We’re going to continue like we did with the last session on my visitation that happened in 1992. I’m really excited to get into this and just remember you will receive an impartation as I share this with you because Jesus really literally told me that when I share this you’re gonna have a visitation. He told me that when I share this with you there’ll be an impartation from Heaven. So just receive it right now.

We’re gonna get right back into what Jesus was saying. If you remember, He left me in the operating room and He was talking about the healing of the soul and then He was talking to me about praying in tongues and we’re gonna pick up right there.

I just want to reiterate that praying in tongues is the number one thing that you could do supernaturally to walk on this Earth. We don’t even know what we should pray for or how we should pray but this Spirit will help us. He will take hold of us in our weakness and help us to pray out the mysteries of God.

So that’s what we’re doing when we’re praying in the spirit. I just want to reiterate that because Jesus spent more time on this single one thing than anything else in the 45 minutes that He spent with me. And so I want to get into what He came to me next about. I mean He just kept teaching me a subject after subject and this thing is gonna change your life.

He said, “Kevin you make a difference.”

He showed me the angels and how they work. The angels actually stand alongside you and some of them are assigned to you to minister to you and some of them are sent to minister for you.

There’s messenger angels, there are also recording angels and so some of the angels actually record when you do something by the Spirit of God. He records that and it is taken back to Heaven and you get rewards for the things you do.

So Jesus started to teach me about this. He wanted me to know that when I even gave a cup of water to somebody, the angel records that.

He said, “Now there are two ways that you get rewarded. If you do something in My name, there’s a reward. If you do something in faith you get a reward.”

He told me this, “Sometimes people will not do something because they think, ‘Well, if I give something to this person, they’re gonna abuse it; they’re not gonna use it for good intent.’ You know like if you see somebody on the street and you feel reluctant to give them money, but Kevin, if you can’t do it in faith, you can do it in My name.”

He said, “It’s different when you do it in My name because you still get a reward for it. It releases you from financial responsibility when you give to someone or something. It doesn’t matter what they do with the money if you give it in Jesus’s name. You’re doing it unto Him and so your reward is sealed because of that.”

Now He said, “If you do something in faith it’s because faith rises up in your heart and God speaks to your heart and you do it out of that, then you’re doing it in faith and there’s a reward for that too as well.”

So He said, “We should always give. We should always act on what the Lord tells us to do but if you can’t have faith for what you’re doing, you can always do an act of kindness in My name.”

Isn’t that good? So like even if you give a cup of water it doesn’t go unnoticed in Heaven because these angels recorded the act down.

So He wanted me to know that I do make a difference and then He said, “Listen to this. When I have you at your job, you are making a difference because you’re there not just because of what you do but you’re actually holding back forces that are working against people. When you’re there they cannot act.”

I didn’t even see that.

He said, “You know warfare sometimes is just you going to work. You’re stopping the enemy from working just because you spoil the party wherever you go. You can spoil the party of the devil by just showing up to work. When you go places, demons are paralyzed.”

And so my word to you from the Lord is that you do make a difference and it’s just not what you do; sometimes it’s who you are.

The Lord showed me that you can arrest the enemy just by showing up because of what you walk in.

So that was another thing that He taught me and I want to get into the rest of it. He also started to talk to me about a subject that’s somewhat controversial but I saw clearly in the scripture.

He said, “Kevin, when I was on the Earth I would look for Myself in the Word of God. The Father had strategically planted different places in the Bible that talked about Me and before I even came to Earth. We had strategically caused the Holy Spirit to have Me right in the scripture. For example, the Spirit came on King David and he wrote Psalms 16:10 For you will not leave my soul in hell; neither will you suffer your Holy One to see corruption.”

He said, “When I was on the Earth I memorized that Psalm because this is what happened. I actually went to Hell. I was in the belly of the Earth. In the belly of the Earth, I rehearsed Psalm 16.”

Isn’t that amazing?

He said, “My whole teenage life, I spent reviewing and looking throughout the whole Word of God in the Old Testament to find Myself. I had all these key verses that were coaching Me into what I was supposed to be doing and who I was.”

And so He said Psalm 16 was used when He was in the belly of the Earth.

He said, “Most people think about the suffering that I did before I died on the cross – the beatings, the imprisonments but it went far beyond that. It went far beyond the cross. It went far beyond that. Kevin, I spent those days in the belly of the Earth alone without God.”

It shocked me at first because I never thought that.

He said, “I relinquished My communion with the Father for those days. The only thing that I had was those Psalms that I had memorized. I rehearsed those and I kept telling Myself that there was coming to that point if I set the Lord always before Me and because He was at my right hand I shall not be shaken. The Psalms talked about how I would be brought out that He would not allow My body to see decay and My soul would not be left in Hell.”

He told me, “I rehearsed those things. Those demons were telling me that I had failed that I had been left alone and My mission was a failure. Satan told Me, ‘You should have taken the deal I gave You in the desert where I offered You all the kingdoms of the world. You could have had them if You bowed down to me but look at You now – You’ve lost.”

Jesus said, “I just kept rehearsing the Word of God.”

He explained this to me and as He was telling me this He started to sob and it touched me.

“I cleared out space in your own soul. Kevin, I did this when you pray from the depths.”

“I have made a place in prayer for you because I prayed this space out when I was in Hell. When I prayed, I made it possible for anybody in any situation no matter how hard-pressed they feel they could access this place in prayer that I prayed from the depths.”

“I prayed and I saw God delivered Me and anyone who prays they’ll feel this depth comes in their spirit when they pray a heartfelt prayer.”

“That’s the space I cleared in the spirit for them because I went through more, much more than any person will ever have to go through.”

“I redeemed everyone. No one has to go to Hell. Anyone that’s in Hell shouldn’t be there because they didn’t need to go. I redeemed them from that.”

That was the only time that I saw Jesus get emotional to the place where He cried because He felt the pain and He was reminded of what He went through for us. Most people don’t know this and it’s not taught but He did have to sit down there.

He said, “I had no way of resurrecting Myself because I’d given My authority and all My communication away when I went to the cross. The Holy Spirit was going to resurrect Me at the proper time and I was waiting for that.”

Isn’t that amazing? So just remember that when you pray Jesus said He already has cleared a way for you out of any situation that you go through.

He went on to say some things about the timing of where we’re at in this end times.

He actually said, “Kevin, the next thing I want to talk to you about is the fact that people aren’t discerning where they are in the end time scenario.”

It was amazing to me.

He said, “Time is really short. Kevin, I don’t have the time I used to have to get people ready. In your example, I’ve got to get you up to speed so that you’re operating in everything that I have for you on this Earth. There are people depending upon you to be faithful and operate in the spirit and walk in the spirit.”

“I don’t have years like I did with Moses.”

Jesus just loves Moses. So while He’s standing there and I’m listening to Him teach me, I can tell He loved Moses.

He started to tell me how they had intricately planned for Moses to be taught in the courts of Pharaoh and then also be in the Midian desert for all those years because that’s where he was going to take all the people out of Egypt and through that desert.

Jesus said, “That was all part of the plan for Moses to be educated but Kevin, we don’t have that much time anymore to train people that way. We only have days in comparison to the years we used to have to train people to walk with Us.”

“Now, you have to get every lesson, you have to pass every test on this Earth and be promoted into what We have for you so that you can walk in it.”

And so the Spirit of the Lord is just speaking that to you now and I can feel the spur of the Lord because when Jesus told me that I saw that there was a power that was available through the Holy Spirit to cause us to pass all our tests and to get to the place where our character matched the abilities that God was putting on us. So the character could carry the Presence and could carry out the commands of God from Heaven.

We could stay in there with God and it has to do with character and so that was God’s goal.

Jesus said, “Through the Holy Spirit now in the New Covenant, the Holy Spirit’s work will accelerate your preparation.”

The Lord is accelerating your preparation right now. There’s many of you called to do these wonderful exploits of God and you’re going through hard times. That’s because there’s an acceleration. You’ve got to understand that your character has to match your mission. Your character has to increase so that you can carry out your mission.

There has to be a discipline there because the power of God is going to manifest in your life but then you’re gonna have to be able to carry that and act right in situations that are tight.

Jesus was explaining to me how He trained Moses and then He went into the next thing which was just even more profound.

He showed me how we develop our spirit in this character and we develop an authority where healings can happen in an area around you without you touching anyone. He showed me how demons will start to come out of people without you even getting close to them.

He showed me that has to do with this very process of our character and developing our spirit to the place where we walk in authority.

So imagine this: I’m standing there and He said, “For instance, Kevin, your spirit has developed to the place where when demons get within 30 feet of you, they feel your authority.”

I saw this. He let me see the realm of authority that was around me and my spirit was actually out 30 feet and it affected everything within 30 feet.

He said, “When people get within 30 feet of you, they feel the authority you’re walking in.”

“However, there are men and women on the Earth (and He showed me these people and I knew them by name and He showed me the city that they entered into), for instance, I have apostles that are on the Earth that their authority has extended out so far that when they go into a city the whole city comes under their authority and I saw demons actually checking out of the city as fast as they could knowing that this person was coming to town to preach that weekend. Those demons didn’t even wait for the known apostle. They were already vacating the city until he left. They weren’t going to even stay there to endure the fight because they were gonna lose, they’re gonna be driven out and so they just left voluntarily.”

He said, “Kevin, you could yield to My spirit to the point where you walk in that kind of authority.”

And so that should be our goal. It is to allow the Spirit of God to train us as Jesus was showing here. This is your goal.

Jesus said, “If you submit to My yoke and you learn of Me, I’m gonna teach you how to walk like I did on the Earth.”

Isn’t that amazing?

Jesus was right within three feet of me. He’s showing me all this stuff and He’s wanting me to tell you this right now – that you can walk in the same Authority. You just have to allow the Spirit of God to develop you and get you into that.

The next thing He talked to me about was the secret of weakness. I’m just gonna quickly go through this even though it’s very important.

The secret of weakness was this.

Jesus said, “Paul knew where he ended and where I began. Kevin, the whole goal of your life is to find where that line is, where you end and I begin. Your next step is when you end, when your weakness can’t take you any further, My power will come upon you and your next step will be a supernatural step.”

“Many people try to stay away from this process and they don’t want to find out where this line is but you should find out where this line is, as soon as you can.”

“Paul was excited when he knew his weakness because his weakness revealed God’s power. Paul learned where he ended and where I began in his life. Find out where you end and where I begin and do it quickly because your next step is a supernatural step.”

And so that’s the word for you. The process of this life is finding out that weakness is really the strength and so it turns into power because we yield to the Spirit of God and it’s almost like we’re resurrected. As soon as we can’t go any further God comes in and says, “Well, I’ll take it from here,” and that’s the way.

Jesus was with me. He said, “You have to live beyond the natural. The way you do that is you just yield to the Spirit and you learn to be like a sailboat. Just set your sails and let Me blow through them.”

“Kevin, you should develop a way of life to where your next breath is actually coming from My exhale. When I exhale, you inhale. My exhale is your inhale. You breathe in My breath and you will continue to live even though you feel like you can’t go on.”

“In any situation everybody that does this will learn to live in power.”

Jesus continued to teach me and this is what He did.

He said, “Listen, you died today but I want to ask you if you’ll go back for Me? You have done everything I’ve ever asked you to do. You’ve been faithful and you’ve been a faithful person to Me. They talk about you in Heaven and they talk about your faithfulness.”

I was shocked because I was only 31 years old.

He said, “Everything I’ve ever asked you to do, you just dropped what you were doing at that time and you went and did it. You’ve never questioned Me and because of that characteristic, you have a very very big following in Heaven.”

It just really really shocked me to tell you truth.

He said, “However, I can send you back and I can help you with this to the point where you wouldn’t fail. Would you go back if you couldn’t fail?”

I thought about saying I might fail.

He says, “No, you can’t lose. You can’t fail and it’s all extra credit. I’ll give you credit extra because you already finished your race but I’ll send you back and this is all extra credit.”

“Here’s what I’m gonna do. See these people.”

All of a sudden, He showed me about 15 people. I met all 15 of those people within the next several years. I knew their names. I know exactly what I was going to say to them prematurely before I even met them.

The Lord said, “I’m sending you back for these and others. When you go back to your body, I’m gonna send these people to you. When they come before you, I will come and stand on your right side. When I stand on your right side, you’ll feel Me and then you’ll hear Me whisper in your right ear.”

Now can you imagine this as this happens all the time with me. It just happened recently to me. He still brings people to me.

He said, “You’ll feel My presence. You’ll hear Me whisper near. Just repeat word-for-word what I say and those people will be rerouted in their life. They’ll be changed forever. You’ll reroute their lives. They’ll never be the same again.”

“Would you like to do that for Me? It’ll be real easy and it’ll make you look really good like you’re a prophet but all you’re doing is hearing in your ear and repeating it word-for-word.”

I said, “Okay, I’ll do it,” even though I didn’t really want to come back at all because I wanted to go with Him.

He told me, “I really need you to do this. This is gonna change history by you talking to these people and speaking forth My will.”

I said, “Lord, You’re so misrepresented on the Earth.”

He said, “We’ll go back and tell them the truth about Me.”

And so He sent me back into my body and it was shocking when I came back into my body and I came alive again and I went home that day. It took days for me to get over the presence of God that was in my life. It was like I was completely in the other realm four days and so for a long time, it was so strong on me. It was hard for me to even function here but I started meeting those people and I started to give them their words and it was so powerful. It continued on for the last 20-23 years. That’s been happening 24 years now at this time of this taping. It’s just been going on and on. It continues to go on.

He said, “I want you to change history.”

I don’t think about that. Jesus wants us to change history and one word from Him implemented in our lives it starts to have a domino effect and Jesus talked to me about this.

He said, “Kevin, what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna speak a word to someone and it’s gonna affect them. Then all the angels are going to gather around them and it’s called a domino effect. Once you speak to a person then those angels influence that person and they start to walk in what you just spoke to them and the confirmation that I am with them. And then they will actually influence two or three other people because they’ll say, “This happened to me and it changed my life,” and then those people will be influenced. They will have the experience because the angels will continue to follow each person and it expands out. Just like I’m speaking to you right now into the camera – there’s a domino effect that’s going all around the world just by me telling this story. The angels are going forth now and confirming the Word of God with signs and wonders following. The angels right now are going through and they’re confirming to you right now.

How many of you have just been touched by this story? See the angels are working on your behalf now. Because when I was sent back, Jesus told me I could not lose and that’s what’s happening with you right now. You’re starting to sense that there is destiny in your life and at the hearing of this story you’re starting to realize that you’ve been empowered. You’ve been given permission to believe God so as faith rises in your heart.

Just say, “Jesus, I trust You today. I trust You and I thank You for what You’ve done for me. I thank You for delivering me. I thank You for what You did on the cross. I accept You as my Saviour. I receive Your Holy Spirit. I speak in other tongues. I allow the Spirit to give utterance through me. I allow God through His angels to guide me as well as the Holy Spirit guiding, leading, igniting my path so that I’m lighting it so I can see.

The Lord is saying, “I have come as a great Deliverer today.”

So just receive Him right now. There are many people being delivered right now. Receive Him right now in the name of Jesus. Many of you are hearing and believing right now. Just accept Jesus Christ. Just accept this pathway because Jesus is the way.

He’s the only way to Heaven and He has been sent me back and He has allowed you to hear this story so that you can grasp the spiritual realities of Heaven and you can have the hope. You can have hope for tomorrow. There’s a lot of things happening right now. There are people being healed right now and just receive your healing right now. There are heart problems that are being healed right now. There’s something with a thyroid or something with your throat it’s being healed right now in the name of Jesus. Just receive your healing right now in the name of Jesus. I break the powers of the devil over every person in listening to this in the name of Jesus. I drive you out Satan by the authority of Jesus Christ. The blood of Jesus is enough and you are done.

Thank you for joining me today. Appreciate you listening to my story and I hope that this has helped you. Thank you.

The Secret Place Episode 2 My visitation with Jesus! Kevin Zadai is known as the man who went to Heaven and back, so he knows that Heaven is for real. In 1992 during a routine surgery, I met with Jesus on the other side. The time I spent in the presence of Jesus profoundly changed me to my core. I believe Jesus promised me that my story, including all the things I learned during our conversation, has the capacity to radically change those who read it. It is my prayer that as you read about my visitation, you will experience the same thing I experienced and have an even greater outcome.

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