Dear reader, when our Father in heaven assigned me the ministry of writing about Satan, He told me never to fear the devil. He informed me that Satan would try attacking me; but He would never overcome me, as long as I kept in God’s ways. In this article, I would like to show you how Satan one day tried to attack me. I will focus on Satan’s heavy presence and how you can overcome it.

God’s fiery presence.

Before I tell you about Satan’s presence, let me first show you how God’s presence feels like. The evening God’s mighty presence first came to me I was seated on the floor of a hotel room reading my Bible. This is the first lesson I want you to learn. When you seek God, He will seek you also. In this experience, I felt like there was a very powerful beam of heat coming from the ceiling of my hotel room. I almost picked the phone to call the reception area because I thought that the hotel had caught fire. But my eyes could not see any visible fire or smoke around. I felt like my heart was burning with this heavenly fire. Secondly, I felt so light, like a bird, and I wanted to fly out to the heavens like a feather. For more than a week every time I talked, other people told me they felt this presence emanating from my words.

Satan’s presence.

One night Satan came to my bedroom as I slept. He wanted to see the person who keeps on writing those bad stories about him.  Even though the door to my bedroom was locked, Satan used it to enter. I was asleep but my spirit sensed Satan as he entered. His presence was so heavy that I felt it in my sleep. He slowly walked across the floor and sat on the bedside. As I slept, I felt like a huge 1,000 kg grisly bear was sitting on my body. I was suffocating under this pressure to the extent I could not call my wife who was sleeping by my side. God’s presence liberates but on the contrary Satan’s presence oppresses and suffocates you. As I suffocated under Satan’s great pressure, something divine happened. Had it not been for this supernatural intervention, I would have woken up a dead man. This experience is what I am going to tell you next.

Heaven intervenes.

As the Devil tried to strangle me, I tried waking up but I had lost all energy. I could not talk because I felt like my mouth had been gagged. At this point I failed to wake up. I felt like I had been given very strong anesthesia. I was so weak in a deep sleep. Then my spirit came to my rescue. I heard my spirit calling from afar in a very small voice saying “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.” It repeated calling Jesus but this time louder and with more intensity. The volume within my spirit kept on increasing calling upon the Name of Jesus. As my spirit kept on calling the Name of Jesus I kept on gaining more and more spiritual and body energy until I became so strong that I woke up shouting with my mouth the Name of Jesus. I felt so powerful that I felt like pushing Mount Everest from its current location to a new place far away like the USA. As soon as I shouted the Name of Jesus from my mouth Satan fled my bedroom at a lightning speed. I have never seen him since then; and I don’t think he will ever come back because that night he may have broken his spine as he fled.

Power in the Name of Jesus.

Dear reader, I want you to learn three things from my experience above.

Number one. Even if you are suffocating, you can still call upon the Name of Jesus Christ from within your spirit and soul. Someone can gag your mouth, but not your spirit and soul.

Number two. The Name of Jesus is so powerful and liberating. Satan cannot withstand the Name of Jesus. The reason is that our Father in Heaven has put the Name of Jesus above all other names (Philippians 2:9-11).

Number three. When you are in trouble do not call upon anything else; call upon the name of Jesus Christ. This Name will save you because it is written in the Bible that:

“The sun will be turned to darkness

and the moon to blood

before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.

21 And everyone who calls

on the name of the Lord will be saved“. Acts 2: 20-21

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