End Of Time Revelation By Ubani Kingsley

End Of Time Revelation By Ubani Kingsley


Ubani Kingsley
“The revelation of this book was given to me on Sunday 13th May 2012. It is well known in Christendom that Sundays are special days of worship, so I woke up from sleep and was preparing to go to church morning service (which starts at 8am) when I heard God tell me not to go anywhere. He asked me to eat my food, switch off my cell phone and stay indoors, that He would be having a meeting with me.

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On hearing this information, I was disturbed in me. I was worried, thinking about what could have made God ask me to stay at home when a church service was going on. Another thing of concern was the wedding ceremony I was to attend on that same day at Assemblies of God church, (a.k.a Real Life Assembly), Danfodio road, Aba. I had already assured the bride and her mother that I will not fail to attend, but God’s will and man’s thoughts are not the same…
I decided to switch off my cell phone and start reading my Bible. As I was reading my bible, I didn’t know what happened. I know I was not sleeping but lying on my bed, when I saw myself in an environment similar to the one of 16th December 2001 (a previous revelation). There was a single line of people from different parts of the world at the front gate entrance of a place. As they came from far and wide, all of them joined the line.
As I was standing by the corner, an angel came out from the gate and walked straight to me. All of these happened in just three minutes. He said when he got to where I was, he called me by my name and told me follow him, which I did without delay…Inside a second gate were people dressed in white singing praises to God. I wanted to stop and listen to them because of the beautiful melody of the song, but I could not, because the angel made me unable to stop following him.
Then we entered another place (it looked more like a mini warehouse) where thirteen (13) people were seated at one side of a table facing what looked like a wall. I could only recognize one person there – Jesus Christ, and he said to me, “Son, you are welcome. We have been expecting you. Come and sit”. So I went down to sit at the only vacant seat beside him…
Jesus then said to me, “Kingsley, I brought you back here to let you know that the time of my coming back to the world is not in years, or months, weeks, days, or hours (for a thousand years is like a day), but I have less than 30minutes to return to the world. These 12 people you see here represent the 12 tribes of Israel (of course Israel is God’s beloved) and I (Jesus referring to Himself) represent the church whom I redeemed with my blood. You (Kingsley) represent yourself right now in this meeting.”
…Jesus said to me, “We were here discussing the issue regarding the elect of Christ, and how to keep them safe until they finally return home.” Suddenly, what I thought was a wall turned out to be a screen and displayed some words I could not comprehend. Then I noticed that tears was rolling down Jesus cheeks, and I was touched.
“Where are the people I died on the cross for?”, He asked. “Where are my beloved ones? Where is my church?” None of the angels could answer this question, and neither could I; I was crying so profusely. “Have they forgotten that I am coming back again? Does it mean my labour is going to be in vain? Have they forgotten that my time is very very short? Where are my shepherds? Where are my sheep?’ He continued weeping.
All of a sudden, he turned at me angrily, “Kingsley, where are you? You are playing with what I handed over to you. The two messages I gave you previously, you are not handling them very well. I will destroy you. You think I’m playing with you? When I will rise to judge you, I will not spare you because you associate with sinners. You became friends with people that disobey my commandments, including ministers and other Christians. Be ye not unequally yoked with unbelievers…
You are looking at the faces of people and considering what they might think of you and how they might feel about you when you ought not to. You are a disappointment to Me… And I will send you to hell and get another person to do the work”
When I heard these words, I started pleading for mercy. Then I stopped and started looking at the screen and saw the names of churches and their founders/general overseers and their ministers. They were so many churches I could not count. Then I was handed a book that I was told contained the names of the faithful and obedient servants of God. “Do not disclose their names” I was warned, “since they are still living, they are not yet dead.” People began to appear one after the other on the screen. I recognized, however, not up to twenty people, probably because they some of them were not Nigerians or Africans. They were very few…
 I was wondering how possible it could be for the whole world being unable to have up to a thousand faithful servants of God at most. If for example there are 2.1billion ‘church-going’ Christians, and probably one hundred million born again Christians (4%), how come there are still not up to 0.01% of this number? And my name was not on that screen… I did not qualify for eternity.


 …And I think this is the reason Jesus asked in Luke 18:8 – Nevertheless when the son of man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth? When I learn that less than a thousand Christians are ready for the coming of Jesus, I said to myself. “We are finished”. As I was just contemplating on this issue, one of the angels exclaimed at me “Kingsley!” and I turned. “All of us here are angry with you. You have disappointed us and for that you don’t deserve mercy.
Did you see yourself on the screen?” “No” I said. Then he told me that I should have known that I was not part of the kingdom of God because I disobeyed God’s instructions that were given to me to carry out, and NO DISOBEDIENT PERSON WILL ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD.
In addition, the angel told me that they have more things to show and to teach me.  
When he said that, another angel entered the place and his appearance made me afraid because he was looking very serious and his sword was glittering. I suspected that this particular angel was Michael because he was looking like someone ready for war. He said to me, “Kingsley, let’s go”. I didn’t know where I was going and I couldn’t control myself, so I followed him outside the main gate that leads outside.
When we left, I saw us drawing close to a very widely opened pit full of high burning fire. And I began to cry for mercy and for a second chance , but the angel said “NO”, and that I must go there. The closer we go to the pit, the louder the voices I heard within. No matter how loud they had been crying, their voices were not affected, they just kept shouting above their voices.
As we were getting closer, demons already were waiting to take me inside the pit. And they were telling the angel to release me to them. “We know him”, they shouted with glee. “Release him. He is Kingsley. He has been troubling our kingdom”. And it looked like the angel was eager to hand me over to them. Reader, what gave me concern was how these things knew that the angel was bringing me to hell fire. Who told them I was on my way to hell fire? I was not surprised, though, to hear those demons shout my name because, as a Christian, if the kingdom of darkness did not know me, then my Christianity would has a big bold question mark.
Just as in the story of the seven sons of Sceva, the evil spirit said “Jesus I know, and Paul I know”, let it enter your consciousness that inasmuch as as Christians we are identified by the kingdom of darkness, they are doing everything possible to send us to hell. This is why it is very dangerous to commit intentional sin because Satan could attack you the moment you do and you can die and go to Hell. the Bible says in 2 Timothy 2:19 Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.
As the angel was about to release me to them, we heard a voice behind us say “Stop”, and everything stood still. It was Jesus. Immediately he appeared, all those demons that were asking for the angel to hand me over started bowing down to Him (Remember Philippians 2;10 ” That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; Then Jesus said to me “Son, I will have mercy on you. I want to show you some people who are inside the pit, and I will tell you why they ended up here”
When Jesus had said that, the fire began to come up so much I was feeling its heat. As the fire came up above the pit, I saw a man in it. His body had some deep cut but there was no blood. If you saw how this man looked, you will pity him and keep praying for the grace to escape this fire. This man was not brought out of the fire, but he was crying and screaming because of the pain of the fire. While I was looking at the man inside the fire, Jesus said to me,
“This man is here because I told him to release his vehicle for evangelism in his church and he refused. He did not know that whatever he had was given to him by God. he thought that the prophecy that asked him to give his church that particular vehicle for evangelism was false. He saw it as a trick to collect his car from him but didn’t know that it was God that spoke through the person that gave the prophecy. And moreover, he was always tight-fitted. He didn’t like helping people in need. This man refused to obey me and as a result, he went to hell. No disobedient person will inherit My kingdom” Jesus concluded.
Less than a minute later, another woman was brought up. Looking at the woman, Jesus said to me “This woman was asked to clean the church and she was, until at a time she stopped cleaning because someone insulted her. She was disobedient, and as a result, she is here.”
Later a boy was brought up. When I looked at him, I recognized him. He was Uche, my friend. He died some years ago.I could remember that he died a few days after I preached to him to repent, but he refused and told me that he must enjoy the days of his youth.  (Remember now thy creator in the days of your youth Eccl. 12:1). Just as I wanted to shout his name in amazement, he call me in tears, “Uzoo!” (short for Uzoma which is my second name). Then Jesus said to me, “Your friend rejected me on earth, and Ive rejected him in My kingdom” (John 12:48)
Uche, tormented in the heat of the fire, was restless; tears were running down his cheeks. Uzoo, please I need some water to drink, I am very thirsty. Please help me” Uche pleaded. Just as he was pleading, he was taken back into the pit of fire.
A Deeper Life Woman End Up In Hell For Using A Rubber Thread. 
Jesus said to me, do you know you are leading many to hell? I asked him how, and he said whenever people asking you about how they should keep their hair, you keep telling them not to use wool or attachment, but they can make use of plastic thread. Don’t you know that rubber thread is also an attachment?
Then he ask me to follow him to hell that he want to show me something, on getting there, he brought out a woman out of the pit of fire, and he. Said to me son look at this woman, she is a member of Deeper life bible church. She heard that it is a sin for a woman to plait her hair with any thread, but she didn’t believe it. When she died, she was found guilty of using thread to plait, and as a result of that she went to hell.
When I look at this woman, she plaited her hair with plastic thread. The woman was pleading for forgiveness but it was no granted to her, but was sent back to hell. However I asked Jesus why he didn’t forgive the woman, he said to me, the woman was given several warning, through revelation, people but she refused instead she took herself to be perfect in all her deed. Assuming she has taken correction, she would have saved many, because she was a model to many, but she has led many to hell, so she must go back to hell
 Jesus said to me, no woman should plait their head with any type of thread.  No woman should add anything whatsoever to her hair. I never asked them to use those things, human being did. Tell women to keep their head natural, they must not apply any die, relaxer to it and must not weave their natural hair with any artificial materials. They should comb it alone. Tell them to remove their wedding ring because it’s not I who ask them to use it but human did. I hate both wedding ring and other ring.
Tell my people not to put on any type of jeans cloth, whether skirt, trousers, shirts or blouses or knickers. I hate it. Tell women no part of their bosom should be seen.They must cover their body very well and also their back should not be seen.They must not wear any skin tight or short knickers under their skirt because I hate those thing. Just inner wear pant and under wears. Women should not wear brassiere that will make the Tip of bosom to be noticed, because if they do and man became seduced by it, the person has committed sin without knowing it. Also women must not put on any cloth that will make line of their under wear (inner wear pant) to be noticed. The judgment of God is very strict.
Then another person appeared. he was a man and by his appearance I cannot predict his age. Jesus said to me, “This man was a pastor and was taking care of a church which I commanded him until the time I will bless him. But while he was facing challenges, he left the church and opened a prayer ministry. That is disobedience. He worked for himself, and he was rewarded accordingly.” And the man was taken into the pit.
After that man, another man – an Anglican priest – taken up. Jesus said to me, “This man was an archbishop in the Anglican Communion.. He was a occult society member. He was serving two master. No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold on to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon . He was serving the devil inside his secret chamber and he was serving God on the pulpit. That is Hypocrisy. I have no part with such a person, and many are like him in the church.”
Christian and reader, there was something I discovered from the rime the angel brought me to hell to this very time I saw the archbishop, I discovered that more than five hundred people had entered into the pit of fire. Let us assume that This time span was 20 minutes. This means that in just 20 minutes, 500 people had been admitted into the  pit of fire. The speed at which people go to hell is alarming.
Finally the archbishop was taken back into the pit and another person – a girl came up but was still in the fire. The first thing she did was call my name “Bro Kingsley, help me I’m thirsty” I couldn’t recognize her, but she continued “I’ve been here three months and they’ve been tormenting me. I did not know I would end up here. I was in your programme at Owerri (The capital city of Imo, a state in Nigeria). I thought you were telling lies, until I found myself here.
While I was still looking at the girl, Jesus asked me “do you know what destroyed that girl?” I was speechless, so He continued “doubt and disobedience were the things that destroyed her. She doubted you when you were ministering and disobeyed the voice of the spirit and the bridegroom that said ‘come Revelation 22:17 and she’s suffering the penalty of her disobedience.” Then the girl was pulled back into the pit.
Having seen the fire of hell and the people in it, I became much more afraid. I began to wonder what would have happened to me if the angel had released me to those demons or if Jesus hadn’t intervened in my case. I most likely would have been dead, and Christians who have either read my books or been inspired by my ministrations might claim that I was in heaven. But alas I was found guilty of disobedience and even right now I owe people money meaning I wasn’t qualified for the kingdom (Own no man nothing, except for love). If Jesus hadn’t intervened, many would have believed I died and went to see the Lord, not knowing I was in Hell.
As I was still thinking about what my fate would have become,  Jesus started shedding tears. This time, it seemed that the cry of those in the fire had begun to emotionally impact on Him.
“Where are the benefits of my pains and my death on the cross?” asked Jesus. I remained silent. Then He pointed his finger at me and said “YOU AND MY MINISTERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE GOING TO HELL”.
You (me) do not rebuke sinners the way I direct you to, and you sometimes overlook them, saying that what do they does not concern you! Don’t you know that I value souls more than any other thing on earth? My ministers now interpret my word (The Bible) to suit themselves and to please their followers. I will show you some of the people my preachers have misled to Hell. I am showing you all these things because my time is very very short and I want to save more souls that are still alive in the world before I appear in the cloud where those who are ready for my coming will meet me in eternal glory.
Dear reader, while Jesus was telling me these things, something happened. I saw a person who was being accompanied by demons. Whether she was a girl or a woman, I cannot tell. All I knew is that she was female. Just as they were passing by, she shouted “Jesus! Save me!” Somehow, by stroke of unmerited favor, he responded “Stop!” and all the demons stopped and bowed down to Jesus. he ordered her to come.
When she came, Jesus asked her the reason why the demons were dragging her to Hell, and she replied that because she was wearing earrings, artificial hair, and trousers. In addition, she said “My pastor told us that wearing earrings and trousers, and wearing artificial nails and hair is not a sin; that God does not look at the physical appearance of a person but at the heart. And now I am about to suffer for these things”. Then Jesus ordered her to go back to the world and tell people what she saw and heard. She was dark in complexion, but I could not tell if she was Nigerian or not. As she went back to the world, Jesus said to me, “Now let me show you some of the people in hell because of the wrong teachings of the WORD they received from their pastors”.
Then a woman appeared from the pit. By her appearance, she looked like someone about three months pregnant because her stomach was a little bulgy. Then Jesus said “This woman committed abortion. She was married with three boys and two girls and when she became pregnant again she consulted her pastor (and probably her doctor for family planning advice), and she was given the go-ahead to abort the baby, with the consent of her husband. Consequently, the blood in her hands has made her a murderer, and no murderer will inherit my kingdom…All of a sudden, the pit expanded and more than ten thousand people came up above the pit, but they were still inside the fire.

Then Jesus said to me, all these people brought up here are those that have been deceived by their pastors and ministers. Some were told that Hell is not real; some were told that God is not wicked enough to punish his people with fire – that God is loving, merciful and gracious forever. Some were told taking alcohol, or selling them is not a sin, and that the Bible says that one should take little and not get drunk. Some were told that smoking is not a sin and that it is good for keeping the body warm. And some were told that indecent dressing or dressing like the unbelievers is not a sin, that what matters is not how you dress but how your heart is with God. 

Some preachers told their members that it doesn’t matter what you wear and come to church, whether your head is covered or not, or whatever – that the church is God’s property, operating now under grace and no more under the law – that these things are just law. But now is the time when all who will worship me, will worship in truth and inspirit (John 4:24).“4 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.EVERYTHING YOU PUT ON YOUR BODY OR SPEAK WITH YOUR MOUTH, OR DO WITH YOUR LIFE MUST AGREE WITH MY WORD, AND ANYTHING OUTSIDE THAT IS NOT A PART OF ME” Jesus concluded.
Then Jesus asked me, Do you know the denomination that has the highest number of people in Hell? I answered no. Then he continued, “The denomination that has the highest number of people in Hell is the Catholic Church. They profess that they are worshiping God, but they are not truly worshiping God. They are worshiping idols – they images they molded. They are bowing down to crafted images. They don’t know Me. They don’t know that I AM THE ONLY WAY TO MY FATHER (John 14:6) “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
They bow down to images of Virgin Mary and always ask her to pray for them. Son, can idols that have mouth but cannot talk pray for someone?” I said No. Then he said, “Those who bow down to idols have no part in me for no idolater will enter my kingdom”
When Jesus had said all these things, he made a gesture with his hand as an order to take those people back into the pit, and they were pulled back in it. They wailed and screamed so much that the sound of their voice could cause damage to the eardrums. Then the tongue of fire that was burning above the pit was reduced and Jesus asked me to look inside the pit because the fire became crystalline-like and I could see those who were inside the pit. When I looked into the pit, the number of people in it were like sand, innumerable. Then Jesus ordered us (the angel and I) to follow him back into the room where the 12 angels were, and we followed.
We got to the room, and tears were rolling down my cheeks. Jesus said to me, “Son, your sins are forgiven. What I want you to do from now on are
  • Tell people about my coming back.
  •  Warn them about the impending danger ahead.
  • Be obedient to me and don’t disobey me again.
  • Make sure you deliver my message EXACTLY as I gave it to you.
  • Avoid preachers and Christians who are not walking according to my pattern.
  • Be yourself. Don’t imitate anybody.
  • Don’t let what you have lost or what people are saying about you or what you are going through weigh you down.
  • Be courageous and faithful. I am coming back very soon. You are warned.

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