How To Fulfill Your Responsibilities Both In Marriage And Ministry

How To Fulfill Your Responsibilities Both In Marriage And Ministry


Marriage And Ministry
There are many that will still be guilty for serving the Lord in a wrong manner without applying the scriptures unto their life. Yes; God has given you an assignment you must carried out and you have to do it, because, Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully (Jeremiah 48:10) The Lord has showed you the Vision of heaven and hell and he ask you to go into the world to tell the people, and you are very zeal in doing that. or You are a Reverend Mrs. Pastor Mrs. Apostle Mrs. etc. Have you forgotten there is Mrs. in your name, and you are under a man the lord has commanded you to submit unto?

Yes! You have the desire to work for the Lord, and your husband is very happy for that. you and your husband has truly prayed and fasted, and now, you have being transformed by the spirit of God. Now you are now a different woman, former a shy fellow, but now bold to preached the gospel, youth and the church women has being getting inspiration and encouragement trough your messages, now your ministry has being commission, and now receiving invitation trough from other churches and ministries. Within two years now, you have traveled to almost 15 Countries, for the work of God. You have launch your 30th books, and now, you are so much deep in the work of God, you have being very Busy for the Lord,

You go at times for three weeks in your ministerial work, your church is getting larger, your ministerial is growing stronger, many has come to know the lord trough you, but your husband is very sick in his heart because of you. Your husband no longer get your attention, he hardly have discussion with you. Three-weeks in Kenya, Two weeks in Ghana, 3 days in Nigeria, and when you return from the trips, you are having another one month Women convention in Cameroon. And next months, you will be preparing for the coming women retreat.

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Because of your ministerial progress, you hardly stayed at home; you keep abandoning your husband alone at home all the time, because you are always in the church. Even whenever you are at home, you never have time for him, because you were preparing for the next program, writing and developing the topic you want to present in the next crusade, fasting and praying for an outreach, or busying writing the next book.

Your husband will be in the room waiting for you to join him in room by 9-10 pm, but No, that’s when you will be very busy in writing the book you want to launch in the next program 12 am to 1 am may be when he will believe you should be tired and come to bed, but no, that’s when you will be disturbing God to send to send fire from heaven (Praying)

This kind of life will cause him to blame God for transforming your life? Your husband never get your attention, he has turned into a bachelor even as a married Man, because her wife has given her life to Christ and very zeal in the work of God. You make him feel lonely at all time. he washes his own cloth himself, sweep the house, wash the dish, cook for the kids, and take care of the kids, you have fail to take care of your home and you call that working for God?
Your husband cooks the foods, even when the children are not enjoying it. He turn into local food seller patronize because his wife is very busy for God’s work. She is busying removing the mote in people’s eyes when there is a beam in her eyes .You have abandoned your home duties as a wife and you are disobeying the word of God
Your husband will be the one to take the children to school at all time before going to his own work, because her wife has travel to Zambia for the past few months for the work of God, you don’t know anything about the welfare of your children. He Love God too, and will not want to stop you from doing his work, Your husband sleep alone virtually all the time. Even whenever you are around most of the time You will move away from the master Bed room, because you are very busy for Gods’ work.
Each time he complained about your absent all the time, you will hit him with the word, DON’T YOU WANT ME TO SERVE THE LORD? Of course he will want you, but that is not the way. Serving the lord, and hurting another is not from the Lord, he will never allow that. I remember, God called the Israel his chosen one, but he punished them for maltreating the Gibeonite. . He is the God of the Jews and the Gentiles. he is using you for his work, but you must be very careful so as not to be a stumbling stone for others while working for the Lord.
When you really want to do this, you shouldn’t have married in the first place. Getting married to put someone in bondage is the work of devil and can never be supported by God. Apostle Paul has already given an advice not to marry if you can control yourself, then you will have much more time to serve the lord as you wish, and even more greater will be your reward in the kingdom of God. Paul did warn you that getting married will divide your interest, and you must fulfill your earthly responsibility in submitting to your husband.  
What Is The Way Out And Our Respond?
God has already given us a warning not to marry an unbeliever, and you doing that, you shall face the consequence, and you must keep enduring the pains and challenges you will face from getting married to an unbeliever. But let’s assume both unbelievers married each other. Now the woman is saved and his husband is yet to be saved. But The woman can only win his husband to Christ through her new changes and behavior. Her preaching can not change her husband life. But her attitude can change him.

Moreover, when someone has newly given his / her life to Christ. Satan will make use of someone, in other to make him denied his faith. but if he/she takes his stand, then he/she shall prevail. She should keep enduring the challenges, she will surely win his heart if she fulfill her duties as a house wife. 1Corinthian 7:16 For what knowest thou, O wife, whether thou shalt save thy husband? or how knowest thou, O man, whether thou shalt save thy wife?
Proverb 31 “She must keep on carrying her wife duty be obedience, and serve the Lord. like the Virtuous woman” She must take good care of her home, and her husband. her new life should change her husband life.

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The virtuous woman, before anyone woke up, she is awake already and prepare the food, for both her husband and her house maid. Her mouth is full of the word of wisdom and kindness. even if her husband is an unbeliever, she always show word of respect and humility when talking to her husband

She was never Lazy. Was never proud, but friendly to everyone. Her husband is known in the gates. When he sitteth among the elders of the land. When her husband is unhappy, her word of advice made him happy etc. These kind of attitude make her husband happy and always thanking the Lord for the wife he has given him. if this God can change my wife , I will serve him. But this is always difficult for women who claim to be born again and yet refused to be sanctified.

Any One That Must Serve Me Must Follow Me. 

Jesus also said the same thing? Luke14:26 “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. Surrender all to Jesus. You must not deny him because of all you have, and must not value things surrounding you than him, that’s what he is saying. You can wholly serve the lord without sharing your heart with anybody if you are single. You can decide to travel 10 years without looking back. but since you chose to marry. Then you must be ready to fulfill your obligation as a wife/husband, and not doing that, then you are against the word of God. 
Fulfilling Your Obligation/Responsibilities In Marriage.
Be submissive to your husband like Sarah did to Abraham, and try as much as possible to obey him as Esther (if his instruction is in line with the words of God). This should be the pattern of your life. You need to win the heart of your husband for the Lord You are to honor and loved your husband. You are to give your body on hug to your husband as a divine requirement of an ideals righteous woman

You may have a good teaching, but your disobedience and arrogant to your husband will cause you to lose him. It will cause your husband to sin against the lord, even right from his mind, preferring your old wine to your new wine. Your life can caused your husband to start lusting after other women and this will lead to the defiling of your marriage bed. Your strange behavior can caused your husband to join the gangs of masturbation because of his single but married life.

Don’t let the sudden open door and some privileges to minister in many places cause you not to submit to your husband. Support your husband in every occasion that glorifies the lord, you are meant to be his helper, not to stand against his vision, and even as a stumbling stone for him not to love and appreciate the Lord for having you as a wife. Agree with your husband, and let your life cause him to give thanks to God always for having you as a wife and not to have a spiritual lost, Do not allow the devil to corrupt your zeal and your gifts, with pride and arrogant to your husband. Yes you may truly Love your husband, but you are hurting him deeply in his heart.
And this kind of life can never change your husband if he’s not a born-again Christians. You are supposed to be a light for him and cause him to glorify God (Mathew 5:16) Show him the love at home, spend some time with him. Don’t kill him systematically; don’t expose him to an emotion and psychological torment. Don’t deny him your love and cares. Don’t let your zeal for God’s work disturbed your husband emotionally.
Don’t manipulate and cause a struck at your husband or setback a scandal in his ministry if he’s a man of God. Join him in his ministerial work too and don’t break the Lord’s covenant. Try to learn from the virtuous woman in Proverb 31.Your work without fulfilling your responsibilities as a house wife or husband will never take you to heave. Please remain rapture-able in your life.

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