Evangelist Yusak Tjipto was born on 12 March 1935 in the city of Jepara in the province of Central Java, Indonesia. Since he was a child, he was forged in the company of the Lord Jesus. The various spiritual journeys he has taken have made him a mature & tested figure.

If we associate with him, we will immediately know that he is a servant who personally knows his Lord. No wonder people even call him God’s friend.

Yusak Tjipto and his wife Oei Kiat Nio (Lydia Anggraeni) live in Bandung, they are blessed with 4 children & 9 grandchildren

One time I participated in a service at the Isa Almasih Church, Pringgading Semarang congregation. At that time Pastor Tan Hok Tjoan said, “If you believe in Jesus Christ, then Jesus has prepared a place in Heaven for us. You and I will go to Heaven.”

Hearing that sentence I was not immediately convinced. I had a plan to ask the pastor after the sermon, whether he had ever seen Heaven. This was my rebellious nature when I was young. I do not easily accept the content of the sermon. But the Lord immediately reminded me by saying, “Bad boy!”

God defended the pastor because he only preached the contents of the Bible, so he did not do anything wrong. But the Lord immediately commanded me, “Follow Me, right now.”

I asked, “Where are You going?”

The Lord replied, “You said you wanted to see heaven?”

“I just asked if the pastor had seen Heaven. It’s not me who wants to see Heaven.”

The Lord didn’t answer anymore but took me right away. I knew very well that my body was left on that church chair and only my spirit and soul (mind) were carried. In a short time I was taken to Paradise. Incredibly, the light was much brighter than the sun, several hundred times but it was not glaring nor hot. It was even cooler than the chill of the engine. According to God, it is a light from Himself, because the peace that God gives is not like the peace that other people (in the world) can give.

The grass in the Garden of Eden was amazing, like a thick carpet. If you step on it, it collapses but after that it recovers and they then shout “Halleluia.” So everywhere everyone praises God. No wonder the Lord says, “Give thanks in all things.” Because if you are being stepped on, it shows you are being processed.

James 1:2-4 My friends, choose to stay happy even when all kinds of troubles come your way, 3 because you know that endurance comes from dealing with challenges to your trust in God. 4 Let your endurance become as strong as possible, so that you will be completely mature, without any shortcomings.

So, how did I know that my soul was invited to follow God for a walk to see Heaven? Because the Bible says, “What you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven.” I didn’t resist the Word.

Strangely, even when in heaven, my inherent nature still appears. While walking with Jesus in the garden, God also knew if I wanted to know how beautiful the faces of angels in Heaven are because they say angels are beautiful.

God immediately knew about this and simply said, “There is no sin here.”

I was still asking God again, “What have I sinned, God?”

The Lord replied, “What were you looking for earlier?”

You know it’s a sin to just think about such things. You who are young, realize that you have many thoughts and many attachments.

After that the Lord asked, “You see, is everything written in the Bible the same as the reality here? Now come back to the world and testify what you have seen. If those who are still on earth do not believe, they will be the ones to lose themselves, but I will not bring you to account because you have seen it with your mind, soul and spirit.”

Then I was told to go back to the world. I didn’t want to. I already felt good in heaven, so I was reluctant to go back.

God reminded me, “Your body is still in church.”

“Let it be,” I replied.

But God still asked me to come back to the world again. For half an hour I was invited by the Lord to walk in Heaven. God asked me to witness it to people. If God chooses His servants, He chooses them from the beginning. Even though I was conceived by my non-Christian mother; even though I was dumped at that time; even if I am disabled; I was told to experience all things. That’s why you don’t need to look at your current state, you don’t need to be dizzy. Do not make it a problem because God is able to turn curses into blessings.

I was shown by the Lord an elderly man who had just converted but became a child in Heaven. At that time there was a class and I was asked to teach. I was shocked and asked God, “How did the old man become a child in Heaven?”

God answered, “Because he had just repented, even though he was over 60 years old.”

So even though you are a grandpa and grandma but if you are not spiritually mature, then later in Heaven you will be a child. On the other hand, if your grandchildren are more mature in the spiritual world, they will be your elder in Heaven. What God measures is not your age, but your spiritual level. What God measures is not the number of years you have been a Christian, but whether you are fruitful or not. What God demands is the fruit of the spirit.

God will ask you whether you are fruitful or not. You know that finding a repentant soul is a gift.


When I did evangelism in Kalimantan, there was a mother who was already a child of God, but her husband didn’t know Jesus yet. Finally, this mother prayed to ask God to bring her husband to Heaven so that he would repent. That’s right, one afternoon, the husband’s spirit was taken to Heaven and shown many things about Heaven.

This person was amazed by the state of Heaven. It turns out that everyone in Heaven knows his wife and family but apparently they do not know him, because he is not yet a child of God. So when you go to Heaven someday, everyone there will know your name and they will all greet you. That’s why the Bible is written, one person repented, the whole Kingdom of Heaven was cheering. And you will immediately be placed at the level consummerate with the level of your spirituality.


Heaven’s first level is nothing. There is a large house without rooms that are inhabited by many people. However, it turns out that many of God’s servants are in that place, because generally God’s servants have stolen God’s glory. Also when you enter Heaven level two, everyone will welcome you too.

If you are in the first level of Heaven, for example, and you want to meet the Apostle Peter (whom you immediately recognize without being introduced), you can do that too.

I also told my wife to ask God to show her the state of Heaven. This happened when my wife was about to die. She was also taken to Heaven and met the apostle Peter, the apostle John and later met Jesus. My wife said she still remembered me, because I was still waiting for her. Then the Lord said, “Remember, you can go home but don’t lose your soul.” She returned to the world again.

Later if you are in the first level and maybe your child is in the third level, you know each other, but you cannot directly meet. If you want to visit each other, you can do it. If you are from a lower level to go to a higher level of Heaven, then you will automatically be veiled because the higher Heaven is more glorious. You can not stand it if you go to a higher level of Heaven.

This was proven by someone who was in Hell, and he protested, saying, “Lord, if You are just, send me to Heaven. Why do You keep me in a dark place like this? ” God told His angel to take the man to Heaven to know that Jesus loves him.

The angel said, “You keep screaming, now you are called to be taken to heaven.” This person feels that he is getting answers and justice. It turned out that that person could not stand the glare of the light in Heaven. Then that person feels fair by being placed in Hell, because when in Heaven all of his sins were a spectacle for many people.

Each part of our body that is often used to sin, each shows its file. He felt everything was stripped naked, so he ended up praising God for being fair. Because if he was placed in Heaven and every time he saw the sins he had committed, then it would be a great suffering for him. He then asked God to return him to the darkest place so that his sins would not be seen.

It is true, that heaven does exist and I have seen and experienced it and met many people there myself. And I was not taken to Heaven only once, but many times. “Do not be troubled in your heart; believe in God, believe in Me too. In My Father’s house there are many dwellings. If not, of course I will tell you. For I am going there to prepare a place for you. And when I go there and have prepared a place for you, I will come again and take you to be with Me, so that where I am you will be also. (John 14: 1-3)

You know that Heaven is many and infinite. If in the first level of Heaven, there are large houses, then on the higher levels there will begin to be houses for individuals. The higher the level in Heaven, the more extraordinary the equipment. One time, my wife was invited by the Lord to see Heaven three times to see her house. At that time I said, “When you visit Heaven again, try asking God to show you your house.”


My wife asked if it was okay to ask something like that. I said yes. That’s right, she was finally taken. When God first brought her to Heaven, she didn’t even know that her house was shown. The garden in the house is huge, in which there are various plants of flowers and fruit. And it is in accordance with her fondness for flowers and fruit. She does not care about a big house or not, what is more important to her is to have a garden of flowers and fruit.

In the garden in front of my wife’s house in Heaven, there are many flower and fruit gardens that are very regular. All kinds of the most delicious fruit in the world were in that garden. This matches what has been written in the Bible. God also asked my wife, “Doesn’t it match with what I have said?”

“And the nations will walk in their light, and the kings of the earth will bring their riches to him; and its gates shall not be closed at the time of day, for the night will no longer be there; and the riches and honor of the nations will be brought to him ”(Revelation 21: 24-26)

Later in Heaven everything is completely available and can be enjoyed by all without running out and lacking. And if you know, the taste of the fruit in Heaven is truly extraordinary and cannot be found in the world. It smells great too. That which is in heaven is even more delicious and fragrant than anything that is most delicious in the world. And as soon as the fruit is picked, new ones will appear again. Everything is eternal in that glorious Heaven.

But in Heaven do not look for people dressed in strange or colorful colors as in the world. All of them are wearing the glorious garments of God. The conditions are the same as when Adam and Eve were newly created by God. They are also dressed in glory and were not seen naked.

While in Heaven, my wife was also invited to the place of praise. People who in the world like to praise God, later in Heaven will also continue to praise God. My wife said, “In Heaven there is a very big place to praise God. And that great place is divided for the inhabitants of Heaven according to their level of existence.”

When she saw her house, she felt strange because she saw that the flowers in her future home garden had not yet bloomed. It turned out that the flowers would only bloom when my wife returned to Heaven. The flowers will greet her with joy. And she in Heaven will not be lonely, because if she wants to meet neighbors, she can meet directly. If she wants to praise, she will directly enter the place of praise. It’s really good, no need to be difficult in Heaven.


Then in 1986, when I was serving in Surabaya, my heart stopped. This time it wasn’t paralysis, but my heart was like being attacked again. It seemed that I only took three breaths and died immediately. I know I am dead because I realize that my spirit is leaving my body. Then my spirit cried out to the Lord, “My Lord, I am coming home.” The sky immediately opened, the light of Heaven was amazingly bright.

I saw the Lord Jesus sitting on the throne, extraordinarily majestic. Hearing me screaming to go home, Jesus just smiled, and said, “Your job is not finished. Finish your assignment first, then in time I will pick you up Myself.”

God is so dear to me. I myself do not understand, because a person like me is nothing.

“You have not fulfilled what I have given you,” said the Lord.

I said, “My heart has stopped.” I thought I was in such a state that God would grant me to keep going home.

It turned out that God said, “It doesn’t matter.”

God then sent a light as big as a marble. And strangely, the light from Heaven to my body was still one marble in size. Then I was made alive by God again. My spirit was put into my body again.

So actually dying in God is fun even in the Bible it is written in Revelation 14:3, Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’ ” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “that they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them.”

One time I was taken to Heaven because of my wife. When my wife saw her future home in Heaven I was jealous. All my siblings have been given a house, but where is my prospective house? I felt like I was abandoned by God.

The Lord answered, “You do not have a home.”

I replied, “Why? I have been preaching like this. Why don’t You give me a house?” .

“No,” answered the Lord.

I cried, but I wasn’t angry with God or demanded my rights.

The Lord after that just said, “Can you not see My palace?”

But before arriving at God’s palace, I passed several large houses that were nice and had large yards. There is even a connecting bridge that is large and wide the size between provinces. I wondered why there is such a big bridge. God said that in Heaven there is no limit of time and space

Then the Lord asked again, “Yusak, which is better? The one who builds or the one who inhabits?”

I replied, “Of course it is nice to inhabit it because those who build it will not necessarily occupy it.”

It turned out that then God said, “You will not have your own house in Heaven but you would live with Jesus in His palace.”

Revelation 3:12  Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go no more out:

Revelation 14:4 These are they that follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth.

God said, “As long as you were in the world, you always say you are My servant, like a dog. Therefore you will always stay with the Lord. So you will live with Me.”

Now I ask, “Will there be dogs in heaven?”

The answer is, “Yes, there are.” So if you in this world love dogs or other animals, then in heaven you can have them. God provides the best for all of us. Because the Lord Jesus Himself has said, if we are humbled, we will be lifted up.

Then I said to God, “If what I saw was true then I asked for confirmation so that God would also reveal to other servants of God that I would live with God one day.”

That’s right, one time I met a servant of God. He said that I was a servant who was loved by God. He said that someday I would live with God. The vision was given when the servant of God was given the opportunity to visit Heaven and there he saw me staying with Jesus in His palace.

Then I asked, “Why did God choose someone like me to have this reward?”

The Lord said, “You know, there is nothing good in you, you are nothing more than a dog. Your impurity and filth are extraordinary. But there is only one good in you, you are as loyal as a dog. That is your strength, you are loyal to Me. That is why I love you, I took you because you are loyal.”


Each of you has your own advantages. Don’t worry, God will use your strengths in His plan so that His glory is revealed in your life and mine. You and I are part of the body of Christ. You can glorify God’s name because you are fulfilling God’s plan. There is no need to be afraid because your name is already written in the Kingdom of Heaven, but it is fulfilled! There are three signs on earth namely blood, water and spirit. You must be baptized with water, you must be full of the Spirit and you must be redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Without it, how can you be redeemed? Namely by repenting. Without repentance it is impossible.

Because if your name was not previously listed, it is already listed. If you have not been converted, there will be consequences for yourself later. You cannot go straight to heaven except for the person on the cross, because God said, “Today you are with Me.” At that time God was still in the world.

You check yourself with each other. You do not need to look at which church you are from, as long as you know the truth. So if you have actually been assigned by God in Heaven level three, and then given a task by God that you can complete, then God will gladly raise you to a higher place.

But when you are in Heaven, you won’t be able to study and then level up. In Heaven everything is eternal, if you are in the third level, it is impossible to move to another level. If you want to upgrade, then you have to pay in the world. Therefore you must compete to reach your position in Heaven.

You have nothing to lose to be a Christian because what is written in the Bible is true and it certainly happens, I have seen it myself. And God has told me myself to testify to what I have experienced so that it can also be experienced by other people, so that what was prophesied by the Prophet Joel, “Old people will dream and young children will have visions.” You can also experience what I have experienced, so that God’s glory will become real.

Evangelist Yusak Tjipto Purnomo completed his work and went home to the Lord on Thursday 23-06-2016 at the age of 81.


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