

The Lord told me, “Look at his vessel.”

I began to observe his vessel. I could see that it had no oil.

Jesus said, “Son, because he does not like to pray, that is why he does not have oil. He does not like to fast and make time for Bible reading.”

Then the Lord said, “I am looking for a fervent people, not lukewarm people who are neither cold nor hot. The Bible says, Nevertheless, I have this against you that you have left your first love. Remember, therefore from where you have fallen. Repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place unless you repent. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.” (Revelations 2:4-7)

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