ESCAPE FROM WRATH By Sister Toun Praise Olujuwon

“Who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? (Luke 3 vs 7)

The bible says the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, particularly on men that hold the truth of God in unrighteousness (Romans 1v 8).

Wrath of God is way of God’s expression and disburse of his anger designated to a set of time, people or location in a supreme way to prove his set-aside judgement according to the deeds that are not in agreement with the way of living set up as a standard of living for this earth by God. (Romans 2 v 5-9). Usually this happen not all the time but like I said God has a set time to show case his reaction only for reprove and correction of particular behavior that is all through the human history. But the one I am describing is a long way bigger and the final way of God to put an end to all thing that offend his own way of life. God has all the while decided to withhold his anger so as not to destroy both the good and the bad in the process of his outburst of his anger so decided to set up a day in his heart to do so. But the display of that day would be accumulation of all the anger each generations of the earth that has ever offended against all godliness supposed to could have experience that God pressed together and bottled up into a day of wrath. And this what the bible calls the DAY OF THE LORD all through the bible. (Isaiah 13 v 6; Zeph. 1v 14- end; Romans 2 v 5). This is what John the Baptist was referring to saying to the people of his day saying “Who hath warn you to flee from the wrath to come.”

Many of us could not fathom what the bible describes as the “WRATH OF GOD” just because the word is not attractive to us. Yet the bible gave a categorical description of what can be best referred to as the wrath of God. Many did not believe it is real just because we have not experience it before. The bible decreed that the wrath of God will be revealed or poured on people that offend the way of God.

This wrath of God has been set aside as a way of punishment on all God’s enemy. The bible describe the wrath of God as a judgment and fiery indignation of God that has been reserved for those who choose to disobey the order of things God Have set for this world (Heb. 10v 26-27).

The explanation you are about to read is the account of another encounter I had with Jesus Christ on Feb. ….2010, where He said I should blow the trumpet of this message as the reason why Christians should make all efforts to go with Him at rapture day. (This is subjected to human flaws this is because what was revealed is far more beyond human reason likewise the details were divulged to my level of exposure to the spiritual things).

A revelation

First let me share a little part of one revelation I had received before when I was opportune to see myself in heaven; this is because the Lord referred back to it that morning as part of His explanation to this story.

In that experience I was taken to visit the throne room of God in heaven where I saw a big white throne with stair way to each step of floor that look like a big decorated cake in shape. On each level of the stair way were angels veiling their sight while on the top of it all were three seats, I did not see anyone but fire on those seats. There was a kind of rainbow ring that stands over like an oval round the throne. But then I took noticed of something hanging far above the throne that looks like roaring clouds mingled with fire, thunder and lightening, it was very difficult to look at it. While beholding the wonders around the throne, I suddenly saw a white smoke coming from the earth before the throne spreading it self around the fire on the throne, it was then I discovered that the Lord is sitting on those seats while I was there but could not see Him but fire on the throne. I got to know that the Lord was on the throne when I heard a voice releasing blessing on sighting the white smoke then send it back as a blessing to earth (Jesus later explained to me that the white smoke is the sacrifice of worship from the saints of God on earth).

Not long after, I saw a thick dark smoke from the earth approaching the same way the other smoke had come before the throne. But instead of the dark smoke to spread it just went up towards the roaring clouds of fire and thunder wanted to drag it down upon the earth suddenly I saw the Lord Jesus in His blood pushing it back its place. When I asked Him what the roaring clouds was and why it did want to fall upon the earth, He called it “the WRATH OF GOD” and that it has been reserved purposely for a time. He continued that invasion  of different level of sin and abomination going on the face of the earth is the dark smoke and had always wanted to drag down the wrath of God upon the earth but His blood had always prevent it from falling upon the earth. He said when the time come for the wrath to come he will not prevent it again.

Going back to what happened that morning, the Lord referred back to this vision above saying that he wants to give me the vivid experience of what he went through immediately he left the cross. He said first you must understand why blood is imperative to the work of Redemption. He said when the Lord created the earth He was at the beginning as the “Word of God” that he did not possess human image meaning just like the Holy Spirit is without human form this was how he was at the time of the beginning. He said you can read my account in Prov. 8 verse 22 -30 I lived then as the word of God not having human form. What bring about the issue of blood was because there was a need of blood to intervene to the problem caused by the sin of man to God. The Lord God when creating man, he did so in His holiness that man might live eternally.  But man fell into sin of disobeying the order and principles God used to created the earth. Several lot of things were damage at the inception of sin of man into the world which change the order of things God have set for man there by exposing man to the wrath of the holiness of God. It is the holiness of God that was demanding for vengeance on man for breaking the covenant. The book of Isaiah says in 24 verse 5 – 6 that because the earth is defile by its inhabitants by changing the ordinance of it, broken everlasting covenant then the earth will be made desolate and be burned.

The Heavenly Tabernacle

There was a heavenly tabernacle though situated in heaven was part of human creation, it is a place God set aside for man in the heaven to attends to needs of man. It was the copied of this tabernacle that was given to Moses in the wilderness. (Exodus 26)

Remember the bible also talks of this tabernacle as tabernacle which the Lord Himself pitched not man Heb. 9 v 11. This earth was made purposely for flesh and blood existence and not spiritual dwelling which was planned by God when creating the earth. In the process to give man free hand of choice in handling the affairs of the earth. Part of the work of creation had included setting up of a heavenly tabernacle where God uses as a place of attending to the affairs of men on earth.

Implications of Sin’s intrusion 

Immediately sin was introduced into the earth, the holiness of God to which man was created got provoked in anger to demand justice of the holiness of God which gave rise to the Wrath of God. The mercy of God prevented this wrath from falling upon His work of creation in the process got it diverted to the heavenly tabernacle where the prayers of man is being attended to. There is a place in the heavenly tabernacle called the holy of the holies where God meets with the high priest. Because man had deconsecrated the holiness of God in the image of God (human body) that is now carrying sin, yet the holiness of God cannot behold sin but produced anger on the man where he would always meet with God. That is why some of the past high priests died in the process of handling their assignments for the people when they were still inside the most holy place.   These are the factors limiting the effect of answered prayers before Christ has to die to remove the veil. This is also one the reasons why Jesus has to come to destroy the hindrances of prayers caused by the veil which was removed at Jesus death to prove that the veil no longer needed.

The evidence of the Wrath 

Due to what man is experiencing from the Wrath of God’s holiness, the Lord decided to look for a medium of solution to intervene to the condition of man seeing what sin had done to man. To avert the Wrath, it requires blood to break the siege of the wrath which was caused by flesh and blood. The only thing that can appease the wrath is a blood that knows no sin; this is where the blood of the lamb came into being. It requires blood to enter into the holiest of the holies where God uses to answer the prayers of His people as the result of the presence of sin. The evidence of these is seen where the earthly high priest enters into the most holy place with sin in his life died instantly, another evidence is the situation when David wanted to transport the ark of the covenant where it seems as it will fall, a man called Uzzah touched in order lift it up and fire came out of it and consume the man instantly. The bible says in Hebrew 5 verse 1 – 4 that the work a high priest pleads for the sins of the people like wise confession of his own sin.

However, Jesus said when it required that they must see blood to plead the case of man, the Lord told me that morning that a search was made through the whole of heaven, the earth and underneath the earth for one that has BLOOD THAT HAS NO SIN. And no one was found to possess this (Rev. 5 v 3).

Let it be known to you that at this junction, this whole story look like a mystery to me that I had to ask the Lord again for biblical confirmation of this he pointed to Revelation 5. This grief the heart of God the father that no one was found to save man by blood. It was however at junction that I as the Word of God choose to lay down my life for man when no one was found that would carry blood. No one ask me to lay down my life but I choose to do so when I saw the grief man had to the heart of my Father. (At this junction I asked the Lord Jesus again if what He told me can be biblically supported and He gave me John 10 v 16 -17 to confirm it).

Suddenly, catalogue of pictures was shown to me that morning where He showed me scenes of His crucifixion starting from the time of His beating to the time he breath the last breath. What I saw that morning was different totally from what I use to imaging of His crucifixion, because they use to portray Christ picture with a wrapper around his waist but He was naked all through what was shown to me. From the beating to the point of His nailing to the cross he was naked throughout I saw Jesus tied down in the midst of soldiers at His beating with fur types of whip laced with piercing objects to pierce His skin that produced excessive bleeding. The thorns woven together was two inches each long which was pressed into the scalp of his head, he told me this was what he saw the night he was praying in the garden of Gethsemane that the suffering will be changed but the will of God must take placed.(Matt, 26 v 39).

Strange Experience

On that fateful day I woke up around 5. am in the morning to pray, while kneeling down beside my bed I opened my bible but did not have any place in particular to read. I decided to start my prayers with thanksgiving and immediately I spoke this word “thank you for the price you paid to grant us life” came from my mouth. I heard the Lord’s voice beside me saying that I should take a look at the place my bible was opened to, which I did. I had opened my bible to the book of Hebrew unintentionally and my eyes went straight to chapter 9 verse 24 which quote thus: “for Christ is not entered into the holy places made with hands, which are the figures of the true; but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us:”    

 The Lord asked me to read out what my eyes caught, after reading them out He proceeded to tell me that He wants to show me the VALUE of the price He paid through His blood and the PURPOSE of the value. He said what He would show me might disturb me but I should be strong to look and not take my eyes off what I will be shown. Then he started with explanation:

That morning what I saw while the Lord was talking, He told me that what he wants to show would somehow disturb me but I should not take my eyes off my bible as he would illuminate my eyes to see  things from it. I started looking at my bible which started show as a screen immediately I set my eyes on it, however, this is what I saw.

I saw a tabernacle which the Lord said is the one of heaven, the tabernacle was covered with a roaring cloud which had a mixture of fire and thunder and lightening. The roaring cloud was making a lot of noises around the whole of the tabernacle as if wanting to tear it down but the structure remain standing where it was. There was earthquake shaking the whole place yet it still remain standing, the sight of the whole event was ugly to look at because immediately I started looking at it my stomach  turned upside down that caused vomiting and foaming in my mouth. I had to take excuse from the Lord that I need to go to the toilet but the Lord warned me again that I should not take my eyes off what he was showing me. I came back to the same spot after the excuse to go to toilet to see according to the Lord’s instruction and the pictures resume it viewing as before. I didn’t know what I am looking at but the Lord explained to me that the cloudy happenings is the wrath of God covering the entire premises of heavenly tabernacle started from the time sin was committed in the garden of Eden. And that this condition or God’s wrath covering the heavenly tabernacle has being in existence till the day he had to die to avert it.

The Lord told me the next is the exact situation that took place immediately after he gave up the ghost on the cross of Calvary. He said he carried the blood straight to the tabernacle of heaven into the most holy place to remove the wrath of God hanging on it for man.

From the pictures, I saw the Lord Jesus in His blood covered from head to toe but in nakedness. I saw him with his two hands stretched out while blood was gushing out of the hands and legs while his whole hair was also drenched in blood.  I saw him coming towards the heavenly tabernacle while getting closer to the tabernacle the noises around the whole place increased so much as if the whole place is going to disappear into thin air. I discovered that while Jesus was approach this troubled tabernacle there was a complete silent in whole of heaven as they gave a complete focus to what was about to happen. The Lord told me that this is because it was the hour the whole of heaven have all been waiting for, which is the redemption of man from destruction and to remove the wrath of God from man. When he approached the tabernacle, his presence provoked the happenings around the whole the place. At the point of time what I saw sent a spin into my being that I had to take my eyes off my bible but within  split of seconds the whole noises and the happenings around the tabernacle stopped and the whole place was quite and clean as the tabernacle was now visible o the eyes. (At the point I asked the Jesus what happened, he said why did you take your eyes off). Then with great admiration I saw Jesus coming out from the tabernacle the whole of heaven sighting him fell prostrated for him singing to him this common chorus that: THOU ART WORTHY OH LORD TO RECEIVE GLORY, HONOUR AND POWER BECAUSE YOU HAVE REDEEMED MEN FROM DESTRUCTION BACK TO GOD (Please check Rev. 5 v 9).

I have been singing this song I never knew it was sung by heaven for a purpose. This reason they sang “Thou art Worthy” was because what has proven impossible Jesus Christ accomplished by offering Himself for it. When I asked the Lord where did the wrath got to He answered me back with Psalms 75 v 8 which quotes thus: for in the hand of the Lord there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poured out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out and drink them.

The Lord said this the reason I said  have paid the full price for man by removing the wrath of God from you people, come out you don’t have to partake of this wrath since I have paid for you this is because immediately after I have come to gather my own people from the earth, the Father is going to poured out His wrath from the cup it has been reserved to upon the earth. The book of Revelation 16 describe vividly this wrath the way it operates while men are still on the earth.

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