My Trip To Heaven And Hell By Sister Gift Jonathan Ezeke

My Trip To Heaven And Hell By Sister Gift Jonathan Ezeke

Sister Gift Jonathan Ezeke
Sister Gift Johathan Ezeke

God made all these things possible for you to believe that there is Heaven and Hell, and you must try your possible best to see you escape Hell, knowing that our God can’t compromise sin with holiness. If God could destroy the whole world but saved only one family [eight of them], you know that he is about to destroy this generation in Hell fire for he can’t change.

My name is Gift Jonathan Ezeke, I was 7 years old in the year 2012 when I receive this first revelation and was also in primary 2. I and my parent live in Bigquo town in Calabar. I was born and brought up in a Christian family for this reason. I love the Lord with all my heart. My first visit to Heaven was in year 2012, as I narrated all that I saw in Heaven to people but nobody took it serious until my second transit to Heaven.

My parent took this revelation serious because they were affected; mostly some of them discovered that their names were not in the book of life but in Hell. Before my first visit to Heaven, I was sleeping that day at our house in Calabar. At midnight I saw myself in paradise. A gate was opened and I entered. The gate was made with gold and the place was full of golden chairs. Inside was our father’s of old and they were many.

I saw father Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Elijah and others. They were more than one thousands of them there. I was given the grace to recognize them as if I have been familiar with all of them. They gathered together and were all rejoicing and extremely happy.

While I was there watching them, an angel brought a golden chair and told me  to sit on it but  because the chairs are precious and glittering, I wouldn’t see myself qualified to sit on any of them. Then I said “No I will not sit on it” He asked “Why?  I said “Is that not Jesus chair? Then he smiled and told me to sit down then I sat down as the angel walked away.

Afterward, the angel came back with a plate of food and a cup of water and drops it on the table in my front. He ask me to eat the food but I told him that I will not eat it, but after much persistence from the angel, I decided to eat the food as he went away again. The heavenly food was just like fried rice that is yellowish in color but it is more delicious than the rice that we eat here on Earth.

After I ate the food, I took the plate and the cup back to where he brought the food. As I tried to wash the plate the angel appeared and told me “It’s of no need trying to wash plate here, keep it Then I inquired, Who will wash the plate for me, is it you or God? He answered “I will only declare to the plate to be clean and it shall be clean” Then I kept them there in the kitchen and went out to play. When I came back to the kitchen I discovered the plate was clean.
Playing in paradise was a unique experience because my heart was filled with joy. I went to a garden that was full of fruits of different kinds. This fruit was so attractive and appealing to eat, and then I decided to plug one of them not knowing that the angels are watching me. Suddenly an angel held my hand, collected the fruit and fixed it back on the branch where it was removed and told me “You have eaten too much, go back to your sit” though i was not happy for losing the fruit.
After a while, I went to another place and started playing again on golden floor, though I thought that the ground is made of glasses as I jump and down hitting my foot on the [mirror-like] ground, but it did not break neither did I feel any pain. I was there playing happily when an angel met and told me “Gift, it is time for you to go” I answered, “Go where? I am not going anywhere
He said, Ok, I will come back” then I answered, “You can come back anytime” I have spent so much time playing when he came for the final time and I said “Let’s go” without any argument, I responded “Ok, let’s go” then he took me and we were descending down.

It was as if we were standing on the air, yet we were coming down until we stepped on the ground. As he disappeared I woke-up from sleep. When I got up, my mother observed that my tummy was too big and she tried to find out what was wrong. This prompted me to share my divine encounter with her, although this happened since 2012 but the revelation is still afresh in my memory till date.

This is a revelation which our Lord Jesus Christ showed me on Friday night 9th-09 -2013. I slept at about 10pm after evening prayer. About 12am I saw myself standing on the ground with an Angel while my body was still laying on the bed. The Angel was accompanied by a beast, having the face of a lion while other parts of his body are like human being. At the chest of the angel was an inscription written “ANGEL GABRIEL SENT FOR GIFT”

Hence, three of us begins to ascend to Heaven with the angel. This is more than a dream because I discovered that I could understand things more than while on earthly body.While we were ascending to Heaven, I discovered that the cloud in the sky was giving way for us. Although it was night but the sky was bright as if it was a broad day light. I saw the stars, the moon, the cloud, but they were very far from us but before an hour, we were at Heaven’s gate. 

Our landing was about ten steps away from the main gate. When we approach close to the gate, it opens by itself and we walk in. I didn’t encounter any problem entering Heaven because of some reasons. I was not coming for judgment. I was escorted by an angel and the living creature. Immediately we enter Heaven, I saw two mighty door in front of me just a few step away from the main gate. The door at my right hand side was written boldly “PARADISE” while the other door at my left hand side is written “HELL FIRE”

This entire gate opened automatically when we approach them as if they have eyes but it all depends on the desire of God. I was surprise that I could read perfectly when I was in Heaven. As we enter the paradise gate I begin to hear “HOLY, HOLY IS THE GOD ALMIGHTY” but I didn’t know exactly where the voices were coming from. I felt that they were playing music in Heaven, since I haven’t heard story of heavens beauty, although in my church [children department] we are thought that Heaven is fine while Hell is full of fire and suffering.

Jesus told me, “You are welcome my daughter” he took me to the white throne of God and open a book which is the BOOK OF LIFE and showed me my mother name “Emeline”, my young brother “ David” and my name, Including General Pastor name whom he called “ The Last Day Messenger” I discovered that my mum name was already ticked. There are many names written but I don’t know them.

While Jesus was opening the pages of the book of life to show me more names, I saw my General overseer’s name. Immediately I saw Pastor Lazarus Mouka, I said to Jesus, “wait please, is this not my general Overseer name? Then he opened the page for me and said, “Yes, this is your pastor” then I added, “Is our pastor also in the book of life” he said “Yes” and he continues showing me more names. He also told me that our Pastor is the last day messenger sent by the father to warn man for the world will come to an end very soon.

As I got to paradise I saw its beauty and also the thrones of God the father but I couldn’t identify him. However, I saw that somebody is sitting on his throne but because of the brightness of his body, I couldn’t recognize him but could see Jesus very well. Our Lord Jesus Christ throne was also beside the father throne and both of them are bright. The judgment sit is in front of Jesus throne. The judgment sit is like a very high golden table that contains a mighty book of life on it, beside the book of life is a mighty TV-like screen which is used to view the past lives of Christians.
Heaven is very bright and brighter than the sun. There is no night in Heaven. Everything in Heaven glitters like mirror, including the streets of Heaven. I saw many mansions in Heaven, all are painted with golden white. Some of this mansion has nobody inside. I saw many angels in Heaven but few saints. I also saw some children in Heaven.
I couldn’t see all my family members in the book of life, so the Lord  took me to Hell to check record in the book of death. My immediate family are six in number and all of us are born again and workers in the church. My twin sister’s name [Grace] was found in the book of Hell and her offence according to our Lord Jesus was lying and abusive words.

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My little sister “Emmanuela” was 5 years, but her name was also found in the book of Hell and her offense was wicked heart [anger] yet both of us all in children choir department in the church. I also discover that the book of death in Hell is voluminous, one thousand times bigger than the book of life. Jesus said “It’s is because majority of the people presently on Earth are going to Hell fire, only few genuine Christian will make Heaven when they die”


Sister Gift and sister Grace
Sister Gift And Her twins Sister [Grace]
However, our heavenly father through our Lord Jesus Christ sent a warning message to my two sisters and to the rest of the world, particularly children and youths of this generation. He said “They are so much in Hell fire, let them repent from their sins for I still love them” Jesus said to me “your father use to tell you about children evangelist whom my father is using greatly in the church” I said “Yes” then he said, “That is how I want to use your twin sister
Jesus said to me, “Come, I will show you something” then he led me through another way to Hell. I saw an angel at the gate of Hell and immediately the angel saw our Lord Jesus Christ, he straight-forth his hand and give him key which he used to open the gate of Hell. What I saw was a big pit, as the pit was opened a great smoke gush out.

The smoke made the whole place dark that one hardly sees the person that is close to him. Even the odor from the pit made it difficult for me to breath. It was very difficult to breath in Hell. Inside the pit of Hell are doors of many cells. Some are written Fornicator, Liars, Thieves and Abusers etc.

Jesus took me straight to Satan’s table where the book of death was kept but immediately Satan saw us coming, he ran away. Satan is mighty in size but black and ugly with long tail. Satan’s face is so fearful that I couldn’t look at him even when Jesus told me that Satan has gone yet I still find it difficult to face Satan’s table. Then he opened the book of death and showed me my twin sister’s name [Grace] and also my younger sister Emmanuela. “If they die today see where they belong” said Jesus.
I observe that the book of death was one thousand times [1000] more voluminous and bigger than the book of life and many names there are marked except my sister’s names. The Lord told me that much people on Earth [sinners] are coming to Hell when they die and book of death contain all their names. The Almighty father knew that some of them will never repent that is why they were marked. I saw a door written ALL LIARS. He said to me “This place is for Grace if she will not repent

As it was opened, I saw millions of liars [mostly children] in great torment crying. I could not recognize any of them because they were dark grey and in skeleton form with little flesh. After then we went to another cell which the door was written “WICKED HEART” I saw a demon with double heads torturing people who use to lie on earth. Immediately the demon saw me, it ordered for a friend of mine [about 7 years] who backslid recently and died but unknown to me that she is dead but I saw her in Hell.

She worships with me on 30th of June 2013 at our local church service in Calabar. While I was binding the demon a sharp knife was brought from fire and was used to cut the girl but yet she wouldn’t die but continue to cry at the top of her voice. These continue in Hell until I told Jesus to take me away because I can’t withstand the great torment of my friend. I felt very sorry for her. Then Jesus asked me “Do you know that girl? I answered “yes Lord, she uses to be my friend at our church”. Then Jesus replied “My daughter, this is the children department of Hell”

I also discovered that children of about one years are not in Hell fire. Majority of the children I saw were matured in reasoning and mentally knowledgeable to differentiate between good and evil. After this Jesus took me back to Heaven. He asked me “Have you seen the torment in Hell? I answered “yes my Lord” Then he told me to go and warn my sisters and the entire world.

When we got back to Heaven, Jesus asked me to wait, and then I began to play again in the paradise. Every street where made of mirror [Gold]. While playing I didn’t know it was already morning on Earth and my sister were trying to wake me up. My mother has already commission my sister to wake me up in order to brush my teeth. The angel and the beast came and took me and before I could realize our destination we were already on Earth. I was very angry for coming back to this evil Earth. Instantly I wake up with brilliant eye and could not see people around me. But after a while I regain my sight and consciousness.
Since my encountered with Satan during my visit to Hell, I have been sharing the testimony in churches and also telling people about the danger of missing Heaven, thus I have been experiencing an attack. I also observed that someone always follows me about. I could hear its footstep and feels its presence but can’t see it physical nature.
On Friday 6th of September 2013, my mother sent I and my sister to buy tin of milk across the street at Biggua town in calabar. I vividly sighted both two side of the road for incoming vehicle before crossing but as I got the middle of the road my sister shouted “Gift see motor” I tried to run back but suddenly collided with an incoming car. People gathered around to rescue me because the tyre of the car almost crushes my leg. My parent meets me at Bigqua hospital. Although I sustained minor injury but none of my bone was broken. I give God all the glory for his divine protection and the grace for sharing this testimony with the world.
The Lord is coming very soon and you ought to understand that the time is already fast running out. Moreover, somebody dies yesterday and went to Hell, somebody also dies today and went Hell and at this very moment another person is already giving up the ghost and also heading over to Hell. Many people are dying and trouping over to Hell due to inadequate preparation and carelessness.

rapture time is fast running out


Joel 3:14 “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision” My dad has much to share to the world concerning the subsequent demonic attack that recently wrought in my family but the Lord gives us victory and today we are a witness of the Lord’s doing.
If you have surrender your life to Jesus Christ, perhaps you still in valley of decision I want you to make a reasonable decision right now and amends your way before God because you don’t have much time to spend in the world. The horrible torment of sinners and backslider in Hell is pathetic and sorrowful. Delay is dangerous because the day of the Lord is near and eternity is so near before your grip.

Hence, don’t be as the Pharisees, though they were with Jesus but very far-away from him. A Christian is not a sinner and neither a sinner a Christian. If you are a Christian, you must remain faithful with him and ensure that your whole garment remains spotless without wrinkle and blemish.

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