Then Jesus said, “Come on, I am going to show you something else,” and we moved into the next area. Jesus caused the light to shine, and He cremated demons by His fire. Any demon that the fire didn’t touch screamed and ran away.

We came to a large opening, which I think was still in the right arm of Hell, and there was such an evil section in it—it was like a pool of quicksand and dung with fire. Demons were coming, and they were leading skeletons by the hundreds with black chains around them.

The souls were screaming, “Oh, my God, I didn’t know Hell was real. I mocked. I was an atheist. I made fun. Oh, my God, this is real; this is real.”

Then I saw a demon holding a plaque with names on it. This demon was very big and broad-shouldered, and he had fangs, long dirty nails, and big webbed feet. The demons were laughing and saying, “We seduced them. We seduced them.”

I was greatly grieved at this sight. The name of a soul was called, and demons unchained it, brought it over to the demon with the plaque, and said, “This is your torment; this is your servant. You served the devil well on earth, but in Hell, you shall be tormented. Satan shall win against God.”

I screamed, “No, Lord, no. What have these done, Lord Jesus? What sin of the flesh have they committed?”

Jesus said, “Child, listen to the voices of the dead.”

There were lines and lines of these skeletons bound together, one after another, in black chains. I heard them saying, “Oh, can we get out of here? Is there any hope? Oh, why did we not listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ? Why did we fight against the King who would have saved us from this place? Woe unto us, for our wound is grievous. Woe unto us.”

Thousands began to say those words and to cry, while others blasphemed God, even though they were in Hell.

The demons told these souls, “No man cares for your soul. This is your torment; this is your judgment.” I heard two demons scream, in succession, “O fire, burn brighter; fire burn brighter in this quicksand pit to hold more souls that have been seduced by our king, the devil; and we helped him to deceive these.”

Jesus said, “I am going to show you a vision in this midst of this revelation.”

The vision was of one man who had been brought before the large demon. In the vision, the man was on the earth, and he was a preacher of God’s Word. Jesus didn’t say anything else; the vision said it all.

I saw a fine church. I don’t know the name of the preacher or the name of his church. I just saw the inside of a large, beautiful church. There was wonderful singing, and people were praising God.

The demon was enjoying looking at this vision; in fact, he was laughing. Then I saw beings in black robes infiltrate the church. They came in, sat down, and were transformed into what looked like church people; then their black robes came back on them. They were demons, but they seemed to be in the form of men and women.

After this, I saw the church invite them to assist in the ministry—to work in the office, to help with the offering, and everything. The Christians were so deceived. Then there was a time-lapse of about five years. The church was almost empty, and there was darkness all over it. I looked outside the church building, and the parking lot was cracked and broken up, and the word Ichabod was written over the door. (See 1 Samuel 4:19–21.)

I said, “My God, what is this?”

Jesus answered, “The Spirit of the Lord has departed from that church building. When those evil powers came in, in darkness, and the black cloaks turned into people, they came as seducing spirits to seduce that church, to check it out. My people are dying from a lack of knowledge. They need to understand that they know the Spirit of God. And when they feel this evil around people, they need to pray. They need to go to their pastor and ask him about it; they are not to be paranoid but to know and understand the Spirit of the living God.”

I thought back to a time when I had spoken at a particular church that was prospering. I had seen evil powers sitting in the audience, but I didn’t understand what they were at that time. God hadn’t yet given me the knowledge. But a few years later, that church was gone.

Jesus is telling us that if we don’t pray for the protection of our fellow believers and travail for those who need to be saved, there will be few spiritual new births. Satan does not want us to intercede like that, because he desires to keep people from coming to a knowledge of the truth in Jesus Christ.

Once I was participating in a church prayer meeting in which a woman was earnestly travailing for souls to be saved, and I saw another woman go over and lay a hand on the stomach of the first woman, while speaking in a strange language; this caused the woman’s travail to abruptly end.

The first woman got up and cried, saying, “You stopped my travail.”

I knew that the second woman was associated with the devil, and it turned out that she was a practicing witch. Some of Satan’s workers are deliberately infiltrating our churches. The devil uses people like that to try to stop our travail to God. We must fight against the enemy so that our prayers can go forth to the Lord for ourselves and for the rest of His people.

[The Lord said,] “I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one.” (Ezekiel 22:30)

I told Jesus, “Oh, my God, this is horrible.”

Then Christ said, speaking of the church (all believers throughout the world—men and women, boys and girls), “Arise, O bride; My bride, come out of this filth, come out of this. The bride of Christ, arise.”


As I watched the vision of the church from which the Spirit of the Lord had departed, the dead in Hell began to scream and talk again.

I said, “Oh, God, you mean all these standing here in chains are going to be thrown into that quicksand because they were deceived and seduced by the devil and enjoyed it?”

He said, “I am God. I will save My elect and My righteous from this place. I know how to give them the power to overcome temptation. You blow your trumpet on them and let them seek My Word. It is time to arise from a dead sleep and hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the churches. Repent, repent.”

Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he falls. No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it. (1 Corinthians 10:12–13)

The Lord continued, “Watch over My flock, you leaders. I have given you the discernment and understanding. Pray with your wife or your husband. You are not alone. Don’t be so deceived, saith the Lord, when you know in your heart things aren’t right and somebody is trying to destroy you. Satan is very cunning and very wise. He tricks many people. So understand that I came to give life and love and happiness and joy. Help the poor, feed the little children, do the work of an evangelist, preach My Word. I have many great churches on the earth, and many great pastors and leaders. They take care of the homeless and the widows.”

I said, “Jesus, I am so afraid that I will not relate this just like You want it.”

He replied, “Child, you have the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is your Leader and your Teacher, bringing all things to your remembrance.”

I looked back at the demon that held the plaque of names and saw him take that skeleton whose church I had seen in the vision and throw him into the boiling hot, raging fire and quicksand. Then my eyes were opened to see further into this place, and there were at least twenty more of those quicksand pits, and twenty more demons and many more skeletons screaming and crying. I said, “Oh, my God.”

Jesus said, “Come and see.”

We walked to another area of quicksand where demons were doing the same thing to a different group of skeletons in chains. These souls were some backslidden leaders who had left their cross behind instead of taking it up and continuing to follow Jesus. Some of them had received a great calling, but they had laid down that calling, saying it was too hard. (I know that fulfilling one’s calling does get very hard at times.)

And then there were others who had been given musical gifts. It seemed to me that their situation was related to some of the glass cages I had seen with the musical instruments and the music sheets. They had stopped using their gifts, and Satan had stolen those gifts and put bondage after bondage on the people, and they wouldn’t trust the Lord.

Jesus said, “I have many who have obeyed Me and kept My charge on the earth. I want the world to know—those to whom I have given calls and blessings and great gifts—that your gifts are very important to the body of Christ. How will the bride arise if you don’t use your gifts to set the captives free? I gave you the power in My name to set the captives free. That means to rebuke the devil, cast out evil spirits, heal the sick, raise the dead. Awake, awake, My bride. Katherine, awaken them.”

Our time in Hell was completed for that night. But as Christ was speaking, I was thinking that what He was saying summed up one of the primary purposes for my journey into Hell, which is also the main purpose of this book. It was to show us that as time goes on, some people change; they fall and compromise God’s Word, and they ultimately end up in Hell. We are being warned not to be careless or unfaithful or hardhearted so that we will not experience the same fate. These revelations are for today. God is showing us how people end up in Hell because they desire the works of the flesh more than obeying God’s commandments.

Excerpt from Mary K Baxter A Divine Revelation of Satan’s Deceptions. This book may be purchased from online vendors.

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