My encounter with Lucifer, the king of darkness and victory in the name of Jesus Christ

Inside this Testimony:

The Glory of the Lord – Introduction……………………………………………………………………………………… 1

My background………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 3

My Mysterious birth – half a spirit and half a human being………………………………………………………… 4

Wickedness in abundance in my life……………………………………………………………………………………… 7

What happened when I was about to turn 20 years of age?………………………………………………………. 9

The start of Warfare with dark powers………………………………………………………………………………… 13

The Road of Deliverance from the dragon, Leviathan and serpents…………………………………………… 16

Summoned by Lucifer to the first heavens…………………………………………………………………………… 18

My Encounter with Lucifer himself and how the Lord defeated him………………………………………….. 21

The Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ – Visions of the Rapture…………………………………………………… 28

The Glory of the Lord – Introduction

What a lovely wonderful gift to be the vessel of Jesus Christ l!! The Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest victorious Commander-in-chief who will never fail nor even have a single defeat in battle. I was raised to disgrace Lucifer and bring havoc to the Kingdom of darkness. Everywhere I go; I plunder hell and populate Heavens for Christ. The Lord uses me mightily to rescue bound Christians, deceived Christians and captives from the grips of the devil. This is my call.

This testimony is to glorify the name of my Master and Lord Jesus Christ on how he gave me victory over Satan our arch-enemy. The devil is obviously furious

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because I will expose his defeat in this testimony. Glory be unto the Lord God the Father, Honor and praise unto the Son of man Lord Jesus Christ and power and strength be given unto the Holy Spirit my best friend and confident of all times.

This is a mighty experience in spiritual warfare engagement which is going to shake your life and bring you to a rude awakening and to the realization that the enemy (the devil) is real and very intelligent and craftily more cunning than any human intelligence or wisdom. Any human being threatening the devil without the covering of the Lord Jesus Christ is provoking a giant who will eventually tear his/her life apart and disgrace him/her to the point of death.

The bible says that when the enemy (leviathan) stands up, no man not even a mighty man can withstand him in any way; it goes further to say that he is so powerful that he is not afraid of anyone. Check it out for yourself (Job 41:25-29-

When he raiseth up himself, the mighty are afraid: by reason of breakings they purify themselves. The sword of him that layeth at him cannot hold: the spear, the dart, nor the habergeon. He esteemeth iron as straw, and brass as rotten wood. The arrow cannot make him flee: slingstones are turned with him into stubble. Darts are counted as stubble: he laugheth at the shaking of a spear.)

Ignorance of the tactics, attacks and movements of the enemy is fatal where the spiritual life of a believer is concerned. Every true Christian is called to engage the enemy to the value of decision and obtain victory in the might name of Jesus Christ (see Joel 3:14). By my experience I have come to know that Lucifer is highly intelligent and wiser than any human wisdom. He is cunning and evil in all his ways. You can only master and defeat Satan when you know the Greatest Master who defeated him first on the cross of Calvary – the Lord

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Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated to us on a public show and spectacle; how to defeat the devil and all his agents. The bible clearly says that he made a public show of them on the cross (Col. 2:14-16). Because the Lord defeated him first with a fierce fight that took years to conclude, I can guarantee you that you will miss the point and be completely blinded to his ways and craftiness if you don’t follow in the footsteps of the Master and Lord Jesus Christ himself!!

Before you read my testimony any further, I will advise you to consider praying seriously.

My background

I am the great-grand-son of the king of Congo (Kongo dya Ntotila from 1400– 1914). This kingdom covered the northern part of Angola, DRC, Congo and parts of Gabon upwards. Those who studied the history of African kingdoms know this very well. My parents are from one of the clans of this kingdom. The king of Congo made several covenants with Lucifer, represented in the form of the dragon and serpent. This was his power. He decreed that every king, prince or duke in the kingdom must have many wives, as was the tradition in every kingdom that existed in Africa during that period. Evidence of this practice can still be seen in Lesotho were the king possesses many wives. This kingdom later on split into two tribes (Tribe of Kinlaza and the tribe Kinpanzu) upon the instigation of the Portuguese whose aim was to divide to better rule. My father is from the tribe of kinpanzu. I knew this since my childhood because my father used to tell us stories about our origins. It was considered part of the ritual for the children of the kingdom to know their origin. It was a form of indoctrination.

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This king made a covenant with Lucifer to protect and give power to him in exchange for the lives of the children of the kingdom. And for him, having power means having many women, children, dominion over other kingdoms and going to war. This king sold slaves to Portuguese traders and other European powers. And all this has been a curse upon the children of the kingdom who are alive today.

My Mysterious birth – half a spirit and half a human being

I was born in a mysterious way in a municipality called kimbele (which means cutler) and a village called Mutuangulo (which means the head of a pig). I am sure you are already beginning to have a vivid imagination of the environment where I was born.

My parents requested for me from their dragon and serpents gods. They had twins before me. In the tradition of the land where I was born, twins are respected and revered as messengers of gods. My father was forbidden, according to their tradition to enter into another woman’s house before the six months of traditional sexual fasting would finish. But my father deliberately broke that traditional law after three months. He had four wives at the time; he died leaving behind 7 wives and about 30 children. My mother is the first wife. So my father entered another wife’s house and he triggered the satanic law which was reinforced. Immediately after this act, the second twin boy died. At the funeral, a serpent came out of the corpse of the boy and everybody present at the funeral stood up to kill it. Surprisingly, when they tried to pursue and kill the serpent, my father stood up and shouted at them saying that if anyone dared to kill their god, they would all die because that serpent was their protection. So everyone retreated and gave up trying to kill the serpent. The surviving twin

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brother immediately started to collapse. He was struck with a serious sickness which crippled his legs while he was dying. My parents went to consult with their gods and the elders but the answers were pointing to this twin brother’s death because my father had broken the traditional law which we term “established demonic law”. Mind you, the serpent and dragon are the totem spirits of the whole family.

My parents, after three years of taking the surviving twin brother to several witch doctors to go through witchcraft rituals, then my father, by some kind of demoniac enlightenment, decided to make a promise unto their gods (the Dragon and serpent). He said unto the elders and the gods: if you make this twin boy live, I will surely pay you back with a baby boy in replacement of the one who died.

After three years, the boy was still very small and could not walk. In fact, as at now, as I write this testimony, my brother is still crippled in one leg.

After this incident, my father went to my mother’s house and took her; in the process, the serpent that had gone into the bush came to the house and entered my mother and, lo and behold I was conceived. The day I was born, I was given the name FUTILA, which means “payment” in my mother tongue. Note that I was given this name to mean payment unto the dragon god of the family. In this dedication, I was practically given to Lucifer as payment in replacement of the one who had died. As a result, I became the property of Lucifer and a living house of serpents and dragons from that moment. As it is written: And Babylon shall become heaps, a dwelling place for dragons, an astonishment, and an hissing, without an inhabitant (Jeremiah 51:37).

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See that I was really a den or dwelling place of dragons and serpents. My life was babylonic in nature.

My behavior throughout my growth was serpentine since the serpent had influenced my character and my behavior was shaped and led by this spirits. I had no fear of anyone, whosoever he/she was. I was in fact, counseling many adults without knowing were the wisdom was coming from. I was very controlling, manipulative and cunning in my approach, just like the dragons or serpents. I remember that the surviving twin brother grew up with me; we were of the same height, went to school at the same time, were in the same class and we did satanic rituals for twins together. My parents would make us sacrifice hens and goats to gods. Both of us were very confident of protection from gods and we were even threatening others with the powers we possessed. In actual fact, we did not know they were from Satan. We always thought that these were God-given endowments or gifts.

At the age of 4 when I was about to start school, something mysterious happened which also marked my life. The normal practice in my country is that the system of birth registration is linked to the school registration and enrollment system. As a result, before a child is accepted and enrolled in any school, the school would cross-check the name the child gives with that at the birth registry before he/she is accepted and enrolled in the said school. The first day I went to school to be enrolled, the kindergarten teacher asked me: what my name was. To my utter amazement, someone flashed in my mind the name and image of the first president of Angola, Agostinho Neto, so I answered the Teacher and said my name was Agostinho. Under normal circumstances, they would have called an adult to confirm that the name i had given was indeed the right name. But the teacher just believed me and went ahead and enrolled me.

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Unbelievably, from that time onwards my name changed, and in all my documents, my name became Augusto instead of Futila.

So from that day, I was called Futila only at home whilst in the school’s documentation, my name had changed. When I came home and was asked what name I had given at school, I told them that I was called Agostinho which utterly surprised and shocked my family who wondered how I had come by that name.

Wickedness in abundance in my life

From that time on, I would dream of so many serpents and pythons surrounding me, following me and in the daytime when I would go to the farm with my mother, serpents would run away from me. I would dream having serpents and pythons moving all over my body in the tongue, on palms of the hands, under my legs and I would physically feel and sense the serpents at my back crawling and people would see it literally. I was literally a cage and a house of serpents and pythons as their temple, I knew that because every time a serpent or python would come on my dream, I would see a mysterious incident in the daytime.

The first time I entered into contact with a woman was incest with my sisters. My brother-in-law, that is, the brother of my step mother and I swapped sisters. I say my sister because she is indeed my sister. I was introduced to homosexuality by my cousin, the son of my father’s brother when I was 12 years. I was the only child who would face my father to tell him off. My brothers who were older than me would use me to face my father. I remember when I was about 14 years and someone woke me up in the middle of the night to come out of the house.

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When I did, I heard noise of people playing drums and singing and dancing, I got to the place only to never find anyone. I was surprised and entered the house immediately. I would go to the bush to collect mushrooms only to hear people frying fish and cooking. I would approach to see what it was, only to never find anybody. I had gone through a lot of preparation on several occasions for the greatest day of initiation fully unto Lucifer. This day would only take place after several days of training in the traditional laws. I started having a huge interest in my father’s rituals and it was evident that it was me who was being seriously prepared as compared to the other children. Others were declared witches but I was the only one my father considered clean. He would call me “Papa”, and it baffled me because I never understood why he addressed me the way he did. Why so much respect to me as compared to the other children? I never understood that, until this revelation. Mind you, all this was taking place in a normal environment as far as I was concerned. I thought that it was the normal traditional practice, but in fact, all those practices were witchcraft practices. Brethren, what we cherish as traditions or others can call it culture in the west, is in fact the doctrine of Lucifer in our families. The evidence of this is in Mark 7:13 – thus making void the word of God by your tradition that

you have handed down. And many such things you do.”

Sexual impurity got me in its grip and the result was that I started having sexual encounters with a lot of women in a rampant manner. I was responsible for one abortion and in addition, started stealing from people; this I did several times.

Furthermore, the terms of the covenant my family made with Lucifer was that I would become fully aware and conscious of him when I turned 20 years of age but a miracle happened before I turned 20.

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What happened when I was about to turn 20 years of age?

I grew up in the traditions but I was attending a reformed church at the same time. My family skillfully mixed practices of church and family demonic rituals. I was taught to believe, accept and practice both as being from God. My father would specially teach me how to protect myself using both the bible and the rituals. He would for example design a cross in the sand, put a circle around it, put the bible in front of the circle and tell me to jump over it three times and it would protect me. This is how much I was taught deception, brethren.

In this reformed church, I was the choir Master, and in the choir we had more sisters than brothers. I started having sex with these innocent sisters one by one in a small room I had hired. On the door, I had written in English “there is entrance but no exit” to mean that if a woman entered in there, I would have sex with her either with her own consent or if she refused, I would use force and rape her.

That was where I was taking the sisters in the choir after deceiving them that I had something for them. They would get so interested and act carelessly, follow me without even thinking of taking a friend with them. I would tell them not to take a friend or else I would not give them what I bad bought. So the devil and the serpent were working in me in full force now. I was so evil that I neither had a heart of compassion nor even thought of showing any one respect. But ironically, in the church, the parents of the sisters revered me so much, respected me so much, I was carrying the bible like a priest but I was a dragon in a sheep’s clothing. These parents in the church trusted me so much that they entrusted their daughters to me to mentor them; I had free access into their homes under the cover of spiritual counselor, only to deviate their daughters the more to evil and sexual impurity. Brethren I became senseless. I would like to throw in a word of caution here, that Christian parents who have the Holy Spirit

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and don’t have a revelation for each day concerning their homes, are continually deceived by Satan who uses people close to them.

I urge Christians to have the Holy Spirit as their best friend and depend on Him seriously for their children‟s growth.

When I was about to turn 20 years of age, I was an English teacher in a private school where I taught six different classes; and in each class I had one girlfriend. This means that I had 12 girlfriends excluding those I had from outside the school.

Because of sexual perversion and impurity I became an inhabitance of several demonic spirits and hateful birds. I remember that after I gave myself to Christ and started seeking deliverance the Lord showed me a vision. In the vision, I saw a bed where I was laying with a girlfriend and around the bed several demons dancing around and when I finished the activity, they redoubled themselves into two by two. They seemed to have been 20 and became a pair of 40 demons. 20 of those entered my life and 20 others into the girl who was with me. Then I saw Revelations 18: 2-3 which says:

With a mighty voice he shouted: “Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great! She has become a home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit, a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird. For all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries. The kings of the earth committed adultery with her, and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.”

As you can see, I established several soul ties with girls that I contaminated many with dragons and serpents and detestable birds. Brethren, when you sleep with a woman, you become a cage of evil and impurity by drinking the wine of

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sexual impurity. Girls or boys who go around messing up in impurity are seriously doing the devil’s evangelism.

In this school, there was a Christian friend who invited me to a camping organized by the scripture Union in Luanda. When I was invited in December, 1993, I thought to myself; well, I am already a Christian, so what is the big deal going to this place? I knew, that I would inevitably, get more girls and I would become powerful. Remember when I was growing up, I was taught in a practical manner, that having a lot of girls meant having a lot of power.

I went to the camping. It was full of young boys and girls. The first day, the preachers came and they taught on repentance and serving God at an early age. I thought to myself, so what? I don’t think I am lost! I only need to understand the word more and continue with my life as it was. But something in me began to stir up, and a feeling of gift started to wash over me and I began to be convicted in my heart. But I ignored it and continued to pray. The second day, there came a pastor and evangelist who really challenged and changed my life. I remember that moment so vividly as if it happened today. This pastor, who is now with the Lord, preached a message on genuine repentance and conversion and spoke about how young people are heading for hell every day; and about how they are fully engaged with Satan in his work of deceiving people. He preached in-depth for about two hours and after that he said: “I

want everyone to spread out in the garden of the camping hall; and I want you to have a tête-à-tête with God, just you and Him and resolve your issues with Him there. If you don’t repent seriously and meet God there, don’t come back to the hall.

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This was a serious challenge for me. Even though, I obeyed and went into the garden, I was thinking within me that I had nothing to resolve with God. As sat, something told me to start designing a heart of love with an arrow on the floor. So while others were praying seriously and loudly, I was playing instead thinking about the days I was wasting in this place without my girlfriends. I was craving for impurity.

I was seated almost in the center where I could see as many people as possible. We were seated there crying hard. When I least expected it, I heard voice speaking to me, telling me: “if you don‟t repent today, you will surely die!” Ha, I was scared. I looked around to see if anyone had come near to me but I saw no one. I looked to see who was near me praying; I saw that the girl who was a bit further away from me was crying out loud for her sins to be forgiven her; and the boy on my left was also in a deep prayer of repentance. The man, further down from me was also in prayer. I remained calm and continued drawing when I heard the voice a second time say: if you don’t repent today, you will surely die!” I said aha, what is this? When I tried to make out what was happening, the third voice spoke the same words again and immediately I fell flat forward, forced on my knees and my heart started cracking like dry biscuits. I started to feel as if my heart was failing and I was dying on the floor of the retreat center. I wanted to respond to the voice to tell it that I was now ready to repent but I couldn‟t. I was so desperate to say something so much so that after I felt the desire to repent, I felt as if I was choking; I could hardly breathe and all of a sudden, words began to be wrenched from deep within me and they started tumbling out of my mouth. I then started crying, confessing my many evil habits and iniquities to the Lord with bitterness and remorse. At that very moment I saw my sins come to my mind so vividly, one after the other like in a television screen. For the first time that day, I saw a vision of my life being

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translated from darkness to light. I continued crying so much that I did not stop crying until they came to call us back to the hall. I was still crying and sobbing over my iniquities and for the Lord to accept me. Back in the hall, the pastor asked if we reconciled with God through the Lord Jesus Christ and everyone looked very serious with tears running down their cheeks like water. In fact, everyone was crying so hard that day. The fourth and last day of the camping was a very serious day for me. I felt so clean that I did not want to leave that place. Not wanting to leave the place was due in part to the fact that I was afraid of how I would face all those numerous girlfriends I had left behind. How was I going to deal with them? What was I going to tell them? The only thing I could think of and do was cry to the Lord Jesus Christ to help me out from those entanglements. Mind you, my conversion was only the starting point of my warfare experience and would constitute the greatest fight of my life. I had no idea what laid ahead of me, but I trusted God.

That very last day, I prayed so hard for help and when we jumped into the truck that carried us back, I saw a second vision: I was in the truck and light went forth before the truck cabin ahead, clearing all darkness that was in front. Behind I saw beautiful fruit gardens; gardens filled with apples and other fruits and people clothed in white collecting the fruits. It looked so beautiful that I thought that it was paradise. And it was indeed the paradise experience.

The start of Warfare with dark powers

When I reached home that evening with my friend and colleagues from the English school, we slept on our bed. When it was almost 1 am, Lucifer came to my room to claim me back. In the dream, I saw I was walking on a high way

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which came to a crossroads. The main highway had beautiful attractive music and people were enjoying themselves in pleasure and abundance. On the contrary, the small narrow way, was so tiny and difficult to walk on and yet the people walking there had peace and there calm flowing from it. As it is written,

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it (Mat. 7:14).

I was attracted to this small narrow way and when I wanted to enter that narrow road Lucifer immediately held my left hand. When Lucifer held my left hand to pull me back onto the highway, the Lord also held my right hand. So there was a fight between the Lord and Lucifer over my life. Lucifer would pull to his side and the Lord would pull to his side. As it was happening in the spirit, in the physical, I was pushing my friend who was fast asleep on the bed to the floor. He was very surprised and scared when he realized what was happening to me and how I was swaying back and forth on the bed. So when the fight was taking place, the Lord Jesus Christ pulled so hard that I fell to the right side of the bed in the narrow road and at that very moment I woke up and started praying with my friend who told me that he saw and knew that I was engaged in a big and difficult fight. He didn’t know much about spiritual warfare and demon-possession.

When we woke up early in the morning, my friend went out and I stayed behind to prepare myself and get ready for the day when at the door came the first temptation. The girlfriend I loved most (deceptive love) came for the normal evil impurity sessions. I was so determined to finish with everything that I quickly went to the door and crossed my hands over the door to stop her from entering. I then announced to her that I was now born again for real and I was converted. This girl was a member of the choir where I used to be the choir masters so she

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knew me and my deceptive ways very well. She answered and said: how many times will you get converted; you always say that!! And she forced her way past me under my arms and entered straight into the room. She then stripped herself naked as she had the habit of doing; she would have been completely naked if not for her bikini. I looked very angrily at her and told her, “I will show you that this time I am really serious, yes, very serious when I say I am born again. I left her in the house and went away forever. I never got in contact with her again. There were a couple of times, I saw her on the road to the Baptist church where I was then having fellowship but would not engage in any conversation with her; all I would say was “Good morning” and then I would pass her by. This went on until after 10 years when I went to her and asked her forgiveness for all I had done to her through impurity.

The rest of the girls vanished as if they knew what had happened to me. I became so serious with the Lord that I started reading the bible (book of life) so seriously and also every single book I would find on sin, repentance and death to self.

Lucifer did not give up on persecuting me. I did not understand why, but I knew something was connected but did not comprehend it. Dreams with serpents and dragons increased the more, poverty struck my life and I was very miserable. I lacked things like clothing, underwear and shoes but I was determined to follow the Lord. I attended several evangelical crusades, including those of the Billy graham Association through TV and I read missionary books some by Loren Cunning and many other authors. I knew I needed deliverance but I did not know how and I did not understand that subject at all.

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Several times Lucifer would send girls to entice me into impurity, but I was determined not to serve him again at any cost at all. The Lord Jesus was now my strength, my Savior, my new Master and my Lord. I started fasting so often and so seriously that friends feared the kind of revelations that started flowing from my mouth. I was determined to die to self and crucify the flesh and all its wickedness. I started waking up early mornings by 1am until 4am to pray and call upon the Lord.

The Road of Deliverance from the dragon, Leviathan and serpents

Deliverance is a very difficult and complicated subject where a human being is concerned because of the flesh the human spirit lives in. The bible declares that the flesh is one of the enemies that prevent man from enjoying a free and sound life. 1Jn 2:16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

After spending some time in the church, I became an evangelist and a Sunday school teacher; I started exercising self-deliverance which complicated the issues of my life the more because I did not fully understand how deep the powers I was dealing with were. Serpents intensified their attacks over me, but I knew one day the Lord would deliver me. Because of war in my country, I was forced to travel to Zimbabwe where I was a missionary working with a pair team of YWAN (Youth with a Mission) and I was the youth pastor for the Baptist church. To cut a long story short, I was so much engaged in doing God‟s will and following in his footsteps that I was a very active evangelist to reach out lost souls. I was fasting 3 days every week and 10 to 14 days every two weeks. I was being used by the Lord so mightily to deliver others, heal others but myself I had serpents, hernia, and I was using eyeglasses because I almost developed

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Myopia (a defective eye condition). I was calling upon the Lord to respond and bring healing to those areas of my life. One day, a servant of God came from America to Harare for a miracle crusade and I attended it. When he preached on the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, he called everyone who had eyeglasses to drop them on the floor and crash them. Everyone, over a million people of those who used eyeglasses did what was instructed but I took mine and put them into my pocket, thinking that just in case I get worst look at my lack of faith!! But God was faithful to me and healed me completely from this condition.

I had found my wife in the Lord before going to Zimbabwe. I married her when I return back from Zimbabwe. She had discovered a Ministry called Olangi-Wosho Warfare Ministry where she started praying and going through her deliverance. This is a powerful God given ministry dealing with deliverance and warfare. To resume the big details, I came back and started following God in that Ministry to seek my deliverance, because things were not getting any better. My main objective in that Ministry was to get married, but the servants of God or deliverance Ministers who received me, got a revelation from God concerning me. They had seen me arriving from abroad in a coffin as a dead person. They therefore agreed to seriously help me. I was put under an intensive program of teachings and fasting. It was in this close up where I started receiving several revelations from the Lord about the nature of person I was. I learned a lot and went through serious training for about 7 years. While there, I was delivered from so many things and it was there the Lord revealed to me how I was born and when I told my mother, she confirmed the details. That‟s how my mother also seriously came to give her life to Christ; because it was impossible for a child to know such deep details unless it was either by revelation or being told by

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somebody who knew the secrets. But at this stage my father had long passed away.

Here I had so many other revelations and visions which I will tell another time if Christ tarries to lift up His bride on the rapture, the day we are all waiting impatiently for.

Summoned by Lucifer to the first heavens

A months before the personal fight with Lucifer, I was in a night vision where I was summoned immediately to the first hierarchical level of satanic kingdom to meet the council of Lucifer commanded by an arch-demon (seemed like a fallen angel with the powers of Lucifer himself). When I reached the place, it was like an open stadium of military parade where the most prominent people sat on one side and the people were seated on the other side of the parade stadium, like it happens in china or North Korea when there is a military parade. At the stand were seated the top military commanders, there were also seated Ministers of each country of the earth, generals and colonels. I recognized some people who are top military commanders on earth seated on the stage near the arch-demon. This was finally the council of principalities, powers and rulers. I was stunned that I was at such a place which I only read about in the bible (Ephesians 6:10-13). Here the Lord clearly showed me how the council of darkness is organized. As I was standing down the stage; to my surprise I found a group of people who were also summoned to be sentenced for disobedience of orders of ancestral covenants with the grandmaster of evil – Satan. This arch-demon, called one of the persons in the group where I was standing. He started by saying: I called this meeting because there has been a violation of orders and covenants within our hidden personnel (referring to me). He went on to say

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that he was going to order everyone upon his voice command to bow before him and worship him as a sign of everyone’s loyalty to the master of illumination

  • He also said that if anyone does not obey the orders to bow before me, I will personally destroy him as I am going to do to this one right now as a demonstration. From his seat, he intently looked at this person who was taken out of the group I was standing with to make an experiment of destruction out of him. When he looked unto him, fire, brim storm and liquid red fire came out of his mouth and completely disintegrated the body of that person in the presence of everyone. Immediately after this, everyone on the stage and on the floor bowed down before this arch-demon except me. I stayed staying though I was trembling of fear that this arch-demon would destroy me next for disobeying orders. This scenario seemed very similar to the Sadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the bible. When the arch-demon saw that I had not bowed unto him, he was very furious and mad at me and said to everyone: this person does not seem to have learned the lesson. He is defying my powers. Before I destroy you, I order you to bow immediately. As he was speaking, one of his military personnel came to me and said he is talking to you, I advise you to bow immediately. I said to him: I will not bow to anyone but to Christ Jesus alone!. This made him very furious and he said: now I am going to destroy you. I couldn’t imagine that my fight was long and this was the preliminary encounter with the higher powers of darkness before I would face Lucifer.

The arch-demon came down of the stage to face me. He was about 5 meters before me and evil power was flowing out of him and he was very dreadful. When he made the first step towards me, I remembered a technique that Rebecca Brown had used against some Satanists in her Book, “Prepare for War”. In the vision, my mind went immediately to Ephesians 6 – the whole armor of God. I immediately said to the arch-demon: look, I have this shield. I just did it by

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faith because to myself I was not seeing anything with me on my left hand, but to my amazement, the arch-demon stopped and looked at me and said: do you really think that that little thing with light will defend you? When he said that, I then realized that indeed the shield of faith I was using was real as the bible says it. Then I advanced one step towards the arch-demon, and he made one step backwards. Now, I knew he was afraid of me, so I quickly made another step and another and another. And when he wanted to escape, fire and huge light came out of the shield of faith which seriously destroyed (disintegrated) the arch-demon into pieces. When the principalities and powers saw what had happened to their grandmaster and leader, they started transforming themselves into different kind of animals. Some transformed themselves into lion, leopard and birds to run back to their natural status on earth. When I saw that, I knew that the victory was mine in the might name of Jesus Christ. Halleluiah! I was relieved that I started now to go and find my way to the earth. On that confusion, some two soldiers of the evil realm had lost their ability to return back on earth and they seemed lost and did not know how to return on earth. I was going and an Angel appeared in my front and showed me the way to the earth. This was literally a bridge with a huge river that divides the earth with the first heavens. The angel put a bridge for me to cross and when I was crossing, the two soldiers tried to follow me begging for me to help them reach the earth because they had lost their witchcraft abilities to return back to the earth. At that point, my phone rang in the vision. When I picked it up, it was my wife and she asked me, how was the fight? I started explaining how it was. When I crossed the river, the bridge disappeared and the angel also disappeared and I was back on the earth. When I came to myself, I told my wife what was happening. We engaged ourselves to serious fasting and prayer, because we knew that our lives were at stake.

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Until this stage, I and my wife knew that we were having a strange experience. We were preparing in prayer and fasting for eventual incident. A week after, I was taken to face Lucifer. See hereafter the account of an encounter I had with Satan, the old serpent also called Lucifer, the deceiver.

My Encounter with Lucifer himself and how the Lord defeated him

It was a Friday, I was coming from work at 6pm. throughout the day, and I had been thinking and reflecting on the Lord. The previous day, I had a serious revelation that gave me the impression that something mysterious was going to happen to me. So, when I arrived home by 6:30 pm, I told my wife that I wanted to lay down and listen to the News from the Living room under the mosquito net.

It was the first time I had had an “out-of-the-body experience. Just as I started listening to the News, an angel appeared in the room and in that vision he told me to stand up and that we needed to go. The Angel in charge of me came to my room at 7pm while I was lying down and listening to the News after a hectic day at work. The angel asked me to rise up and let us go. I was under the mosquito net as there were many mosquitos in that time in Angola. He picked me up from the bed and took me to the church hall where he started giving me instructions and training me on how I would meet a figure in the spirit world without yet mentioning the name. As mentioned before, my family had made a covenant with the Dragon and Leviathan (the devil himself) and sold our lives to him, even as many slaves to America and Europe. So for the Lord to break that huge covenant, I needed to face Lucifer himself in the second heavens. I got up and to my amazement, I could not touch my body, I tried talking to my wife but it seemed unfruitful. I tried to motion and wave my hand to her, but it seemed difficult. I and the angel went a long distance up to the church hall and

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at that moment I did not have any clothes on me but the angel guaranteed that I would wear my proper clothes once we were in the church premises. I thought we would not find anybody in the church but to my surprise there were many people singing and worshiping God. What was amazing was that there was fire over their heads; they were under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. There were also intercessors praying for the general overseer of the Church. The Angel took me immediately inside a church room and dressed me up and put me in the center of the church while everybody was looking at me. And from the expression on their faces, I had the feeling that I had a difficult mission ahead of me to accomplish. The Angel told me who I was going to meet and how he was. He then trained me, teaching me how I should behave when I meet this personality and what I should do!! After the training, the Angel held my left hand and we went right up to the second heavens where we landed on a temple that was so weird, it was clean but had a pentagram and a circle around the pentagram star. The temple had four white stones on each corner and when I saw that I knew within me that I was going to meet somebody weird and evil. The temple was full of evil and there were giant demons chained as guards around the temple pillars. The angel went and sat on a tree outside the temple in the second heavens and started looking at me with his legs and hands crossed like somebody seating down comfortably.

I started looking around to see the person that the angel who had described to me at the church premises. While I was turning around this evil temple the angel seated at the tree signaled to me to look behind and when I did, Lo and behold, a young, beautiful, charming, attractive personality full of seduction was behind me. Brethren, Lucifer is not who we think he is. He was so attractive that the apples of his eyes were pulling me towards him as if I was going to enter inside him. His power was so big that I could barely stand on my feet. When I

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faced him, I looked into his eyes as the angel had instructed me, his eyes looked crystal clear around but too evil black at the center, and I felt as if it was pulling me from the floor to swallow me up. His eyes depicted evil and I felt I was in danger of dying. I had to stand firmly grounded to the floor to avoid being extracted by these evil eyes from the floor into that evil world which the center of his black evil eyes depicted. The angel at the training had told me to always keep my eyes fixed on him and to never allow my eyes to deviate whilst looking at him and that I had to look into his eyes and not fear. So I started looking into his very eyes while both of us were moving around the temple with each one’s eyes concentrated on the other. I did not know then why this scenario of eye to eye search was taking place and what it meant. The angel sitting in the tree spoke to my mind as if he had read my mind and knew what I was thinking, saying: because it is written, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light, but if thine eye is evil, your whole body shall be full of darkness and how great is that darkness! (Matthew 6:22-23)” and this is why the devil is looking into your eyes to find a fault in you. Immediately I heard that in my spirit, I got a Holy anger and started concentrating on looking very intently into the devil’s eye and within me confessing Christ. Then the devil started misquoting the word of God by twisting some verses, and I started contradicting Him saying,: no, it is not written like that and he would say; it is written, I would say, No it is not written like that, all this while, I was not mentioning at the end of my declarations, the name of Jesus Christ, when at the last misquote of the devil I angrily said: NO, it is not written like that in the name of Jesus Christ. Immediately, the whole temple ground trembled as in an earthquake and the giants fell down and the devil was thrown down on what looked like concrete floor. He started shaking there where he changed into an evil beast and with a shout and smoke disappeared. As I write

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the account of what transpired that day, it is as vivid now in my mind as if it happened only yesterday.

After that I stayed there alone, looking for him to re-appear anytime. While I was looking, he re-appeared in a smoke like appearance of evil and full of wickedness this time, all his powers were loaded upon him and evil was radiating from his head and he had different kinds of wickedness. I said to myself that this time he would tear me apart and swallow me seriously. But to my amazement, I felt peace and calm come upon me I was able to concentrate and I started fighting him fist-to-fist. I would strike him on the head and he would strike me back without success. While I was in this state, I physically woke up to urinate, but even at that level, I tried touching my wife to speak to her, but was unable to. Each time I would visit the gent’s and almost immediately, I would return to the second heavens with the speed of light. This happened about three times. I hardly noticed the transition between getting up to pass water and the moment of fight in the second heavens.

I immediately looked at the angel who was seated comfortably on the tree, thinking that he would come and help me but he remained where he was seated. I thought to myself, why is this angel not coming to help me out? And he read my mind again and replied: This battle must be fought by you ALONE. Then I and Lucifer continued fighting and fighting when the angel signaled to me that there was a stick like a baseball bat on the floor, then I picked it up and struck the devil on his forehead and it got swollen; he developed a very long bump with blood at the end of it which was not dripping or falling. Then at that very moment when he fell down, the giants around the temple were released from their chains to come and help the devil fight me. I started fighting all of them at once. They started launching themselves unto me like a swarm of evil bees

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covering me. Then I seriously beat them up in the name of Jesus and defeated

them all. At this time, they all transformed themselves into evil beings and vanished. When this fight ended, the angel came down from the tree and held me up and said: we will now go backwards facing this temple as we came and right back into the church again. When we reached the church floor on earth, I and the angel looked together up at that second heavens; the heavens was open and Lucifer appeared in the clouds to tell me: I will destroy you, and the angel told me: tell him that if he did not defeat you in the fight, he will never defeat you again. So I told him that and he vanished and the heavens closed.

Then immediately the angel took me back to the house to meet my body lying on the bed. When I came to myself, I started telling the incident to my wife, as my left hand was a bit paralyzed. I called my God-father for prayer and my hand came back to normal.

After this incident, my life became miserable and I was attacked from all sides. Immediately the next day after the fight, the devil sent an evil angel to meet my family in the day time and they had an emergency meeting where they were deciding my fate at the family level. While the family was meeting against me, my brother got out of the meeting and told me that he did not want to be part of the family plot against me and told me everything they were planning. Every time I would go to work, I could sense and even see some evil people walking with me and inside the taxis I would take. I was so aware of their evil presence with my physical senses.

I had a 3000 banana plantation but it dried up mysteriously. I had money in my bank account, incredibly, that money was also confiscated by the police. I had bought a kombi car which was mysteriously destroyed on the way from South

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Africa. In a bid to have something to do while without a job, I bought a bus for business, but that too got lost mysteriously and I cannot explain how.

One day, I was driving with my wife and children in a borrowed car of a brother in Christ, and the car started running at top speed, guided by a demon. We were heading for an accident until the Lord miraculously saved us. When people came around us they discovered that we were all safe with every one unharmed. My life became a disaster like Job in the Bible, though I did not lose anyone to death.

After all these trials, a family member was sent with the mission to come and bewitch my children and kill one. When this sister arrived my house and got hold of my son, Ezequiel, the boy immediately started convulsing and dying. His eyes popped out and he started foaming profusely at the mouth. I did every kind of prayer and applied every kind of warfare technique using bible verses, but it seemed unfruitful, because the boy was dying. I was finally inspired to run to my God-mother’s house that is about 20 or 30 kms from where I lived. When I arrived, my God-mother took the boy and lay over him inside the room in Elijah-like prayer over the Sunamite woman’s son and my boy got up miraculously. In addition to that, my children started being attacked with sickness and diseases. To my utter amazement and disbelief my family came physically to beat me and my wife up, because we had destroyed the family covenant and altars. After this incident, we made the family members understand that Christ alone should be worshipped and adored. No family alters should be revered. We forgave them and restored them to Christ.

I started receiving lots of demonic visitations in the bedroom and living room that it got to a point I fought with my physical hands and defeated them in the

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Mighty name of Jesus Christ. It would always happen that after several fights my body would get paralyzed on the right side and I would call my spiritual father (mentor) who always prayed with me and Jesus Christ would make me whole again.

I remember one day, I was watching TBN and a servant of God was preaching with such a powerful anointing about victory over demons, when all of a sudden, six giant demons appeared in my living room and I started fighting with them literally. When my wife heard me, she came to join in the fight without seeing these giants in the room, but I was them clearly and could even feel their grip over me. What she did was help by praying against them. It was such a moment of torment and fight which I thought would never end. I lost the job I had mysteriously and I was baffled.

I immediately entered into a 21 day fasting programme that the ministry had planned for disciples. During the fasting God did many things and wonders. I lost almost everything I had.

I had fought so many pythons who were appearing on my visions even when I was at the Hospital bed sick; the nurse was sent by demons to inject the wrong medicines into the drip when immediately the Lord made me to wake up and I noticed that my body was allergic to the drugs being administered and I was beginning to swell in the arm, so I called out the doctor who noticed that a wrong prescription which belonged to another patient had been administered to me. Right after this incident which was at about 11 am, I feel asleep and I saw a python come to the hospital bed, I took a sword which came from nowhere and sliced the head of the python and killed it. When I woke up, the room met

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who was on a serious coma status got healed and started walking miraculously. Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ!

After all the troubles, I went through, the Lord started restoring me. The Lord restored my spiritual being as a human being and poured His glory upon me. The Lord baptized me with His Holy Spirit and several gifts started manifesting through me until now. The Lord provided a job while in the fasting of 21 days, healed me and my children. Brethren, our God is awesome and very powerfully. He exists for us and He is a really Father who defends His children fiercely. I speak only by His grace and power.

Brethren, this experience has gotten me very aware of the powers of wickedness and the kingdom of darkness, but most assuredly about the Mighty and awesome deliverance of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the first time I am writing this experience of mine to be distributed to everyone, to build up your faith in the Lord and to assure you of the victory we have in Christ Jesus our Lord and Master. I normally talk about it in bits and pieces, but has never written it down in its entirety for anyone to read till now. Recently, Lucifer appeared in my bedroom to shout at me and ask me why am I sharing my testimony? Brethren, it is absolutely a divine instruction to share my testimony with everyone. The Lord knows that it will deliver many and encourage many to know that the devil is a defeated foe even with all his powers.

The Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ – Visions of the Rapture

After the experience above, I had so many visions and revelations about the coming of the Lord. Recently, I have had many rapture dreams and I very sure

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that the Lord will appear in the clouds of heavens at any time now. I will tell two of them.

1st Vision: I saw an angel who told me, go and read Zachariah Chapters 6 and

  1. When I picked it to read I discovered that there were four angels in the four corners of the earth ready to blow the trumpets. So when I woke up and checked the scriptures, it was exactly what I saw in the dream. So brethren, many other sisters and brothers in Christ have had similar rapture revelations and our God does not lie, His word will come to pass soon. We don’t know whether we will even finish this year, so dear reader, get ready and surrender. Satan is so evil and cunning. He does not love the human race, so don’t be a fool to stay and face him at all. He is so wicked and has only evil intentions.

2nd Vision: At about 00:50am of 11th of April 2011 while sleeping, I had a dream where I was standing outside a building I saw a huge white horse full of light and glory and power which came down from heavens to fetch me. When the horse landed I was instantly changed into my spiritual glorified body and was fetched by the angel. I was so joyful while the angel carried me to see some Christians who were left behind. Among these was a certain spiritual daughter who I know. I found her and many other Christians who were left behind without being raptured and they did not receive the spiritual bodies though they were so eagerly waiting for the rapture. This daughter started asking me: why was I not raptured? Why? Why? I repented and was waiting for the Lord, I gave him my life and now I am left behind. She was complaining bitterly and I in my spiritual body floating landed beside her and told her: I think that you did not surrender yourself very well to the Lord, though you say that you did repent. I think you left or ignored to well check certain areas of your life. Check again your life and I am sure you will find some part where you did not repent well or you left

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unattended. I started telling her that she now had the ONLY LAST CHANGE to

NEVER ACCEPT THE MARK OF THE BEAST, REMAIN FAITHFUL WITH CHRIST AGAIN, AND THOUGH SHE WILL BE TORTURED AND CUT BIT BY BIT, THEY WILL CUT HER HAND BIT BY BIT OR PLUG HER EYES ALIVE, MAY SHE NEVER ACCEPT THE MARK OF THE BEAST. I told her: IT IS BETTER TO SUPPORT THE SUFFERING OF THE TORTURE, THOUGH IT WILL NOT BE EASY, THAN GOING TO HELL FOR ETERNITY WITH THE MARK. When I said this, I felt as if I was told to get going up. I had my full senses so vivid. I went to join the big, big queue of so many, but so many Christians going to heavens I bid farewell to her and started flying up.

In the same vision, the Lord commissioned me and another Christian brother who also had received the resurrected body to go and deliver a letter to the CEOs and Presidents of certain multilateral banks (identity hidden by instructions of the Holy Spirit) and I flew with this brother I never knew while on earth, but I was very happy to be with him. In this process while in my spiritual body, I found myself standing in a hall room of a certain President of a Multilateral Bank who I warned to never eat or drink the food he will be offered in the ceremony he was going to deliver a speech (I understood the food here to be the deception words from the orthodox spiritual leaders of the lukewarm churches). His own guards had forgotten to warn him, but I did. He went to this ceremony and when he came back by emergence, looking like the ceremony was interrupted because of the chaos that the rapture brought to the world. It was such a chaos that this President of a Bank started tearing down certain decrees and laws he had approved during his rule and saying: now I authorize people to go to their home countries and apply to become prime Ministers or ambassadors as they wish with the experience from this bank. It looked like as though this president had no more desire to live and was so perplexed with the events that took place. I and the brother who were sent there suddenly received a letter which

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seemed like coming down unto our hands from heavens but written with a very beautiful angelic handwriting with ink of blood (I perceived this as the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ).

The letter was addressed to Bishops of orthodox and conservative lukewarm churches who had made compromise with the Presidents of this world in exchange of favor, money and reputation to make ends-meet in this world. When I received the letter while in my spiritual body, the president of this bank was there (it seemed he was representing all the presidents) and there was also an elderly Bishop who was representing all bishops of orthodox and conservative churches that were lukewarm. I started reading the letter before his face and the President of the bank. The handwriting in blood read like this (from what I can remember, not in chronological order but the words I can see even now from the blood letter):



As I was reading the letter to this spiritual leader who was representing all left behind Bishops and conservative or traditional churches that were LUKEWARM, this Bishop or Reverend with a long gown and chains of gold with big cross on his

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chest, started shouting: NO, NO, NO; THAT CANNOT BE POSSIBLE, IT CANNOT BE, NO, DO NOT SAY THAT AGAIN. His heart was failing him while he was saying this. On the sofa he was seated, he was holding his heart on his chest so hard like somebody getting a heart attack. I insisted by telling him: YES, YOU PREFERRED PLEASURE THAN OUR GOD, YOU PREFERRED TO RECEIVE RICHES, GOODS, FAVORS AND MONEY THAN TO SAY THE TRUTH, NOW YOU WERE LEFT BEHIND. WHAT WILL YOU DO? While I was speaking, the President and CEO of this multilateral bank, said: YES, WE FAVORED YOU LEADERS OF THE CHURCHES INDEED, BUT YOU DID NOT PREACH TO US THE TRUTH AS IT IS. This is exactly how the Laodicea Lukewarm church was warned by the angel in the book of Revelations.

Then by those words of the leader, I took the letter from the hands of this orthodox spiritual leader and started tearing piece by piece and I throw it onto the face of this spiritual leader and I held the hand of my Christian brother who was in the resurrected body with me and we started flying high, very high, insight what seemed a golden big, high, but very high building that led towards heavens. While we were flying in our beautiful glory and light covered bodies, I was thinking to myself, when will we arrive in heavens? We were going and going up and up and it seemed very far but we could see the building which looked like a big tunnel to heavens as far as towards heavens. I started thinking how I could find the gardens of the paradise, its beauty and so on, and then I woke up from sleep. The end of the dream.

Brethren, are you ready for the Eminent Rapture? It is so near that many are ignoring his call because they wish to build houses, finish university courses, have children on earth and have a career. Some even tell me that their destiny must be accomplished yet. Some say that the Lord promised them several things and

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before they are accomplished the Lord cannot rapture the Church. Let me surprise you: most of promises of the Lord for you are eternity bound. This means that in heaven many will be surprised when the Lord will present to them what he promised them in full measure for them to enjoy for eternity. Mark my words and believe the Lord to accomplish your desires in the eternity, which is better than staying any minute further in this evil, doomed and decaying world.

Indeed, our God is Alive and He is Powerful. We will conquer all the time with Him and in Him forever and Ever. I love the Lord so much that I have no more desire to be in this earth anymore. Right now, I am home sick and all I want is to see my Lord whom I desire soooo much. Unfortunately, the power of mere words that constitute human speech cannot express the strength and depth of my love, passion. hunger and thirsty for Him.

God bless you as we surrender to, and prepare ourselves for Him, forever until

the Rapture.

God bless you

Bro. Augusto Quiala MAQUENGO, PhD

The Bride of Christ

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