The Lord Jesus said, “I want you to know someone who wants to destroy you.”

This was the first revelation that the Lord gave me, that someone wants to kill me, someone who hates me and will do everything possible to destroy me. I remembered so many people I had known when I was in the world. So many images came to me.

The Lord told me, “Your enemy will come here. I allowed him to come.”

I said, “Lord, how will he come here?”

The Lord said, “He will arrive at this moment.”

Suddenly a human cloud appeared like fire and the fire was dark. The fire was strange very different from what I had seen and that fire went up in that place and suddenly from behind this cloud of smoke, a man appeared. That man that I saw had a black jacket and he had black pants and his shoes were black. That man was very attractive. His eyes were black and had a penetrating deep look. He had a finely tapered beard. He was a very elegant man. His shirt was white and his tie black. He looked at me with a deep look.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, who this man?”

He told me, “Observe him well.”

When I looked at him I said to the Lord, “This man is strange. I never saw him. I don’t know him. I don’t know the man. I didn’t fight with him.”

The Lord said, “He is Satan.”

When He told me he was Satan I was astonished and I said to the Lord, “Lord, Satan looks like a human being.”

The Lord said, “How does he look?”

So I started to describe him. His fingers were full of gold rings. He had a choker and he was wearing a special watch from these ancient golds. He was very elegant. He looked like an executive. He looks like an artist. He looks like a famous man and a millionaire.

The Lord said to me, “My word says that he turns into an angel of light and he is all in sins. He represents sin. Why it is easy for a man and a woman to sin. It is because that is what he offers. This is what man seeks: fame, money, greatness and beauty. Man seeks it. Man desires it on Earth. This makes them suffer and deceives them. Man seeks vanity. Woman lives with vanity in their lives. Vanity is a springboard that Satan uses to destroy humanity. He teaches a man pride. He is all EGO. He makes everybody seek the ego of greatness. However, it is something that my Father do not like. He made him an astonishment. My Father dethroned him. His throne, his place of greatness, his splendor and his beauty were taken from him. He is just an abomination. He is a dead man. He is a despicable one. He will be an astonishment and will never be honored again.”

Suddenly the flame disappeared and the same smoke began to form a figure. It began to have an odor that stank like rotten meat and all kinds of bad odor.

I asked, “Lord, who is this?”

The Lord said, “You have already seen who he is.”

Suddenly when the smoke dissipated, it formed a figure that left me astonished. I started looking at it from the feet because I didn’t believe in what I was seeing. I was seeing a being that was a hybrid of a half-man and half-goat, It had hoofs but no feet. The hoofs were a goat’s hoofs. Its skin was hairy like that of an animal. It had testicles like a goat and its tail started like a goat but ended like a scorpion’s tail.

I was amazed and when I looked at him, his hairy body, his shoulders, his hands were drooping. That beautiful face turned into something horrible. His nose had grown like a witch. His mouth looked like a frog’s mouth. It was horrible. His eyes were no longer black eyes, its ears had grown like a wolf’s and had wings that started like a pigeon and ended like bat wings. He had the claws of an eagle and his wings were horrendous.

He was looking at the wall with pity and fear. His wings had fallen on his chest. There were scales on his chest. He had the number 666.

I asked the Lord about this number. He said, “This is the number that is in My word. Look don’t be afraid of him.”

When I looked I panicked. I felt a lot of fear but Jesus put His hand on me and said, “Have peace, Samuel.” When Jesus touched me I felt peace in my heart. So I lifted my face and watched him. Jesus said to me, “Use My name. Rebuke him in My name. I want you to know that you have authority against him. My word says in Luke 10:19 behold I give you the power to trample on snakes and scorpions and all the enemy’s strength and nothing will do you any harm.”

We have authority against the devil. Jesus revealed to me that you have authority.

The Lord suddenly said to me, “Look so that you see that I have authority over him.”

The Lord sent down fire on him. These words of authority exerted their power as soon as they were spoken. Satan turned away in shame and pity. He didn’t look at the Lord, he didn’t look at me and he said a word, “I hate you!” He disappeared when Jesus raised His hand and that flame consumed him and he disappeared.

I went into a panic. He is horrendous. His face was horrible. Worms were all over his wide face. He had a wound on his face. He was running away and the Lord told me, “I want you to see a place where he is.”

When the Lord told me that I thought it was Hell.

I said to Him, “No Lord, I don’t want to go to that place.”

The Lord said, “Come. Don’t be afraid. Come and I will go with you.”

Suddenly the Lord took me by the left hand and when I felt love when the Lord took me.

I said, “Lord what is happening? I am floating in the air.”

The Lord said to me, “Son, you can fly in the spiritual world and can cross anything if you rest in Me.”

When we went up I thought I was going to hit the ceiling and suddenly my hand went up. We went up to another room at the top of that place. We went up to another and suddenly we were up when I realized we were on top of that place where I was fasting. I started to climb with the Lord feeling the breeze on my face. We were going at great speed and we arrived at the clouds. It was night and suddenly Jesus made a sign with His hand and in the instant that I looked, I saw all the surroundings of the Earth, there was an immense landscape.

I said, “Lord, the Earth is great.”

I looked at myself. I couldn’t believe I was there in the clouds. Suddenly, when I looked up, I saw a black cloak within the clouds that extended to the entire scope of the Earth and I said to the Lord, “Lord, what is that black cloak?

The Lord said to me, “This is in My word.”

The Lord touched my eyes and my ears and suddenly I started to hear some strange sounds. They were like animals. I didn’t understand and I told the Lord, “What is this, Lord? Then I started to see all kinds of hideous faces. I was caught there and I saw demons flying down to earth at a great speed. I asked the Lord, “What are they?”

The Lord told me, “You have read My word in Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

He told me, “These are the heavenly regions. They are here. My word says in Revelation 12:7-9 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, 8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. These spiritual hosts of darkness are in these heavenly regions. This is their place of habitation. The demons go to Earth and torment the world. However, they cannot live on Earth.”

Brothers a lot of demons were horrendous. There were all kinds of faces: human faces on animal bodies. There were also animal faces with human bodies running around. I cannot describe this cinematographic scene as the movie directors who make these horror films is the devil who takes them to make such horrendous monsters. I saw all kinds of big demons and little demons. The huge ones looked like goalkeepers. They looked like eagles. They were looking at me and the Lord Jesus and they laughed. They turned around all the time that the Lord Jesus was looking and I asked the Lord, “Lord why do they go down this well?”

“Each one that goes down will do evil on Earth to obey a written order directed by their chief Satan. They order evil to operate. Satan does not rest. All life is evil on Earth. Every day that I dawned he is sending demons to do evil. Those who are going up have already fulfilled the mission that he ordered them. Those who are going down are willing to fulfill them day and night without rest and do evil things.”

And I asked the Lord, “Where do they go? What place do they cause evil?”

Jesus said, “Across the land. See a demon is going to attack a daughter at this moment. He will enter the body of a man so that he does harm to his own daughter. See, this one will enter the body of a young woman to make her a prostitute and make her live in all kinds of evil. See, that one will enter the body of a young man so that he will commit suicide. He cannot find the solution to his drug addiction which is causing him to be sick and dying. Satan will put the thought of suicide in his mind. Other demons enter this other boy or an elder to carry evil. They all go down to earth to double the evil, causing this man to kill, that man to steal etc. That is why the demons are daily on Earth.”

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour:

I was indignant and said, “Lord, for this You are the Son of God. You resisted on the cross. You have authority for this.”

The Lord Jesus told me, “I have it but cannot do it.”

When Jesus told me so, I told Him, “Lord, how can You not do it if You are the Son of God?”

The Lord told me, “If My church prays, if My people seek My name, if My people humble themselves, if My people cry out day and night against so much evil on Earth, I will send My angels to Earth. They want to fight battles on Earth that frees My people. You are the intercessory priests. Tell My people to look for Me that I release the angels to fight the demons. I can give you everything you ask Me to free My people against the evil things of the enemy.”

I started crying and said, “Lord, how many people suffer in the world? How many people are suffering right now, Lord?”

I wanted to cry out in intercession. I wanted to pray for the world and the Lord told me, “Son, My heart is willing. I will give you everything you ask for.”

The Lord said, “Come and let us walk further. I want you to see a place here.”

We appeared in the enclosure where a snake was going to come. It looked horribly at the Lord.

Jesus said to me, “I cannot enter. Only you will enter in. Do not be afraid.”

The Lord told me, “This place is Satan’s throne.”

I replied, “I will never stand before the throne of Satan.”

When I walked about 10 steps in that place there was a bronze door and there was a horrible odor in that place. I saw the rotting flesh and suddenly that door opened by itself and up to 60cm, there was human excrement. It looked like a dry cesspool and I saw big demons that were standing on the right. They looked like the guards with their feet stuck within those excreta. The guards did not see me.

The Lord told me, “Don’t worry. They will not see you.”

I approached the door in the darkness and heard the laughter that shook the place and that laughter ordered them to do evil. Suddenly I saw Satan coming and forming a kind of a dollar sign. The Bible says in Isaiah 14:11, the worm is spread under you, and the worms cover you. Satan sits on worms. His bed is worms. If you do not understand it’s literal.

I suddenly saw an altar and Satan sat with two characters who were equal and similar to him.

I asked the Lord, “Lord why they are so equal?

The Lord said, “You know that Satan likes to be like My Father at all times. He wants to imitate My Father’s kingdom so he sought his trinity. He also chose those two demons to give him the authority and to delegate authority to them.”

I asked, “Who are those two?”

The Lord told me, “The one on your right is a general who commands evil on Earth. He is in charge of creating evil. He is the second after Satan. Satan always wanted to be My Father. My Father and I are one but we are divided into three. We can manifest in various ways the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Satan always wanted to imitate Us.”

At that moment this demon was with a book in his hand.

The Lord told me, “What he has there are the evil strategies for the land. No one opposes him and everyone obeys Satan. This one on the right side is the one who leads evil on the Earth. He is the second after Satan. The one on the left has the mission of fighting against everything that is called the Church. He operates his evil against Christianity and against believers. This is the general who is in charge of sending demons to destroy ministries, churches, and shepherds. He sends principalities of demons that do damage to the Church.”

The Lord told me, “Each of them is subordinate to Satan and their mission is to create evil on Earth. They cause people to have addictions, drive people into prostitution, cause gluttony, and all kinds of evil. Every demon has a strategy on Earth and a kind of work on Earth.”

I said, “Lord, how is it possible that this kingdom be like this and yet in the church, we do not have an order and we do not do things as You command us to do?”

The Lord said to me, “Satan has an order. Satan works on it and does not rest so he is effective in everything. My son, do not fear. I am the Lamb slaughtered and has won the victory. Tell My church that she has authority against him. There are many in the land that cries out to Me. There are many in the land that seeks My name. But they do not use the authority to win the battles against Satan.”

On this day we returned to Earth and on the 12th night, I heard the voice of the Lord calling me. When I heard that voice I fell like the dead. Suddenly I saw the flame close to me.

Jesus told me, “Come on. Let’s go.”

I got out of my body again I floated back to the same place in the clouds and it was night and suddenly it was the day.

The Lord told me, “Today I want to visit a place where souls that die suddenly fall into.”

I looked at the bottom of the Earth and saw a shadow of a man lying down.

I said, “Lord, what is that down there?”

The Lord told me, “This is Hell.”

He took me by the hand and we started to go down. A lot of whirlwinds and hurricanes swirling at great speed appeared in front of us and we started to go down. I felt peace when the Lord took me in His arms. In the middle of this whirlwind was garbage and it was dark.

I said, “Lord, what is this going to be as the garbage is rising to the ceiling?”

The Lord said, “Look and see.”

I heard the horrible screams of human beings and I saw one after another falling at a great speed.

I said, “Who are these young women, old adults falling down here?”

The Lord said, “These are people who are coming to this place in a trance. Others enter here while walking on the streets. Some die at work and come here. Some die in the church and come here. Millions of people live in this place right now. Millions of souls are entering this place of torment here. They will be buried here forever. They will remember their earthly lives in this place forever. They will never be able to leave here.”

Suddenly we stopped in the air. Jesus took a step in that intense darkness and everything in that place shone. When I looked, I saw a huge snake and a gallery of all the walls came out like thick clay. I saw that vapor of an immense flame was rising. We started walking and I stepped on a stone. I felt the heat of the stone on my feet.

I said, “Lord, this stone is hot. I felt that it burned me.”

The Lord said, “Peace.”

When He told me that, I started to climb with Him and we started entering the gallery. I saw some figures that went by at a great speed.

I told the Lord, “Lord, what is that?”

The Lord told, “They are the demons. The demons hide from My presence. They cannot be close to Me. They can’t resist My presence. They know when I come to this place. This is not the only time I came here. You are not the first person I have brought to this place. I always bring people to this place. They always come. You are not the only one who knows this reality. What I have revealed to you now, I would reveal to many throughout the time that man is on Earth.”

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