I first had my divine encounter shortly after I became a Christian. Meeting with God in visions, hearing the voice of God audibly etc. were encounters that helped to ignite the passion in me for the revelatory knowledge of God. 

I have seen and spoken to Angels face to face, but have been graced to hear the audible voice of God. By virtue of his grace, I have experienced the heavenly realms that I am not instructed to speak about here. 

I remember one night, I called forth the literal Sword of the Spirit, asking God to put it in my hand. To my amazement, I felt a heavy weight came in my hand. Though I could not see anything physically in my hand, I felt the weight. When this happened,  I immediately saw all the Demons that were in the yard fled away instantly. 

There is a difference between a divine encounter and a supernatural encounter. Most Christians are looking for a supernatural encounter, but God wants to give us a divine encounter. 

When Moses went to the house of Pharaoh, he had a supernatural encounter with the servants of Pharaoh who turned their rods into serpents. But when Moses went up upon Mount Sinai, he had a divine encounter. This encounter not only amazed Moses or stirred his curiosity, but transformed him and those who were around him. When you encounter the divine presence you are changed into that same image like the face of Moses.

A supernatural encounter can bring you to another level in the spiritual realm but a divine encounter can bring you into another dimension in God. 

This is the reason we ought to seek the divine order of the blueprint of the will of God for the nations. God is raising up a battalion of militant soldiers for Christ who will, with the zeal of the Father, take cities, nations and countries by prayer and intercessory strategy. 

God’s pathway to enter into the domain of men is holiness and ardent prayer. God is calling His people to travail and endure in agonizing prayer. The warriors of God must arise and take their place as soldiers in the army of the living God.

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