Tatiana was dead for three days and then, was raised from the dead. And, now, she describes her trip to hell.

With my thoughts still on my father, we walked again through that curtain made of thick clouds. When we passed through it, suddenly, a terrible hot smell hit my face and I heard the gnashing of teeth. It was terrible. People were howling out of pain; and there was a terrible stench of burned and rotten meat. The stench smelled just like rotten eggs, like hydrogen sulfide and it was multiplied many times. It was impossible to breathe. There was no water. My skin was immediately like goose-skin and was so dried that it almost crackled. In hell, there is no water. There is not even a vapor. You can see poisonous vapors of acid, but not of water. It’s because only Christ is the living water.

The angel grabbed my hand and I could suddenly feel the fresh air. In heaven, this angel had been holding me and I had tried to get loose of that hand several times, while I was there. But here, I grabbed him with both of my hands. I was afraid that he might somehow lose me there.

We went into the first circle (or level) where the people were naked. These people are not being tortured directly but the flames of hell are so close to them that they are being singed. That place is somehow locked and the people are tossing themselves from one side to the other because they could see the place where we had just walked out from with the angel; they saw the heavens opened above them (Luke 16:23). They saw paradise and they saw what they had lost. They stretched their hands to me and asked for help.

For some, there were terrible and ugly monsters, which would jump at them and start biting them and would not stop. They were tossed from one side to the other and they would lift up their eyes unto heaven but they could not speak out the Lord’s name, it was not allowed for them to speak it.

I asked the angel, “Who are these?”

He said, “These are those who are waiting for the Day of Judgment. They will come to the judgment, they will show their deeds, and it’s possible that some might be forgiven. But, it might be that they will not be forgiven, because “there is no other name under heaven, that has been given to people by which they must be saved” (Acts 4:12), and they have wasted their chance on the earth.”

I said, “Perhaps, if those on the earth would pray for them, it would help. But, the angel said, “Pray while you are alive, when you are dead, it’s too late.”

We began to get farther from the first level and then, I saw the second. I saw something like an aquarium, filled with a gas and something floating inside it. It looked like undeveloped souls. They were human embryos, and these embryos were screaming so loud that I felt terrible. “Don’t kill me mother, don’t kill me… I will love you. I want to live, please let me live.” They would also turn to their fathers and cry out to them, “Rescue me!”

I asked the angel, “Who are these and why are they screaming so much?”

The angel said, “These are the souls who were about to be birthed on the earth to fulfill their appointed time there, and then return to God. But, their murderous parents did not allow them to be born. These are from abortions. That’s why they look so undeveloped. They will rise up on Judgment Day and will testify against their parents.”

I saw how one of those souls disappeared from the aquarium, then another, and another. I saw something like a hand, I can’t say I saw a hand, but, I saw it reach into the souls in the aquarium and take one soul out of there, up into the cloud. Then, the hand would reach out and take another unborn baby out of there and take it up into the cloud.

I was startled, and I asked, “Where do they disappear to? What happens?”

The angel answered, “The Lord is taking them. They are here to testify against their murderous parents.”

I said, “But, God does not need a witness. He himself knows all things.”

“It’s because when the murderers will come up to the judgment day, they cannot say that God is a liar. That’s why they are here for a while.”

I asked, “And where do they disappear to? What will happen to them?”

The angel said, “Those you saw were of parents who repented and their sin is forgiven, so, they don’t need to be here to witness against them and they have returned to the Lord.”

Praise the Lord! How big you are, Lord, that you even forgive this kind of sin!

The Lord Himself takes these souls out of there.

I asked, “And what will happen next to that soul?”

“Only God knows exactly what will happen to them.”

And when we would say words like “Lord” or “God” or “Jesus” the demons in hell would start gnashing their teeth and screaming. The demons wanted to attack us. I saw these demons in different shapes; from very little tiny demons to really big ones. They were around us and would have tom us to pieces if the Lord would not have had His protection around us.

As I think about how great God is for forgiving that kind of sin, all of those demons tried to get to me with axes in their hands and pitchforks and other weapons. They came at us, but, then, they would bump, as if into an invisible glass and, then, would bounce back. They could not touch us, not even in hell.

The angel said, “The mention of the name of God is prohibited here, and if it would not be for the will of God and the enclosure around you which He has built, they would have torn you into pieces.”

Again, I was praising the Lord that He did not even leave me in hell. And as I did so, again, I was allowed to see the Throne, as He watched me from there and I saw Him there, on that throne and I began to feel good again. His hand was there with me.

And why are these demons raging like this? Because they themselves don’t feel good in hell. They suffer as well. They are also thirsty and they feel terrible in those flames. That’s why they torment those souls. They try to please Satan.

We were descending into the lowest parts. On one of those levels, I saw my grandmother there… I saw my grandmother there, do you understand? Just a while earlier I had seen her father and her son in heaven, as charred wood plucked out of the flames. Yes, I saw my father’s mother; my good, kind grandmother, the same grandmother who had so many religious icons of holy things on her walls. She knew many prayers. But these prayers were memorized prayers. She would just repeat them from her memory and bow down and then, right after that, she would go and tell lies.

That’s why there were two big demons that were pulling out her tongue. They would pull her tongue out of her mouth by red-hot tongs and her tongue was even on fire. It was burning very slowly, slowly… From her tongue, the fire would spread inside her whole body. With very much pain, she was burning from the inside out. And, you would have thought that she was burnt all the way and that she was completely burnt into ashes so that the torment would stop. But, then, I saw a piece of tongue fall on her burnt ashes, a piece of a tongue that was totally burnt, and it would all begin again, just as before. And the torment would start from the beginning, all over again.

She was screaming, but could not speak. She stared at me and reached out her hands toward me, and I could not look at it anymore, because I could not help her in any way. I could not reach out my hand to her to help. She was backbiting. I understood why her neighbors did not want to have contact or a friendship with her. It is very hard and painful to talk about it. Her son, my father, was in paradise, and his mother was spending eternity in hell. I could not move from that place, as I was crying and screaming. And, if it were not for the angel, I would still be standing there until today, crying because of her. She has been there now for more than 30 years. She is there because of the many lies she told.

In the village, they use to call her, “the black jaw.” Her tongue destroyed her. Those religious icons on the wall did not save her. “Life and death are in the power of the tongue” and not only here on earth but also in eternity. (Proverbs 18:21)

We continued walking along and I saw some big pots and on the pots there were inscriptions, but I could not read the inscriptions, so I asked the angel the meaning of the writing.

The angel said, “It is written there, “BAPTISTS, METHODISTS, ORTHODOX, PENTECOSTALS, CATHOLICS … etc.”

I saw Orthodox priests, Evangelical preachers, and Catholic priests in the pots. Every one of them had been placed inside of his own pot and underneath each pot, there was a fire from an ugly substance which looked similar to the natural resin.

I said, “What?”

And, he answered, “Yes, they are here” and suddenly I could see one of the pastors there who I knew. He had served in our church and I had gone to hear his sermons. I had liked them so much. I know his name, but I won’t mention it. He preached in a very lively and energetic way. The sermons were so professional and so interesting.

I said, “Lord, how can this be? The people would come out of his meetings and they would repent! I saw those people repent after listening to his sermons… why?”

Suddenly, a voice sounded out from heaven, “He never served Me. He served only himself. He worked only on his own authority. It was the same with the Catholic priest and Orthodox. They all served themselves. They spoke the right words and I was opening human hearts, because of My Word which was being spoken. And, people were being born again, but, he did not receive Me into his heart.”

Jeremiah 5:30 A horrible and shocking thing has happened in the land. 31 The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way. But what will you do in the end?

And I remembered the verses (Matthew 23:2-3), where Jesus was talking about the Pharisees, “Listen to what they have to say, but, do not act according to what they do.”

When I was in heaven, I asked the angel, “Where are our evangelical Christians, where are the Pentecostals, I want to see them. I saw many well-known faces there, but I was interested in seeing certain ones.

“Who?” said the angel.

I said, “Why are you asking who? Of course, my sisters and brothers in the faith. All right… where are the Orthodox?”

The angel said, “They are not here. Only the children of God are here.”

Do you understand, my friends? In heaven, there is no division. There are only God’s children. And it’s not important as to what kind of confession they were in. What is important is what was in their heart and whom did they serve. Everyone who served Christ is in Heaven. And those who only served themselves, in whatever confession they were in, are in hell, in a pot with pitch. That’s horrible. These people have known the truth, but they did not believe it.


I saw a cloud of acid that would dissolve the soul, so, for example, there would be only a piece of their little finger left and it would look like it was going to be dissolved completely, finally the soul would be free from all the pain. But then, I saw how the whole soul was being slowly restored, as before.

And I asked, “Why does it have to be this way? Who are these people?”

“They are indifferent people. They thought that they would be saved by their indifference. In the Bible (Rev. 3:15-16), Jesus said, “I would rather that you are cold or hot but, because you are lukewarm, I will spit you out of My mouth.” If you are cold you can be warmed up, but the one who is indifferent or lukewarm, cannot be warmed up.

When we came to the lowest part of hell… and there are nine levels of hell. One stage gets worse than the other. I did not want to see anything anymore. I felt so heavy and I was afraid of only one thing — to be thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire was in one of those levels which I had seen, fiery Gehenna. It is a fiery lake filled with a stinging terrible smell. And, the lake was empty, because nothing is there yet, only a fire that consumes, do you understand? That fire is alive, and the fire waits until something is going to be thrown into it. The devil and the demons try to throw souls in there, but, those souls could not fall in there yet. We walked around that lake and the souls were screaming and trying to run, they called unto heaven, but they could not see it.

People in heaven don’t see hell, only the earth. They ask to see their own relatives and are praying for them. They come to the base of the Throne and ask the Lord, and then He sends His angels to save the sinners, if it’s possible. And those in hell don’t even have an opportunity to warn their relatives.

When they are remembered on earth, perhaps on their anniversary and such, and their friends or relatives speak about them. And, they are saying things like, “Oh, how holy they lived” or “How they loved people”, etc., although it was not true, then, the demons gather there in hell and torment that soul, and the sinner is screaming out, “BE QUIET!” But no one hears that cry. Most of them know how evil they were during their life on earth.

If you know someone who was not a good person, then do not say the opposite; do not make his pain even greater. Speak the truth about him. Yes, he was not holy, he was sinful. Just speak the truth, and his torment after that won’t be as great. It will not cease, but it won’t be so great. They will remain in that condition until the Day of Judgment.

I remember when I was at someone’s funeral when they buried one man. Our national saying is, “About the dead, only good,” and so, we began to praise him, and we didn’t understand that by doing this, it gets worse for them, because of those lies.

I also saw the fallen angels. These angels do not come up on the surface. Even in hell, they are despised and they are also waiting for the Day of Judgment to come.

INTERVIEWER: Now concerning those different levels, is there a little bit of hope, at least, somewhere? Or do they know for sure that they are sentenced forever?

They still do hope.

INTERVIEWER: In what way? What did you understand their hope to be?

Simply, because, they are waiting for the Day of Judgment to come. And they do remember that one time Christ did descend into the lower parts and He took people out. (1 Peter 3:18-21) They remember this and know it. And that is why they still hope that Christ will come there one more time, and will take them to be judged.

I don’t know how we came to the last level of hell but I saw a door, a black door, smeared with something unclean. The last level of hell is something like the headquarters of the devil. Satan made the doors into his throne room very small because he knows that neither man nor the fallen angels want to bow before him. They would rebel if they were not afraid of him. And the reason he made the door so small is so that everyone who comes to him must bow down. And, this is the way he is receiving his exultation.

INTERVIEWER: And who comes to him there?

Demons who walk on the earth. I saw them going through those doors. From the outside, they look like normal people. I saw businessmen in their brand name suits and I also saw a businesswoman. I also saw poor people, covered with ulcers; every social level of humankind, those clothed in suits or jeans, in sports clothes, etc. I saw prostitutes and homosexuals. All people are represented there, but these are actually demons with ugly faces. And they are leading the souls of the people on earth; and here they were, coming to their lord.

He was sitting behind the closed door. When the door was opened, I saw the footstool of the throne, he is imitating God. And he does not want others to see his face, either. But, his throne looked horrible. I felt disgusted just looking at it. One of those demons was walking, literally, on the heads of others to get to the throne room. He walked upon everyone. He walked as a victor, and he was holding something in his claw. He had very expensive clothing and a notebook. He bowed down, and went inside through the door and, then, he came out of that place very satisfied.

I could not see what it was, but I understood it when he said “Here he is, lord, one more soul, bind it.” And the door was closed. I could not move from that place. And I knew that soul. I know him, and that person is still alive today.

I asked the angel how that was possible. Does that mean that one more soul has died, that they got him?

The angel said “No, otherwise he would be in one of the levels of hell. That soul is still alive. He made a covenant and sold out his soul, for a great price. Now the devil will bind that soul, he will carry it to someplace and put it in shackles and instead of that person; he will put a demon inside that body. That person will stand up and start walking and do his job, but it’s no longer him. His bound soul will be sitting in the depths and the demon, to which he gave out his body, will be walking on the earth instead of him.”

I remembered how people spoke about these evil people as “a body without a soul.” I saw that this is where the soul is “captured.” The soul will be released only on the Day of Judgment when the sea and hell will give up the dead.

This is what the Lord said. It is written in Revelation 20:13, The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according to what they had done.

When you meet this kind of person, who has an empty stare and fierce eyes, then understand what the Word of God says about them, that we should not even pray for such. “If anyone sees his brother committing a sin not leading to death, he shall ask, and God will for him give life to those who commit sin not leading to death. There is a sin leading to death: I do not say that he should make a request for this.” I John 5:16

I did not understand this and so, I asked the Lord about this.

He said, “It is because they freely gave up themselves and the enemy has bound them, and a demon is living in their body instead of them.”

The family is still thinking that it’s their nice father and they wonder why he changed so much, just overnight. His colleagues wonder what happened to their excellent colleague. They wonder, but later they get used to him as a walking evil. And that walking evil is converting others to its own image.