I learned the Chinese version of sorcery and magic from a teacher who had studied the magic for 42 years. I also learned how to do “hok hiong” readings and use the “lun combo” spell.

When a practitioner is persistent in reciting the “lun combo” spell, he can disappear into thin air. He can also reduce rain. My teacher can help people who have been affected by witchcraft spells cast by others.

My teacher passed down 90% of his knowledge to me and I had only a little more to learn after having studied under him for 7 and a half years.

I was his favorite student but what I am looking for is not wealth but strength. During my studies at the school of sorcery, I often helped to repair cars and motorbikes. This made me the golden child of my teacher. So when I was studying magic, I was always guarded and given the best reading for magic and spells. I was also required to worship 28 statues on a thick red carpet. I worshiped these miniature statues and each of them had a reading.


In the fifth year, my spiritual eyes opened, allowing me to see all kinds of visions. I studied in Banten, East Java, West Java and Central Java. At the end of the training, I had access to the dimension of “tian he soon” which is the demonic equivalence of the King of kings. I had to study for 40 days and eat only vegetarian food to energize my soul once a day. And lastly, I was not allowed to talk while learning that magic until I graduated. I had great visions as a result of this training. For example, I would be able to see the money a person is carrying in his shirt.


In fortune-telling, I learned to talk to other people’s spirits. How? Humans have spirits. When someone comes to me asking for fortune-telling, I tell that person to be quiet because I want to pray. But actually, I wasn’t praying. While that person is silent I recite a mantra. I draw out his spirit. Then I ask his spirit, “What is your name, your family name, etc.” After I wrote the details down and told my client, he would be shocked and say, “How come you know, even though I don’t even know myself?”

Your spirit man knows more than your soul. Christians should spend more time in the spirit with the Holy Spirit if they want to grow in wisdom and revelation.

So fortune tellers are all about knowing the trickery of the spirit world. The spirit world does not have time and space. I can catch his spirit, and ask his spirit. Then his spirit would tell me everything like where his house is, etc. People would call me a great fortune-teller.

They believed and had confidence in me as a fortune-teller as everything I said about them was true even though I didn’t know them before. The knowledge that I use is all a trick.

If I predict someone’s fate, I don’t use incense and incantations. I just ask for his date and year of birth. From the numbers of the date of birth, I do the calculations and predict the person’s fate. I don’t use spells and incense.


There was a time I was called to change a person’s fortunes for the better. If a dead person’s grave is moved to a better location, the family believes that it would bring better luck.

Then I pondered a question that perplexed me. I asked my teacher, “If I choose a day for the relocation and there happened to be a plane crash on that day, is it considered an unlucky day for the relocation?” My teacher said, “I also don’t know.”

Chinese people are most afraid of unlucky days when it comes to relocating graves. A woman once asked me to find a better location for her husband’s grave. I did the reading of her fortune and I saw her grave in a vision. I told myself, “What a shame! She has 8 children and she would die soon. Later someone will be unlucky after the relocation of the husband’s grave.”

To prepare for her death, I told her to call all her children from abroad to come home. As the whole family was afraid of bad luck, they all came home. Then we looked for a good day. They would gather not only for the relocation of the father’s grave but also to bury their mother later.

If you believe in fortune tellers then you have given your life to Satan.


I do not gamble on football matches. But I became curious about predicting winning teams. Thus, I read a spell and chat with the spirit rulers on the soccer field. I asked them who would win and they told me the results before the match started. At that time I told my gambling friends the results of the soccer match. They placed their bets accordingly and won the gamble.

I told my teacher, and my teacher was angry and didn’t like it. He imposed a fast of 40 days on me as a punishment. After that, I was afraid to do it again.


One day I went to my brother’s house, where there was a servant of God who was an evangelical. My brother was a student of his. When I saw he was a Christian, I didn’t like it as I hated Christians.

I went to the dining room to read the Quran. The servant of God came to me and called me, “Brother!”

I was confused. I am not his brother.

Then I asked, “You called me?”

The servant of God said to me, “You have a brother who wants to repent. You should also repent.”

Then I said, “Indeed I am a thief but I did not kill people. Why should I repent?”

Then I asked, “Who are you?”

He answered, “I am a servant of God. If you don’t want to repent, I’ll come to your house on Friday.”


In my mind, I told him he is not going to come to me on Friday. Tonight I will send witchcraft to the servant of God. My knowledge is already 90 percent. I waited until evening.

I told my teacher. My teacher said, “This is a small thing. You buy a jar. Later you take the spirit of that servant of God and put it in the jar. Close it and seal it. He will go insane.”

Usually when I catch people, using 20 percent of my strength is enough.

My teacher said to read a spell. When I read a spell I saw my spirit coming out to catch the spirit of the servant of God. However, suddenly my spirit came back again. I wondered if Christians have such mystical knowledge too.

I increased to 70 percent of my strength. I read a spell to see a vision of the servant of God. I saw him sleeping, but a bright light came out of his body.

Then I used all my strength to capture his spirit. Suddenly I bounced back 2 meters and vomited blood. Fortunately, I didn’t die. I asked myself, “How come Christians have this high level of mystical strength too?”


So I waited for him on Friday to come. When the servant of God came on Friday, I said, “Brother, I want to be your student. Although you didn’t work any spell, you had power coming out of you.”

This servant of God didn’t know that though he was sleeping, witchcraft had no effect on him.

This servant of God was fasting for 40 days, and on the 3rd day he broke his fast to evangelize me, from 5 pm to 11 pm.

Then I asked, “Who is your teacher?”

He said, “Jesus.”

I said, “My brother is a Christian, but Jesus is only in the Bible.”


I had visions but I never saw Jesus. This servant of God continued to evangelize. I became sleepy and hungry because I haven’t eaten. I did not dare to exercise my occultic powers on him as I had lost in the earlier encounter.

I said, “It is already late at night.”

Then the servant of God said, “In three days I would come again.”

So he visited me again in a week for further sharing the Gospel.

When he came the fourth time, this servant of God said, “Sir, I saw you on the pulpit preaching in the Church.”

This servant of God kept coming to evangelize me, then I started to be interested in the Bible.

When I read the Bible, I read the story about Samson. Wow, this is great. He has strength.

Then I told the servant of God, “I want to be a Samson.”

He replied, “Don’t become blind later.”

When I continued reading the Bible, I saw that Jesus was a miracle-worker, able to walk on water, the dead were resurrected, wow .. my mystical powers couldn’t do the things He did.

I asked the servant of God and then he explained the power of the Lord Jesus.


Then I asked the pastor, “If you want to accept the Lord Jesus, how long do you have to fast?”

“Oh no, you can just accept Jesus now. If you accept the Lord Jesus, you will be given the power to be God’s child.”

“Wow .. being a child of God.”

“That’s right sir, read this verse in John 1:12, But to all who did receive Him, He gave them the right to be children of God.”

Then I prayed with the servant of God, accepting the Lord Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Then he put his hands on my head and said, “In the name of the Lord Jesus all powers of darkness, all spirits of death, come out in the name of the Lord Jesus.”

I started to manifest demons and after 7 minutes of deliverance, I felt peace in my heart. Then I started studying the Bible again.


I told my fellow sorcery students, “There is a great Christian pastor. His power and knowledge are great and my witchcraft knowledge couldn’t work on him. I love the Bible.”

They got angry. They told my teacher and my teacher became angry too.

I remembered when I teamed up with my teacher to cast spells and witchcraft on this servant of God, it did not work.

Then I later came to my witchcraft teacher.

He said, “You have become a Christian. There are 2 options for you. Either you become a Christian or you join this sorcery.”

I knew that what I was looking for was not wealth but strength, so I said, “I join Christianity.” From that point onwards, I left the school of sorcery.

My sorcery teacher was angry and he always blasphemed the Lord Jesus. Because of this, my teacher ended up being sick. Later, he went into a coma for 2 months, and then he died.

Then someone sent a genie to attack me. I started reading a mantra to fight back but there was no power in it.

Then I remembered what the servant of God said, “If you want to cast out a demon, use the name of Jesus. Say, In the name of the Lord Jesus.”

When I mentioned the name of Jesus, the genie fled and disappeared. From that incident, I became more and more convinced to follow the Lord Jesus.

[Source: kesaksian-life.blogspot.com]

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