My name is Kelly Martin, a young girl of 16 years. My whole family goes to Church. At the age of 13, I started making more friends. I stopped going to Church and I started going to the parties in secret and my parents were unaware of this. I lied to them and said I was going to my friend’s house. I was very rebellious.
At the age of 14, I started posting my sexy pictures on Facebook. I caught the attention of many men and received friend requests from all types of men.
At 15, I joined a Whatsapp group. I spent my time on Whatsapp groups and with people I didn’t know. Today, I always tell the youth not to give their numbers to strangers. I tell Christians to get out of Whatsapp groups that aren’t of God.
The groups that I belonged to had many married men and Christians who wanted to have an affair with me, even online without body contact. These men cheated on their wives through Whatsapp groups. A lot texted immoral words to me and sent me the pictures of their sex organs and requested me to send them my sneakers and nude pictures
On one Whatsapp group, I met a lady missionary who preaches in the pulpit. For security reasons, I won’t mention her name. This woman sent me a picture of her private parts!
If you are listening to me I want to tell you to stop lustful and lewd behavior and repent. I pray for this woman who is married but has the spirit of lesbianism and lust. I am praying for her release and freedom.
Many believers are fornicating through social networks. Please don’t joke with God, repent before it’s too late. He may throw you into Hell because of sin. Even some married men are in visual fornication and adultery disrespecting and dishonoring their wives by watching porn and viewing other women’s nakedness.
I saw married women posting pictures of their bodies on Facebook and social networks. Please stop posting your nude pictures and stop humiliating your husband and respect him.
I was in the world, I was rebellious. Four guys and a friend invited me to go to a funky party. Today, I know you are not a friend when you invite me to a lifestyle of disco and night clubs. That day we went to a funky party and afterward we went to an abandoned house. Everyone was drunk. I noticed the friend who invited me had left me with the guys. They started taking my clothes off me and forced me to have sex with them.
After the rape incident, I started feeling sick because of the excessive drugs that I had used. The boys left me alone. My body started to shake and I foamed. I realized I was dying so I began to ask the Lord for mercy. I began to see the spirit world.
Immediately, I saw the angel of death by my side. The demon of death came to take my soul. I saw 4 demons around one of the boys in the abandoned house.
Brother and sister, the monster of death violently grabbed me and we descended to Hell. Within seconds, we were in a deep place in Hell. The sky above was dark grey and black smoke hovered over the areas. I saw a hole opened in Hell through which countless souls fell in this place of torment. I was in a valley with countless other souls who had died in various parts of the world.
I saw millions of demons with hammers and arrows. They rushed to the places where many souls were falling.
Beloved the suffering that souls feel after death is beyond human understanding. Brethren, lost souls are mutilated with their bodies cut into many pieces. I wanted to get out so I started to cry out of despair.
In this valley, I saw a beautiful looking woman suffering in the flames. I approached her and recognized her face. Back on the Earth I really liked her. She was a former caged dancer. She screamed in pain as the fire consumed her. When she saw me she asked me to help her.
As she talked to me, a demon approached her with a red hot iron and asked her to dance. She danced against her will. She danced and wriggled her body. She cried as she danced. The demons pierced her with the hot iron. She groaned in pain that she almost fainted.
She looked at me and said, “Tell my mother and father to accept the Lord Jesus. Also, tell my daughter to accept Jesus. I don’t want them to come here.”
Hell is real and terrible. From there, my spirit was taken to another place. I was terrified and thought I would never get out of this place.
My spirit was taken to another part of Hell. The information I had was that many of God’s children were there because of sexual immorality on social networks. There were countless Christians in this valley of lost souls. I saw a Christian who was on Facebook and Whatsapp groups who committed visual fornication. This young man sent his nude pictures in the group to find a woman. He didn’t wait for God to prepare a woman for him. He was committing lewd behavior with several women on social media. This man suffered a cardiac arrest and died a night after sending pictures of his genitals in the group.
Proverbs 10:27 The fear of the LORD prolongeth days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened.
If you respect the LORD, you will live longer; if you keep doing wrong, your life will be cut short.
In Hell, I saw a girl who sent her nude pictures in a group for the boys. One day, she recorded a video while masturbating. The video started to circulate on the internet. When it got to people who knew her, she was ashamed to get out of home, so she killed herself and went down to Hell.
I saw an elder in Hell who was married but was addicted to social networks. He loved the pictures of several women on Facebook. His heart was full of sensuality and ended up with a perverted mind. He surfed all the time on Facebook to see women at the beach in bikinis and enjoyed watching porn videos on Facebook. This is how he betrayed his wife for his mind was full of adultery.
His desire for other women made him entertain online adultery and betrayed his wife who never involved herself in these things. She lived longer than her husband. The elder became spiritually weak. Due to his addiction to Facebook, he no longer had time to read the Bible or pray. A demon of spiritual weakness dominated his life.
The elder died in a car accident while driving and went down to Hell. He was called by the title a fornicator by the demons in Hell. He didn’t cheat his wife physically but committed adultery in his heart with many women through social networks.
The number of souls ending up in Hell due to social media is increasing. Social media is a trap, created in Hell in disguise as a means of communication. I saw pastors who cheated on their wives through Whatsapp. They didn’t get sex from these women but were chatting immorally with them. They committed the sin of unfaithfulness to their wives.
I saw in Hell a lady missionary who enjoyed posting pictures of herself on Facebook and Instagram. She posted photos of herself in bikinis on the beach. All her sexy pictures were on Facebook and Instagram causing evil desire in many married men. She destroyed many servants of God who were her friends who came to see her pictures and committed adultery with her in their hearts.
This missionary traveled a lot to do the work of God and became a stumbling block to many. She even scandalized the Gospel using her body as a seductive instrument to attract people to her meetings. This woman is being punished cruelly because of her evil.
I saw a 12-year-old girl crying. She lamented and said, “Why did I fail to obey my mum? I refused to listen to her advice and I am in this place of torment.”
The angel told me, “Parents must put a limit on their children and young people must obey their parents.”
This 12-year-old girl was invited to a wild funk youth party and she attended in spite of the opposition from her parents and disobeyed their orders. By dawn, she was dead from all the partying!
I was very sorry to see that girl being tormented by demons. It was a deep pain to see such a young girl suffering in this place of torment. I saw many children from 8 -10 years suffering in Hell for dancing funk.
I asked the angel, “What caused the condemnation of these children?”
The angel said, “Funk is a music style that encourages children to be sensual and practice sex at a young age. There are demons of immorality in this funk music. They make these children very rebellious at an early stage and many sell their bodies in prostitution. Many 10 years olds dress like harlots assuming an attitude as grown-ups.”
I couldn’t stand seeing these girls screaming in Hell and I started to cry. We are losing a lot of young people because of funk that is taking young people to Hell. Young people die daily. While old people die from diseases and natural causes, young people die from overdose and are murdered.
Then I saw my 15 years old friend Adreasa in this place of torment. She was a friend who died from an overdose. She had used various drugs at parties.
When she saw me, she held out her

hands and said, “Get me out of here!”

I said, “Andreasa, I can’t get you out of here. I am sorry, friend.”
She said, “Kelly, this place belongs to you too, you did the same things as me, you danced funk dance like me; you did drugs and alcohol like me.”
“No, Andreasa, my address will not be here with you. Let’s stand on opposite sides in eternity. Our friendship will not help us forever now.”
Immediately, I saw a demon torturing her. She started screaming in despair.
I saw another friend of mine who died in a murder case. He died at a young age. He also went to the funky wild youth parties.
The angel said, “Funk is bringing many young people to Hell and inducing them to sex and drugs.”
The angel took me to a valley of young people who died going to funk parties. Most died murdered and others from a drug overdose. Girls were raped and killed. When they go to the funk parties, they get drunk and lose their trunks.
While witnessing the sad scenes in Hell, a giant demon approached me holding a teenager by the neck.
That nasty demon presented himself to me as the king of funk. He is responsible for the creation of the musical beat called funk.
He said, “I am winning many souls with my funk beat. I am very successful in Brazil. I encourage young people to do sex and alcohol. You used to dance to my music like them. I sent millions of demons to Brazil and they bring me many funk dancers and funk heroes and people who hear my funk will be bewitched through their ears. The enchantment will go through their mouths and their thoughts. They will be controlled in their minds. The youth in the churches that listen to our music, we will destroy their lives. Take this message to Earth and tell those who dance funk, we own their bodies.”
This principality said, “I teach the young people to dance and when they dance they arrive here in Hell. They will have to dance the funk on top of the fire.”
This demon did nothing to me because the angel was by my side. He really wanted to strangle my neck. Flames of fire grew in his eyes with so much hatred against me for winning a new chance and opportunity
Before my return to Earth, the angel took me to another area in Hell where souls were attached to fun and funk music. I saw a DJ and many other teenagers. They are tormented 24 hours non-stop. The demons with red hot irons mark their legs and buttocks of the girls who were attached to funky shorts (knickers shorts). Meat pieces from them fell and the fire consumes these meats and turns into ashes. These youth were made to dance in a room of torment on top of the fire.
The demons would say, “You danced on Earth, now let’s keep dancing.”
As they danced they tormented them from their waist down. They put spears into their bodies. They are always tormenting the bottom parts of these girls for they died with tight shorts, tank top showing their belly and legs to the crowd. Young people in this valley gave moans and screams of death, they could not endure the pain anymore.
I saw the little boys tortured and danced the little steps to funky music.
When I see young believers who listen to funk and dance, I see an abyss of fire under their feet. The angel said, “They are walking towards the abyss of fire.”
Brother, I say from the bottom of my heart, DO NOT PLAY WITH GOD. He is just and judges. Your churches will be tried even the young members of the Church. Take the things of God seriously. You can fool your shepherds and your parents but God’s eyes are following each one of you.
Proverbs 15:3 The eyes of the LORD are in every place, keeping watch upon the evil and the good.
You can hide from your parents and go to the funky parties but God is seeing everything. After hearing this testimony God can allow the funk demons to take your lives if you fail to repent. What is it like to be born in an evangelical cradle and spending your lives going to Church daily and yet on dying to go to Hell? Even if you sing in a Church that doesn’t save your soul if your hearts are in the world. The Lord has been using me to gain the youths lost to funk music. We won new souls and congregate in the Christian assembly of Brazil.
The angel also showed me the rhythm that was created in Hell and left a warning to Gospel singers not to record praise songs with this rhythm because there are funk demons that are creating funk praise to be played in the Church. Do not accept worship and praise of funk beat. It is a beat of Satan. People are worshipping Satan with this beat even if the lyrics speak of Jesus.
May God be praised. I finish my testimony. I hope this testimony will open your eyes and help you to separate yourself from the world.
Many young people think their bodies are their properties so they can handle them as they like. Our youth today are so ignorant of the knowledge of God but are full of worldliness. Whatever they see others do they copy without understanding.
Young people, if you want to see the brighter side of life flee all these youthful passions and pursue Jesus for your own good. I have seen that young people who are full of immorality die before their time.
I saw one female artiste from Ghana. I didn’t know about her but when I heard of her death, I went to read about her on Google. She was involved in a fatal accident that claimed the lives of all who were on board.
This lady loved nudity to the extreme. I have never seen such a person like her for a long time. She was bold with her nakedness at the beach, on the stage, walking in public with her lesbian partner. Little did she know that she was on top speed to destruction. She was only 21 years.
[Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng (16 February 1997 – 8 February 2018), known by her stage name Ebony Reigns, was a Ghanaian dancehall/Afrobeats artist known for her hit songs “Poison” and “Kupe”. Ebony Reigns was killed instantly in a traffic collision on 8 February 2018 whilst returning from Sunyani to Accra after a visit to her mother. She died eight days before her 21st birthday. She was known for her risqué onstage acts and erotic performances. Wikipedia.]
Many of these young people forget that this world has an owner and the owner has likes and dislikes. Please understand that this worldly music, dance and all these indecent body exposures and exhibitionism are all deadly traps for your soul.
Seek Jesus and obtain wisdom to protect your soul else you won’t escape the place of torment. The laws rule actively in the spiritual world and ignorance of those laws is an excuse. Please take counsel from this post and save your soul. Be blessed!
Proverbs 29:1 A man who hardens his neck after much reproof, Will suddenly be broken beyond remedy.
Ezekiel 18:23 Do I have any pleasure in the death of the wicked,” declares the Lord God, “rather than that he should turn from his ways and live?
1 Chronicles 2:3 And Er, Judah’s firstborn, was wicked in the sight of the LORD; and He slew him.

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