How To Subdue And Overcome Self Tyrant Of Masturbation

Masturbating is an act of having spiritual intercourse with demonic force in an attempt of satisfying ones carnal sexual urge. It has both spiritual and physical negative effects WITHOUT any positive health benefits. It’s also an act of opening spiritual door for the legion of demons to dwell. It’s better not to experiment or lure into this devilish act because any silly attempt to penetrate through the door of masturbating will definitely leads to sexual immoral ADDICTION and later prolonged into years of perpetual bondage of hate, shame and guiltiness.

At first; you might felt it’s normal, fun and pleasurable means of satisfying one’s sexual urges but when you Jerk-up to 50 times or finger your privates organs about 70 times, at this stage you already lost counts and began to ponder; what horrible mess have i gotten myself into?
Gradually; it become easy and freely to indulge at any slight feeling of sexual urge or arousal because of absent of sexual partner and afterward left with guilt, depression, self-pity and self condemnation. These bondage and trauma will continue to transpire into self-confusion, shyness, lost, empty because a dreaded silence killer of self-tyrant of masturbation in human history has just triumph over your self-will power; Again, Again and again.
Majority of unbelievers who are possessed ignorantly may argue and motivates themselves in the notion that masturbation is good for health. Hence, i began to tinkle within my heart, if this act is pleasant and godly before men, then why are the victims horribly ashamed of speaking out or seeking for advice?
I have interview many brethren suffering and trapped in self-tyrant of masturbation. They are bound together by same common attributes of SHAME and SELF-CONDEMN. I always perceived the winds of sorrow suffocating through their hearts due to inability of overcoming such terrifying sexual urges when it arises. It pierced my heart because no Drugs can cure or make them feels whole again. Moreover; it’s not a good idea to WRESTLE Against “THE GREAT MOTHER OF ALL HARLOT” based on SELF-WILL-POWER.
It wouldn’t yield any positive result. It might suppress her for some quarters, months, years and later re-enforced with missiles of great irresistible seduction and urges. Conquering this dreaded pound of flesh can ONLY be achieved through spiritual warfare with intensive control of self-thoughts and denial. You must discern the dangerous strategies of “BABYLON THE GREAT” which sited upon many water’s, whose mouth is filled with blood of many saints.
The Only Last HOPE OF SATAN in this perilous time is “BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF ALL HARLOTS AND HER MIGHTY WEAPON OF SEX” I will share the post very soon. It’s a must read for every believers who possessed heavenly mindset. The post exposes dept secrets about SEX; By God’s Grace, those struggling with intensive Sex urge or Lust shall be set-free after reading the dangerous tool uses by Great Mother of Harlot, known as SEX, in Jesus name. Nevertheless, Marriage isn’t an option or way to subdue self tyrant of masturbation.
1. You must REPENT from this act and sorrowfully cried unto God by giving your life to JESUS. I don’t care about your money, fame or religious view. YOU MUST give your life to Jesus Christ. It’s a necessity and not an option.
2. You must keep your MIND-PURE; what comes out of a man is what defiled him. Delete all worldly music and video, Burnt secular movies. Stop reading erotic newsletter and seductive chats.
Divorce every boy and girls friendships, Don’t stare or admire beautiful ladies or handsome men rather thrown-off your FACE and calm that thoughts.
That 1 dollar or 100 Naira porn movies in your room will projects dangerous images into your mind which you can’t cast-out in next 20 years of your life. Have you NOT read or heard about SPIRITUAL METAMORPHISM?
Spiritual metamorphism is a process or means in which maggot turns and becomes butterfly, that is same way demon also turns. The demon you encounter through erotic images-radar will pierced through your mind and turns into sexual demonic Spirit in your thoughts or imaginations.
There are only 2 ways of casting out demon.
  • When a demon is in somebody, you cast it out through the name of Jesus Christ.
  • But when the demon is metamorphous and becomes a THOUGHT, a PHILOSOPHY or a KNOWLEDGE; you CAN’T rebuked or cast it out with the name of Jesus. You can only cast it out by the knowledge of the truth because thou shall know the TRUTH and it shall set you free.
We battle against ancient demons of last day which pose severe attack through self-thoughts. You must be careful while surfing internet or gist with friends. FLEE from any sight of sexual scene; don’t attempt to RESIST or play-along; DELAY is dangerous because will overwhelm your self-will.
3. Ensure you attends CHURCH weekly activities; Night vigil at least once a week; also participate in praying and fasting at least once a week, either 6 am-12 pm, 6 am-3 pm or 6 am-6 pm depending on your health statue. You can lengthy the time-stamp gradually and shouldn’t be seen as burden.
4. Loneliness activates thoughts; when lonely read your Sunday school Jotter. Meditate your BIBLE or play worship songs.
5. Confess your suffering and masturbating experience to your spiritual leaders. seek for the counselling and interceding prayers and stop dying in silent because confession ease guilt and shame. I pray, May the Lord empower each and everyone who are entangle and imprison under self bondage of masturbation, The Lord shall strengthen you all to overcome every form of self tyrant of masturbation or sexual perverse thoughts or immoralities in Jesus name.

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Masturbating is an act of having sexual intercourse with demons.…
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