Nigerian Pastor Raised from the Dead

Nigerian Pastor Raised from the Dead

Daniel Ekechukwu and his wife

On November 30, 2001, a Nigerian pastor, named Daniel Ekechukwu, had an automobile accident.  Afterward he was legally pronounced dead, placed in a mortuary for three days, and embalmed. But it was not time for his life on earth to end. Today he is alive and proclaiming the strong message that Jesus gave him for the world.

During the three days while he was dead, he was shown heaven and hell.  Meanwhile, his wife was crying out for God to bring him back to her.  She got his corpse out of the morgue, and brought it by ambulance to a meeting being conducted by evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke, of Christ for All Nations. Through the prayers of some pastors and others in the basement of the church, Daniel was raised from the dead.

His story is truly amazing, and his message is a warning for this generation about the realities of hell.  While some may doubt this ever happened, this is a factual account that has been well-documented by numerous credible sources.   There are many eyewitnesses and pieces of physical evidence that prove this really happened, including his coffin and his death certificate, signed by a medical doctor.

Daniel holding his death certificate

In fact, that doctor has testified that he pronounced him dead, and that he has seen him alive again.  The mortician has also testified that he embalmed him and placed him in the morgue for three days. The pastor of the church where he was raised to life has testified that this happened, and that he could still smell the embalming fluid on Daniel’s breath afterward. The pastors who prayed for him while he was dead have testified to what happened.  An entire congregation of people saw him immediately after he was raised from the dead, as he was brought up onto the platform in plain view of them all.

For those who still doubt it, a man, named David Servant, has done a terrific job of verifying the account.  He interviewed Daniel one year after his accident and reported on it.  And then he continued to visit Nigeria annually for the following four years afterward.  Since some people had sought to discredit Servant’s report, he decided to do some follow up on the story during one of his subsequent annual visits to Nigeria.  His follow up research was blessed with amazing coincidences, and the results of it absolutely confirmed the original story as he had reported it the first time.

Daniel being prayed for while he was dead

The story of Daniel Ekechukwu has been accurately reported by the 700 Club, and I am not going to rewrite their story.  You can read it for yourself. Reinhard Bonnke has also produced a video about him that’s available in six languages. I own a copy of it and have watched it more than once.  I’ve included that video in this blog, which is available online below, so you can see it for yourself.

I have previously posted on experiences of others who saw hell, like the seven Colombian youths, a Fijian pastor in Australia, named Bill Kolikata, and a young lady from Ecuador, named Angelica Zambrano.  Those incidents happened in 1995, 2007, and 2009 respectively.  I am now posting this story of Daniel Ekechukwu, which occurred in 2001, because I believe it corroborates what the others testified to.  Although these events  happened in four different countries on three continents,  they all saw similar things, and all have the same message of repentance for us.  I also believe there is a reason why all these people have seen hell and have come back to tell about it.  Jesus is grieved that so many people are going there, and he wants to warn us through his chosen servants. 

You can chose to ignore the warnings, or you can listen to them and heed them.  I choose to take them seriously and heed them.  Why don’t you watch Daniel’s story below and decide for yourself?

Part 1

Part 2 Part 3

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