During a church service, Pastor Nelson Soo was led by the Holy Spirit to summon and judge a spirit of deception. After a few moments of silence, he called out the name of the demon. Somebody in the congregation started manifesting violently. He commanded the demon to come to the microphone, and the person having the demon was led forcibly to the front of the church to the microphone by an unseen force. Some parts of the conversation went like this:

Pastor: Who sent you here?

Demon: Satan

Pastor: What for?

Demon: To destroy the work of God here

Pastor: Why do you come to this church to disturb the services here?

Demon: Because you speak the truth. I hate the truth. It is setting many God’s people free.

Pastor: How do you disturb God’s people?

Demon: When a pastor is preparing his teachings, I help him to prepare. When he teaches his congregation what I tell him to teach, I lodge in the minds of those who accept that wrong teaching. I hide behind that teaching and later destroy that person’s life through that dark knowledge. I make him suffer poverty, sickness, and hardships. I make that person think that he is suffering for Jesus.

Pastor: How come you can teach a pastor how to prepare his sermons?

Demon: Most pastors do not consult the Holy Spirit when they prepare their sermons. They rely on their analytical minds to understand the Word. That is where we come in. First, we give them some deep teachings and then we add in the poison. These pastors do not inquire of the Holy Spirit. They think that they are guided by the Holy Spirit but they deceive themselves because they hardly fellowship with the Holy Spirit. How can the Holy Spirit teach you anything if you don’t fellowship with the Holy Spirit? So, we give them some deep teachings and then we add in the poison that they cannot detect. They think the first teaching is good, so they automatically think that the poison we are giving is also true. If they have the Holy Spirit, they would be able to detect the poison. That is how we have spread much confusion among the people of God.

Pastor: Do you specialize in this work?

Demon: Yes. I even attended Bible College in Hell, and I got an honors degree in theology as well.

Pastor: What? You study the Bible in Hell too?

Demon: Yes. Every day, we have to study the Bible in order to learn how to twist and turn the Scriptures and spread the wrong teachings. Many people just assume that as long as you can give Bible chapter and verse, you are doctrinally sound. They do not inquire of the Holy Spirit and they are no match for our subtle and twisted logic. Every day, we prepare the sermon outlines for pastors and Bible teachers. Many people read the Bible without the Holy Spirit and that is where they go wrong.

Pastor: Do you know that your time on earth is up?

Demon: Yes, I know

Pastor: Did an angel serve you the document from the Lord Jesus Christ?

Demon: Yes, he did. (The document is a notice from Jesus that the demon has been judged and his time is up and must now be consigned to his place in Hell).

Pastor: By the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, all your legal rights are stripped and you are consigned to the place assigned to you. Go, in Jesus’ Name.

The demon let loose a mournful cry and departed from the person, who later collapsed to the floor.

Pastor: Now, some Christians hold that you should not conduct any conversation with the demons in a deliverance case. This is generally sound wisdom, for Satan is the father of lies. When he speaks lies, he speaks naturally. It’s easy for a minister of deliverance to be deceived by demons in the deliverance case if he is not in tune with the Spirit of Truth.

However, this is not an absolute rule for we see Jesus conducting a conversation with the demons as well. The general rule is that you must be under the control of the Holy Spirit. If you are under instructions from the Holy Spirit not to hold a conversation with the demons, follow that. However, if the Holy Spirit directs you to hold such a conversation, it is to expose the strategies of the devil.

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