I met a demon who said to me, “Lucifer has a plan for you but you will start as an assistant of a doctor who is an occultist and who does magic in the circus. You will be learning from him until further notice.”

One of this doctor’s performances in the circus was changing paper to money. He would take a piece of paper and chew it and when it finished, he would pull money out of his mouth.

But in one instance in the circus by accident, he swallowed a piece of paper. Then his belly started to inflate. He quickly hypnotized the people who could not see what was happening to him and his belly.

After the spectacle ended, we went back to the second planet and when we arrived in the kingdom, there was chaos. People were running here and there.

When they saw us coming, they shouted, “The troublemakers have arrived!!!”

The doctor was arrested and the verdict of that incident in the circus was death. I was told to replace him but the demon failed to tell me the truth of what happened.

Later I came back to earth and I asked the Satanist Adonis who initiated me. He said that the doctor made a mistake. It was an accident.

By accident, he did not know that the paper he was using was that of the New Testament. He transformed it into money. That’s why he ended up in trouble.

Then I asked what was written on that paper. The Satanist refused to talk about it first. Then he said it was talking about Jesus saving the world.

Beloved, I spent 20 years in Satanism. I was seeking powers. I was in the search of a superpower in the occult but I met the Name of Jesus the real superpower. I saw the dark world in turmoil just because the Name of Jesus was written in that New Testament paper.

Christians who are daily reading the Bible and calling upon Jesus are filling themselves with such power that they are causing havoc to the kingdom of darkness.


One day a boy was supposed to sacrifice his father in the kingdom of Satan. The father was a fisherman. I was supposed to carry out the execution.

I traveled to the river. I saw the man in his boat fishing. The boy had already determined the time and manner of his father’s death which was drowning.

I came and deployed or established the field of bewitchment. Once this field is deployed, the victim will think that he is OK and things are normal but in reality, he is already asleep, hypnotized, and neutralized. In reality, you ceased to function or operate but you are under the impression that everything is going on normally although you are already hypnotized and neutralized.

To cause a plane accident or a car accident, we use this field. People on the bus or car or plane will be under the impression that the bus or plane is still moving but in reality, it has already stopped. They will not see it or experience it. It is like a time machine that stopped but as far as the victims are concerned, the bus or plane is still moving. They are already under hypnosis.

So I deployed the bewitching field around that fisherman boat. The man thought he was still fishing though he was already in hypnosis, neutralized and asleep.

I turned the boat upside down. The fisherman was plunged into the river and beneath the water, there were demons in position and waiting to capture him.

Then the man was captured by demons beneath the water but something unexpected happened. The moment demons laid their hands on that man, he shouted the name of Jesus!!!

Beloved, I saw the man propelled out of the river to the riverbank. I was surprised, shocked, and confused.

In the kingdom of Lucifer, if you failed your assignment, it is either death or madness but the favor of God was upon me. I went back to the infernal kingdom to report what just happened.

When I got there, something eye-opening happened. I said to Lucifer that the man was already plunged into the water. He was in the hands of our angels, then he shouted the name of Jesus!!

Beloved, when I pronounced the name of Jesus, Lucifer was thrown out of his throne on the ground.

That day I saw how weak Lucifer was in the face of the name of Jesus. He was like somebody stripped of his power. He was really weak. This is the being that shakes the ground when he speaks but he could not bear the name of Jesus.

The devil cannot be around the name of Jesus. I always feel excited at the mention of the name of Jesus. If only Christians knew the power in that name. Actually, Jesus fights for us in invisible wars when we are not even aware of them.

After that incident on the second planet, I was told not to mention the name of Jesus in the infernal kingdom and not in front of Lucifer again.

Now I had to investigate why I failed. I had to establish who is that fisherman, what is the power behind him, in which mystical order he belongs to so that I can attack him again.

Beloved, when you win a battle against the kingdom of darkness, do not think it is over and that you can rest. Satanists do not give up when they fail for the first time. They will regroup and come for the second time for counterattack because the devil is always looking for new strategies and new methods to outsmart Christians.

When you are the target of the devil, he will not give up until he wins. If all the spiritual strategies are failing, he will end up making a physical confrontation. He can even use your pastor to fight you and bring you down.

I was still confused about what happened on the second planet. Just quoting the name of Jesus caused Lucifer to be thrown on the ground. He said, “My son, do not quote that Name before me again.”

Philippians 2:10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, 11 and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

After my investigation, I established that the fisherman was an elder in the church, a born-again Christian.


One day, I was charged to investigate why the communication line between the second planet or the kingdom of Lucifer and a county in my province was not good. Every time Lucifer’s servants were in communication, there were interferences. So I went to investigate by Lucifer’s order.

Initially we thought we were dealing with infrastructure issues. When I arrived in that county, I went to see the main Lucifer representative. I noticed that he had a tie on his neck that was stopping him from speaking correctly.

Then I traveled to the world of witches as part of my investigation. I noticed that all the witches from that county had the same ties on the neck that were always on them.

Later, I gathered the wandering spirits from that county in a meeting. I asked them about this situation. Then they told me that there is a born again Christian who is a prayer leader in the 30th Pentecostal community church. One day he was leading prayer and he gave a prayer point and said, “Because witches are attacking us in the night and strangling us, therefore from today we command ties to be on their necks and strangle them. They will struggle to even speak!! From that day onward all our servants here in this country have difficulty talking. They are all strangled by these ties in their necks.”

The Bible says that God is behind the words of His servants the prophet to fulfill them. Listen, the way you pray depending on your faith, it will happen accordingly.

Isaiah 44:26 Who confirms the word of His servant, And performs the counsel of His messengers;

Now this prayer leader was the brother of the main representative of Lucifer in this county. As there was no solution to this problem, I went to see their family and gathered them. I said to them, “My family member is suffering in his neck. He cannot speak correctly because someone in the family spoke bad words. He may be a witch.”

I mentioned the name of that prayer leader who was present in the family meeting. I accused him of being a witch. He denied that.

After he denied that, I said to the man, “You said negative words that are affecting people.”

Then the prayer leader as he was humble, he said, “If I said negative words affecting people, I retract them.”

The moment the prayer leader canceled his word of condemnation against our servants, we seized his word. As a result, the ties on the necks of our servants, the Satanists and witches were removed.

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