My Conversion To Jesus Christ By Evangelist Emmanuel Omoobajesu

My Conversion To Jesus Christ By Evangelist Emmanuel Omoobajesu

The confession of Evangelist Emmanuel Omoobajesu, was a heart pricking testimony, because he was once a very powerful member and High Court in the Devils Kingdom. Some of the things about him are: his cultist name that Satan gave him “Bag Of Wickedness.

The authorities stopped arresting him when he was in the Dark Kingdom because they could never keep him in prison – He would render himself invisible and escape. Once a squad of soldiers commanded by a major came to arrest him and Emmanuel told him, “I have killed more men than your eyes have ever even seen.”
They opened up on him with AK-47’s and he handed them the bullets! Emmanuel was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who appeared to him and changed his name to Emmanuel Omoobajesu which means in Yoruba language (Nigeria), “Son Of King Jesus.”

This is the 2nd Series of his confession “transcribed” which is documented in an Audio message.

Evangelist Emmanuel Omoobajesu
  • My Conversion To Jesus Christ

You want to say after me, Devil, this is my bible.  I am what my bible says that I am. I am not what my bible says that I am not. I can do what my bible says I can do.  I can have what my bible says I can have.  Devil, I want you to know also, you are what my bible says that you are and you cannot do what my bible says you cannot do.
And you cannot have what my bible says you cannot have.  You are a liar, that’s why I never believe you.  A murderer, that’s why I never trust you.  But Jesus came to die for me, that I would be saved. And that’s what I want and the bible says that I am saved, so I believe I am saved.  And that’s why I’m blessed.  I can never be accursed in Jesus name.  Amen and Amen.  Glory to God. God is good, how many of you believe God is good?

Tonight God has laid it on my heart to share with you, the testimony of my conversion.  How I become a Christian because I wasn’t from a Christian home or from a Christian family.  A lot of you are blessed enough, I don’t want to use the word lucky, I don’t believe a Christian is lucky, okay?
I don’t believe that a Christian is lucky, I believe a Christian is blessed. Before I become a Christian, I was practicing the art of witch doctor and I was practicing as a magician.  And I was practicing four different kinds of magic.  But before we go into those things, I want us to get prepared for what the Lord has prepared for us tonight.

  • The Prayer Before Commencement Of His Confession:

So shall we bow our heads in prayers please?  Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless his holy name. For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth, let the earth tremble before him. Heavenly father, we acknowledge your holiness. We acknowledge your righteousness, we acknowledge your holy spirit and the presence of your holy spirit in this place.
And so we want to thank you Lord Jesus for taking it upon yourself to come into this world of sin to shed your blood that we would be ransomed and be redeemed from our lost world.  And that we would be transformed from darkness into the light.  We just want to give you the glory.
Heavenly father, it could be that there are some souls here tonight who claim to know you but have never known you, it could be that there are some that are still searching and looking for where to find you.  And there are some who actually know you but could not rely on what you are for them.
Let it please your holy will oh Lord that as I minister in this testimonies that every needs will be met. Turn our world upside down unto your glory and let us be a worker to the expansion of your kingdom, take the glory to yourself father.  Give us the blessings and let the kingdom of darkness be shamed and exalt your word above your name. So that your name will be glorified in Jesus precious name.  And all the saints say amen and amen. Praise the lord, praise the lord.

  • The Confession:

Let’s see here, the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ according to Saint Luke 19:9 And Jesus said unto him, this day is salvation come to this house, forsomuch as he also is a son of Abraham. For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. And the question is, has he been able to find you?
The son of man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.  Has he been able to find you? I’m a Nigerian, Nigeria is located on the west coast of Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean. About 10 degrees north of equator. So if you want to check out a map, you know where you can find that.
In Nigeria, before i become a Christian, there are 10 different kinds of secret societies, which in your language is called occult.  But when I begin to check out from the dictionary what the word occult means.  The word occult does not necessarily mean evil.  The world occult means society.  But where the word occult would denote evil is when you say secret occult.
The Christian body are in an open occult, not secret one. We’re in an open occult, which means that whosoever will may come.  But there are some of these occult bodies that are operating in secret place.  For instance there are the Christian order, the free masonry, the eastern styles and the rest in the list. 
So in Nigeria, before i became a Christian, the secret occultic bodies in Nigeria that was registered under the government of Nigeria under the pretense of a fraternal body were 10 different kinds of secret occultic body. 10 different kinds of them that were registered under the laws of Nigeria.  And what this people does was to register under the law, so that they could be protected by the law.
And when they get into their assembly hall, they practice every kinds of atrocities.  For instance, the universal church of Satan here in the United States, they are covered by your law, covered under your constitution.  They have the right to choose, they have the right to worship whatever they want to worship and that organization is even registered under the laws of the United State.
I mean the church of Satan. From what we’ve been hearing from these Satanists, you realize that they’ve been going too far destroying the souls and homes and lives of people.  I was in Chicago early this year when a lady was testifying in a church in Chicago that she was a breeder to the Satanist.
If you want to know what I mean by a breeder, she would have to deliberately get conceived, get pregnant, give birth to the child so that the child could be used in ritual by the satanists.  Now, why is satan doing this to the race of man?

aborting baby

I want us to examine that before I share with you how I become a Christian.  Why would satan want to do this?  Take for instance, about 15 years ago or so, 1973, if I’m precise.  The laws of your land approved abortion in this country.  The laws of your land gave the right to a woman, whether with or without the consent of the husband, have the power to abort a child.
15 years later you become to see, in your own language, you call them abortion homes, but in my own language, I call them slaughter homes.  15 years later, you begin to see a lot of slaughter homes built around you and people are making wealth out of this.
Specialists in soul destruction, specialists in life destruction.  Why is satan doing this to us?  The reason is simple, if you want to destroy a species, get the eggs of those species and destroy them. Sterilize their eggs and they will be completely destroyed.  Our children are our eggs, so the devil wants to destroy the reigns of human beings on the face of the earth and the best way for him to do that is by destroying our children.

aborted baby

So what I am saying is, you being a believer, you have a great deal of responsibility and you’ve got to be watchful.  Now, in those days, before Christ came into my life, I was such a horrible person.  And people fear me and that was what I want in those days.  If I go to a cinema theater to watch a film, that was before I become a Christian, because I was so evil and wicked, you’d find more than 20 people that wanted to pay for my ticket. Why?
Because over there you have to struggle to get a ticket because the crowd was too much.  So what I do is to put spell on people, then they will give way for me. I can go there without struggle to get my ticket. When the people realize that’s what I used to do, nobody want me to put spell on them.
So they say, you’re here professor, you’re here.  I was known as a professor, but not a professor of any university degree, but a professor in magic.  Oh you’re here professor, okay, don’t worry, you just stay here, I’ll bring your ticket for you in a minute.  More than 20 people will come to do that.  Because if they don’t, I’m going to let them pay for it.
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I put spell on the people and do all kinds of atrocity and police cannot arrest me.  It come to a stage that if you go to the police or you pick up your phone and you call the police and you say, “oh there is a problem here, there’s one man that is causing some problems and the rest, blaah blah blah”
And they’re going to ask you, do you know the man, do you know his name.  Once you say it is bag of wickedness or you say it is professor shankara.  They tell you, we’re sorry, we are not coming there.  Honestly, because they have tried everything they think they can do to suppress me or to take my powers from me. But they were unable, they didn’t succeed.
A lot of times they put me in police cell, a lot of times, they put me in prison.  I never stayed there. I would disappear from the prison, from the police cell and go back home.  And I come back tomorrow morning and say, whom do you put in your prison yesterday?  They become terrified.  I can get in there and take some few police men and put them into a big torment.
My masters in those days in magical occultism, they estimated my contact or power supply in the spirit realm to about 1 mill watts.  Which I don’t know how many millions that I can put that of electricity.  That is if I were to be an electricity generator, I would be able to supply a kind of electricity that would serve the whole of Illinois state.
If I were to be a generating plant, that would generate electricity, I would be able to supply the power that would serve the whole of Illinois state. So even my masters were afraid of me because they believe that my medication is so pure and so concentrating and I could be looking at you, just like that in those days, even though you would see some symbols on my body.
I could just be looking at you like that and I’ll be tormenting you like that without touching you at all. That was the kind of life I used to live.  Then it came to a stage that i thought I was something.  I remember, and this I will never forget, I always share with brethren, I remember there was a political uproar and I was a leader of a gang.

political uproar

And we began to cause some problems in the society and the government drafted some police into that place to keep peace.  And I’ve got this dangerous medicine on me and I hit those police men with them, six of them.  And so as I hit them with this dangerous thing, they were unable to remove their uniforms from their bodies.
Their uniforms were gummed to their bodies, they can’t take it off.  Reason, back home in the western area where I come from, there was a kind of incantation that says that “it is only death that can remove the skin in the leg of a fowl”.  So, when this happened to the police men, because they would be feeling excessive heat in their bodies, by so doing, they’ll be trying to take their uniforms off but they can’t take it off.
And I know, once I hit them with this dangerous thing, they cannot last another week, they’re going to die.  And when this happen, they went back to their station and complain to their masters and their masters decided to drag in some other police men, para military police men, they’d come and they started fighting, shooting tear gas and the rest of it.

secret court riot in Nigeria

And each one of them i hold just like that, they’re gone.  Each one of them I hold, they’re gone.  And when they rest of them saw what was happening, they fled, they ran away. Then the government now send soldiers, and they told these soldiers to take me dead or alive.  And when these soldiers came in and one of them began to point to me, yes that’s the man, that’s the man.
And they came in, and I told this young man that led those soldiers, he was a major in rank and I call him by his name, and he says, “who told you my name”.  And I said, Godwin, I know whatever I want to know.  Then I told him his mother’s name too.  Oh what kind of a person are you?
I said you forgot what the government ask you to come and do here, do you?  You were asked to come and take me dead or alive.  And now you are here struggling with words.  I said but you know what, I have killed more men than your eyes have ever seen, do you want to die? And he retorted, “who do you think you are?
And he brought out his machine gun, cock it up.  I said “Godwin, I am very sorry for you, but I don’t want to kill, but don’t shoot that gun” He pulled the trigger, I collected those bullets, I gave them back to him.  And I said you want to try something else?
Oh, he just fell off, he collapsed, he was so shocked, he couldn’t believe his eyes that you can point a machine gun to a human being and he can resist those bullets.  I just collect everything, hot with the smoke in them and I gave them back to him.  And i said “Godwin, do you want to try something else
He collapsed. And when they eventually revived him, he took on his heels and ran away.  He forgot he was a soldier.  Satan at that stage was telling me that I was secured. I was protected but I have this to tell you, “Jericho had a wall, about fifty feet thick, about 100 feet high and they had a mote dug round that wall, about 60 feet deep and about 100 feet wide.  But when the wrath of God roars against Jericho, mortars and bricks could not withstand the wrath of God”
Why am I saying this? Maybe you have some kind of fortress that you have built for yourself, for protection.  There is no amount of fortress that you can build up for yourself that can ever protect you unless God. I have built all these things around me and I thought I have everything to myself and I can control everything at will until one day, something strange happened.
I lay down that afternoon, my windows wide open, there were no net on that window.  And I saw a dove flew into my room from that window, which was a bad sign for me as a magician.  You can pick a dove in the cage or anything, it’s not a bad sign.  But when a dove just fly into where you live, that is telling you that you will soon die.

a flying dove of the holy spirit

That was the superstitious believe and because they believe in it, it happen like that.  Now, there is something I want you to understand here. That bird, the dove, like the bible take it as the symbol of the Holy Spirit.  God knows what he is doing.
I was a magician, I practiced sacred magic, black magic, white magic, Kabbalah magic.  I know of many pentacles and characters that we can use to evoke demons to appear in different forms.  In form of a human being, in form of a bird, in form of an animal.  In form a snake, in form of a stem and the rest of it.
But there is no symbol, no magical character to make you appear in the form of a dove.  No one. That bird is so protected by God, that the devil cannot use it.  So when you as a sacred magician, will see a dove flying into your house, where you live, then get prepared to die.  So when I saw this dove flew into my room, I believe that was the end of everything, I believe the end was come.
Then I said okay, you dove, before you kill me, I’m going to kill you first.  Then I began to chase this dove all around, all over my room.  And all of a sudden, this dove came up there and bang on something up there and say, “you want to kill me, what evil have I done?
I was shocked to death to hear a bird talking with the voice of human being. He repeated that again, you want to kill me, what evil have I done. And I said “because God created you to stay in the bush. What have you come to do in my room.  That’s why I want to kill you.  That’s the evil you have done”
And he replied, “I’m going away, I’ll be back again tonight”.  Oh, a dove in the night? I’ve never seen that in my life.  I only know of an owl, an owl can fly in the night.  They don’t see in the daytime, but their eyes are open at night. But I’ve never seen a dove flying about in the night. He eventually flew out of the window, went away, I became so troubled cause that grip was in my heart, that hey man — this is the end of everything, you’re going to die.
And I actually died, if only you can understand what I’m talking about, I actually died. And this is how it happened.  In the night, I look at my clock in the wall, it was precisely one o clock, but just before I was converted, there was a quarrel between two of the members in one of the occult groups I belong to.
What actually happened was that the man who was holding the office of agbbena, he died.  Then I was the otunawo.  That is the second in command to the leader, oluwo. Two brothers of the same father began to hunt each other with the native charms, because each of them wanted the vacant office or the vacant post, they want to become the agbbenna.
We did all we could to settle the quarrel but they refused to agree. The younger of the two argued that he was the first to become a cult member before his senior brother joined the group.  But the senior brother claimed to be older in age and he was wealthy too of course. And you know what money cannot do, I’m not sure anything can do it in this generation.
The case become so difficult and complicated for the rest of the members, those that are in authority, most of especially the ewarefa of oboni.  It became so difficult for them, it became so complicated as these two brothers began to charm and harm themselves with their remote powers, remote control.
So I called everybody and said, “if you will not settle this difference, i don’t think that I could be a member of this society and I decided to stay on my own”.  When they saw that I really meant what I had said and realizing my contributions to the group, they started seeking for a way to bring me back, but it was too late, I have already made up my mind.

charming making

After they had tried unsuccessfully for some time, they turn to the secret means of using charms to harm me.  They tried all that they could, but they failed.  Well, one of the nights I was sleeping in my room and about 1 am, I heard a voice calling me through the window saying, Professor Shanker, jide le.
That is “Professor Shanker, rise up”.  I those days, I don’t normally close the windows of my room, because there was no thief that was bold enough to come and steal or burglar my properties.  Such a thief will swoop the ground till he drop dead because as he sweep the floor the evil spirit will keep making it dirty and dirty and dirty again and again.
But when I heard this voice, I replied, (speaks in Yoruba), that is meaning “if you call a dead person on the street, it is another man’s child that will answer that call, if he has the same name” I replied in that form thinking that someone evil minded wanted to use a charm known as akpeta, to call and kill me.
However, I heard the voice again, this time calling me by my real name.  And he asked me to stand up, i replied him, (Yoruba saying), that is, “it is forbidden, when the storm rages, it can never move the small snail under the seed”
The voice sounded yet again, call my name and commanded me and said stand up, Then I stood up. Then I became weak and weary and tired and I was fed up with the repeated calls.  Therefore I chanted one incantation with the aim that after finishing that incantation, the witch or the wizard or the witch doctor, I thought was behind the matter will seize.

The incantation says, (speaks in Yoruba), (it was a very long incantation).

On finishing these incantations, I felt confident that the trouble was over and I went to sleep. But as I was just trying to doze off, to sleep, I heard the voice call me yet again. Then I recited another terrible incantation intended that the blood of the man talking to me might dry up and consequently, he should die.
I said, iwotani ye, that is, who are you, moniko ma se me (Yoruba saying). Being interpreted, “who are you, I said you should not harm me, you insist that you will harm me.  The goat which will harm, the coat of such a goat has turned black.  The sheep that will harm me will not change its skin of yester years. The snail that will harm me has no blood, the cockroach that will harm me has no sting. The hare that will harm me has run to hide away in the bush.  May your blood dry up and you die standing.
In spite of this incantation, the voice again called me. So I challenges him, just show yourself to me and I will show you that man pass man, position pass power.  And he answered and said, (Yoruba saying).  Interpreted, “shall a man fight against his creator?  Creator? What do you mean, what has a creator got to do with all of this?
Who are you, I said.  I questioned, who are you?  And what I heard terrified me.  And the voice say, “I AM that I AM, the immortality that dwells in the light”

the Lord God Almighty
I AM that I AM

You are that you are, immortality, I can’t understand, what are you talking about. Then I had wanted to take another dangerous medicine to use, I had wanted to talk and he said “SHUT UP” and believe me from that moment, all the forces of darkness in my life became dead.
That’s why I told you, I actually died.  Those physical chains were there, that you can call them charms, but the powers that were operating in them were no more. You know, sometimes it will happen that as you go along your way, just realize that everything looks dead around you and you begin to question God, God why this? God why that? God why me?
And I always tell you, if it is not you, it is not going to be anyone else.  It must be you, so that God will be glorified.  God wants to speak life into you, to quicken you, to make you useful for what he has purposed before the creation of the world for your life.  And it happened that when all those forces in my life became dead, then he began to order me to do things.
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And he said to me, all those rings on your fingers, in those days, my ten fingers, my ten toes have different kinds of rings and these are not just ordinary rings.  They are rings with charms, one kind or another.  My shoulders were filled up with philatelists.  My waist filled up with philatelists.  You may not know what a Philatelist is.
A Philatelist is a kind of charm.  For instance, I made a charm into a Phillateli and to make this charm, I need the blood of 201 black cats. And you’re going to use the blood in these things and make it into a Philately, wrap it up in a leather and sow it, so that it can be long enough to go around your waist.
This particular charm that I’m talking about, the uses are in diverse ways.  I can just hold this philately in my hand, recite a short incantation and put it around my waist and you don’t see me no more. I become invisible.  The same philately, I can take up like that recite a short incantation, strike it on the floor or on the ground, and you will see plantains.  You may not know what plantains are, but some of you, you know what bananas are.

a charm plantain

Plantains are in the family of banana, but a little bit bigger.  So both plantains and bananas will grow up right there, they just spring up and as you look forward, wherever your eyes can see, so the plantains and bananas will grow in those bush.  Why do we do that, we do that, if there is a battle or a war between two nations, I can use this charm to make me invisible.
I can go into the land of my enemy and bring out this thing, strike their ground with it and this plantains and bananas will just grow, then I go back into my own country.  What happened?  As this plantains and bananas grow up, they become ripe immediately. They become ripe, but its a poison, if you dare eat it.
So the purpose is to destroy your enemy, is to kill them because anyone who eats out of these bananas or plantain, they’re going to die. And people will not know who and what kill them, they will not know who and what poison the food for them.  Those are the kind of life that I was living in those days.  So as he ordered me to pull these things charm down, and I have to pull everything down.
I used to have a rope, a thread across my head like that magically made and prepared and it carries only, I don’t know if some of you are familiar with what is called cowries.  You familiar with what cowries is? Cowrie was the first money that was being used in those days, before metals were invented.


This thing (thread) carries openly three cowries and the purpose for that is as I am here, if I have that thread on my head and somebody is talking about me, backbiting about me, anywhere in the world, all of a sudden, as soon as he or she finish backbiting, there’ll be a temperature like fever that develops in his or her body.
Before you know it, within eight hours’ time, he’s dead. The person will be dead. These are things that were being done by the devil and the devil want me to believe that I was secured. But when Jesus came, Jesus said, pull it down and that is what I did, whether I like it or not. I pull everything down.
I pull everything down, those on my walls that I hang on the wall, I pull them down.  And I have this magic bag, and that’s why they call me bag of wickedness.  I have this magic bag, even though its so small, smaller than this.  But as small as it is, if you want to put this pulpit inside of it, it is going to take it, it is going to contain it, it’ll just expand.
Then I brought out this bag and I started putting everything inside of the bag.  Then something happened and I will never forget. I have this oil, its a magic oil, when you rub this magic oil on your hand, and you shake hand with a business man and say, “oh man your business is going to move today”
And he later goes into his warehouse where he has his business, and immediately he touches any of his products or goods. And the first person that come in to buy is going to take the money by himself, if care is not taken,, he might sell that warehouse that same day, because those demons will begin to bring customers from nowhere.
I don’t know if it has ever happened to some of you, you just find yourself going out there to buy something that you don’t even need and you never even think about it.  You just go there, you buy it and you might have get home before you realize, what am I doing? Why do I buy this thing? what do I need it for?

And I want you to be assure, that there are some demonic forces behind those kind of things.  That is why you should never open the door for those forces to get into your life.  And that’s why Jesus encourage you to pray always.  Why do you have to pray always.

  • Why You Are Recommended To Pray Always:

Let me get into that very briefly before I come back into what I’m telling you. Why do you have to pray always?  Before I become a Christian, I do practice witchcraft and what we do, we don’t gather in the physical, what we do in the actual sense, we sleep at home, lay down at home, and get out of our bodies to get into the meeting.

astral travel

And this I have been doing for years, I would go into the meetings and return back home to get into my body, but something happened one day.  As I went out and I was coming back, I could not find the door way to get into the house, but I do not know what happened.  Then I went to the masters, we call them the invisible masters.
I went to the invisible masters to inquire, what happened, why it that I cannot get into the house is.  And they told me there was somebody in that house that was using a white oration, you know what is called a white oration? Your prayers, Christian prayers that is white oration.
So there was somebody in that house that was using a white oration and what happened when somebody uses a white oration.  Look at this, this wall right here is thick to the extent that you are material, you cannot penetrate through it, unless you destroy that wall to pave-way for yourself, but in the spirit realm, this wall is not a barrier.
You can easily walk through. But in the same spirit realm, if in the physical, this door right there, is open, that door, right there is open the windows are open in the physical.  And somebody kneel down here and begin to pray in the name of Jesus , believe me in the spirit realm, all these walls become fortified, the doors closed, locked, that no forces, no power whatever can penetrate through.
I believe that is why the Lord Jesus encourage you to pray always.  Why? because Jesus want you to close the doors against this forces and prevent them from coming in to you. You close the doors against them, you fortify your walls against them.  That was precisely what happened.
Psalms 55:17 Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice. 1st Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing. So if you are a Christian that lives a prayerful life that is what you’re doing to the demons.  They will have no way of coming in.

  • How To Identify A Christian In Spiritual Realm:

Then in those days before I become a Christian, if I’m walking on the streets, if i walk across a Christian, I know them, they don’t have to tell me.  If you are truly a Christian, if you are truly a child of God, you don’t have to tell me, I’ll know.
How do I know? Okay, like my sister right here, you want to come forward a little bit, would you Take it with you, that’s why I’m calling you.  Thanks. What is the color of this coat everybody? Black, okay, even as she’s having this black coat on herself in the physical, in the spirit realm, if she’s a Christian, you want to come also my brother. Thank you.
In the spirit realm, from the crown of her head, to the sole of her feet, her body and everything will look like the color of his shirt.  Why? From the crown of her head to the sole of her feet, she will be snow white.  That’s when I know oh this is a Christian. Thank you very much, you may be seated.

And if you are the kind of a Christian that give your life to prayers, because the kind of a christian I just describe to you is the kind of a christian that says Lord, I want to do everything that is your will but their prayer life’s are weak. Those are the ones you see in a snow ball form.
But those that are prayerful, they’re going to have a different sight, a different form, if you’re so prayerful as a christian, when those that are possessed with demon, see you, they’ll be seeing fire burning around you. There’ll be a fire furnace burning around you.  Maybe it has happened to you sometimes in the mall or sometimes on the streets, you walk across some people, they just all of a sudden turn aside, they don’t want to walk across you because they can see, even you the very person that has such a power.
You do not know what kind of power you have but this people can see you, they know who are.  They don’t want to be consumed because the bible says our God is a consuming fire.  Hebrews 12:29 “God is a consuming fire.
They don’t want to be consumed by that fire, so they have to turn away and take a different route entirely.  So if you are the kind of a Christian who lives a prayerful life, there’ll be a fire furnace burning around you.  And the more fervent you are in prayer, the wider the fire furnace around you.

And that’s a big lesson that the Lord has taught me before I become a Christian. I believe it was a kind of university that God has made me pass through before I become a Christian, so that I could be able to be a blessing to the body of Christ.
So, I encourage your prayer life today.  BE MORE PRAYERFUL.  Because there are forces out there that you can’t even recognize, you don’t know them, but they know you.  And they always try to watch for the hour of your weakness.  Hello?  Those forces out there, always like to watch for the hour of your weakness.

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So make sure you have enough in your spiritual reservoir so that when the devil comes, you have a lot to offer.  Pray, always. Okay, let’s get back into the testimony.  Now, he had ordered me to pack all those things and I began to pack them.  And I was talking about one kind of oil, the magic oil, this magic oil, if you rub it on your hand, shake hand with a business man, you’ll see your business will go and move, the business will move.
If you say the business will liquidate, it will definitely liquidate.  Then I said, this oil could be useful to me in the future, so I try to hide this oil away under my bed.  I have no other place to put it but under my bed.  And this voice says, bring it out! I said oh so you can see me too.  Because I didn’t realize he can see me, I thought he was just talking.
But after I was converted and I became a Christian, I flash my mind back to that incidence and the holy spirit began to minister to me that, that incidence that happened that night, indicates that we believers, Christians.  There are some of you, who have a kind of sin or another, hiding in the secret closet of your heart and you never want to give it up, probably because of the pleasure you derive in them.
But what I want to tell you is, God can see you. There is no way you can hide from him, he can see you. So, don’t try to be a men pleaser, but God pleaser because that God, he knows all things, he sees all things.  He can do all things.  He told me to bring it out, I brought it out, I put it in the bag and after everything had been gather up into the bag, and he said, put it on your head and that’s a command that no man has ever given me in my life.
Not even my mother, and I’ve been commanded, I took up the bag and that was it.  In my head, but what happened, is in the physical, talking of my physical strength, I will not be able to lift this bag up, to put it on my head, it’s too heavy.  But where that strength comes from, I do not know.  Don’t ask me, I just realized I was able to pick it up and put it on my head.
But before I go 10 minutes because as soon as I put it on my head, he said, follow me. I said, I can’t see you and you ask me to follow you?  How do I know where I’m going or where you’re going. How can I follow you?  He said follow me.  And what I experienced is that if he wants me to go through this door and I was trying to go through that door, he’s going to tell me, here I am, come here.
But I can’t see him,.  You know, a lot of the time, there is a great revelation here, a lot of the time, you want to see God, you want to see his foot print to be able to follow him.  One step after another and when that does not happen, you become discouraged.  But the bible says in the book of Isaiah, even though you are ignorant, the spirit of the Lord shall lead you in the way that you must follow.
Now, in another word, I am saying that the success of this thinking, does not depend on your ability, but God’s ability.  All that God is demanding from you is to make yourself available.  So your availability is what counts, not your ability.  Not what you can do or what you cannot do, but are you available for God’s use?
And if you make yourself available even though you are ignorant, his holy spirit will lead you.  And if the Holy Spirit is your guide, if the Holy Spirit is your teacher, you’ll never miss it.  So, I followed him and after about ten minutes, it was like a whole wagon of a train was placed on my head, it became so heavy. And I said, Lord, but with an arrogant mind.  You know it happens to us, we think we are something, we become so arrogant against God or towards God.

sin a heavy load

With an arrogant mind, I said, “Lord, this thing is too heavy.  And that gentle voice came in and crack every stronghold that was in my heart.  And said you can compare that with the burden of your sins.  That is, you can compare the heaviness of that load with the burden of your sins, compare. Then from that point, I realize that if God will leave you alone to bear the burdens of your sins all by yourself, no man will survive.

Jesus Christ bear our sins at Calvary

Thank God for Jesus.  Then I started hearing that sonorous voice as if it was from a far distance, saying, Jesus is tenderly calling the whole world, calling today, calling today.  Before they finish that first stanza, you can see some watcher coming down. For the first time in my life, somebody will make me cry.
I remember my grandfather used to call me a stone.  Then one day, I ask him, daddy why do you call me a stone.  He said because you never crack.  But that night, the stone cracked.  Then I started following this voice as it led me.  And this thing was becoming heavier and heavier every step if the way.  Then I tried to push it off.  I don’t want it anymore on my head.
I want to push it off, surprisingly, the whole of my body was going to fall along with this burden.  And something was telling me in my mind, if you fall with this thing on your head, you’re not going to survive, you’re going to die. Until this voice led me into this cemetery, I became weak, tired and it seems as if there were no bones in my body anymore.
Hopelessly, I said, my Lord, this time with a humble heart.  That is the moment that God is waiting for in your life.  The moment you realize you are nothing, the moment you realize that it is only God that can be everything for you.  The moment you realize that you have no strength or power of your own, but God.
And when you turn it over to God, he takes it up and do it for you.  You know, a lot of us believers, we’ve made this great mistakes all the time, when we have problems, instead of us turning to God, I mean, not just us turning to God, but turning the problems over to God, instead of us doing that, we will begin to make use of every available strength and power to us.
But once this available strength and power and influence fails, instead of us to blame ourselves, we begin to blame God. I don’t know if you understand what I’m talking about?  You have a problem and instead of you to go into prayers and turn it to the hand of God.  “Oh God, you know everything, you know everything and you begin to use your money.”
Maybe your money is the power that was valuable to you at that time, you begin to use your money.  And when the whole money was gone and exhausted, you begin to blame God, not realizing that from the beginning, you have never trusted those things to the hand of God, you’re only trying to do it with your head knowledge. God will fold his arms, looking at you to your eyes, looking at your heart, waiting for his own time, in your life.

So the question now is, is it yet God’s time in your heart?  Or it is always your own time. Because the moment it is God’s time, you will yield yourself.  Like we talked about this morning, stinking self that was in you.  You will yield everything unto God and when God handles it for you, you never regret.  Amen if you believe it.
I yielded it to him this time.  I said, “My Lord, this burden is too heavy for me, will you please help me?  And I heard that voice saying, it is now that I will help you.  As soon as he said that, miracles began to happen. The heavy thing that I had tried to push off will now go by itself without any effort from my own side.

asking Lord forgiveness

God doesn’t need your strength to be able to do things that he wants to do in your life.  He doesn’t need your strength to be able to fulfill those things that he had promised to fulfill in your life.  All he needs from you, is yield.  Yield those things to him.
When this heavy thing on my head drops, I started hearing that song, saying, at the cross, when I first saw the light, and the burden of my heart rolled away, from there by faith, I received my sight.  And now I am happy all the day.  When this thing dropped down there, I can hear this force saying, okay, now set it on fire.
I said, “My Lord, what are you talking about?  I don’t have cigarette lighter, I don’t have matches.  There are no gas, no kerosene, how do you expect me to set this thing on fire.  If you had told me before we left home, I should have brought those things with me.  And what I heard next was, take.  Oh my goodness, I wish God can let you see what I saw that night.
It is good to be a Christian.  When he said take, a packet of surprise.  Right down there, I saw a flash of light and there was some fingers holding a box of matches and I can see the wrists of those fingers, I can see the elbow, the shoulder and the whole form of a body.  But even though I saw it as a whole form of a body of a human being, I have no word to describe that glory.
It was a glory.  And I forgot he asked me to take something, and I questioned him. I said, “who are you? and he said, “I have told you, I am Jesus, who died for your sins.  If you will repent, then you’ll be saved.  Then a kind of passion, came on me that I begin to feel so sorry for myself.  Then the more I say I am sorry, then the louder  my voice becomes.
“I am sorry, I am sorry, I’m sorry.  I was just shouting like that and I was weeping bitterly.  And he said to me, “I have brought you today, into this cemetery, to bury the death of your sins and to rise you up unto the righteousness of God.  And you will go into all the nations were my spirit will lead you.  Whosoever bless you, I will bless them and whosoever curse you shall be accursed”.

As he was saying these things, it occurred to me, he told me to take something at least but I forgot.  Because that glory, I so much focus my attention on him.  I don’t eat to take my eyes away.  Then that thought me a kind of lesson, that if you are a believer and you cannot see Jesus Christ in your physical body while you are here and if you fail to meet him over there, you miss everything. Because that glory I saw that night, from what the bible says, the bible says, we shall see him, not just seeing him.  We will be like him.
That’s what my bible says.  And if we are going to be like that glory I saw that night, I want to be there.  I don’t care what it costs me. I want to be there. I will be willing by his grace and his grace alone, to pay every price that it demands for me to be like him.  If God can open your eyes for you to see what the heavenlies look like, you will want to be. I want to make it and I will make it, no matter what the enemy thinks.
In short, I took that match box from him and I opened it, cracked one of them and I couldn’t see the box anymore.  And my back and the charms busted into flames, as if there were natural gas in that environment.  And the whole thing burned down to ashes.  But something nefarious happened.  I told you a moment ago that I would be locked up in jail, but I would escape without breaking their locks or using their door ways.
What was actually doing those evil things were right in my stomach.  So even if they strip me naked, I still have my power inside of me.  And that is the right place, where you need to put Jesus in your life, inside of you.  That even if the devil will come around to strip you naked of everything that you think you are, you still have that Jesus right inside of you to lead you in the path of righteousness and to throw down every strongholds of the enemy.  Hallelujah!!
The miracle that took place was the burning thing, the odor, the smoke, came into my nostril.  As soon as I breathe in, I had a discomfort in my stomach, then I began to throw up.  But my shock was that the food I ate last night did not come out of my mind.  But all those dangerous charms, all those medicines that I had been drinking and eating and swallowing, that’s all that began to fall out of my mouth.
They came out of my stomach, as if I had just been eating them. Some of them, I had ate for years, they came out the same form that they went in there.  It was one of the miracles that I ever witnessed in my personal life.
Listen my brethren, I read in the bible, Moses parted the red sea.  Moses prayed there was manna from heaven that nobody cooked, but the people were able to eat.  Elijah, a raven brought a bread and the rest of it. I was not there, I believe by faith.  But this one that I’m telling you, it happened to me.
So I’m a living witness of the power of God and of what God can do and has done in my personal life.  After throwing all these things out of my stomach, I became light than ever, then there are some few things that happened, that I noticed.  It was like my face had been the other way round.  That is what it was like and it seems like somebody has come around now to turn my head into the proper position.
Then my eyeballs, it seems like the one that supposed to be out was in and the one that was supposed to be in, was out.  Then I can feel that roll in my eyeballs to turn to the proper place.  Then when I lift up head from throwing up, this glorious man that I saw a moment ago is now on the cross, bleeding.

Jesus on cross

And I said My Lord, what happened?  What happened?  A moment ago I saw you in such a great glory, what happened?  Even now, you’re naked.  He said to me, “don’t be embarrassed that I’m naked, I have agreed to be naked, so that those who believe in me will have the glory of God to cover themselves.
Now, there is something here that made me like I want to cry.  The most valuable thing in heaven or on earth or in any planet, is the glory of God. And this only begotten son of God has possessed this glory, but he agreed to give this glory, soon as you believe in him.  The most valuable thing in heaven and on earth, he gave it to you.
As it was there in the bible, I saw it.  In the gospel according to Saint John. He said, greater love has no man than this.  Now search the corridors of your soul right now, do you actually love the Lord? And I ask you again, and again and again and again. You think you love the Lord, but do you actually love the Lord.
How far can you go to sacrifice yourself, your time, your money because of the Lord?  How far can you go?  Wouldn’t you think of yourself first?  Wouldn’t you think of your pleasure? Wouldn’t you think of your time?  Wouldn’t you think of your finances, before you can think of him?  Can you have a greater love?
Greater love has no man than this.  Can you have a greater love?  Search your heart, are you honest with yourselves or you’re lying to yourselves. There is something else that happened that night that really touched me.  As soon as he said that, that he agreed to be naked so that those who believe in him will have the glory of the lord to cover themselves, i look at my body.
And it was like I have been suffering from leprosy for a century.  A leprosy is such kind of a dangerous kind of a disease, I hate it.  And I said “my Lord, I’ve never known leprosy in my life, where do I come across this, and he said something that made me cry for a whole two weeks from that night.
He said to me, “are you embarrassed because you have leprosy? He said to me, that was what your soul look like a moment ago before I came into your life. That’s what your soul look like in the sight of God”

He say if you’re a sinner, your soul look like the body of a leper, your soul look like you’re suffering from a dangerous canker worm.  If you’re a sinner and you refuse to give up that sin.

I will come back to our subject, but let me still inquired from you; “do you really love the Lord?  Do you mean what you’re saying, do you mean what you’re proclaiming or you’re just a pretender. But I have this to tell you my brothers and my sisters.  There is danger in pretense.  Do you hear me?  There is danger in pretense.  If you are pretending to be what you are not, there is a danger.
Are you a Christian, are you really a Christian?  Do you love the Lord, like you want us to believe Search your heart and be honest with yourselves.  The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there of. Shall we rise up in the name of Jesus.  Far above all, far above all, God has exalted him far above all.
Crown him as Lord. Thank you Jesus.  You know the psalmist say something in psalm 23 and the 6th verse.  I don’t know how well you understand that portion of the scripture.  I’ll read it very quickly.
Psalm 23:6 Ssurely. Goodness and mercies shall follow me all the days of my life. And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. 
Though we sometimes always read this for reading sake or because we want to read our bible but what does this mean to you? To dwell in the house of the Lord?  How can you dwell in the house of the Lord?  Where is the house of the Lord? Is he talking of the church, these walls? No no no.
To dwell in the house of the Lord means for you to dwell in holiness.  You know what I’m saying? Holiness is the house of the Lord.  So for you to dwell in the house of the Lord, means for you to dwell in holiness.  And that’s why I said you need to search your hearts whether you’re true to what you claim to be.  If you are not, holiness is lacking and don’t forget without holiness, no man can see God.
And I know you want to see him. And if you want to see him, that’s the step you need to take.  Dwell in the house of the Lord, dwell in holiness.  Let holiness be part of you.  Let holiness be your food  Let holiness be your water. Let holiness be your bed.  Let holiness be your conversation, let holiness be your world.  Then God will have his way in your life.
Now we want to go into prayers.  You know what to pray for already.  I hate to pretend to be what I am not.  So just tell God to give you a pure hearts.   What kind of a heart?  Tell God in your own language, in the language you understand better to give you a pure heart.  So that everything you do, you will do it with the fear of the Lord.
And if there is anything on your ways or in your life that was not pleasing to the glory of God, let God take them away and be sincere with that. Shall we close our eyes in the name of Jesus.  And you begin to talk to the Lord and God bless you as you pray.  It has been written in this divine volume that who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord or shall stand in his holy place?
He that have a clean hands and a pure heart.  Tell the Lord to give you a pure heart today. A pure heart.  Holy spirit, Holy Spirit.  Hallelujah hallelujah. Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus. Amen.

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