James Agboola Revelation of Heaven and Hell

James Agboola Revelation of Heaven and Hell

Brother James Agboola


This is a testimony from the grave beyond from a brother who actually died and came back to tell about it. His spirit came out of his body and he went to the place where others have gone and never come back. His pastor is Sam Olakunle, the general overseer of Calvary Outreach Evangelical Ministry in Jos, Nigeria. Before it all happened, the Lord told this pastor He would give him a message.

His pastor had received a CD containing some testimonies of people who had seen heaven and hell. When he took it to a church and played it, the people repented and their lives were changed. He himself already believed in heaven and hell from the Bible, and he knew the Lord. But he saw the life-changing power of such testimonies. Yet he wanted to have such a testimony from his own church, so he prayed and asked God to give them one. His desire was that when it would happen, then everyone would hear that what he preaches is a genuine message, not borrowed.

First, a lady in his church had a dream, in which she discovered most of the things that he was preaching. But that dream did not carry the weight of what he was looking for. So he kept praying. He said, “God, if truly those testimonies we hear on the outside are real — I’m serving a living God that answers prayer—you will answer me.”
The wife of James Agboola visited the home of this pastor, and they discussed where James was working and a lot of calamities that were facing him. Since he had come to know Christ, he had gone astray and was no longer walking on the straight and narrow path. He had left the Lord’s presence, backslidden, and gone out to seek for the world to enjoy the foolishness of the world. His wife was crying to the pastor about this. So the pastor said, “From today we will pray him back, and he will become a child of God.” And that day that they came to the house, the pastor spoke to him personally and said, “From today, I will move you to God, and you cannot leave Him.” And that day, they left the pastor’s house. With that word, as the pastor promised, he kept praying for him. He never knew this is what God would do at the end.

As the pastor was praying for him to come back to the knowledge of the truth, the Lord told him, “This brother is going to die.” And he never knew the kind of death that he was going to die and come back. He never knew. The Lord told him that he should give him Psalm 51, and that he should pray and keep asking God for mercy.  It had been very hard for the pastor to reach him. When he would call James, he wouldn’t answer the phone. The pastor suffered a lot with him, as a shepherd suffers with the sheep. He felt the pain of the wife that was crying, saying she knew something was going on, but she didn’t understand. The pastor understood because he’s a man. That very first morning after the pastor heard from God, he called James around 4:30 AM, and amazingly, he answered. When he picked up, the pastor told him, “Wherever you are, stretch forward, pick up the Bible, read Psalm 51 and begin to pray for mercy from God. Don’t ask Him for anything!” That was the last thing he gave to him, and he hung up the phone.

Testimony of James Agboola
My name is Agboola James, but originally Agboola Waseem in Islam. God invited me and my parents from Islam to Christianity some few years back. And the Christians in Jos back then showed us love. They would come to our house with the Word of God. They preached to us. We used to look at them and think, “Ah! What kind of religion are these people? Who cares like this? Who shows love like this? Who uses so much of their time to come to our house and have time with us? From then, our zeal, our love, began to join together with them. It began to join until such a day they invited us to the church and we went to the church. And gradually, gradually, that is how the Lord arrested our souls. And I gave my life to Christ. Though as we have heard, we face a lot of persecutions from families—mostly our father’s families, our mother’s families are Muslims. They forget about us. We become like outcasts, until today. But the Lord is there for us. As I speak to you today, all the families’ members from A to Z, they bow before us. Praise the Lord!

Now when I become a Christian, as a Muslim, the testimony I want to share with you, there are many of them, but I want to talk on one—three major important ones. One is about the Kingdom of God. The second one is the international conference of the kingdom of darkness, presided by the devil himself, and what are his purposes and plans for the Christians. The third one is the life after death.

The Kingdom of God
As a Christian by name who was converted from another religion, I believed in going to church. I believed in whatsoever Christians are doing. But I never believed this Bible. I just looked at this Bible like a storybook, as if they just put it off as something that has passed. And so other Christians can read it and others can read it, too (inaudible at 17:37). We are going to church, and doing everything as a Christian as normal, until such a time as the pastor in the church I’m attending by then offended me. And what did I do? A sister had a problem. She came to the pastor. She said, “Pastor, pray for me.” But he never had time to pray for this sister. He never felt concern for this sister; just like a message that my father in the Lord gave us, that there are shepherds and there are hirelings in the house of God. So this sister came to me that, “Oh, brother James. Can you be assisting me and joining me in prayer? These are my problems.” I said, “Ok. We shall pray. We shall not go anywhere. Everyday we are at church service, let us go (inaudible).” I said, “Let us go. As soon as they finish with grace, let us step before the altar and pour out our mind to God.”

And before this, I went to the pastor. I said, “Daddy, this is what this sister said. I should support her in prayer.” He said, “Ok. No problem.” And we began to pray. Before I know it, this pastor writes a petition against me, forwarding it to the headquarters of the church that I’m not the pastor. I’m doing his own work. Why is he alive? How can I be sitting in the church, praying for members? What is his work that is not even with his consent, not with his notice? And the church leaders…

[A portion of the video is missing at this point]

That is the spirit of Islam. And at this point, I now look at, I said, “Oh.” I felt so disappointed. I felt so dejected. I said, “If this is what Christianity is all about…they are preaching love, they are preaching love.” I said, “If this is the way I’m preaching Christianity, I’d better go back to my Islam.” I carried the Bible. I dropped it somewhere. I said, “I’m not doing anymore.” I said, “If this is what it’s all about, I’m going back to Islam.

I just had a revelation. And I heard a very loud trumpet. The trumpet sounded very loud and clear! And before I know it, I saw people from the four winds of the earth just going (he motions repeatedly upward with his hand). Before I look around, I saw myself something just pick me (up) too. Voom! We begin to meet ourselves on the sky. And the moment that it caught you up, whatever dressing you were putting on, it changed immediately. It becomes pure white. Pure white! Not a single sin. And that is how we are ascending to heaven. And I can see that we are singing a song as we are moving on the air, going towards heaven. We are singing…I’ve never heard (such) a very sweet and melodious song like that in my entire life. And we are all speaking in one language, in one language. People from everywhere, we are all speaking in one language. We all became one. There is no different…no…we all became one. Like what we just heard now. Everybody for himself. And that is how we moved into heaven.

And when we got there, I saw a very big gate. Very big, white, golden gate. It was written, “Welcome to the Kingdom of God.” Everybody was so anxious. We all assembled as people who assemble before a church, both young and old, both man and woman. The place was so quiet. Every man for himself. And there are booths. This is where I was able to confirm that everything that was written in the Bible—it is not a storybook. It is the prophecy and the Word of God. I began to see in reality what we have been hearing, what we have been reading in the Bible. I saw books. I saw files. Everyone on earth, from the day you are born, your files are written in heaven. Whatsoever you are doing, be it good or bad, the angels are busy, jotting and writing, jotting and writing. So we all gathered. They began to call the names of the files, one after another. It was there that I found out that in heaven, God doesn’t call people by the titles they have in the world — Reverend, bishop.  No, they call you by your name. Period. They began to call names. As they call the names, they go through your file. They open the gate, they ask you to go in. Everybody was shaking because that file, after you’ve been raptured, your work must be tested. Your work has to be examined. Your life has to be examined before you proceed. So, some were still disqualified from there. Some were given ask them to pass. When they called my name, “James Agboola!” I quickly jumped forward. They look at my file. They look at my face. They look at the file. They look at my face. I said, “What’s happening?” I begin to plead and beg. They said, “Ok, enter.” So they opened the gate, and I entered, Praise the Lord.

What a beauty! The road and the street were made of pure gold. Pure gold! I’ve never seen a street, I’ve never seen a road like that on earth. Pure gold! No wonder Jesus Christ said, “I go to my Father’s House to prepare a place for you.” I saw the beauties. The beauties, you know, as if God said, “Let the beauty come out here.” And the beauty just (he squats down and stands up to animate his point). Gold windows, doors, everything. Pure gold. So beautiful. I began to walk in the streets of gold. I was looking left and right, beholding the beauty there. I saw flowers of diverse colors, left and right, waving. I could hear the sound of instruments, such that I’ve never heard in my life. Sounds of big instruments, the sound of praising God. The flowers there, you will see them going left and right, singing praises to God. You could see trees moving, (inaudible 26:11). You could see trees moving. There I don’t understand that. There is nothing dead in the Kingdom of God. Everything in the Kingdom of God are living things. There’s nothing dead. Everything you will see there are moving. If you see a mountain, it can move. It can talk, it can praise God. Anything there. I was just lost in the beauty of what I’m seeing left and right. I was going.

As soon as I got to one point, I saw an angel come out from one corner. He said, “Young man, stop!” And I stopped. He now walked close to me. He looked at me and said, “From where are you coming?” Brethren, at the time I had this revelation, I was close to forty years old. Now I’m over forty. He now asked me, “Where are you coming from?” I stood before him for one hour, trying to remember where I am coming from. “Where am I coming from? Where am I coming from? Where am I coming from? Where am I coming from?”  I stood. After more than one hour that I couldn’t give an answer, he now gave me a clue. He said, “You just are coming from the earth now. You are just coming from the world now. What can you tell us about the world? Tell us something about the world.” I stood for another one hour. “World…world…I am coming from the world…world, what is world? Where is world?” I said, “Sir, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if truly I am coming from the world, as you say, I just passed there briefly.”

You cannot tell. It’s just like somebody coming from Bauj and going to Abuja and just pass there. Can he tell you something about there? I said, “I cannot tell, because I just passed there briefly.” As soon as I said that, he said, “Ok. Proceed.” Then I proceed. I was just lost, looking left and right, beholding all the beauty I never expected to see in my life. As I proceed, then in my church, in the church I’ve attended by then, the son of the elder at our church I was attending by then, the man is, the man is to us trying very well. In every church activity, you will see him there. He carries the burden of the church on his head. He carried all the less privileged of the church at home. This man is a simple servant. On Saturday he doesn’t go to work. There are times when he will go to market and buy a bag of rice and put in the back of his car. And he will now be going to member’s house, and he goes there because he knows they are less privileged. As soon as he knocked, after he entered and prayed with you, he will ask your children to bring the bowl and get some measures of rice and give to them and pray with them. There are times in the church when there is something needed by the choir, when the pastor announces they need a microphone or anything that’s not working well. Before the preacher would announce it, this man would jump up and said, “Please, leave this request alone. I know what I can do. These jobs that you are talking, leave it to me. I promise that before the next Sunday, you will see another one here.” And so you will come and see it. This is how the man has been faithful to God. The man just sat for a while. .

(I was just walking in) the streets of heaven and the golden streets. I now heard this man calling my name, the name he used to call me when I was on earth. He used to call me, “James, my son. James, my son, James, my son.” So I was going, I just heard, “James, my son. James, my son.” Immediately I heard that name, I realized he was behind. Before I look back, I knew who was coming from behind me, who it was. Then I saw. Then I look at my right hand. I saw another department of heaven. The word, “Paradise.” That is where the souls of the faithful departed have been kept. The man just walked to me from that paradise, wearing a pure, shiny, white, bright coat. And when he came, “James, you are here? How are you? James, look at me! Look at me!” (James demonstrates how the man lifted his arms and turned around and around to show his white garment.) “Look to see, I’m comforted. I’m comforted here.” This is how he was just showing himself to me. (James continues to demonstrate how the man lifted his arms and turned around and around to show his white garment.), turning around that, “James, look at me. I’m beautiful! There is peace here. There is no sadness here. There is no sickness here. Can’t you see me?” I said, “I see you, Baba.” That’s the way I used to answer him on earth. (James demonstrates how he bowed in front of him as he said this to the man.)  “I see you, Baba. I see you, Baba.” Then he said, “James, look at me. James, I want you to send a message. Promise me you will deliver the message.” I said, “Baba, I will deliver your message.” He said, “Please, James, when you go back to the world, please go to my house. You will see my children and my wife. Please tell them that you saw me. That you saw how comforted and peaceful I am. That you saw how pleasing and beautiful this place is. Tell them to hold onto Jesus Christ. Tell them not to backslide. Tell them not to think of anything. I know they are suffering. They’re passing through hard times. But tell them to hold on, because I’m expecting to see them, here where I am one day.”  [There is a break in the video at this point.] He went back again to paradise.

Then I proceed. As I proceeded, I was going, I was going. I reached a section. An angel now came and said, “Sir.” I now stopped. He said, “That place you are going, you cannot go there now. It’s not yet time for you to cross over to that place. You have to go back.” I said, “No.” I sat down by the River of Life. I began to beg, “Please! Please don’t let me go back! This place is so beautiful. This place is so nice. It’s so peaceful.” The brightness there is more than the brightness of the sun we have here. It’s not hot to the body. Very cool, very cool! Just everything as the Bible said it. That was how it was. That is how it was. He said I have to go back. I began to beg and plead that I don’t want to go back.

At that point, he now showed me some things. He now stretched forth his hand like this. The minute he stretched forth his hand like this, I saw a very large screen. Then I saw the world. I saw somebody carried something very big, very big and rounded! (James demonstrates the man holding this large object over his head and teetering, tottering back and forth as if he were about to drop it). He was just looking as if that thing will fall… as if that thing will fall. After I looked at it for a while, he now tapped me. As he tapped me, then I came back. I still saw myself before him. I didn’t understand. He said that thing I saw is the world. That the world is about to reach a point of collapse. He said, “That person that is carrying that thing is an angel that is carrying it. And he’s tired of carrying it because of the sin of the world. As soon as that thing drops from his head, the end comes. Before that thing will drop from his head, He, God, will have to come and remove His own from the earth by means of Rapture. Before the end now comes.” I said, “Ok.” But I’m still thinking, “I don’t want to go back. Let me remain here. Let me remain here.” He said, “No.” He stretched forth his hand again (James demonstrates the Man waving his hand in front of Him). The screen appeared again. I saw the world again, just as the world is now. I saw the world in total darkness, complete darkness. Serious darkness! But the people in the world didn’t know. They didn’t know it was in darkness. They were still going about their normal business, just as it’s happening today. Everybody is going to his work place. The married are marrying. They’re doing all sorts of things. I now saw in that darkness arrows flying from the four winds of the earth. You don’t know where arrows are coming from. And as those arrows are coming, if any one of those arrows would hit, that person would just fall down and die. The arrows keep falling as rain, as if rain is falling. Nobody notices an arrow. But the arrows keep falling like rain. And anybody the arrow just touches, instantly falls down and dies.

Then I now saw, in the midst of the people, there are some people in that darkness that have a little star on their head. Even they themselves didn’t know. Wherever they are going, the star is on their head, going with them. When they turn the star turns. When they’re going, the star is right on their head. Wherever they go, the star is going. But they didn’t know it. But to those few who have those stars, those arrows don’t touch them. When the arrow’s coming from the back, once they saw that star, they divert. If the arrow is coming from the left and saw that star on their head, it would divert. And they didn’t know. After I saw it for a while, the angel now tapped me. When I came back, I said, “I don’t understand.” He said that place I’m seeing in total darkness is the world. The world is full of darkness. Darkness has taken over. He said the arrows I’m seeing flying from left and right every corner is the spirit of death that is taking people away in their thousands and in their millions. He said, “There you noticed there is some few people who have stars on their head. I said, “Yes, yes.” He said, “Those who have stars on their heads are the children of God. They are the sons and daughters of God.” He said those stars I’m seeing on their heads are the seal of protection that God is beginning to put upon His own children — upon His own elect, so that all the evil that is befalling the earth will not come close to them or curse them. As he explained this, “I said, “Ok.” I said, “But still, God, I don’t want to go back. I want to remain here. I’m still standing here.”

He stretched forth His hand again. I now saw myself in the world with a lot of people. And we were now running a race. And the road we are running is so rough, very, very rough. It’s not smooth at all. Both men and woman, both young and old, we are running, running to get to that place. And as we are running, many will fall by the road and will sit down and be complaining. Many will sit themselves on a rock, they will sit down and keep complaining. Right there we are keeping on running, running, running, keep running. After a while, he tapped me again. He said, “You see the reason why you must go now? You have not completed your race. You must go back.” He called my name. He said, “James! I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No any other way that can lead anyone to this Kingdom. No any other way. No any other religion. It’s only Me. And by you going away from My way, you see what you’re going to lose? And your name will be removed from the Book of Life, if you go. So you must go back. Go back to Jos, continue your race. And at the end of the race, if you make it, this is where you’re coming back.” After He said this, I wept. I hold onto His feet. I was shouting, weeping, crying that, “No! I don’t want to go back I don’t want to go back! Let me stay here. I love this place. I want to stay here.” As I was crying and pleading, so He tapped me. And that was how I went back. And I came back to life. Praise the Lord. And that’s what God revealed to me about the Kingdom of God.

And then from that moment, I believed the Bible. Whatsoever you read in the Bible, it’s just as it is — there is no additional, nothing different, just the truth. Everything in the Bible is just as it is. Just read it and believe it. And it shall be (well) with your (soul) in Jesus’ Name.

The International Conference of the Kingdom of Darkness
Secondly, after a while, the Lord said, “I want to show you what’s going on in the kingdom of darkness. Prepare yourself.” I don’t know. So after some time in the night, I just slept. And it’s like a wild wind, very strong, just came in and picked me (up). As He picked me, He took me up and took me to air flying on the air. He took me to a far land, on a far journey across the desert, across big oceans. And at the point that He brought me down, in the deep forest, I saw in a very big gate: “Welcome to the conference of the demons.” I don’t know how I managed. The wind just took me in there. Veep! And kept me in a corner. I sat down. As I sat down, I began to see demons coming in from the four corners of the earth. They were flying in and they were in different shapes in different sizes. They were flying in from every angle. As they fly in, they take their seats. As they’re flying in, they take their seat. As they’re flying in, they take their seat.

The place was completely in darkness. But in the midst of darkness, God gave me eyes and I could see everything that is going on in there. But none of them noticed my presence there. I saw seats of pastors, pastors that are getting powers from the kingdom of darkness. They’re all flying, each different. As they’re coming, they’re taking their position, many of them with their collar around their neck, with their big hat that they used to wear, with their series of mode of dressing, they all took their seat. The place was in total silence. After a while, the devil himself now came down (James motions with his hand to indicate the devil descended into the room). As he comes down, I’ve never seen somebody so furious who is so angry, who is so annoyed, like the devil. He came with serious anger. There was a big seat prepared for him, but he couldn’t sit. He was just going up and down (James paces quickly back and forth with his head down). “What are you people doing?!” He was addressing the congregations of the devils and the pastors. “What are you people doing?! What are you doing?! Are you doing anything? I don’t see the products of what you are doing!”

After a while, one of the devils stood up (James demonstrates the demon standing up and speaking while hunched over with his head down). He said, “Master, we are trying our best. Master, we are possessing the Church. Master, we are taking (inaudible). Master, we are taking over the youth activities. We deliver them. We give them new systems. We give them new fashions. We make them to go out of the (inaudible) and the way of God. Master…”

After that one speaks, another one would get up. “Master, we have possessed the gospel musicians of the earth. Their musics no longer having meaning in the spiritual realms. We have possessed their gospel music so that it becomes worldly music. They will think they are singing gospel music, but it is worldly. We are giving them some tunes, some pieces, some dancing steps which is not of God, which is of the demons to convince them. They will be sang inside the congregations, and they will dance to them. .

(The devil) addressed them. He charged the pastors, the so-called pastors where they are seated. He gave them power to work wonders and miracles. He gave them various power and various ways with conditions. They can preach anything they like in their church. They can do any program they like in their church, but they must not talk about salvation. They must not talk about heaven. They must not talk anything about rapture. But preach anything. “Do your altar call. You can do your altar call, call them forward, pray for them, bless them, let them go. But don’t go into details about the Kingdom of God. Don’t go into details of the salvation of their soul. Any pastor who goes against this will be severely dealt with… severely dealt with.”

None of the pastors would stand up to say they won’t (inaudible). They only take orders.  They only take authority.  They cannot contribute anything there. It’s only the devils that speaks where the devil is standing.

Now, as they were saying all these things where I was seated, I was not happy at all.  One demon said something that gave me a little joy.  He said, “Master, we are having some problems in the world.”  The devil said, “What is it?”  The demon said, “Master, we have discovered there are some end-time evangelists and they are just appearing.”  He said there are some end-time evangelists and they are just appearing, and they are clothed with clothes of fire.  He said, “Master, these end-time evangelists, we find it difficult to talk to them.”

[A portion of the video is missing at this point]

When he said this, I now had some relief.  Where I was sitting, I now had some joy. Still yet, the devil has yet to see me there.

[A portion of the video is missing at this point]

The devil said, “Yes, yes…some devils, too… I will clothe them with a garment of fire, so that I will be able to contend.  They will be able to stand and fight those end-time evangelists.” Which I know is a failure from the beginning. And they will continue to fail.

[A portion of the video is missing at this point]

The Drum of Covenants
…As fire under it.  It keeps burning twenty-four hours. I now saw devils, bringing blood from the four corners of the earth into that drum that is on the fire. The blood keeps coming into it every second. The devil is now telling them that that drum is the drum of covenants, that whatsoever blood came into that drum, is from the blood of covenants. And from that drum they fetched and gave to manufacturers, those who manufacturer all these earrings, necklace, body perfumes, all these body (inaudible). The devil said he has no time, that the time is so short, so short, so they must be up and going, they have no time to rest. They have no time to rest — no time to give any chance. They must follow the Christians bumper to bumper.

The devil does not believe that there is somebody he cannot catch (inaudible). No matter how holy and perfect you are, he still watches you that, “I’ll get you. I will get you. If you don’t fight, I will get you.” Until the King – God – picks you up (James moves his hand in an upward motion like someone’s going up.) they will not say, “I lose this one.” He still believes that there is nobody he will not get. He says, “So possess all these material things that they love – All these worldly things.” Brethren, it has come a time in this world that even if you buy ordinary Vaseline, you need to sanctify it. You don’t know what, where, or who manufactured it. Maybe it’s a demon. He said, “Possess all those things, so that the oil they are spraying on their body — the oil they are spraying as perfumes — it’s taking away the glory of God in them. And the spirit of lust will begin to dominate them. They will not have time for God again.” It was then I now know that the devil he said he has different departments. He sent the musical department to go to the world. “Pretend you are singing Gospel. Sing Gospel (inaudible) that at the end of the day is taking them out of the will of God. (inaudible) Don’t let them have time to read (and he pats his Bible) The Book. He never calls this Bible, “Bible.” Whenever he wants to call it by a name, he says The Book. (inaudible) he said The Book. He said, “Don’t let them have time to read The Book. Let there be interesting and very good programs on the TV twenty-four hours, so that that will occupy their time. So that they’ll have no time to read the Bible, they’ll have no time to go to church activities. By then, we are getting them. We are getting them.” He was saying all these things stage by stage.

At the end of the day, for me to cut it short, the devil now said something that touches my heart. I wept right there where I was sitting. This is what he was telling them. He said, “Don’t you know that it was recorded in this book that when God destroyed the earth with flood, after He had destroyed them, that it pains God to his heart. It pains him because He had destroyed this world, His own handiwork, by Himself. He said, “Now! If me the devil can be able to pack at least, not less than ninety-five percent of God’s people to hell, he knows that’s going to pain God in His heart, and that is our chief end.” (inaudible). He said that is his goal! If he cannot get all, if he can succeed to pack ninety-five percent of God’s creation to hell, that it is still going to pain God in His heart, that God will weep. And his happiness is to see tears in the face of God. That is his chief end (inaudible).

So from this lesson, they must all pick up their efforts. They must be restless. They must “Go! Follow the Christians, enter the Church, follow them bumper-to-bumper. Don’t give them any breathing space. Anyone that… (inaudible). The moment you thought you will lose them, cut them off! Kill them! Just pick him off! Don’t wait until they get beyond the gate. Just take them off. At the slightest chance, get them.” These are all the things he was saying.

So Christians, we must be careful. We must watch the type of church we go, the type of pastor or minister of God. Ones they are not preaching the true Word of God, once any pastor is not preaching repentance, is not preaching the kingdom of God, is not preaching salvation, the salvation of your soul, you must watch. And God will help us in Jesus’ Name.

As he was saying this, he now backed up by saying they should go. He will increase their power. He will do something about the end-time evangelists that are clothed with fire. He will do something about it. There will be pastors who should go, gather much congregations, gather much (inaudible), do whatever you want to do, get their money, get anything you want to do, but don’t dare preach salvation. Don’t dare talk about repentance. Don’t dare tell them there is any future or hope for them somewhere.

[A portion of the video is missing at this point.]

…(The meeting was getting near) the end. I didn’t know how one of the demons noticed me where I was sitting down. He said, “Look! Somebody is here!” The moment he said so, I ran out of the gate. And I begin to run, but before I could run, I cannot outrun the devil. Before I take a step, they are taking one thousand steps. Then I shouted, “Lord! Help me!” Then He broke the heaven open. I saw a very mighty wind, just came down, and picked me up. As it picked me up, it took me far away to a sierra land and landed me on the rock. As soon as he landed on the rock, the wind now turned itself and now become an old man. I now look at Him. I said, “But who are you?” He said, “I am the Holy Spirit.” And He took a step. As He took a step, so He vanished and went up again.

And that is how, since then, I will tell it to you wherever I go, watch out. Christians, we have to be extra careful. We have to mind what we wear, what we use. Whatever we buy in the market at this time, we pray over it even if it is clothes, we sanctify it and we cover it in the Blood of Jesus. And the protections of God will continue to be upon us in Jesus’ Name.

Life After Death
Lastly, life after death. As my father in the Lord has earlier said, this happened to me on the first of this month, the first of this November. Last month, precisely it was the end of last month, October, I just discovered that something keep talking to me, that, “James, you will die. James, you will die.”  He would call my name. If I’m walking on the sidewalk, “James, you will die.” If I’m walking on the street, “James, you will die.” If I’m stopping. If I’m even in a taxi, “James, James, do you know you will die?” (I thought), “What kind of joke is this? I thought it was a joke. After some time, that the thing keep coming, I begin to pray. I begin to work from Bible verses that I know that “Ah! I shall not die. The Lord said I would not die but live.” But before then, praise God, (inaudible around 58:39), after I left Jos, when my business was not going fine in Jos, I decided to relocate to Abuja. But my families are here, my wife and my children. So I alone I went to Abuja. My first time I got there, I was still intact with the Lord, I was still praying, because when I get there I don’t know anybody. (inaudible around 59:01-03).  Things still look still difficult.  I was still on fire, even if I am walking on the street, “Holy Ghost, you must locate me. You must do something, you must find me out (inaudible around 59:07-11). You must locate me, you must do something, you must find me out.” And with the grace of God, God began to connect me. God began to bless me. And gradually, before you know it, I didn’t know I’m already backsliding (inaudible around 59:25-26). Because that is why, even if you have been saved, you have to keep running. You have to hold it fast. I was capitalizing that “God had taken me to heaven, so if Jesus Christ comes today (if I should die today), I’m going to heaven straight.” Praise God. That was all just like God has taken me to heaven. He had shown me heaven. And He told me that my name is in the Book of Life. So that name is there.

So I began to the extent that me I cannot do without attending church (verify 1:00:09). I now get to Abuja (inaudible 1:00:10-13) that for good six months, three months, I would not touch the Bible. When I’d pick up the Bible, dust.  This is the Bible here. Dust was have covered it all around. Now look here.

From Sunday to Sunday, I didn’t know anything about church. To the extent that I began to make friends there. I begin to have romance with girls. But yet it never occurred to me that I’m already going out of the track. It never occurred to me that I’m already going out of the way. But at such a time, I now discovered that my wife, I now thank God for the wife God gave me. Each time I call her, she say, “My husband, don’t forget God. Don’t forget how you started. Don’t be an outcast. Don’t let the devil rejoice over you, that you of all people, that God had taken you to heaven, He has shown you, you’ve seen some things, and at the end of the day, you now fall in the hand of the devil.”

And I thank my father in the Lord. He would always call me to order (inaudible 101:31), though I was not good at calling. I don’t used to call him. I can be there for months.  I don’t call him. He’s the one that would call me sometimes and say, “I just want to hear your voice. I just want to pray with you.” He would call me and pray with me and bless me. And sometimes even when he would come to Jos, he want to see me. I said, “How of a life is that? (around 11:42) I’m still a young man. And by the way, I’m not sick! I’m really not sick.” I would say, “Maybe this sickness would lead to death, but I’m not sick. And I’m not traveling.” You know, I’m taking this in my own human wisdom, that “As long as this thought is coming, even if I want to travel, I will cancel it because I don’t want to die. How can I die now? I love my wife. She’s so beautiful. My children—they are so beautiful. I love them, too. How can I die and leave them? No, I can’t die.”

This is how, but yet the death keeps telling me, “You’re going to die. You’re going to die.” And something that happened, that while this thing keep coming, I was so scared to share it with anybody. It’s like something just arrest my mind. Nothing, it didn’t occur to me for a minute to even call somebody, or to even call my father in the Lord, or to even call my wife who I always tell my secret to, and say pray with me, to see what is happening. I just keep it — because I just don’t believe it – that I’m going to die. “Will I just die just like that that?” So it was.

So, before there some days before the end of last October, very early in the morning around…I always off my phone when I’m about to sleep, cause I don’t want disturbance. I don’t want anything to disturb my sleep. Most time I off my phone, except if I forgot. And even if I forgot, anytime after ten or eleven (if someone) wants to call, once the phone starts ringing, I’ll just stretch forth my hand — I know where the off button is—I’ll just off it right away.

But this particular day, I just went to work on the first of November, this November. I went to work. Before that, my daddy just called me early in the morning around after four or five. At that time that sleep used to be very sweet.  He just called me. Immediately before, it was ringing, ringing, ringing — God’s so kind — I didn’t off it. I just took it to see, “Who is the person calling.” I saw Pastor Sam Olakunle.  I now put it, “Ah!” I pick it. “Hello?” As usual, whenever he called me, he didn’t even say, “Good morning.” He didn’t even say, “How are you?” He said to me, “James! Carry your Bible. Carry your Bible. Carry your Bible. Open to Psalm 51. Begin to pray. Read it and begin to pray for mercy. Continue to ask God for mercy. Continue to ask God for mercy.”

Immediately he said so, I picked the Bible, I picked it and opened to Psalm 51. I read it about three times. I begin to get the feeling that something is telling me that I’m going to die. Maybe God has revealed it to the man of God. So I didn’t joke with that instruction he gave to me.  I begin to read and pray for mercy.

So on the first, I went to work and came back at night. When I came back, I ate my dinner and I went to bed. As soon as I went to bed, it’s like as if something just touched me. I just discovered that my body just get up, came out of my body. I now stand separate. I now saw my body on the floor, lifeless. The minute I saw it, I couldn’t look at it twice. I turn my face against it. I don’t want to look at it.

As I turned my face, immediately a road appeared at my back. I entered the road. Immediately as my spirit got out of the body, number one is that I never remember anything about this world again. Whether I have wife or I don’t have, whether I have children or I don’t have, whether I’m suffering on earth or I’m enjoying it, I don’t remember anything on earth again. So I proceed on the road that appeared before me. I began to go. As I was going, the only thing I’m remembering – clear — the only thing that is coming to my memory, is the Word of God — every word that is in the Bible, everything we have heard from the Bible, everything we have heard from the preacher, is what is coming to me as a witness. As I was going the word then came “Thou shall remember the Lord your God. Thou shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your substance. Be ye holy, for I am holy. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not commit fornication.” Every word of God is what keep coming to me fresh.

As I was going, I met a lot of people, a lot, a crowd of people. We were all marching in one direction, both man and woman, both young and old. We were just going. We were coming from every direction, but we were going in one — we are facing the same direction. And we are going, every one, every man for himself. As we have heard, individual with no man can stand for you here. Nobody can stand for you.  Nobody can speak on your behalf. You are on your own.

We keep going. The place was totally silence. Everybody keep moving, keep moving, keep moving.  I like what my father just said earlier. He said, “Judgment of separation.”  Judgment of separation. We are proceeding! And I could look far off. I now saw a junction where the road splitted into two. Initially the road was one. All of us were going in multitude.  But at that point, the road splitted into two. We were going. The Word of God keep coming – the verses!

As we reach the junction, before we approach the junction, I saw one has a very narrow gate, and the road inside was narrow.  I saw the other one by the left. It had a very big gate. The road was so broad and wide. Immediately I was knowing it, the word of God came to me that narrow is the way, that leads to the Kingdom of God. Broad and wide is the way that leads to hell and destruction. So from that moment, I took the vision, to mean that, yes, I’m a Christian now before I died. So where I’m supposed to go is the narrow gate, because my Bible has told me that narrow is the way that leads to the Kingdom of God. So I should enter by the narrow gate, for that is where I belong. So we were going.

It was at that point I now discovered that I have no control over my two legs again. From the beginning, I didn’t know I wasn’t the one controlling my legs. But at that junction, I purposed in my mind that I want to go to the narrow gate. But my legs keep going through the other gate. And nobody opened his mouth to speak there. You just be reasoning in your mind, “I want to go this way now.” But my legs keep going to the broad road. I couldn’t depart it. I couldn’t stop it. I don’t have any control at all in that leg. And that is how my leg dragged me to the broad road, and I entered the gate. I followed them. And yet when I entered, my eyes was still looking at the narrow road, because I at the beginning, we can see these other (both gates). My eyes were still on the narrow road.  I just discovered that the narrow road—how many people you see passing there? Once in a while, you just one person goes through. That is how we are rushing in thousands, in multitude. We were just going by the broad road. Everyone, both young and old, man and woman, white and black, everybody. But still the narrow road…once in a while, like one hour, two hour before you would see one person just pass. After that person pass, then wait to round about two hour, even three hours before another person just come again. But after a while, the roads were separating that we couldn’t see the other road again.

But as we are going, I now discovered that the broad road we are going, the more we are proceeding, the more it’s getting darker. By the way, gradually later I would not see the front again. But still yet, our legs cannot stop. The legs keep going faster. In my front, I begin to hear the cry of people ahead of me. As if when we are here, there are people crying by the roadside, series of wailing, crying of torment, pleading for forgiveness. Some were saying, “Looooooooooooooooooooooooooord!!!!!! Have mercy upon meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I will change, I will change, I will change, I will change, I will change.” Some were saying, “Jesuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!!!!!!! Forgive meeeeeeeeee!!!! Now I believe! Give me another chance! I will change, I will change, I will change, I will change.” Many of them, I could hear the sound, both young and old, crying, repenting, in great torment, begging Jesus Christ for a second chance, that now they have believed that truly hell exists. Now they have believed that truly, all the things God hates is true. Now they have believed. They are ready to make a change. Just for a second, for them to go back and change. But God said it’s too late. I was hearing their cries seriously.

The more we proceed, the louder their crying is coming, which means they are very close to the pit of hell. As I was hearing their crying, my body was shaking. But yet my legs—I look, I can’t stop it. We keep going, we keep going, everybody. Multitudes! Keep going.

At a point, I now heard somebody call my name. He said, “James! Stop!” I now heard, “Stop!” It now seemed as if a man had just came from ground and put, and now hold my leg there. I now stop. I fold my hands. I bend my head, as somebody who was standing before the judge to be. And the voice now begin to speak to me in great pain. Jesus Christ speak to me in sadness. He was not happy. He speak to me with a sorrowful heart. He said, “James, you think that you cannot die, or you think you are too young to die. Look at you, but now you are dead. You are not on the planet earth again. You are dead. And where you belong is hellfire. If I should take you now, your place is hellfire because you have backslided from My Way. You have turned your back from My Way. And hell is where you belong. And that is hell that you are going.” He said, “James, do you hear the cry of people in hell?” I said, “Yes, sir.” He said, “Many of them are those who called themselves so-called ‘Christians’ like you. While on earth they claimed holiness and righteousness. But because of ‘little, little, little, little things, small, small, small things’, ‘it doesn’t matter.’” We have heard it here now: “It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.” He said, “That is why many of them are in hell. And I hear them crying that now, they believe. They want to change. But it’s too late. It is too late.” He said, “James, when I created man, I created man in my own image. And my glory was upon him.” He said, “But my enemy, the devil, now added a lot of packaging, packaging of the glory I gave man, packaging of earring, necklace, attachments, all of them. God says, “My eye cannot behold it once anything artificial, artificial…” He said, “James, when I created women, did I put hole in their ear?” I said, “No.” He said, “How come I now saw them with hole in their ears?” He said, “James, when I created man, every part of their body that is supposed to have hole, did I not put hole there?” I said, “Yes.”  He said, “How come they now begin to put hole by themselves?” He said, “And once anything artificial has been added, no matter what it is, my face cannot look at them. My face cannot behold them.”

“In my mercy, I will give you a second chance for you to go. Watch your way, and walk before me, and be thou perfect.” At that point, He now said I should turn back and start going back. At that moment, the same thing that hold my leg now turned my leg again back to where I was coming from. I now began the way back. I begin to go back. I begin to go back. I went back on until I reached where my body was in lying down, lifeless. I saw it there. The minute I saw it, I turned my face again. I don’t want to look at it. And the Voice said again. He said, “James, that is your body. Enter into it.” I said, “No! No! I won’t enter that body! I won’t enter body! I hate that body!” because at that moment, once you die, there is nothing like witches or wizards or any other enemy. There is only one thing that will appear to you as your greatest enemy on the earth. There is only one thing that will appear to you as your worst enemy on earth, and that is your body — this body. I now saw this body as my enemy. I said, “No! How can you ask me to enter this body?  It caused me to do all the bad things I did on earth. It misled me. How can you ask me to enter the body? I won’t enter!”

Then the Lord said to me, He said, “James, you have died. You are not on the planet earth again. And you are putting on a new body. And this body you are putting on is immortal body, everlasting body that will either take you to hellfire or Kingdom of God.” He said, “In this body that you are standing, you cannot receive forgiveness. It is too late for you to receive forgiveness in this body. For you to receive my forgiveness and my mercy, you have to enter that body again.”  Still yet after (He said) that hell is where I am going, I still refuse. I said, “No! I will not enter! I hate that body! I don’t want to look at it! I don’t want to see it!”

And the body is just there, lifeless, dirty! I have a very good example of what that body looked to me. You know these mechanic’s work shirt, mechanic’s uniform that they are using to work for over two years without washing. It is soaked of different type of engine oil…they use it to roll on the ground. They now have torn. They have now condemned it. They now throw it inside gutter (open sewage drainage). Rain beat inside that gutter. Someone now come and said, “Be that clothes and wear it.”  That was how that body just looked to me. That was why I was refusing.

I said, “No! I will not enter this body. Don’t push me into any body. (inaudible at 31:52-54 ). Don’t push me. It’s a corruptible body. I won’t enter. I won’t enter.” That was when He now said to me, “James, I’m giving you a chance, a second chance, I’m giving you a second chance, for you to go and watch your way and walk before me and be perfect.” He said, “If you turn your back from here now, where you are going is hellfire. Where you are going is hellfire, because this body you are standing with cannot receive forgiveness. It is too late.”

Then a thought now come to me in my mind as I was standing that “What about those wailing and crying in hell there? Won’t you have pity on them?” He now answered me (not knowing that He could even hear my thought). He said, “James, do you know when these people in hell will be set free? Do you know when they will be set free? On the day, on any day that I will cease to be God. That is the day they will be set free from hell. So, on the day I will cease to be God, that was the day they will be set free from hell.” He said, “So, James, go! I’m sending you as a witness to my world. Tell the people, tell my servants, tell whosoever comes your way, that My coming is not soon anymore. I’m coming now. I’ve waited for so long. I’m coming now. Tell them to prepare for My coming. Without holiness, holiness, holiness, no one, no one will enter My Kingdom no matter what they do. Tell them to walk before Me and be perfect.”

After saying all these things, He now said, “James! I command you–enter your body!” At that one command, as if you force somebody to do what he don’t want to do, I now look at that body on the floor, useless thing. I now went so slowly stoop, so slowly stoop. I look at the body. I now drop close to the body. I now bend down. I bend down and enter the body. As soon as I enter the body, I came back to life. As I came back to life, sweat — hot sweat – come out of my body. My body was soaked with sweat. I couldn’t have any strength in me at all again. For completely a week, I couldn’t do anything, because I don’t even have strength at all. If I sat up too long, you would see my body shaking, shaking. If I didn’t even eat in time, you would see my body shaking. Until after a week, before I now begin to gather my strength. It was then, I now call my father in the Lord. I said, “Papa, I died, and I came back to life.” I wept seriously that I was still given a second chance, and yet I’m refusing to enter the body. That fire, if I am not allowed, I am going back to hellfire forever and ever. The Lord is so merciful! So please, heaven is real. Hell is real. People are dying in their thousands and going…

[A portion of the video is missing at this point.]

When I come back, I feel as if I should have the power to turn the whole world to the Lord again so they will all go to heaven. Because I can’t even wish my worst enemy on earth—my worst enemy on earth—to go to that place where they are weeping, crying, waiting for another chance to repent, and it was too late. And I thank God for my daddy in the Lord. He has not left the narrow road. God will continue to see him through and walk with him in Jesus’ Name.

He now turned and asked to me another question that will continue to sound in my mind. He said, “Number one: When I died, I because of I wanted to better the life of my wife and children, that was why I went to Abuja, so that when I died, did I remember them?” I said, “No, I never would remember anything about this world. And because of struggling to keep them, I would have gone to hell. And they would have made heaven, life would still continue.”

“Number 2: He is giving you a second chance. There is something He has not told you. He has not told you the time He gave you for that second chance, whether it is one week, whether it is two weeks, whether it is one month, whether it is one year — I don’t know.”

So I have resolved in principle to live my life today as if there is no tomorrow. And I have told God I surrender all. Since then, in my prayer, I don’t even ask God for anything, for money or any worldly things. Will a dead man ask God for money? Will a dead man ask for car? God says if I surrender all to Him completely, I should not watch if He will not care for me, that He care for us. He knows what we need, not wanting me to run helter-skelter (inaudible at 38:26-29). So God loves us. God care for us. I’ve never seen a love like this. So let us hold fast our faith. Let us hold fast that which God–it’s because so many of us many Christians will not believe Bible again — that is why God is bringing all these revelations, so that we can believe. And I pray that God will see us through. In His Kingdom we will not miss out, in Jesus’ Name.

End of testimony.

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