A lady who is a master holder…choose to do marathon and seek God,

On the third day she went for a prayer section and she normally open her eyes during prayers, as she opened her prayer, she saw this angelic man standing with sword, she quickly close her eyes, after she closed her eyes she saw the man again….

After the prayers she decided to go to her friends house to break the fasting, and when she got there, she saw them eating rice, but God opened her eyes and saw them eating human flesh with blood and her friend told her to join them, she said no, later she left her friend’s house, and when she got home she was weeping…why, because she said, she has been eating in her friends house for a long time…..

not knowing she has been eating human flesh… 
During service  a pastor was praying and a lady that have a baby at her back came into the service,  then the man of God left the altar and went straight  to meet the lady,  He told her never in her life, not to come into God’s service using her head to walk in (working upside down), while her legs were up…. The lady said sorry sir, l won’t do it again…….. 
Elisha told God to open the eyes of his servant,  and the Lord did,  the man saw the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.. Elisha6:1-17
Peter saw what Ananias and Sapphira did in the secrets…… Act5

You need God to open your spiritual eyes in order to see how God see something  you think they are good,  that they are not…. 

You need God to open your eyes in order to  see what the future holds…. 
God open the eyes of a man during prayer service,  he saw  the enemies came in and shoot a pastor 10times, while the pastor kept on praying,  after the service he went to meet the pastor and asked if he is alright….. And the pastor said he is OK…. And asked hope no problem and he told the pastor what he saw… 
Power of open eyes… This is good and help you in life,  lts make you to know the plans of the devil,  against your life… Also make you to know the plan of God concerning your future…. And it can only come through this…. 

1)surrendering to Jesus Christ

2)receiving the Holy Spirit

3)studying the word of God.. 

4)living a fasted life…… You can see the master holder Lady  saw many things after 3days marathon…. She was on dry fasting… 

5)deeper closeness  to God

6)Eye opener is not meant for everybody but people who are ready working for God…… Remember Elisha,  Peter are working for God…… If they are not working they can’t see…… 

7)be prayerful….. If your prayer life is low…. U can’t see anything…… 
Prayer…… Almighty God open my spiritual eyes in the name of Jesus Christ… 

Every spiritual cataract in my eyes be cast out by fire… in the name of Jesus….. amen
Be blessed….