OCTOBER 31, 2017

The testimony of a former Satanist who testifies to the truth that happens on Halloween around the world, believe it or not!

It is a well-known fact that in America, where this megalomaniacal demonic celebration started again, a record number of children disappear every year on “Halloween” and so year after year, while some celebrate others are tortured. Although many people today live in complete illusion thinking that witches, demons, and Satan do not exist we must reassure you and tell you, YES, they exist, they are there and they go out on the night of October 31st and commit atrocities against man, against human beings. There are numerous testimonies of people who have attended these rituals, and we bring you only one. The testimony of a former Satanist who had to kill a little girl on Halloween. He is Glenn Hobbs, a man who got out of Satanism and who now testifies loudly about the horrific torture and murder he had to commit on Halloween to satisfy Satan.

We bring you this testimony to know the horrors of this evening and perhaps reconsider whether you will go out and celebrate that evening or join in a praiseworthy movement called HolyWin, which calls all people to deep prayer against the eve of All Saints Day and against the evil that manifests itself that evening in which innocent children suffer the most.

– My participation in the worship of Satan was during my childhood because I was a generational Satanist. That means my whole family and their family before them were involved. My earliest memories of Halloween and some of the things I was involved in represented a very dark time of life for me. I didn’t enjoy it.

Will you tell us, Glenn, something about the Halloween rituals you participated in as a child?

There was one little girl who participated in occultism with me. Her name was Becky. She was a different type of child than me. Namely, she was blessed to be sacrificed. I received the blessing to become a high priest. She was, however, born and blessed in society to be a victim. We found ourselves in a wedding ritual. She and I. It was a marriage with a “beast.” So the little girl and I were married, and a lot of sexual abuse took place, a lot of blood was shed on us in uniting us in that marriage. The ritual I remember most vividly began sometime in late September where we were, the little girl I mentioned, Becky and me. The abuse was very concentrated at the time. They took us to a room, took our clothes off, and for the next fourteen days, we were locked in a house where many rituals took place, where many animals were killed. They summoned Lucifer and his spirit to come and possess me so that I might be blessed to take the place of the high priest at a certain time. Now, when it comes to Halloween, they put me and that girl in the back of the van again and drove us, it seemed like a very long time, although I don’t know exactly how many because they drugged us at one point, and then we stopped. They took the girl outside and left me in the van. I could hear the great commotion going on outside, the people screaming and shouting, as well as the murmurs and moans that could be heard. It looked like a TV program was rustling without a picture. I knew, somewhere in my mind, that some sort of ritual is taking place because I have heard these sounds many times before and it was quite a common scene for me to see people fall to the ground and writhe during the ritual due to the demonic presence in the environment. Finally, one woman came to the van and said it was time to go. She took me out of the van and I could see a crowd of people in that spot. Some were dressed in dark brown uniforms with hoods on their heads. They led me through that mass and led me to a stone altar. I remember seeing a little girl, she was at the altar. At first, I wondered what was going on because it was never known. The altar was used for a variety of things so it was possible that they sacrificed an animal on the altar or sexual abuse of the girls by the high priest took place so it was very difficult to know for sure what was going on. They finally brought me right in front of the altar and I could see that the girl’s legs were tied. Her legs were separated and tied to the ends of the altar, and her lying hands were tied with a rope to the altar which had hooks at the ends to which the rope could be tied. She was all white. I remember seeing her, she was completely pale and I noticed that they had cut the heels on her feet and the wrist on her hand. The blood that flowed from these cuts was collected in cups and given to various people who drank her blood. Then the high priest took the “Atami” or ritual knife, picked it up, put my hand on the knife and plunged it into her chest. So, when I remember Halloween, at the time it happened it was the culmination of all the events when they killed that girl.

Such things happen every year on Halloween. It was not an isolated case! I mean there are children all over the world who lose their lives during Halloween as we as a society celebrate that night and go door to door and pray for candy. For us, it is a great celebration. I find it a great irony that a number of people consider it fun and others take human life and as if there is some kind of wall – no one wants to face the fact of what is really happening.- said Glenn Hobbs with the hope that people will finally see and know the reality.

[Source: https://www.7dnevno.hr/vjera/stravicno-svjedocanstvo-u-noci-vjestica-na-tisuce-djece-bit-ce-ritualno-ubijeno/]

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