Brothers, I saw 7 doors in heaven.


In the first door I saw written in silver with gold and said, “Those who worship God in spirit and in truth.”

John 4:24 God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

Those who worship Jesus, that’s God. Jesus is God Almighty. Jesus is not the angel Michael. Jesus is not a statue, not a method. Jesus is not a method of evangelism. Jesus is God Almighty. What I am talking about is very deep. You cannot use Jesus as a hero of a method of evangelism. Jesus, His presence, His spirit, is what touches people on the streets. We have no need to make other inventions because Jesus is God. Amen.

On that door there were millions and millions of musical instruments in all forms.

I asked, “What are these instruments for?”

He said, “Write this down. These instruments are only for those who worship in spirit and in truth.”

Brothers this is because if you are praising the pastor or the leader publicly, your adoration will not go beyond the ceiling. The church people who give glory to God and say, “How beautiful is God,” when they start praying in the spirit of glorifying Jesus, when they arrive at a time of spiritually worshiping Jesus, they receive an instrument like this and start playing it.

Once it happened to us. We were worshiping the Lord and we had only a guitar and a drum and we began to worship. We had never cried so much, and the public was very beautiful and then we ended the service. We are about to go when the people said, “Pastor, I can see you have a team of people behind the curtain playing.”

I said, “Watch.”

When I opened the curtain at the theater no one was playing. They were instruments that God has given us and was an orchestra for God. You only receive many instruments that start playing when you worship God in spirit and in truth. When the people saw there was no one behind the curtain, there was a miracle, a powerful signal. The guitarist who was with me and I sing very bad but we are worshiping in spirit and in truth and the people said that they could hear melody behind the curtain and people began to mourn, to fall to the ground. Many miracles happened and people asked “Why didn’t the orchestra show us that it was there?” and I replied, “What orchestra? There was no orchestra.” And the people fell under the power of God when they learned that there was no orchestra. The people said there are angels singing, but you receive instruments when you worship in spirit and in truth.

The Holy Spirit said, “When you worship in spirit and in truth the heavenly Father rises from the throne and says, “Silence, angels. They are worshiping My Son.” And knows what happens Jesus rises from the throne with the eyes of fire and the face of the sun with power and the scriptures says that when He rises from His throne His enemies flee and that is why when we are worshiping in spirit and in truth, only wonderful things happen. A city can be transformed because the Son rises from the throne with eyes of fire and face of sun. When sickness sees, poverty sees, the lies, deceit, evil, sin and the demons see that the Father and the Son rose from the throne, they flee..”

Psalm 68:1 Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered: let them also that hate Him flee before Him. 2 As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.

When the Father rises, the Son gets up, something happens. That nation is touched, the city is touched, that church is touched, and great things begin to happen. We begin to see great miracles.


On the other door it was written in silver and gold, “No one can declare that Jesus is the Lord except by the Spirit.”

1 Corinthians 12:3 Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Spirit

Today we see many call Jesus Lord. But talking about Jesus does not prove that you know who comes. It is one thing is talk about Jesus and another thing to be in obedience to Him. For those who are in obedience to Him, there are gifts waiting for them.

Inside that door I saw human organs were in large showcases but they had no windows but were on display. They were on golden trays and these organs were golden.

I asked, “What are these organs for?”

He told me, “These organs are only received by those who honor the name of Jesus in spirit, those people who are filled with the spirit and honor Jesus in obedience. To those who want a sick person to receive the cure for the honor of Jesus and not of man. When a man is nothing. when a ministry is nothing and they honor a night of miracles or a night of blessings, they honor only these things and not Jesus.”

“There were ten lepers and only one came back to honor Jesus and only this one received salvation. Today we see it as fashion. Today we see that everyone wants to work miracles to seek fame so that then they want to do miracles to be recognized as a man of God. Be careful with these things. You will fall into the spirit of falsehood if you are not honoring Jesus. It enters into a dangerous environment today.

We have seen healing take place when a candle is lighted or when the sick is passed through a tunnel but it does not honor Jesus. When Jesus is honored, the Holy Spirit grants a new genuine organ.

I bring a genuine new organ and they made me an advertisement.

A church in Costa Rica invited me and made an advertisement that I can pray for new body organs as if I were God. I did not show myself up and they asked me why didn’t I come. I answered, “Because you were not praying to Jesus. I don’t want to be a show. I would never touch any of Jesus’ great glory.” I paid all the expenses and I didn’t go. They said to come. I told them, “When you learn to honor Jesus I will visit your congregation.” If you are listening to this testimony and you want to receive a new organ, honor Jesus and you will receive a new organ in the name of Jesus.


I went to the third door and there was a very large room with curtains and these curtains had the name of Jesus. These curtains were in very beautiful white color. There were curtains of various colors and in the middle of the room was the ark of God, the ark of the covenant. The Ark of the covenant is not here on Earth. They have never found it. Here it is in Heaven. God took the Ark because, in the time of Moses, God said, “Lift up a bronze serpent and the one who looked at it will be healed.” So even a sinner was healed so the people started to worship the snake. To this day people worship at the Wailing Wall. They place petitions in the walls of lamentations. Listen, there is only one Mediator between God and men. This Mediator is Jesus Christ. We don’t have to invent anything else and there is someone who intercedes for us with inexpressible groans. This is the Holy Spirit. You don’t need to go to the Wailing Wall to place your orders and we’ve already seen pastors and leaders taking orders there.

Brothers we are a people and God gave us an identity in His church as His bride. The Holy Spirit said, “Write this down and tell My people that it was on Earth and men thought they would love the cherubim if they were with the ark. They replaced Me. They didn’t understand that it wasn’t the ark or what was inside. The Holy Spirit that sat among the cherubim is with you and it was only with Him that the walls of Jericho fell. It was due to Him that Israel won great battles because His presence affects all this. It is not a method nor strategy. Brothers, it was He who vanquished Goliath. It wasn’t David. It wasn’t Joshua who broke down the walls of Jericho. It was the Holy Spirit. He’s not a dove. That is only a symbolism of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit sat on the Ark because He is the Almighty God.


Brothers we left this room. We entered the fourth door. There were many coffers there.

I asked, “What are these coffers?”

He told me, “These coffers are the false doctrines.”

I said, “Why are these false doctrines here?”

He told me, “They are here for the day of judgment. The people who worked on one of these false doctrines.”

The Holy Spirit told me, “Note it down. The false doctrines are those that replaced Jesus, those who did not respect Jesus as the only Savior.”

Brothers within those coffers are written the people who created false religions, who live in religiosity. Brothers the holy doctrine is the doctrine of the apostles, what the apostles published everything that Jesus explained. Brothers, there are doctrines that use the scriptures to replace Jesus. For example, if I talk a lot about Deborah, I take Jesus out of the scenario. If I talk a lot about Abraham, I leave Jesus out. If I talk about the theme of prosperity, I take Jesus out of the scenario. If I stay in the theme of the world’s leading world powers I take Jesus out of the theme and that is the false doctrines as they take Christ out of the scenario.

On several occasions we see this in Heaven there is a balcony from where God sees everything. The Holy Spirit enters all churches through this balcony. He is omnipresent and omniscient. He enters all churches at the same time. There are doctrines that say that the Holy Spirit is only on Earth. My brothers, He is everywhere. He is the omnipresent God.

Brothers we entered several churches and a church that impressed me was a huge church very big. She is in the United States. I could recognize her when I came back to life. In this church, there were many pastors and each pastor had a small man on his shoulder. They were dressed like men who practice horse riding. These little men were demons who were on them and with nails long they grabbed these pastors by the head.

So I asked, “Lord, what is this?”

The Lord told me, “Take note of these little men. They are demons who govern these pastors. They address them. I do not address them because they replaced Me. They took Me out of this church and put their human structures and it is these demons that lead them.”

Brothers, the congregations are led by demons and their leaders are ridden like horses by demons and these demons tell the leaders what they have to say. This is impressive. Brothers this is not an event. It is a reality. If in your congregation Jesus is not in the first place the Holy Spirit is not there. The Holy Spirit told me, “This is the doctrine of the AntiChrist. Brothers the doctrine of the Antichrist is to take Jesus from the scene. There are many antichrists. There are Pentecostal churches that have the doctrine of antichrist as they say in Revelation 2:9 the synagogue of Satan. Their scriptures are doctrines of demons.

The Lord told me, “Write down. These people praise Me with their mouths but their hearts are far from me. Brothers, there are people who speak of Jesus in churches but their structure and vision are not the way to Jesus and something else. They focus on the gospel but take away the name of Jesus. Brothers, there is no other name given to the men whereby they can be saved in but only in the name of Jesus. They say we will be saved by the name of the gospel. Brothers not only in the name of Jesus is that every knee will bend, the demons fear that name when you speak that name. They will be judged because of these doctrines, for by them, many are getting lost.


We left there and went to the fifth door. There we went down some stairs and we saw a meeting in the second Heaven. There was Lucifer with his ministers and the fallen angels in the second Heaven, Satan’s throne in space. The Holy Spirit allowed me to see this meeting and they didn’t see us but we could see them. They were making plans every day. Lucifer mimics God. He dresses as an angel and the fallen angels look like him but their clothes are dirty.

Lucifer called a demon from the east called Leviathan. He said, “You will induce chaos, children’s death, make trouble.” He then called the demon of accidents. He said, “You will cause accidents, earthquakes, tsunamis.” Then he called the demon from the south and said, “Give orders to your army and destroy the south. I myself will go to the north and take His name.”

Brothers the name he said he would eliminate is Jesus. He wants to eliminate the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit told me, “Never will I let this happen. I will never let the name of Jesus fall down. Write everything down. Tell the church that there is a war of the church against the principalities because they plan in the air and then descend with an order to the governing spirits and partners of Satan and they attack so there are so many dead and so many more raping children, women raped, men murdered because these principalities come down from the air then orders and administer evils on Earth. They receive these orders from Satan. The church must be prepared for this spiritual war in the name of Jesus.”

When the church gathers in unity with the shepherds, the leaders, the prophets, the apostles as one, the darkness trembles. We must unite and fight against the principalities, powers, and rulers of Satan so that the cities be blessed by the name of Jesus. That’s why there are so many calamities because churches don’t come together like that. The church must get ready for spiritual war in the name of Jesus.


So we left there and went to door number six. When we went through this door, there were Christians everywhere. There was a screen and He opened this screen so I could see all the church members, pastors, and leaders. They embraced their children. I saw how some despised their wives. Others did not treat their wives and their husbands kindly with words.

The Holy Spirit told me, “Take note. Tell them that I visit their places.”

I saw brothers as pastors and the leaders embraced their wives their children and the Spirit that caused this.

Brothers I say to the leaders and the pastors, “Hug your wives and wives embrace your husbands and share with each other the warmth because it is the Holy Spirit that does everything.”

I saw a place where everything was destroyed. The wife liked another man. I saw them but they didn’t see me and we see inside the master bedroom the couple was about to separate and this husband prayed to God, “Lord, please change my wife.”

I saw when the Holy Spirit touched her and she started to cry and she said, “I don’t know what’s going on here. I don’t know why I’m crying.” So she confessed her sin and her husband forgave her.

And then we went to another house and there was an opposite case. The husband is unfaithful to his wife. Brothers the word of God says in John 16:8, And when He has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:

The Holy Spirit said to the man to confess to her. And he confessed his sins. She cried desperately and that woman hugged him. At that moment he said, “Please forgive me.” She forgave him and that is the Holy Spirit at work.

I also saw one father took his son, beat him, and spoke harsh words to his son and this son prayed to the Holy Spirit, “Holy Spirit, please touch my dad.” And then I saw when He touched that father, something that the father suffered in him was broken off his head and his ears. It was like a sphere with many needles and eyes came out of many shadows. That was when the father started to cry and said to his son, “Forgive me.”

Brothers if we don’t let the Holy Spirit enter our places it will be a mess. Brothers ask the Holy Spirit to enter your places and everything will be fine.

I saw a man who prayed and he said, “Lord, help me get out of this addiction.” I came when he tried to smoke and the Holy Spirit held his cigarette and he couldn’t smoke because the Holy Spirit was there and this man said, “Lord, help me. I don’t want to smoke.” Brothers, that man had drugs in the cigarette and the Holy Spirit slapped the cigarette and the cigarette fell. The man said, “I will not smoke anymore,” and that day this man was released.

After I met that man, I said, “You smoked marijuana,” and the man told me, “How do you know that?” I told him, “You smoked cigarettes with drugs.” He said, “How do you know? You know nothing.” So he started crying and he told me, “It is a long time ago and I asked for forgiveness from the Lord. So now I’m free, I’m free.”

You who are listening to this, say to the Holy Spirit, “Holy Spirit, come to me. Help me, help my family. Help us.” He will help you because He is your helper. He is your comforter. Jesus said, “I will not leave you orphans I will send the Holy Spirit and let the Holy Spirit enter your lives.”

He is love. He embraces us. You know brothers, what does He do? He hugs the poor who are under the bridges. They warm up and hugs them. He waits for someone to say, “Here I am, send me to the needy,” but we don’t want to go. We want to go to the pulpits of churches. We don’t want to look for the needy under the bridges. When these people feel cold He embraces them.

We visited an orphanage. He is the father and mother of orphans and looks at the face of orphans He raises. He hugs the orphans and kisses them. I saw this, brothers. I talked to a sister who works at the orphanage and she told me she saw the boy who got up there and went down so she felt a lot of peace. I saw a boy who hugged and cried. The Holy Spirit is not a man with a big white beard. He is a loving God. He is a precious person. He is very loving. At this moment He can touch you and hug you. Talk to Him, glorify Jesus in your house and your problems will be resolved. There are people who will be touched and you know it is God.


Brothers we entered door 7. This door impacted my life. Entering that door, I could see the whole globe. The Holy Spirit is here. Brothers, He is in Heaven and He is also omnipresent. We went down brothers and we went to Hell. Hell is not beautiful and it is theological. I have already confronted theologians who say that Hell doesn’t exist. Purgatory doesn’t exist. Brothers because the word says Lazarus was in Heaven and the other place was Hell. Lazarus can see the rich man in Hell as I saw souls in Hell. It hurts me to talk about it. They didn’t see us. I heard many testimonies from brothers who were in Hell. There are whole families. Brothers the souls that go to this place can feel can touch. This is real. Brothers this is very sad. They are burning, some curse Jesus.

Brothers the pleasure that leads you to sin here on Earth, there in Hell will be your torments. Do not go to this place. There I saw people who liked money. There was a mountain of coins there. The demons opened the mouths of the people there and put these coins in their mouths and the coins entered through their mouths and they burned inside.

I saw a man tormented with a symbolic Bible. He had no hair and no eyes; that soul was very destroyed. I don’t know how to explain people with Bibles there in Hell. I told the man that God noticed him.

The Holy Spirit told me, “Write it down. He was a vine in My kingdom and gave many fruits. What you saw in Heaven, those grapes that dried up are these people who sold the faith, sold the message, sold their birthright for a plate of food for a few dollars and this man was being tormented there. And this man was being tormented and there was the applause of them there.

When I saw this torment in the lava, it is because he stole the glory of God. He dared to think of himself as God. He dared to say that he was like a God and there he was being tormented. There was a well of liquid fire and a man was being tormented there.

I said, “Lord, what happened to him?”

He told me, “Write it down. He prostituted the doctrine.”

I say to the brothers, pastors, and leaders, friends, believers, turn away from evil. This is not a game, Hell is real. There were people who grabbed their tongues with tweezers. These demons were small men, they grabbed their tongues and pulled.

I asked, “Lord, what is that for?”

He told me, “Write it down. These are the ones who speak badly of their brothers.”

You who are listening to this testimony if you speak ill of your brother, shut your mouth. Hold your tongue and keep it under control. Don’t speak badly of the brothers. In Hell, there are many stubborn people who indulged in intrigues and gossip and they are being tormented.

At the same time there I could see a screen was empty and suddenly I saw many people dying in the world without Jesus. Brothers, the presence of Jesus was there in the world and He is three – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and each one has a different function and the three are one.

Brothers, I saw many things in Hell. I saw a woman who was an actress in her life. She had sex with a kind of sexual instrument in the shape of a male member. She had relations with that and there was a worm that entered her intimate part and burned her inside and tormented her. It burned the whole soul inside.

I saw a young man who was sitting on a rock and he was masturbating and his hand was purple and when he symbolically took the member he screamed terribly as he was tormented by it. Young men and women who are in masturbation get out of it because it will condemn you.

There were many people there from various nations. There was a pastor there trying to grab a bag of money and when he got it, fire came out of that bag. He said, “Forgive me, God, I don’t want to steal this.”

Brothers the people that stole God’s tithes as we read in Malachi suffered terribly. What I was seeing this was the most unpleasant of my experience of my encounter with Holy Spirit.

Malachi 3:8, “Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed Me! But you say, ‘In what way have we robbed You?’ In tithes and offerings.

I said, “Holy Spirit, please let’s get out of here. Please don’t leave me here.”

Brothers I was a two-faced, two-lives Christian. I was a Christian with bad thoughts a sinner and you who are seeing this testimony, do not believe the lie that says that any sin is the same, that you can commit sin freely and there will be no problem.

Brothers I don’t believe that lie. Sin takes people into the darkness and in this darkness, there is fire there. I saw that the demons themselves judged the people. It was like the sun hit the people and they were set on fire. There were a lot of people screaming in that place of torment. There were mutilated souls being tormented.

You don’t believe in Hell and you think you can’t get to Hell but Hell is the payment of the hypocrites. Hell is the payment of the sinners. The word says the soul that sins will die. Hell is that death.

Ezekiel 18:4, 20 The soul who sins shall die.

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death

I saw well-known people. I saw my aunt and she was tormented. She cried and I couldn’t do anything. She died without Christ. I remember that I always preached to her and she didn’t believe me. She died of a gall bladder disease.

We left there and went to the office of the Holy Spirit. The Lord told me, “Write down everything you saw. You will speak to the churches.”

Brothers, many places closed the doors for me to speak the truth. They said that this was a lie and that Hell did not exist and that it was pure invention. They closed the door for me and the Lord opened 7 other doors to me.

In a church I was speaking about Hell and the leader took the microphone said, “No, you will not talk about Hell here.” And another one told me, “I don’t want you to talk about Jesus here. Talk about something else.” That same night a generator exploded and all the hot oil that was inside fell on this man and burned down the place where he was.

The people who are watching (reading) this testimony, if they want to believe, please believe. If they don’t want to believe, it is not my responsibility. I say that there is one God and Heaven and Hell.

I was there in the office of the Holy Spirit talking about several things when suddenly He took the map of Latin America and cried over the map and soon honey came out of His mouth as well as the Word. Suddenly, I saw ants of various colors.

I asked Him, “What is this vision all about?”

He told me, “Write this down. Tell the leaders, the pastors, the evangelists, apostles, tell all the people, say that I am in Latin America like honey is for ants. Where I’m, the crowd will come looking for the Spirit. Amen.”

He told me, “Now you will go.”

I said, “Lord, don’t leave me. I don’t want it now.”

He told me, “You have to go talk about this in addition to the Holy Spirit.”

I said, “Lord, I want to see Jesus. Where is Jesus?”

He answered me, “He is sitting on the throne.”

So He held out His hands. When He extended I started to see all the brothers all the conditions of the brothers.

He told me, “There is Jesus. He is in them. He said in Mat 25:35, For I was hungry, and you gave Me food; I was thirsty, and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger, and you took Me in; 36 I was naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me.

He showed me these people and told me, “There is Jesus. He said, “Go to the poor and go get clothes for those who do not have clothes, food for those who have nothing to eat. When you see a child barefoot there He is. Pastor, you want to see Jesus? Seek the sick, the prisoners, the poor. There you will see the face of Jesus. Do not look for money or methods. Do not seek for visions.”

He said to me, “Raise your hands. Now go.”

He put His finger on my forehead on the forehead of my soul and told me, “This is a sign that you spoke to Me and every morning when you get up look here. It’s Me who does everything. This will be the evidence in your body. This is a sign that I’m with your soul.”

Brothers, when the Lord put His finger on my forehead I went back at a very fast speed to my body. When I came back my body had already been taken to do an autopsy and when the man saw me he was scared. I was naked and covering myself. The man said, “Rest me in peace.” I said, “No, I’m alive.” So he ran out and called the others.

I got some clothes from where I was. I went running from there and they were looking for a dead man. It was five in the morning and the people who were looking for me said, “What happened to you? You are not dead.” I said, “The Lord raised me.”

I say that everyone who hears this testimony their lives will be transformed. They will no longer be the same. Jesus is real. Everyone who sees this testimony and speak of Him. Everyone who does not know Jesus, raise your hands, all who want Heaven and who want Jesus. Those who want to leave the darkness. The person who is submerged in darkness. They want today to receive Christ, lift your hands and say this, “Lord Jesus I receive You as my Lord and Savior. With Your wonderful blood wash me and with your wonderful blood, write my name in the Book of Life and that its light illuminates my being in my soul in the name of Jesus. I receive you, God. Amen.”

I also pray for all the shepherd leaders who are to be freed from false doctrines. The doctrine that comes against Heaven, doctrine that is against the kingdom of God, doctrine that is against the existence of the Holy Spirit and against the existence of the Father and the Son. In the name of the Lord Jesus, you are delivered from all the strange doctrines, doctrines of money, and finance. These large churches with multitudes do not guarantee that they are on the way to Heaven. Pray to the Lord that He will show you the way of Heaven and reveal the churches that are in strange doctrines that are diverting people in the name of Jesus. Amen.

For the people who have dead organs, the Lord resurrect those dead organs in the name of Jesus. God bless you!

Translated from Luhyi Garcia’s Supernatural Testimony

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