Natural hair and a mermaid of the sea.

Since I was a seller of African loincloths in the market, my sister in America sent me wigs to sell in the market. Actually, we agreed that she will be sending wigs that I will be selling in the country.

This was actually Indian wigs that came from women who donated their natural hair. Over time I came to understand that these natural hairs of Indian women were dedicated in temples to Hindu deities before being sent all over the world to be sold.

When I left the Islamic religion, and I came to the Lord, I was misguided by liberal pastors of modern churches, who told me, “You are too much religious. You are no longer a Muslim, you are now a Christian. You have to be modern and up to date for the Lord wants His children to be beautiful. There is nothing wrong to put earrings and makeup on and to look posh.”

These men of God kept telling me, “You are a beautiful lady, take care of yourself. You cannot ignore your appearance, you must adorn yourself.”

Yet in Islam, I was not applying makeup and jewelry. When I followed the advice of these leaders, I noticed that these earrings and chains that I began to wear were itchy on my body and I wondered why things were that way.

And I did not know that the wigs that my sister sent from America were dedicated to the spirit of witchcraft and the gods of India. When I began to sell these wigs sent by my sister, I decided to use one of them.

On that day in the morning after putting on Indian hair in a saloon, when I went out in the street, it was unprecedented. Cars in the street were stopping to ask me whether I was married or single. Men in the street were captivated telling me how beautiful I was.

I came to understand that these gods of India to whom wigs are dedicated work with a marine lady of the sea and queens of seduction. When I got home with this wig, our guards told me, “Madame, we cannot recognize you anymore. You are so beautiful. Why didn’t you take care of yourself before?”

My dear brother, I did not know that this captivating beauty was a result of the spirit of seduction that had entered my life through this wig.

And from that day onwards, whenever I slept in the night, I noticed that I was feeling itchy. I was banging my head because I felt like there were maggots that were crawling on my head. I could not bear it and I went to remove this wig and put it back in the pack.

Many days later, I told myself I cannot live with this hair attachment. I need a new one. I decided to visit the saloon to replace it with a new natural hair attachment. It was when I got a new natural hair attachment that I began to face the unknown.

Beloved, the spirit world is real and demons are real. I am a witness. Praise the Lord for pulling me out of a place where no man can help me God is really Love. I would have died and gone to Hell. My salvation is a unilateral and sovereign intervention of God out of His love.

My dear, that day after a new wig was done on my head, I went home. I did a lot of housework and I was tired and I prayed before sleeping and finally, I slept.

My dear, when you live a sanctified life, the enemy will generate unlimited strategies to bring you down and if you are not vigilant you’re going to open doors giving him legal grounds to enter in your life. God’s children are opening doorways without realizing it.

When I went to visit Hell, the Lord told me, “It is because of little things that you overlook that the devil gets you and I can condemn your soul because of little things that you overlook if you are not vigilant.”

In the very day I got that wig on my head, I was sleeping deeply in the night. At 2am I began to hear like whistling. These were actually the noises of snakes. This whistling of snakes was like a song.

I rose up and switched on the light. Quickly, I noticed that my wig was untied though it was still on my head. I wondered who removed the wig that was tied to my hair. It was a surprise for my room was closed.

I said, “Maybe the hairdresser failed to do this wig tightly.” Yet, I remembered that in the saloon, I was complaining that she was doing it too tight.

As soon as I went back to sleep, I heard the whistling of snakes again. When I woke up I was convinced that this was demonic. Something was not right.

Then I pretended to sleep and I closed my eyes. And in my heart I said, “Please, Lord, show me what is happening in my bedroom.”

I was laid down when the Lord opened my eyes and I saw my head. It was unreal for the natural hair that I was wearing had become snakes. And these snakes had lifted their heads. They were whistling and crawling part of my face and my chest. Out of terror, I shouted, “In the name of Jesus Christ!”

I was trembling and running to the corridor and I woke everybody in the house.

I said to my people, “Please take knives and cut my hair please.”

And when they were cutting this wig, I felt like they were reaching my flesh. I refused to tell them that my wig was serpents through they kept asking what was wrong. I considered going to throw away this wig. Since it was deep in the night, I decided to do it in the morning. I placed that wig on the corner of the wall of my bedroom and returned to sleep.

It is when I was sleeping that I began to hear vibrations like winds blowing. When I opened my eyes and I turned on the lamp, it was beyond belief, for I saw the queen of the sea. And this was not a vision, I saw her face to face in my room.

She entered my room from the wall precisely where the wig was placed. I saw that her hair went down and extending beyond the wall, for I did not see its limit. The wig that I kept in my room, instead of disposing of it, was a doorway through which she entered my room.

This lady of the sea had demonic beauty. I had not seen her beauty on the earth, for it was extreme. Immediately I saw demons entering my room through the wall and joining her.

I asked this female devil of the sea, “Who are you? And what are you doing here?”

She replied, “I am the siren of the sea. I have come here because you have killed my children.”

I said, “How did I kill your children? You should not be here for I have never signed a pact with you. And I don’t go to the beaches.”

She told me, “You shut up. You say you have not killed my children. Look over there. See what you have done.”

When I looked where she was pointing, I saw a demon that took my wig and spread it out.

The siren of the sea told me, “You cut this hair and killed my children. And it is the cry of my children that caused me to come here. Since you have destroyed my children, you will see what I will do to you.”

“You removed your hair at 2am. Right? But can you see that this wig that you have cut has left you with our Mark 666 on your hair? You have the mark of the beast on your head. Women that wear wigs have the mark of Satan on their hair. They are controlled by water spirits through these wigs.”

This lady of the sea said, “You killed my children. Now you will see what I will do to you.”

And the battle began with that water spirit who began to do incantation and ritual dancing. I also raised my voice and began to pray in order to paralyze her. I saw that she was joined by many demons that entered my room through the war.

In the middle of the battle I heard the voice of the Lord telling me, “Invoke My blood against them.”

While the lady of the sea was doing incantation and ritualistic movement, I began to invoke the blood of Jesus against demons that tried to capture me and I said to these demons of the queen of the sea, “I spray and sprinkle you with the blood of Jesus.”

Immediately I saw the blood of Jesus dissolving them. The blood acted like powerful acid and the demons were disfigured and completely dissolved. Demons are real and the blood of Jesus is real. We can destroy demons through the name and the blood of Jesus.

While I continued to fight this female devil, more demons kept coming for they were numerous. But the weapon which is the blood of Jesus was dissolving them completely.

As the battle continued, I felt weak but the Lord gave me strength. And the Lord asked me to pray in tongues. And it is when I began to pray in tongues, that flames of fire fell and consumed them all. Praying in tongues is another weapon of destruction against the enemy.

Since all the demons that came with her were destroyed by flames of fire, I was now left alone with this goddess of the sea.

I heard the voice of God saying, “Now send her fire.”

I pointed my hand towards her and I said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I bring you down by fire. I command bowls of fire to burn you.”

The female devil was reached by fire on her fishtail, and I saw that now she now had human legs instead of a fishtail. These legs and feet were really beautiful.

And when I sent her more fire, she began to scream with a piercing voice like extreme whistling. The piercing voice of this mermaid was so intense that it could destroy human eardrums, and she finally ran away by entering the wall. I kept on invoking the blood of Jesus to erase the mark of the beast on my hair.

Afterward, I went out to drop that wig in the bin in the street. I was heading to the bin when I saw two demons around the bin. They were ugly with a lot of hair like monkeys. They had tails. They were collecting woman wipes, people’s nails in the bin.

When I exclaimed, “Jesus!” they turned around to look at me. And when I recited the name of Jesus Christ, they ran away at the speed of light.

I learned that demons navigate bins all over the world to collect condoms, ladies wipes, even human hair, and nails.

Whenever I comb my hair, I don’t throw them in the bin. I burned them. Then I went on to drop the wig.

At that moment I heard the voice of God telling me, “If you leave it there someone in the morning might take it. Burn it.”

That night I burned that wig that was natural hair and snakes. From that day onward, I never wore a wig anymore.

Since the queen of the sea said that the mark of Satan was on my hair, I went on to cut my hair completely. And I burned my hair. I took time in prayer and repentance from this worldly adornment.

I heard the Lord saying, “My daughter right when you were in the Muslim religion, you were pious. You were dressing decently and you were simple. I liked that dressing very much. But you have fallen in the modernity and vanity of churches that do not come from Me.”

“Since you repented sincerely with all your heart, I have set you apart though you don’t know the Bible. Note that among My children, there are My chosen ones. There are also My called ones, and they are My set apart. Once you are set apart, I set you apart and My hand is upon you. You must not live like everybody else.”

I was on my knees, hearing the audible voice of the Lord telling me, “I set you apart for My work and you will work for Me. Since you repented your sin with all your heart, I will use you and show hidden things about darkness and mystery that you don’t know. I have not yet finished with you.”

Many days later, I was in my prayer when I heard the audible voice of the Lord telling me to prepare for He will show me things. The Lord always prepares His people before transporting them to the spirit.

I was sleeping when I saw two angels sent by the Lord. They were in the same clothes. They took me to the sea. And when we were above the sea, I saw in the middle of the sea a whirlpool where the water was turning around and going beneath the sea. It was an infernal view.

The angels of the Lord told me, “We cannot come with you inside the sea. But remember that the Lord is with you.”

My dear, when I descended inside the sea I was blown away for I saw a massive land. It was a really huge kingdom. It was cosmopolitan, urban, and overpopulated. They were many countries in that world beneath the sea. I was overwhelmed.

I was surprised to discover that beneath the sea there was another world with many countries and cities. In this underwater world, I saw human beings with chains for they were slaves doing hard labor. They were humanoid demons and demons that were a half-human and half-animal. I saw mermaids, goddesses, and sirens. They were busy.

They could not see me but I was able to see them. I was guided by the Lord. I saw plant and manufacturing industries where they were designing wigs, cosmetic products, and lightening lotions that people use to lighten their skin in Ivory Coast and many nations.

I saw demons that were beasts. The fat from their beastly bodies was taken and put in machines that were working 24 hours in order to produce pomade [scented ointment or oil applied to the hair] and liquid soap. I was confounded and speechless with my mouth open.

I saw industries that make glass and plates. I saw the manufacturing of African loincloth, shoes, and trousers. There were many items of this world that were made there.

In this underwater world, I saw industries that make perfume. Not all the perfumes are made through flowers.

I saw automobile industries making cars underwater. Many of these cars had the letter X. Even tires have the letter X. There are also plates with the letter X. Others have a drawing of a crown, fish, mermaids. These items are portals that allowed the enemy to enter the homes of the believer. We must be extremely prudent and throw away items of the enemy.

Many days later, I was in a city of Ivory Coast when the Lord visited me. On that day the earth was opened. I saw that the ground was glass. I began to walk down the stairs that were heading to the lower region of the earth. Then I saw that the earth that was open close itself behind me. I said in myself I will be suffocated but I heard the Lord saying, “It won’t happen. I am with you. I want to show you hidden secrets.”

Quickly I saw a group of people beneath the earth that were dressed in black cassocks. I could not see their faces. These people have covered their faces like priests. They had wire around their hip. They stood around a table that had a symbol which was actually the symbol of Freemasonry. Since I was newly converted, I did not know the meaning of this symbol.

We were in 2005 when I had this experience, and these people dressed in black cassocks kept invoking the name of Lucifer and repeating his name.

Actually these people were chiefs of state of many countries. They were dressed in different cassocks representing their different grades and degrees in Freemasonry. These presidents of the world kept invoking Lucifer in the infernal region of the earth.

Suddenly a doorway opened and Lucifer appeared. I saw that he was huge. He had wings and he was ugly with long teeth. He had horns on his forehead. When he appeared he went to sit on the throne prepared for him. These leaders began to worship him.

Then golden cups were given to everyone. I noticed that these golden cups had a drawing of an eye, which was the Eye of Horus. I was able to recognize it through a documentary of ancient Egypt. When I saw it in the documentary I remember it.

I saw demons and chiefs of states raising the cup in the direction of Lucifer and they said, “We will always worship you for eternity to eternity Lucifer.”

The devil took his golden cup and said to the gathering, “Let us now drink.”

I wondered what is it that they are drinking. Immediately the Lord drew me close to the devil and I saw a red liquid in the cup. Initially, I thought that they were drinking wine but I came to understand that they were drinking human blood and honoring Lucifer.

Finally the devil gave them directives about the way to rule the world, and each chief of state got instruction for his country. The devil instructed them to cause suffering and to offer human sacrifices through traffic accidents.

Lucifer said, “I want sacrifices of children. Go to hospitals and get me children. I want the sacrifices of virgin girls.”

As the devil kept speaking, I could not hold myself and I shouted, “What is the meaning of this? It will not happen.”

They all heard my voice and began to check where it came from. I heard the authoritarian voice of Lucifer that said, “There is a human being that came illegally here.”

Suddenly, I found myself at my place and I began to pray.

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